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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Below Her Mouth" (Feat. The Gay Women Channel)

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On this season finale of Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda, Sarah & Adrianna FINALLY watch *that* movie. And can barely show any of the sex scenes so enjoy facial reactions. VISIT EVESTOYS.COM FOR 50% OFF OF ALMOST ANY SINGLE ITEM USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: MOVIE Check out The Gay Women Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnsolicitedProject Pre- Order their film, "Nobody Famous": https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/nobody-famous/id1360060966 Support queer content by donating to our IndieGoGo to fund "Carol's A Demon": bit.ly/donatetocarol
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Text Comments (1184)
Gloaming Songs (2 days ago)
i like watching your videos and whenever you get a sex toy sponsor i take a shot
Tric (7 days ago)
Tric (7 days ago)
6.00 min und Ihr checkt immer noch net das dass Willa ist!!!
"heterosexuality, am i right?"
Jayne Ault (21 days ago)
i love what Amanda is wearing
Chrissy McCarthy (25 days ago)
Jazzmin Sharp (27 days ago)
Please watch Teenage Cocktail!!!
MaxXx SH (1 month ago)
I only watch the sex scenes in this movie. The rest makes me feel gross
Commeunalien (1 month ago)
You’re three are just demons 😭😭 i stopped the video at least 5 times in a row And the last sex scene in the bathroom/ in the bathtub(?) when you yelled because the fiancé surprised them and you were waiting for that, was just the proof of your evilness 🤣🤣
Commeunalien (1 month ago)
Omg guys I hate you Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing because of you, you’re so funny 😭🤣🤣
Laila Almasalkhi (1 month ago)
im so shocked i loved this movie
_pudu (1 month ago)
I like seeing this videos just to see the different type of lesbians the host is friends with lol
thebestwillow (1 month ago)
This movie was NOT good for me having sex with my girlfriend straight after. We watched it together and at the end we were like... "Well that was weird!".
Amelia Malorni (1 month ago)
I mean Willa's reaction in Wynonna Earp about Nicole and Waverly was really homophobic but then she plays her? Wow, what a contrast!
get the fvck out (1 month ago)
Below Her Mouth was terrible.
Phoebe Hutchinson (1 month ago)
I've demolished a while two ass bag of fritos while watching these.
Krizzia Udtohan (2 months ago)
Is that Willa from Wynonna Earp???? Oh Willa, you're gay just like Waverly. 😂😂😂
Olivia Howard (2 months ago)
Geez, I missed all the sexual assault when I watched it :/
Marije (2 months ago)
I literally just turned 18 and the first thing I do right now is go to youtube and watch all the age-restricted video's that I'd been waiting for, like this one. Hate that I had to wait but it's a nice birthday present
Liliana Moreira (2 months ago)
I kept laughing at the all movie 'cause everytime i looked at Jasmine i always saw Willa from Wynonna Earp 😂 and i kept remembering Willa coming out Waverly to Wynonna 😒 HUGE TWIST OF THE CROSSOVER: thennnn the husband appears and it's Waverly's father!! Can't handle with is 😂 not only we slept with Wynonna but now with Willa as well (Jasmine here)!! Father of the year 💙 Can't unsee this!!!
Thin Soul (2 months ago)
Valerie Garcia (3 months ago)
watch the handmaiden by park chan wook
Duckpie3.14 (3 months ago)
Two of the actors in this were in Wynonna Earp
JuneBaby 2018 (3 months ago)
Did anyone catch that her husband is the angel from Wynonna Earp?
Gloria Gonzales (3 months ago)
Do y’all get that two of the people in this movie are both from Wynonna Earp
jade ramsay (3 months ago)
Willa also dated waverlys dad lol
Kato Danciger (3 months ago)
Just when I thought I couldn't love you guys more, you bust out some Weezer
Alicia Tia (3 months ago)
These gals are hilarious.
Watch literally any shit with Ally Hills!!!!
emilie bonin (4 months ago)
thank you girls spot on with the "negative gay content" finally someone said it!
buggie (4 months ago)
Jane Doe (4 months ago)
I swear if Linder was doing that to me, I would have decked her...guys would get shit for this and I am not sexist, so Linders character is a complete ass.
