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Bai Ling with Movie Director Jefery Levy and David Arquette | Candid Video

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Exclusive broll footage: Actress Bai Ling, director Jefery Levy and David Arquette on the red carpet at the Hollywood Film Festival opening night red carpet held at Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles, Ca September 24, 2015 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | ©MaximoFootage | ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (5858)
Abraham Diaz (13 hours ago)
Abraham’s video
Abraham Diaz (13 hours ago)
Abraham Diaz video
Faizan Ansari (2 days ago)
She doesn't need to take out an X ray
شنو هاد متستحي على نفسها كلش عيب والله
Samantha Rose (8 days ago)
She look bad and skinny she needs food on your size on your bones
Zunairah Saher (10 days ago)
Who would such a man do this!!!
Jackson 471 (10 days ago)
Oh ah ah ah i like this its good for kids
Roaini Alkazam (12 days ago)
04e ,
Yogita Sachin (12 days ago)
Stop doing this nonsense very abusive and what's a dress f......
mukesh prajapati (13 days ago)
What is this 😤 disgusting
JORIK Vartanow (14 days ago)
Asian animal
yo yo (15 days ago)
Bohot hi bkwas he
황도영카리스마 (15 days ago)
An Anna (16 days ago)
That is why we must have limit in contact
Makumbha Shanti (16 days ago)
that's why hugs are off limits . you can't just be friendly with hugs you get taken advantage of. Then you have to keep your composure in front of all the Press and Media. Who knows why she had to wear that outfit. But she was in a bit of a mess before that lady stepped in a d helped her out. I would have tried to leave at that point but she played it off. I worry about her later I hope she got home safe.
We Music (17 days ago)
soliha qadri (17 days ago)
bakwas i don't like this
конечно чего уж там придуряться, снимай уж всё, и этак понятно что шлюха.
Phuong Nguyen (18 days ago)
What it is
『』Bang Adi99『』 (19 days ago)
next 👍✔✔✔
Rheya Audy (20 days ago)
Tu orang tua nafsu banget sih!!
Wkwkwkwkwkwkwk terngaceng ngaceng dia🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
aina channel (20 days ago)
kurang diajar
pop Ochoa Rodríguez (20 days ago)
Otro horror
Ankitha Naik (21 days ago)
Aritri Das (21 days ago)
What on earth
Aritri Das (20 days ago)
xolove me haha kpoper ...not just an army
xolove me (20 days ago)
Aritri Das hahahaha Army XD
Aritri Das (20 days ago)
xolove me came in my suggestions lol.
xolove me (20 days ago)
Aritri Das why you here??? LOL
Sharon Penrod (21 days ago)
Take the sign off your private
Thila Samy (22 days ago)
Ftkw sij
Ok the man without galsses try to stay away from her
jotinworlds ph (24 days ago)
hollywood means body expose
Souhaila Fekry (24 days ago)
Why does this disgusting video in my recommendation
Mẫn Aka (25 days ago)
Dê vải
sujatha gujju (25 days ago)
ngoc thien (25 days ago)
billi hugh (25 days ago)
Bai ling darling...? Wtf
Shasa Putri (25 days ago)
Like and sub ♥♥♥
Its harrasment
Nancy Su (26 days ago)
who is he hes disgusting
alfian nugraha (27 days ago)
ingat ramadhan
Ayeshagull Nawaz (28 days ago)
Ager pakistani yanhi patahan hoon to is larki ko asy chapel sy mary is ko apni nani yad a gay bondi red ho jay
MAN OF FOLKS (1 month ago)
people could kill you if you do it in India!
Darren Cavazos (19 days ago)
I'd like to see them try.
honey baljit sandhu (1 month ago)
Omg kya phna h isne
90 Hou1 (1 month ago)
that fat old man is disgusting !!! come on.
sakthirasheel sakthi (1 month ago)
Nonsense pls do not post these videos
Monika Boddu (29 days ago)
@Flamester7 Tv yes bayya
Flamester7 Tv (30 days ago)
sakthirasheel sakthi or don’t watch it, stupid people like you are annoying
Zings Kasomhung (1 month ago)
Disastrous human being 😳
Muhammad Abdullah (1 month ago)
Rohtash Jatt (1 month ago)
Chomreun Brortes (1 month ago)
Chomreun Brortes (1 month ago)
Chomreun Brortes (1 month ago)
Rohtash Jatt Xxxnvdec
Anh Nguyen (1 month ago)
What is she wearing
billi hugh (25 days ago)
Anh Nguyen absolutely nothing much
Loh koq yg comen dari perbagai negara ya...Haha..... sampe-sampe orang arab pun ikut-ikutan comen ngutuk,wkwk.... seru deh jadinya. wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk....
A.j ziddi Ali (1 month ago)
Crazy girl
Maria Isabella Reyes (1 month ago)
the guy wants to touch her private parts that guy is really a pervert
Alpii yah (1 month ago)
Bobby Singhh (1 month ago)
Me suki suki long tm..
