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MongoDB Tutorial: How to install mongodb in Linux practical

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How to install mongodb in Linux practical
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Ahmed Tammam (6 months ago)
The online Training is available?
Wysheid Wysheid (6 months ago)
Yes it is available. Please contact us at [email protected] We also have self learning video tutorials
Yogesh Chaudhari (7 months ago)
thanks a lot..very useful video ... thanks a lot
karthikeyan b (7 months ago)
I am getting error on executing ./mongod "./mongod: error while loading shared libraries: libcurl.so.4:"
Wysheid Wysheid (7 months ago)
Okay. What's the version of Linux and mongodb you using
Abhinav kumar Rathore (9 months ago)
Nice video wyshied
Wysheid Wysheid (9 months ago)
Thanks Abhinav

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