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Minecraft Python Tutorial 1 - House

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How to code a house to appear in the Minecraft World anywhere you like, using Python. Great first project for a code club or Minecraft Python Beginner. full code available at - http://learnlearn.co.uk/raspberrypi
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EmilyAllwaysHappy (1 month ago)
Omg that house is rubbish I wish it atleast copied a good house
Nguyet Tran (3 months ago)
do you need to get minecraft?
Hi, you either need either the pc version of Minecraft or the free version on a Raspberry Pi!
Kan Kan (3 months ago)
what's the app to work python on minecraft?
I followed a tutorial somewhere to install it. I'll see if i can find it
Liron Mindel (4 months ago)
mine will not hollow out please help.
Liron Mindel (4 months ago)
it gets to a cube but will not hollow
Liron Mindel (4 months ago)
python import mcpi.mine craft as mine craft import.block as block mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create() mc.PostToChat("house"!) mc.setBlock(0,0,0,block.AIR mc.setBlocks(0,0,0,100,100,100,block.AIR) mc.setBlocks(10,2,10,20,10,20,block.WOOD) mc.setBlocks(11,3,11,19,9,19,block.AIR) this one is the problem
Hi, can you post your code and I will take a look?
Liron Mindel (4 months ago)
Hi did you manage to get this sorted?

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