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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Below Her Mouth" (Feat. The Gay Women Channel)

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On this season finale of Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda, Sarah & Adrianna FINALLY watch *that* movie. And can barely show any of the sex scenes so enjoy facial reactions. VISIT EVESTOYS.COM FOR 50% OFF OF ALMOST ANY SINGLE ITEM USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: MOVIE Check out The Gay Women Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UnsolicitedProject Pre- Order their film, "Nobody Famous": https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/nobody-famous/id1360060966 Support queer content by donating to our IndieGoGo to fund "Carol's A Demon": bit.ly/donatetocarol
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Text Comments (1202)
the mind mischief (9 days ago)
you guys should watch yes or no, its a sweet thai movie
JayNice3 (14 days ago)
Only reason why I even watched this movie was to watch this video...
Elena Zennaro (19 days ago)
I is on Pornhub so it counts as porn.
Elena Zennaro (19 days ago)
I love Elise. Long live Carmilla and Laura!
Not Sam (24 days ago)
me and my friends were ecstatic when she got caught. whenever this movie is brought up, we get angry within .2 seconds. “I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT THIS MOVIE; I STRONGLY HATE IT”
Hayley Snyder (1 month ago)
Only watching this for Elise Bauman...
Anna Guggenberger (1 month ago)
To be honest the sex scene in the middle is pretty good XD... But the dialogues are weird!
Anna Guggenberger (1 month ago)
Thanks to your channel, I know which movies I should NOT watch :-P
Claudia Derevko (1 month ago)
"Unfuck my wife, say you love me again" lmao
M.alejandra Corniel (1 month ago)
I die when she said "Agrh Heterosexuality am I right?" 😂😂😂😂 I get that so hard.
lekkki1 (1 month ago)
Shit acting, rinse and repeat storyline, the protagonist is beyond despicable. Couldn't get past the first ten minutes. Thanks, DL girls for giving me the low-down on what actually happened in this dog. Y'all are hilarious.
Heather Snodgrass (1 month ago)
I was not a fan of this movie. If Willa Earp, er I mean Natalie Krill hadn't been so attractive I would've turned it off.
Jackie (1 month ago)
welp, thanks for that fun fact about the fake vulvas -- now that's all I will think about with this movie. lol also, tbh, Elise was the most well-adjusted, realistic queer person in that movie, & she had 2 lines. seriously, how hard is it to write decent, accurate, positive content for queer women? we're not that difficult to encapsulate, jesus.
Omg this movie is amazing and I love your channel
Reetah (1 month ago)
Sarah and Adrianna have legs!? it was cool to see them outside of PillowTalk. Love this show and how it makes *those* movies (imperfect potentially problematic lesbian movies) more enjoyable with all the reactions from Amanda and her guests. <3
tiffany10001 (1 month ago)
ohhh willa earp wynonna never told me you were a....a gay.....
Alpha Z (2 months ago)
I just realised that they both were on Wynonna Earp. He's Charlie in season 3
Camilla Dorado (2 months ago)
Do boys don’t cry !
GossipGirl16 (2 months ago)
Willa snapped y'all!!!
Shahy G (2 months ago)
How dare you trash my favourite movie !! This video was hilarious, I'll never see the movie the same way again I used to have a huge crush on Erika linder , she's the sexiest person on earth
Yagirlyaneth (2 months ago)
“ I’m sorry we must’ve missed 45 min of the movie where they talked again “ 😂😂😂
Yagirlyaneth (2 months ago)
This made me crack up 😂😂😂😂
Jasmine Van Lehn (2 months ago)
I was waiting and hoping for a Wynonna Earp reference! Seriously living!!!
Patricia Ann (2 months ago)
The Handmaiden!
Ayana J (2 months ago)
Nikki Lettera (3 months ago)
lmfao Elise was the only highlight of this movie
Isabella Beam (3 months ago)
I had such high hopes for this movie😂😂 the sex scenes were so bad!
I'm still here. (3 months ago)
You guys should watch the handmaiden! It's korean so you'd have to read subtitles but it's a fantastic film!
dilanja c (3 months ago)
Omg Willa.
