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How to Draw a Butterfly | YZArts | YZArts

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Free Coloring Pages Download From http://www.VJguru.IN OR https://www.facebook.com/coloring.pages.free Thank you for watching. Please Subscribe. cartoons to draw easy, Easy Drawings. Learn how to draw Butterfly in very simple and fast way. Don't forget to subscribe and watch other videos. I use charcoal pencil, lead pencil, graph paper, paint brush, water proof ink, drawing paper or common paper in most of my videos. For digital drawing I use Pen tablet. Choose any of your favorite drawing softwares. For drawing there is no need of expensive materials. Start drawing with any material you've got. For professional output please use expensive specialized material. Relevant Tags: Cartoon of Butterfly, Free Video Tutorial, Drawing Video Tutorial, Easy Drawing Video, Live Drawing Video, Simple step by step Drawing, Drawing of Butterfly, Easy drawing Butterfly, How to Draw Butterfly, Drawing a Butterfly, Drawing Butterfly Image,Butterfly Drawing tutorial, Drawing Butterfly Picture, abstract art, easy cartoon, how to draw, Beautiful Drawing Butterfly, Popular Drawing Butterfly, fine art Butterfly, speed drawing Butterfly, Butterfly picture, Butterfly image, Butterfly portrait, online drawing, step by step drawing, step by step Butterfly, free coloring page, free coloring page of Butterfly, Kids drawing Butterfly, children drawing Butterfly, step by step cartoon Butterfly from www.vjguru.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to Draw a Cartoon Cat" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS8qYOp-6pc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (116)
Hawra Rampury (2 days ago)
Sangeeta Agarwal (16 days ago)
kelly paine (28 days ago)
this helped a lot.Thanks!
Bindu Bindu (1 month ago)
spr I draw it
mintu mintu (1 month ago)
That's amazing
Anubhuti Prajapat (1 month ago)
It was very fast
pari Moyal (1 month ago)
Very nice 💖💝👏👏👏👏👌👌
CHELLA PANDIAN (1 month ago)
💐 very nice and fast but superb
Shreya & Saanvi (2 months ago)
Super 👌
Sham Sham (3 months ago)
Very nice video games and stuff and then
ajayvikram singh (4 months ago)
Asfiya Begum (4 months ago)
Nice and easy
Gauthami Borkute (5 months ago)
Joseph Saju (6 months ago)
thank you
Renu Shukla (7 months ago)
I hate this drawing
Shankar M (7 months ago)
Awesome drawing it was easy
youtuber tolki (8 months ago)
Diwakar Kuppan (8 months ago)
super it helped me a lot thanks bro
Neha Kumbharkar (8 months ago)
Sukhadev Wakale (8 months ago)
It's a really interesting idea for me
Mohammed Ishtiaq (9 months ago)
Wah very beautiful
Neeraj Davi (9 months ago)
Wow.…so quite and nice 👌 butterfly
Dr Gurmail Singh (9 months ago)
lot of thanks for helping me 👌👌👍
aman shergill (9 months ago)
Dayakar Reddy (10 months ago)
Easy way to draw butterfly
Titi Moertolo (11 months ago)
Make easy to draw, thank you for helping me.
asha ghosh (1 year ago)
Good . writing is too easy
Nayra Dhingra (1 year ago)
Cartoon Shaikh (1 year ago)
it's very fast you should do it slowly and steadily
Rekha Chikka (1 year ago)
KAMINI R (1 year ago)
Thanku,its really good
Aisha Sharif (1 year ago)
Aisha Sharif (1 year ago)
Your. drawing. is. very good
How to Draw Videos (1 year ago)
Thank You.. I am glad you liked my Drawing. Please Subscribe..
