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IZ*ONE being loud and drunk for 12 minutes straight (crack)

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=============+============== These videos do not belong to me. I was only in charge of editing and putting these videos together for entertainment purposes only. =============+============== #IZONE #Wonyoung #Sakura #Yuri #Yena #Yujin #Nako #Eunbi #Hyewon #Hitomi #Chaewon #Minju #Chaeyeon #Crack #Loud #Drunk #Funny #Moments #아이즈원
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Text Comments (183)
shook twice (1 month ago)
Drunk iz*one the best iz*one
Hariz Fikri (20 days ago)
Hariz Fikri (20 days ago)
shook twice (21 days ago)
@cia issa joke bruh
cia (21 days ago)
uhm isn't like the entire maknae line not allowed to drink?
Krimson (1 day ago)
They should write "she just wanted some shrimp" on chaewon's grave
Krimson (1 day ago)
Nba player chaewon, I'm so done 😂😂
Jennie Kim (1 day ago)
my phone speakers enjoyed this experience
Jennie Kim (1 day ago)
should've named this video "12 minutes of earrape"
DUBU (2 days ago)
so loud hahagahahaga
Gitta Zayyan (2 days ago)
8:08 maknae's golden hand
유청남 (3 days ago)
히토미가 장이 마니 안좋다던데...위즈원중에 허준 없음???
Malik Lutfi (3 days ago)
Honestly I dont like noisy things except this one.
Kim Nahyun (3 days ago)
3:48😂 It's funny like wtf🤣Even the one who is holding the camera is surprised HAHAH And at 11:29 if you look closely at Yujin and Wonyoung's hands, they hit each other😂(Uwuuu my Annyeongz heart❣️😍)
Kim Nahyun (19 hours ago)
Wonyudingz Yeseuuu Annyeongz only❣️
Wonyudingz (19 hours ago)
Omg Annyeongz Stan too? 😍
rodrigo saenz (4 days ago)
which isnthe first song? where chaeyeon is dancing?
Denis Dmitriev (4 days ago)
who is here from horriblesubs?
Oopsie Bitsie (5 days ago)
Since they debuted I still don't know where I can find a video of them that they're in peace mode. 😂😂😂😂
Choi Yena is My Bias (5 days ago)
I died at 3:04
in the dark (6 days ago)
mlb player eugene LMAO EUGENE I'M CRYING
Ally Huang (6 days ago)
rip my ears hahhahahaah
ImBroke Maimeetangka (6 days ago)
I think we all need a video of Chaeyeon wilding on the floor
곰Aijeuwon Wizwan (7 days ago)
3:29 Well for me yena said something so others attention will be at her then theres eunbi doing the work at the back.WOW,just wow
KASUMI EDWARDS (9 days ago)
I zone being drunk is the best because when your a headphone user you go death for 12 min
KASUMI EDWARDS (9 days ago)
In the thumbnail it looks like Hudson is drunk and wondering what happened
A Child (9 days ago)
Sierra Smith (11 days ago)
Chaeyeon: Izone: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
haenamii (12 days ago)
what do u use to edit skskfksl
Wonyudingz (9 days ago)
haenamii I use iMovie and InShot on my phone
iM AskA (12 days ago)
Can someone tell me whats the music who chaeyon dance?
haenamii (12 days ago)
Ciara- level up
KASUMI EDWARDS (13 days ago)
Yena wanted to be a drunk dancing duck and give the camera and hyewon lot s of smooches
TheGamingMomo YT (13 days ago)
Dont put headphones in at full volume i learned that the hard way
Imagine if Sakura, Chaeyeon, Hyewon, Yujin, Yena and Wonyoung are in the same dorm?😂😍
bearer rest (11 days ago)
Hachi Man (14 days ago)
2:54, 4:24, 5:02, 5:30, 9:20, 11:10 Dont mind this is just my collection of yena.. Click at own risk.. Its deadly.. It can kill a hundred warriors..
GhOstKillEr (15 days ago)
5:24 the cameraman is me holding my phone at this moment 😂😂💔
Ana Kho (15 days ago)
Nobody: Wizone: Izone: *WAAaaAaAaaaHhhhh!!!!!!*
Casy Strawberry (15 days ago)
You just earned a subscriber! Keep up the good content and work 💕💕
Casy Strawberry (15 days ago)
I stan the right group lmao, their chemistry is soo great xD
Micah Salvador (15 days ago)
0:39 chae won was holding a shoe lol
Casy Strawberry (15 days ago)
Micah Salvador great observation! Lmao
Amy Saensopha (17 days ago)
You warned me and I took my headphones out but my ears still hurt😂
Abelle Kurayami (18 days ago)
How can Koreans handpicked the best craziest trainees in the series. Like from season 1 we had all crazy idols and we still love them.