Roxane (3 months ago)
I'm gonna watch this because of Elise
Pidaanma (3 months ago)
The only things I like about this movie: - 6:58 this Elise Bauman cameo! (when I saw that I was just like "Elise? What are you doing here? This movie does not deserve your awesomeness! ^^) - The light (in some scene, there's beautiful visuals like here 7:53 where Dallas is in red and Jasmine is in blue) - Some scenes like this one 10:43 which are suppose to be serious, but are hilarious instead. 8:52 When I saw that I was thinking "so she was planning to fuck her from the begining of the evening ? Are we suppose to find this...cute ?
A Greenwell (3 months ago)
This is what Willa can't remember
Kristin K (3 months ago)
Jacqueline Lane (3 months ago)
Ok have a major issue with this film and its some NO ONE is talking about. Its the fact that these two ladies look incredible and then we get the actor who plays Ryle. Why do all the women wear fake vagins BUT we get the scene where Ryle gets out of the bath and he has the smallest penis ive ever seen on a man AND he didnt shave off the body hair on his legs. Once you see it you cant unsee it. I know this movie is about the lesbian female gaze but still up bi woman what something decent to look at. Double standards i say!
Kyla Schmitt (3 months ago)
Erika Linder, my angel ❤
Amature Skull (3 months ago)
Please react to emma and juani
Amalie Ramirez Slot (3 months ago)
Please watch “la luciérnaga”
Victoria Zineroni (3 months ago)
"ELISEEE" bitch, me
Alexandra Bianchini (3 months ago)
The comments are amazing 😂
Danae Raya Salom (3 months ago)
Please PLEASE more content of you 3 together
joshdasmiter3 (3 months ago)
Watch Concussion....
Sowon Kim (3 months ago)
I hate this movie but doesn't regret watching this bcs of erika linder
Dean Andreoli (3 months ago)
p.s. Amanda with the brilliant sense of humor and beautiful eyes. and those dimples. whoa. slaying me dead.💘
Dean Andreoli (3 months ago)
this horrible ridiculous movie! haha but you three are a fucking riot. cheers to making a mockery of that tripe.
Jane (3 months ago)
Please watch Blue Is the Warmest Colour with Sarah and Adrianna, I wanna see yalls reactions to that hahaha
Nicole Parthun (3 months ago)
the only spons lesbians get are best fiends and sex toy companies
bratnia dusza (3 months ago)
You know it's a bad lesbian movie when three lesbians are cheering when a man appears on a screen.
Kath Moon (3 months ago)
''All this water just ran through your vagina!'' 😂 Thank you for that!
Laura Hamilton (3 months ago)
Ugh I hated Below Her Mouth so much, like something about it was so cringey, I couldn’t even finish it.
Blue Serpent (3 months ago)
Every time i watch this video I think the brunette is Alicia Carey 😆 I've been watching too much of the 100 again
Blue Palmer (3 months ago)
Sure but now all I want is for Kate McKinnon and Kristen Stewart to have a baby
globe1987 (3 months ago)
Why didn't I know about this channel before! The commentary! I'm dying 🤣
Arysta (3 months ago)
Here for a rewatch!
She did not stay in the straight relationship. Jasmine broke up in tears when she was about to have sex with her fiancé in the same bathtub she was caught on
gigi g.,a (4 months ago)
the most real fake vaginas ever made
BostonBear (4 months ago)
Omfg I love this movie like I idea know what to say it’s just so fucking good
Raphaelle Ahmad (4 months ago)
I just found out about Drunk Lesbian Watch and honestly I am so pleased to see all of my fav just coming together and making such great content! This is high quality content and is MUCH NEEDED so thank you so so much and keep doing what you are doing <3
Brenda O (4 months ago)
So i paused the video, watched the movie, came back and Im ready to lol xD
Sam Holloway (4 months ago)
I feel like this show should have merch that says 'It's not great, but thank you for making queen content!'
