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How To Show a Sidebar in iTunes 12

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Andrzej Jakis (2 years ago)
Yoda Man (3 years ago)
what is it with these arrogant pricks and getting rid of features people want them to keep? side bar - bring it back assholes! album scroll - bring it back assholes! having the sidebar available in one menu isnt what we want...at all. we want it back. everywhere. period. its not about change. its not about getting used to anything. we.want. it. back. i didnt upgrade itunes this entire time because i heard they got rid of the sidebar but with this last ipod/iphone update i was forced to upgrade itunes to sync my gear. this is horrible. why is it so goddamn hard to just leave things people like the fuck alone apple? wtf is wrong with you assholes?!?
MrNikeFresh808 (3 years ago)
+Dahak753 Exactly how I feel!
Mandy Hank Rego (3 years ago)
perfect answer - sweet and simple. On ya Todd
MIchael L (4 years ago)
WOW - Bloody morons Apple!
Victor Arroyo (4 years ago)
Thank you Todd

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