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Behcet's Disease advocate speaks out

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Behcet's Disease advocate speaks out
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Ashish kumar (6 days ago)
Very painfully. I am suffering from last 14 years. Pls give your phone number on my mail address [email protected]
ShyAnn A (1 year ago)
Currently in a ridiculous amount of pain from my behçet's disease i'm only 20, obviously my medication isn't working very well and one part of me is saying relax in bed and the other is saying go to the gym be active like i would like to be but what's the worst is not really knowing what would be better.
Miranda Harveyy (7 months ago)
ShyAnn A i have it too, im only 14 and life is hell with behcets... but in still trying to live my life!
VW Scheich (1 year ago)
consider this... https://www.ted.com/talks/william_li
helmut schroeder (1 year ago)
I live with diagnose Behçet's disease (BD) for 30 years. I control my BD with a special diet, and l take no medication. Check the web for my book BEHCET'S DISEASE/THE DIET SOLUTION.

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