Nuclear Rose (4 months ago)
Erika Linder is so hot omg! Also I low-key like this movie, and feel bad for Dallas 😂
Blue Hour (4 months ago)
So Waverly's dad did not only sleep with Wynonna but also was engaged to Willa?? I can't unsee it
Pops 1995 (4 months ago)
You guys need to go to She Bar in London. Best girl bar ever. It’s always crazy busy
Novella (4 months ago)
The blonde woman’s character was painful. Honestly I’m biased and not attracted to butch women. She was like a teenage boy who doesn’t have depth through the entire movie. It was definitely presented as a potentially toxic relationship. I cared more about the brunette but overall horrible writing and the entire time I kept thinking thank god I’m not those actresses, this isn’t a project to be proud of. Try the movie Concussion. (Maggie Siff. Enough said.)
sb14 B (4 months ago)
Do they not like this movie or something
Kara .Anderson (4 months ago)
After having watched wynonna earp season 3, then watching this, I realized her fiancé is ALSO wavelets dad. So both waverly sister have slept with her dad 😂😂😂😂
Mandi Dorrell (4 months ago)
I just watched this movie SO I could then watch this video. Holy. Shiz. That was a lot and I had to skim most of it. Too. Much. (the movie not this video)
Madeline Shumate (5 months ago)
I think people didnt understand the ending. Her sobbing when having sex with Rile shows that she doesnt want to be in that relationship anymore. It was actually brilliantly acted, seeing her touch his body and being so confused, touching his chest and not feeling breasts. Thats why he says "its ok. Its me." And she sobs because thats not who she wants. And he sees that. The relationship ended right there. Its natural for her first reaction to be to salvage this 6-7 year relationship. I dont blame her for thinking she needed to fix it. But that scene showed her she didnr even want to fix it. And in the following scene with her flipping through the design book and tearing up is that last moment of introspection of "this isn't where i should be." She splits with Rile. Thats insinuated, i feel very clearly, in those scenes. And then cut to the final scene with Dallas and the coffee. They're happy and together, and Jasmine said she told her people st work "everything" about Dallas, insinuatinf she told them about falling in love, leaving Rile. Everything. It's heavily implied in the end that they're together. Also the condition of Rile and Jasmine staying together was that she doesnr see Dallas anymore, and in the scene where she had to go see Dallas to end it, Dallas showed she knows she shouldn't put Jasmine in this place to decide. She wouldn't have continued to see her after all that if she was still with Rile.
Snap Dragon (5 months ago)
Not even the 100k smutty fanfics I read have this much sex in them.
joane magno (5 months ago)
Can you watch summer of sangrile.. I don't know if it is right spelling
Sarah Mooney (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching this so I don’t have to. Well, I probably (definitely) still will, but with your commentary in the back of my mind I’m sure it’ll be a whole lot more fun.
Mae Caira (5 months ago)
I’ve never seen Sarah and Adrianna’s legs before
Arina Arinza (5 months ago)
Wait, what? Fake vaginas? How does that work? and why?
Gloria Chan (4 months ago)
omg i just realised that Willa (Natalie Kroll)'s husband in this movie is Julian lol Poor Waverly... both of her sisters have f**ked her dad LOL.
Luna (5 months ago)
Alissa Torres (5 months ago)
Truthfully, I just saw it because of Erika...I knew it wouldn't be good
Rae Hendee (5 months ago)
I hated this movie until my mate said Jasmine reminded her of Ronda Rousey and now I basically watch it without my glasses and yeah...i haven't left that house since 1946
Abstract Absurdism (5 months ago)
wait is no one here going to talk about how they straight up copied 'Imagine Me & You's ending scene?! like how tf did that happen? dialogue, coffee, river and everything IT'S THE EXACT SAME SCENE!!!!
Em Ellisor (6 months ago)
Holy shit, both Wynonna and Willa slept with Waverly’s father
Scarlett (6 months ago)
I want every movie to be compared to Carol... ever. Lesbian or not... just to show them what ART is
Maria Camille Bonifacio (6 months ago)
THANK YOU, for not being head over heels over Erika Linder's douchebag character!
shaleequeea (6 months ago)
willa and julian?
Gloria Chan (5 months ago)
omg right???? Poor Waverly....both of her sisters have fucked her dad lol
AnnaBlank73 (6 months ago)
" in two years, i'll ask her out." :D I'm dying :D
Conner (6 months ago)
i wish you would upload extras from these tapings <3 <3 <3
Lucie J. (6 months ago)
So technically willa fucked waverly's father just like wynonna and their mother 😂
Rohann mickert (6 months ago)
aww i ddnt know our creampuff is in that movie . my little heart gay for elise .. 😍😍
Alex Long (6 months ago)
I can't believe Charlie hooked up with both Wynonna and Willa.
Alpha Wolf (4 months ago)
Frrrrr like damn😂😂😂😂😂
Jill Hopper (7 months ago)
OMG!!! That dude.. The fiance also play's Charlie on Wynonna Earp!!! Willa and Wynonna have both done the do with Waverly's dad!!! (Canada needs a few more actors/actresses)...
Ninise Modestin (7 months ago)
"This is what happened to Willa before she came back to Wynonna Earp" 🤣🤣 DEAD!!
the mind mischief (7 months ago)
you guys should watch yes or no, its a sweet thai movie
JayNice3 (7 months ago)
Only reason why I even watched this movie was to watch this video...