J U Bae (18 days ago)
앚망진창!! 총체적 난국이군..
TT’s Universe (18 days ago)
I'm deaf now
Loonatic B*tch (18 days ago)
2:15 me in a group assignment with everyone I hate
Chico Abuyen (18 days ago)
hitomi giving a piggy back ride to nako was the cutest thing i've seen all day
Janelle Alcaraz (18 days ago)
They are a really good performers. They can make us laugh/happy in their own little ways
Casy Strawberry (13 days ago)
Janelle Alcaraz i guess you mean entertainers too
JuSt MANUEL (18 days ago)
Whats the title of the meme song in the intro
Wonyudingz (18 days ago)
Wii Music
IZ*ONE is life (19 days ago)
3:03 what's the title of that song? I can't remember 😭
IZ*ONE is life (18 days ago)
@Hello Ello Thank you so much I really appreciate it!
Hello Ello (18 days ago)
Infinite - bad
summer kids (19 days ago)
R.I.P my ears
Ronel Lastra (19 days ago)
yena & hyewon moments <3
Joshua Caparas (19 days ago)
11:11 😂😂😂😂 ducky choi.
AHARGIW EMAIL (19 days ago)
Camera shocked by izone
Iqbal-kun (19 days ago)
lets remember that the owner of this channel didnt appreciate HyeKura moment :'( 10:23
Vixtoria Cardenas (20 days ago)
Whats the video at 2:46
Lily Pagaduan (20 days ago)
they're one of the girl groups that are absolute crackheads
Gabrielle Wong (20 days ago)
Gabrielle Wong (20 days ago)
Where is 7:14 from?!!!!
Minarii ____ (20 days ago)
Lol what’s worse- twice on crack or iz*one drunk?🤔🤔
fahmi kamal (20 days ago)
dont use earphone...... my ear
N O (20 days ago)
5:00 Hyeyul is such an underrated ship. And Yuri's laugh is just 😻❤️
Chen Chen (20 days ago)
I’ve been realize that girl is really a CAT😂
Wiktor Rogala (20 days ago)
Chae Yeon, Eunbi are the only normal ones.. HyeWons (fc off face is ACTUALLY A MOOOOOD. Stan her 🤣)
Oopsie Bitsie (5 days ago)
haha those two are also crazy. lol 😂😂
Tesa Martin (18 days ago)
Hahaha do you really think so? 🤭🤭🤭🤭 i wonder
MADE IN 1995 (20 days ago)
Admit that IZ*ONE is chaotic without Eunbi😂
얘들아......나 귀가 안들려..ㅜㅜ
4:45 백조 등장
minseong cho (20 days ago)
진짜 앚망진창;;; 오디오 겹치는걸로는 우주최강 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
wise* one (20 days ago)
3:31 i went a little panicked i thought yujin fainted omg 😂😂😂😂
X o g u d. (20 days ago)
Oh nou the minors are drunk
Jailly Ace (21 days ago)
7:18 I've seen drunk goddesses 😍😂
Just Nobody (21 days ago)
@3:23 I could have sworned Wonyoung said "tangina" hahahahaha 😂
ShootMe :) (21 days ago)
Omg you arr right, they are so loud XD
MR.J-WILLY 69 (21 days ago)
It's so cute when yena tries to kiss the cam and pretends it has something on its lips hahahahhahaa.......OwO
Casy Strawberry (13 days ago)
MR.J-WILLY 69 its called making a girlfriend gif for yena 😂😂😂
I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ (21 days ago)
I just realized wonyoung is 12 in America
Kris Sarroukh (15 days ago)
I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ she was born in August 31st 2004, so she’s 14. In Korea she is 16 actually
I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ (18 days ago)
Kris Sarroukh in korea
Wonyudingz (20 days ago)
Nani ...
