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Deming, Juran & Crosby: Contributors to TQM (Total Quality Management)

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BBM 484 Yazılım Kalite Güvence Lab - 5 Ödevinin bilmem kaçıncı maddesi için gereken vidyo
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Michael Creech (1 year ago)
Hit like if u want to eat that burger made by Deming
NoraBayes (2 years ago)
I'd be more impressed if you hadn't mispronounced Juran's name. It's JURR-in, not Jur-ANN.
ExaltedDuck (14 days ago)
That's far less of a gaffe than talking about how Deming applied PDCA. That was kind of Shewhart's thing and Deming really didn't like the use of the word "check", instead preferring "study". PDCA, as it is usually understand, becomes a single iteration of somewhat ineffective exercise instead of a cyclical improvement. It's the difference between building quality into the process and using QC to catch escapes.
Adam Hosein (3 years ago)
I went into engineering to get away from the annoying af business management shit, but here I am still doing it.
iamthe1234567890 (3 years ago)
I have to do an essay on this, so this was really helpful. Thank fuck it's not my essay, I think if I had to learn this everyday, I might blow my frigging brains out.

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