Not Sam (7 months ago)
me and my friends were ecstatic when she got caught. whenever this movie is brought up, we get angry within .2 seconds. “I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MOVIE; I STRONGLY HATE IT”
Hayley Snyder (8 months ago)
Only watching this for Elise Bauman...
Anna Guggenberger (8 months ago)
To be honest the sex scene in the middle is pretty good XD... But the dialogues are weird!
Anna Guggenberger (8 months ago)
Thanks to your channel, I know which movies I should NOT watch :-P
Claudia Derevko (8 months ago)
"Unfuck my wife, say you love me again" lmao
M.alejandra Corniel (8 months ago)
I die when she said "Agrh Heterosexuality am I right?" 😂😂😂😂 I get that so hard.
lekkki1 (8 months ago)
Shit acting, rinse and repeat storyline, the protagonist is beyond despicable. Couldn't get past the first ten minutes. Thanks, DL girls for giving me the low-down on what actually happened in this dog. Y'all are hilarious.
Heather Snodgrass (8 months ago)
I was not a fan of this movie. If Willa Earp, er I mean Natalie Krill hadn't been so attractive I would've turned it off.
Jackie (9 months ago)
welp, thanks for that fun fact about the fake vulvas -- now that's all I will think about with this movie. lol also, tbh, Elise was the most well-adjusted, realistic queer person in that movie, & she had 2 lines. seriously, how hard is it to write decent, accurate, positive content for queer women? we're not that difficult to encapsulate, jesus.
Omg this movie is amazing and I love your channel
Reetah (9 months ago)
Sarah and Adrianna have legs!? it was cool to see them outside of PillowTalk. Love this show and how it makes *those* movies (imperfect potentially problematic lesbian movies) more enjoyable with all the reactions from Amanda and her guests. <3
tiffany10001 (9 months ago)
ohhh willa earp wynonna never told me you were a....a gay.....
Alpha Z (9 months ago)
I just realised that they both were on Wynonna Earp. He's Charlie in season 3
Camilla Dorado (9 months ago)
Do boys don’t cry !
GossipGirl16 (9 months ago)
Willa snapped y'all!!!
Shahy G (9 months ago)
How dare you trash my favourite movie !! This video was hilarious, I'll never see the movie the same way again I used to have a huge crush on Erika linder , she's the sexiest person on earth
Yagirlyaneth (9 months ago)
“ I’m sorry we must’ve missed 45 min of the movie where they talked again “ 😂😂😂
Yagirlyaneth (9 months ago)
This made me crack up 😂😂😂😂
Jasmine Van Lehn (9 months ago)
I was waiting and hoping for a Wynonna Earp reference! Seriously living!!!
Patricia Ann (9 months ago)
The Handmaiden!
Ayana J (9 months ago)
Nikki Lettera (10 months ago)
lmfao Elise was the only highlight of this movie
Isabella Beam (10 months ago)
I had such high hopes for this movie😂😂 the sex scenes were so bad!
I'm still here (10 months ago)
You guys should watch the handmaiden! It's korean so you'd have to read subtitles but it's a fantastic film!
Roxane (10 months ago)
I'm gonna watch this because of Elise
Pidaanma (10 months ago)
The only things I like about this movie: - 6:58 this Elise Bauman cameo! (when I saw that I was just like "Elise? What are you doing here? This movie does not deserve your awesomeness! ^^) - The light (in some scene, there's beautiful visuals like here 7:53 where Dallas is in red and Jasmine is in blue) - Some scenes like this one 10:43 which are suppose to be serious, but are hilarious instead. 8:52 When I saw that I was thinking "so she was planning to fuck her from the begining of the evening ? Are we suppose to find this...cute ?
A Greenwell (10 months ago)
This is what Willa can't remember
Kristin K (10 months ago)
Jacqueline Lane (10 months ago)
Ok have a major issue with this film and its some NO ONE is talking about. Its the fact that these two ladies look incredible and then we get the actor who plays Ryle. Why do all the women wear fake vagins BUT we get the scene where Ryle gets out of the bath and he has the smallest penis ive ever seen on a man AND he didnt shave off the body hair on his legs. Once you see it you cant unsee it. I know this movie is about the lesbian female gaze but still up bi woman what something decent to look at. Double standards i say!
Kyla Schmitt (10 months ago)
Erika Linder, my angel ❤
Amature Skull (10 months ago)
Please react to emma and juani
Amalie Ramirez Slot (10 months ago)
Please watch “la luciérnaga”
Victoria Zineroni (10 months ago)
"ELISEEE" bitch, me
Alexandra Bianchini (10 months ago)
The comments are amazing 😂
Danae Raya Salom (10 months ago)
Please PLEASE more content of you 3 together
joshdasmiter3 (10 months ago)
Watch Concussion....
Dean Andreoli (10 months ago)
p.s. Amanda with the brilliant sense of humor and beautiful eyes. and those dimples. whoa. slaying me dead.💘

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