Maria Isabella Reyes (1 month ago)
Zeynep Akay (1 month ago)
choppa Neeraja36 (1 month ago)
Please don't show these
Ankita Surve (1 month ago)
That man was just touching her than also she is allowing 🙄🙄😕😕
Ashok Shah (1 month ago)
FILMY VIRAL MEDIA (1 month ago)
Porn Star (1 month ago)
Athan Burnett (1 month ago)
Why the f**k should you where that shit. I know you Americans have your own style but this is just👎👎👎👎😨
oscar rodriguez (1 month ago)
It's good you respect our own styles but also know the boundaries.
ولله عيب
Oh my god the director is finding something in the heroine's hip hole
beggie s (1 month ago)
Vuurivaakili Sai raghavi hahahaha
Mas Sandy (1 month ago)
hello all godmorning☕☕☕☕☕
Pak Chun Ho (1 month ago)
straight talk (1 month ago)
He want that hole he is holding the key 😂😂😂
ashwani sharma (1 month ago)
Don't wear even these
yt on (1 month ago)
ៀហដ៊ Sxg
Erin LEE (1 month ago)
저 여자 미친거 안님?
이석현 (1 month ago)
Dewi Subandini (1 month ago)
Jangan di tutupin kepitingnya 😂di buka semua aja 😘
Scott BikeDawg (2 months ago)
Who's the creep with the glasses who keeps grabbing and kissing her????
Jeren Ashyrowa (2 months ago)
bu ne yaa
Alaa Aldin (2 months ago)
This kind of women how cheap they are 🤮
Shifa Azahra (2 months ago)
Masya Allah saru tau gak masak kayak gitu buat foto sih😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Lalo Ortega (2 months ago)
Pinche falkita hechenla para aca para chuparle sus huesitos y meterle el leño
Arina Novrilia (2 months ago)
Jianping Liu (2 months ago)
so gross
محمد محمد (2 months ago)
Nur Rain (2 months ago)
Shivani Singh (2 months ago)
What is this 😫😫😫😫
COSTELINHA (2 months ago)
Neyla Javor (2 months ago)
MegaDreamer1991 (2 months ago)
She looks so uncomfortable when he was all over her.. gross
Deiman333 (2 months ago)
что за быдлан?
نايف الرشيدي (2 months ago)
Dzseni Bari (2 months ago)
اكل طين خاوه (2 months ago)
الشايب هذا معوز حنان 😂😂😂😂😂
شايب وزبه فحل مش مهم شايب المهم زبرو شغال وجبير
اكل طين خاوه (2 months ago)
@jbar jbar هههههه اشبيك
jbar jbar (2 months ago)
ها ههههههههه هاها
حرام حرام والله خافي الله
ايهم Eģ (2 months ago)
لك خافو الله والله حرام هلناس فلتت من عدا المسلمين
Bngtan Kate (2 months ago)
English comments please🙏
TIYASH HALDER (2 months ago)
I am looking for english comment :(
Shelly Bardhan (2 months ago)
katherine hudson (2 months ago)
鄭景元 (2 months ago)
nnn nnn (2 months ago)
مؤمل ميدياHD (2 months ago)
ممكن اشتراك ومردوده ولله
jbar jbar (2 months ago)
كلكم صرتو شيوخ وعبتزكرو الله طيب لشو فتو علفيديو هههع
jbar jbar (2 months ago)
اكل طين خاوه (2 months ago)
اي والله صح 😂😂😂
くまちゃんTV (2 months ago)
THE LION PRO (2 months ago)
الفيديو صارله ٣ سنوات وهيه يله صار التفاعل هسه وكل تعليقات عرب
S0umia Hadj (2 months ago)
الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام
ام كرار نور (2 months ago)
وين يرحون من الله
Lana Zz (2 months ago)
وين الفستان...هيه مالكت غير هذا الشايب نفك عليه
Lana Zz (2 months ago)
@عازف الآهآت 😅
عازف الآهآت (2 months ago)
هههههه شتسوي حقهه تروح للشايب غير زلم ماكو 😘😘
Gamila Ezze (2 months ago)
مبروووك للابتذال
حبيبت حسوني (2 months ago)
كبر اي والله كبر
Hiader Hasam (2 months ago)
Md Khan (2 months ago)
كنها مخليها ارقام 😫🤣سياره ع طيزها
Md Khan (2 months ago)
خسفه ذي 🤐😪🤣🤣
عباس حسين (2 months ago)
حبيبت حسوني هية خلصانة روحهة طالعة ومتعوف الكوادة😂😂
amal jwe (2 months ago)
شو هادا والله لو انا غاد لنتفتلها شعرها الوقحة يلي ما عندها شويت احترام تلبس هل البس وهادا يلي واقف غاد لو مسكتة حطاتو تحت اجري الكنرة يلي كنتردي انضف منو ربنا رحمنة من رحمتك
غناك امش
Mohamad Mohamad (2 months ago)
بدك تطولي بالك شوي😂

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