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Seadoo Life Summer is here

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Summer 18 I just wanna start the summer with this little video.Thanks for watching and please subscribe to the channel for more and more videos.#SeaDooLife #FLSR #FloridaPWCRiders #livingmoments #florida #rivainvasion #Keylargo #Islamorada #UnitedWeRide #TogetherWeRide
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tom Amar (9 months ago)
NIce vid, where is the place in the beginning of the clip ?
tom Amar (9 months ago)
thank you
Swan Lopez (9 months ago)
tom Amar the place is indian key fill Islamorada fl mm79
Carl Dea (9 months ago)
Nice video! I will be on mine this weekend. Thanks Swan 😎
Florida Ski Riders (9 months ago)
🏁🏁 Live - Ride - Explore

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