Kris Sarroukh (21 days ago)
lol she's 14
Iyaz Fatih (21 days ago)
Why the throw their shoes?? lol
KJK FOREVER (21 days ago)
@Wonyudingz you should decrease the beeb sound between the clips. so loud
kimbap.kidding .m (21 days ago)
My ears hurts 🙂🤯😊
shxdesofblxck (21 days ago)
5:02 Yena is totally me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
허명운재복 (22 days ago)
근데 이채연 춤 진짜 매력이 그냥 넘사벽 같음
Misskt15 (22 days ago)
The Boyfriend's yujin and kwangbae always present on vlive lol
Rin Irsyarasyid (22 days ago)
Because of the thumbnail, You made Hyewon looks like the normal one in the group even though it was so off from the truth
kalonice St. Moss (22 days ago)
Me,watching vid out of boredom : wtf is happening rn
윤민박 (22 days ago)
More like Choi Yena Bias Wrecking me For 12 Minutes
코코로KOKO-CHAN (22 days ago)
Jasper Aecil (22 days ago)
Loud drunk dorks and we Love them ❤😂
Lisa's LongLegs (22 days ago)
Literally iz*one represent how me and my squad having fun and being noise lmao
Mariella Antonio (22 days ago)
8:52 minju top
민주가 또 euw (22 days ago)
Im pretty sure every group from Produce is the loudest groups ever in kpop history
민주가 또 euw (17 days ago)
@marimong boi yeahhh.. ot34 or maybe should include produceX101 members too.. i hope they appear in produceX101 last episode as ot34. We miis them
marimong boi (17 days ago)
they need reunion though
Yeah! Produce Family! ❤️❤️❤️
Artice Mania (22 days ago)
keep making this random video with engsub.... it's very helpful for international fans
김재라 (23 days ago)
omg i loved this video
wheein's height (23 days ago)
wonyoung is not allowed to drink alcohol yet but sometimes it seems like she's the drunkest KSKSKS
wheein's height (17 days ago)
@Hyacinth Kulitan r/whoosh.
Deborah M (19 days ago)
Me i think than she is the normal in izone sometime a teen crazy Wonyoung in being it´s just funny in japanese 😆😆 Yena c hyewon kill me together 99z 😂
Kathleen Tra (19 days ago)
@Hyacinth Kulitan That's why it's a joke. Since 75% of the group are of legal age to drink. The 25% who can't are Hitomi, Yuri, Yujin, and Wonyoung. The whole group is a loud mess without alcohol and we love them for it.
Hyacinth Kulitan (20 days ago)
@J I S O O I know that in the video they seem drunk but i just wanted to let them know that they don't have alcoholic drinks, and they are just like that, seems like thay are drunk
J I S O O (20 days ago)
@Hyacinth Kulitan its a joke
iZ* ON ME (23 days ago)
We WIZ*ONE are proud to stan such crackheads and we all know it
Chaeyeon Lee (23 days ago)
Bruh Chaewon is literally sliding in my bias wrecker list🤣
Kent Vesser (23 days ago)
It's not a party until Yujin crashes it. :)
Chanhyun Kim (23 days ago)
2:15 Is that blackpink's rose i see?
wheein's height (23 days ago)
she kinda resembled pasta here sksksk
I've watched so many loud iz*one vids and now I know when to put my volume down😂
T TZUWEE (22 days ago)
8:08 PRODUCE 48: hey jang wonyoung WhAt aRE YOu DOiNg EDIT : ThANk YoU FOr tHe LiKE
Dava (23 days ago)
thanks for the warning
Flowlies (23 days ago)
IZ*ONE being drunk, crazy and insanely gay
Ivan Creencia (23 days ago)
I love them being loud but mostly i like is chaeyeon's laugh😁😁💖
Paula Barretto (23 days ago)
I didn't know until now that Chaeyeon danced to level up by sarah g. myghaaad my filipino heart.
ROC KET (21 days ago)
Lol I want to cry
Theo Arsenio (22 days ago)
Gago d kanya yun
John Cornejo (22 days ago)
imstillhereSiS (23 days ago)
Wait what’s the song called which chaeyeon was dancing to??
ITZ*ONE enthusiast (19 days ago)
Ciara Level Up (??)
I just gotta say I love thumbnail❤
Kent Vesser (24 days ago)
I think Yena went to the Moonbyul School of Greasiness. :)
Stephanie may Babayoff (16 hours ago)
Kent Vesser I’m so glad someone finally said it.
Choi Yena (24 days ago)
3:05 *im dying*
bushido (24 days ago)
05:00 Did hyung give Yuri a peck on the neck?
the walkers (24 days ago)
they went through the difficult path to debut together..😢😢..by seeing them together today which make me happy..😢😢..I feel proud of them especially my Kim Minju and Kang Hyewon..😢😢.. IZONE SARANGHAEYO..😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

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