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DUI Survivng Victim

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He is the lone surviving victim of a DUI tragedy. 3 dead- a younger brother, Friend and the drunk driver of the car who struck them. This is the story to recovery. Posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
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Taylor Han (2 years ago)
I am so sorry, I recently have been caught by the police behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. I am deeply sorry, thank god I didn't hurt anyone. I feel horrible, and guilty finding this video. I also hope you can forgive me. This guilt is huge and something I am going to have to live with. I genuinely hope he recovers quickly.
+Taylor Han Thank you for your response to our DUI victim video. Clint is still recovering. I'm so glad no one was hurt while you were driving and I truly hope you will keep yourself safe and those around you and not drive while under the influence.
These video had to stop due to Clint feeling overwhelmed with them. But we are excited to start putting together videos for this years haunted house we run as the community pulls together to help Clints dream of opening the best haunted house continues to move forward.
Shae-Lynn Dumouchel (3 years ago)
Love you guys! Thanks for using my song again.
Karen Acosta (3 years ago)
Hope you get well soon ....from NY
Stevi Johnson (3 years ago)
Praying for your sweet family❤️
Jamie Latham (3 years ago)
Good luck and alot of prayers

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