Hannah Whelan (4 months ago)
Do I enjoy this movie? Yes Is it an actual good movie? No not at all
Grace Wildsmith (4 months ago)
You heard of elf on the shelf, what about 8:15
Ally S (4 months ago)
Ok but are they together at the end or nah? Because that was my interpretation the first few times, although they don't act like a couple in the end. But in the last bits with the fiancé it seemed kind of a "she's way more into women and even he saw it, she can't hide it anymore and moves in with Dallas until Dallas remembers that she is a lone wolf and can't be with someone for more than 6 months tops". I'm confused! I need an explanation! There must be film material missing! (addition: and why the fuck does Erika Linder in that blue sweater at the end look like she's pretending to be straight for Christmas with the family?!) I love the movie mostly for Erika Linder, the sex scenes and the cinematography. It's just a really pretty shot porno with really hot people and I'm into the "toxic lone wolf who falls in love quickly but can't be tamed"-trope, it's so disastrously romantic I want to cry-puke (although I hate that trope, when it's a guy portraying it, so I might just be super gay and super into Erika Linder). But did Dallas' fucking inability to accept a no multiple times irk me to no end! I won't excuse it with "but Jasmine wanted it, she just didn't want to admit that she was queer" as it was clearly meant to be interpreted as, because that's so fucking rapey.
SomeHowSomeOne (4 months ago)
To everyone who doesn't like the movie, sex is intimacy and intimacy is love, so the dialog is irrelevant. This movie transcends words and the sex is beautiful, nothing like a fucking porno.
SomeHowSomeOne (4 months ago)
If you girls were in the lead as the gay girl, the movie would have ended at the gay bar...
Erika Rivers#LoveThePuh (4 months ago)
Sara and Adrianna!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️
currently rewatching :)
Lea Thomas (4 months ago)
While I understand complaints on this movie can we give props to the fact that it was straight up driven by a female crew & made to portray female lust? When do we get accurate portrayals of that in media?
Anton Beau Jacquez (4 months ago)
I freaking LOVE this show!! Keep it up!!! I want to sit with y’all and get drunk while judging lesbian movies too hahaha. Shoutout to all the Femmes that like Latino studs! Lol.
B (4 months ago)
WATCH "If these walls could talk 2"
GAMING FREE (4 months ago)
It s not cool talking about lesbians only what about men or relationships with ladys and men get to get together . Watch grimm and you'll see what I am talking about . I am just a 11 year old and I do not know if I will be gay or not
Vengeance Gale (4 months ago)
I want to see u and ashly reacting to Me myself and her
Jaymes Ben (4 months ago)
You should watch "The Handmaiden" by Park Chan Wook, it's one of my favorite movies ! And the plot is so so original and everything is so nice
Ryan O'Shea (4 months ago)
Can I say thank you for saying pretty much everything I hated about this movie out loud? I ran across this one night on Netflix and saw "shown at TIFF," and Elise Bauman's name in the credits (I think they list her like third making it seem like she has a much bigger part) and thought "How bad could it be?" Well, it can be pretty terrible. Much like Fifty Shade of Grey, it's way more plot then you ever wanted with your porn, and like Fifty that plot is rife with unfortunate implications. And thank you, thank you for mentioning that bisexuals exist. I too think I screamed that at the screen. Jasmine is called gay when she sleeps with Dallas and straight when she goes back to Rile (and give me a break with these names), never does anyone say "Hey, Jasmine maybe your bi?" And also for mentioning the weirdness of Dallas wearing a strap-on for apparently the entirety of their "date." Who does that? I'm not talking about transguys who wear packers or STPs (and they're not generally BLUE!) but I don't know too many lesbians that just walk around wearing a strap-on, it's bizarre. And thanks for Drunk Lesbians Watch in general. It never fails to make me laugh and you've actually exposed me to a couple good queer movies didn't know about before (Kiss Me was actually very good and admits bisexuals exist!).
Ella Preuss (4 months ago)
OMG thank GOD I didn't even finish this movie. It is a straight up porn movie, boring af. Did not get attached to the characters at all.
Erin H (4 months ago)
Black Rose (4 months ago)
OMG THERE IS ELISE 😱😍😱😍😱 I have to watch that movie
Pretty Horsey (4 months ago)
I just watched the movie and I took an instant dislike to Dallas with her vacant stare and how she treated her girlfriend. I felt the same as Amanda that I was glad when the fiance caught them.