Durga Paudel (1 year ago)
Ho yestari nai udeko butterfly banainxa outstanding v.v.v. nice
Durga Rao (8 months ago)
+How to Draw Videos hi
How to Draw Videos (1 year ago)
Thank you :)
Baldev Singh (1 year ago)
prvn (1 year ago)
Very nice
FriShta BatOol (1 year ago)
really nice video:-)
Raju Raju (1 year ago)
very supre
Niharika L V (1 year ago)
so nice
kumar danush (1 year ago)
Super Butterfly drawings
Noob's Here (1 year ago)
thanks u fir this I do my Class partyd
Rohit Shinde (1 year ago)
nice drawing
Dennis Thomas (1 year ago)
I drew it and it was exactly the same!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khan Shadab (1 year ago)
your are very good artist
Shari Grant (1 year ago)
It's great because i can draw but yoi guys are too bioust
Riya Motiyani (1 year ago)
Lekhashree Balakumar (1 year ago)
Really pretty and easy steps thank you
mahesh Darekar (1 year ago)
how to colur that
Karan Singh (1 year ago)
thanks for dis drawing
Annaline Mulloo (1 year ago)
You have talent
MrJetsmiley (1 year ago)
I like how you draw that also helped me
Jigyasa singh (1 year ago)
it is really helpful for my project thank u
gagandeep badhan (15 days ago)
Mp Singh (1 year ago)
VJB Drawing Place (1 year ago)
it's a wonderful drawing.
Harrison Alexander (1 year ago)
Mia Begley Your Right
KLPD GAMING (2 years ago)
nice butterfly
Musical Lamb (2 years ago)
Nice drawing
Shoaib Gondal (2 years ago)
I like your butterfly and l draw it☺☺☺☺☺
Shifa shaikh (2 years ago)
how fast it is..??
ometh karunarathna (2 years ago)
very nice
imlike heywasuphello (2 years ago)
imlike heywasuphello (2 years ago)
I love to draw this butterfly
imlike heywasuphello (2 years ago)
yeah this was the best
Pradip Naik (2 years ago)
ILikePie (2 years ago)
too fast, and give it some sound, but besides that, you have amazing drawing skills!
Lasya Siri (2 years ago)
beautiful drawing bro
Heaven Diaz (2 years ago)
man you ant slow
Simran DWARKA (2 years ago)
Sangeetha Aruchamy (2 years ago)
Simran DWARKA in
Hemat Dabhade (2 years ago)
to,good and easy to draw
Mia Begley (2 years ago)
I did it really good
Mayur Gaikwad (2 years ago)
Mia Begley thanks so much for your time and consideration
Hajira Syed (2 years ago)
hey this drawing really helped me thank you should do more and different types your really good thanks again
Caroline C (2 years ago)
Kiss My Art (2 years ago)
Very good!!
Gurung Ronit (2 years ago)
good drawing bro!?
How to Draw Videos (2 years ago)
Thanks bro :)
Souad Esenoz (3 years ago)
Is this you arwa
Krushna Raj (2 years ago)
Simran DWARKA (3 years ago)
Looks real butterfly!
Simran DWARKA (3 years ago)
But fast...but managed to draw
Simran DWARKA (3 years ago)
Good! helped me in doing my art homework!
cris strong (2 years ago)
yah however is watching this fxxxxn shows itvis blady amezing
Chalani Best (3 years ago)
Amaan Umer (3 years ago)
really good helped me a lot ; ) it was fast but i just paused along the way
Anubhuti Prajapat (1 month ago)
Same to you
Cat Lover (2 months ago)
Same, and u was about to comment this
craft for life bhavana (5 months ago)
Why can't you slow the video if you want
Shobha Pant (8 months ago)
Amaan Umer wow
Taha Osama (3 years ago)
very beautiful
Ram Manghat (3 years ago)
abida zaki (3 years ago)
nice but it's too fast
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
to fast 9
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
to fast 9
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
to fast
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
#1 ALLSTAR (3 years ago)
Tisha V (3 years ago)
Easy and good
halen shortridge (3 years ago)
nice but fast and no words
halen shortridge (3 years ago)
+halen shortridge hi\
heavenlysmom (4 years ago)
THANK YOU so much for teaching me how to draw it. When I drawled it, it turned out AWESOME!!!
Charlotte (2 years ago)
Dude ur stuff is so cool. I messed up tough. :p
Ayesha Hussain (4 years ago)
I drawed it and it turned out awsome but why didn't you color it.😃
Ruby Shahid (3 years ago)
Ayesha it is looking beautiful without colour also
Crystal Rambaum (4 years ago)
this is so much fun to draw but you go a little to fast
harshini ganapathi (4 years ago)
Cool Keep coming with the vids
Adam كوسا (2 years ago)
SKELETON CLIQUE (4 years ago)
Good but could u do it step by step
Gaming Infinity (5 years ago)
so good man keep going XD

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