Victoria Li Hanson (4 months ago)
god bless the comment about girl's parties in toronto!
Claude Faustus (4 months ago)
is that fuckin willa
Claude Faustus (4 months ago)
Wait nevermind
- Alexandria (4 months ago)
Why are literally all lesbian movies like this? Like, they all still seem to involve men in some way. Of course she's married to a guy but cheats on him when she falls in love with a woman. Of course she goes back to the guy. There's ALWAYS a guy. 🙄🙄 It's never just two nice queer women who are like "we're both single and into women, so let's date and run off into the sunset together." No, there's always gotta be a guy in the mix, and the women somehow never end up together. And they always make one of the queer women seem like a predator.
Ruby X (20 days ago)
But this one has a happy ending
Jess Pope (30 days ago)
I mean I completely agree but fuck this film was sexy 😘
Yoroi Shiran (1 month ago)
Go watch Carmilla
Katie Jones (1 month ago)
because there are ALWAYS male executives in this male dominant world I mean, film industry.
hanlu chen (2 months ago)
- Alexandria I would recommend saving face, lovely story just between two girls
Blind Girl Gaming (4 months ago)
The thing I don’t like about this movie is it seems like the rules don’t seem to apply to this woman. That actually bothers me because straight people that might watch this to like see I guess what it’s like to be gay would still be all over that as controversy. As if we really need more as a community LOL
冉玥 (4 months ago)
Isabella Ramirezzo (4 months ago)
Adele Moravcov (4 months ago)
the best thing about this is the girls calling out the problematic things like her not taking her no seriously and stuff. I loved it. SAY IT!
lua - (4 months ago)
i remember watching the gay women channel when i was questioning my sexuality!! they're life savers, helped me accept and understand myself a lot :) qUEENS
Elise Smith (4 months ago)
Can you please watch Everythingsucks! On Netflix
Color Sounds (4 months ago)
I can't believe there was a dildo sex scene. I'm never watching this movie, yikes.
Shakur509 Tupac (4 months ago)
Dude I wonder if these actors feel anything with these scenes. I mean come on. They're basically having sex 😂😂😂. Props to them idk if could do anything like that.
Flip Flop & Fly (4 months ago)
The worst movie ever with a blonde wannabe Shane in the L word just acting like men by harassing women, forcing herself on the other woman. That character act like everything we complain and hate from men, especially in the (Me too movement). Why should it be OK coming from a woman, it's not OK at all not by a long shot. I hate those types who think they're so irresistible when they're quite the opposite and repulsive by forcing themselves on others. That gives a bad name to us regular gay women who want to be with a real feminine woman, with her consent too, it's quite important in my book the respect of the other, not being with a wannabe man acting like a real prick towards women. W.T.F.
alex the alien (4 months ago)
i was just kinda doing other stuff and had this video on in the background and then i suddenly hear “ELIIIIIISE” AND MY HEAD WHIPPED AROUND SO FAST
im a lesbian (4 months ago)
I stated laughing really hard when you said "this is what happened to willa when she came back to wynonna earp"
Nour X (4 months ago)
Watch «  la vie d Adele , there’s a lot of sex scenes but the characters are very developed so we get attached to them
Nayara Estrella (4 months ago)
I just love how Amanda started with a cup and ended up with a bottle
ponte en mi piel (4 months ago)
Elise Bauman is in this film too for a couple of seconds though but I love this queer collabs they are all conected!!! Small lesbian World
leighleigh (4 months ago)
Sarah and Adrianna's dry humor. Love it. Love them.
Megane Guo (5 months ago)
im so glad im not the only one who got disappointed by the movie.
meh (5 months ago)
Aaaa you mentioned kate mckinnon as a huge fan im now obligated to ask:do you have any other vids where you mention her
Olga Gromska (5 months ago)
Maybe a movie called ‚Professor Marston And the Wonder Woman’
CashmereBlac (5 months ago)
I just feel like that was the lamest fucking queer movie ever...

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