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Top 10 British Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore

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Top 10 British Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2tVCcUH They said goodbye to the A-list a long time ago. For this list, we're counting down those one-time big-time British actors, who just don't seem to get the limelight anymore. Orlando Bloom? Rupert Grint? The world was at their feet, but now we never see them. Check out these other brilliantly British videos from WMUK: Top 10 British Actors Who Are Difficult To Work With - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64t9vgqVN-8&t=1s Top 10 Actors You Didn't Know Were Shakespearean Trained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj4pn67gDOU Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.com/suggest #10. Liz Hurley #9. Michael Sheen #8. Ray Winstone #7. Catherine Zeta-Jones #6. Clive Owen #5. Hugh Grant #4. Gerard Butler #3, #2, #1: ???
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WatchMojoUK (5 months ago)
Who from this list should still be in blockbusters?
Karine Sackney (1 month ago)
Clive Owen, id like to see more of him, a lot more
NinjaRider777R (1 month ago)
I'm going to link you to a website that will be CRITICAL to making videos like these in the future so you will stop getting things HORRIBLY WRONG . . . . . www.imdb.com Every single actor/actress in your list is STILL WORKING IN HOLLYWOOD RIGHT NOW, many of them with projects dating past 2020 for release dates.
Eileen S Miller (4 months ago)
Orlando and Rupert need to come back. Also to all of those in the US, there is an Orlando Bloom movie being released next Friday in theaters. It's called the Shanghai Job. I've seen it thanks to someone I know and it's quite good...if you can get passed the obvious throwback to Legolas as he is blonde in the film
Lady Deadpool 💋 (5 months ago)
The Cricket that I kept hearing throughout the whole video! Give that mofo an Oscar for best annoying background character!
MsAppassionata (5 months ago)
Rupert Grint, Clive Owen, Hugh Grant.
Fook Hollywood 🇬🇧😎🍀
Ethan Cua (4 days ago)
I enjoyed Ron and still do this day.
Mark Oman (4 days ago)
British English sounds soooo much better than American English. A least to me as a German. Even your industrial city hools sound more charming than most Americans.
clansome (9 days ago)
Sorry but it's got to be said, with the exception of Liz Hurley who couldn't act herself out of a paper bag, this list id a pile of SHIT. Clive Owen is another useless actor who shouldn't be imposed on the world anyway, but the otherss still have films in production or are on stage (it's what actors do after all) or they're tied up with TV series. Absolute crap list.
Joanie Adams (10 days ago)
Bloom cast as Paris in Troy. Too much of a wimp to embody the role of such a historical figure.
Joanie Adams (10 days ago)
Butler blew it playing the phantom--he cant sing and pretty much a one dimensional actor.
Tilly T (11 days ago)
I think its more like these actors don't particularly like the Hollywood lifestyle ..... for any money
enchasser person (11 days ago)
Wrong information. Whoever made this video does not understand how the movie industry works. A lot of these actors are currently working. This is stupid information.
Robert M (14 days ago)
Zeta-Jones is retired married to Michael Douglas they have a combined net worth of 345 million. She is soooo beautiful.
Beldin 2 (15 days ago)
I don't really care that much about Hollywood anymore, but i really hate that they canceled The Royals.
William David Hilton (15 days ago)
No mystery why the actresses were given the boot. They're too old.
paxwallacejazz (20 days ago)
Indie/art house mo betta. So who cares
Tiger (20 days ago)
Because the talented Brits make the Yanks look bad
Maximum Volume (21 days ago)
I love "Bedazzled."
Stephanie Roylance (22 days ago)
bring back rupert grint!
Severed_J Edwards (23 days ago)
I didn't realise that being in a movie last year meant you don't get cast anymore lol 🙄
micheledion2000 (23 days ago)
You guys are truly jerks. None of these deserve this treatment.
Stuart Little (23 days ago)
Yet George Clooney still keeps getting away with playing George Clooney.
Eliza Lagonia (27 days ago)
Rupert Grint was self imposed. After the HP series he wasn't sure he liked acting that much. He didn't want to give it up completely, but he'd been working since he was 12. He said in an interview that he fell back in love with acting while doing an off West End play, and is trying to stick to more independent stuff.
akcandlemaker (30 days ago)
Orlando Bloom was awesome in "The Seeker"
akcandlemaker (30 days ago)
Top 10 British actors who said no to goathead Lucy.
darrell holland (30 days ago)
Butler as hman
leaiplussize (1 month ago)
I only liked Michael Sheen in one movie Underworld rise of the Lycans, only film I thought he was sexy as hell in , my favorite werewolf As for Orlando bloom I have been in love with him since he was Legoals in LOTR and I think he was very good in the Kingdom movie. The only reason I watch the Pirate movie is for him ( not really Johnny ) I still like Orlando , I still think he is in great shape and would love to see him in good movies again , I think he his still a good actor, maybe he can try his hand at tv or cable. Hollywood is full of BS no talented actors right now and I think verybody on this lise ( accept Liz hurley she was never that good) are better actors than what is out there now. They deserve great scripts.
John Belt (1 month ago)
A lot of these actors just can't act. They got roles in movies primarily because they were in the right place at the right time and just happened to perfectly fit a particular role. They have no breadth of skill. Also, acting is a cut throat industry. Lots of people want to do it and there aren't that many roles. It just takes one flub and then you're gone.
democolor42 (1 month ago)
yah, america and hollywood, pit of sewer excrements
Livingston Hampton (1 month ago)
Orlando Bloom recently had a minor but rather noticeable role as the arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic boss of Blake Lively's character Emily in A Simple Favor.
Stuart Dowling (1 month ago)
Is it cos im not black
Claudia Ferrero (1 month ago)
1. Hollywood is becoming shittier every year. 2. Emma Watson can't act. She's awful. 3. Clive Owen should have been James Bond, instead of D. Craig.
nelson a (1 month ago)
i think Orlando bloom will be back from Pirates of the Caribbean 7.
kyotokitsune (1 month ago)
Gerard Butler isn't British, he's Scotish. There is a difference even if both come from the UK. But yes, he's been playing in multiple movies a year. Many are big budget. It'd be cool to see him more, but he's definitely getting casted. Orlando Bloom seems to be sticking to smaller roles. Two major franchises probably scared him off, or exhausted him. LoTR/Hobbit and Pirates are massive, and take a ton of energy. Not many actors do multiple franchises.
Donna Doell (1 month ago)
If they are smart they'll save their money
Jo Threefingers (1 month ago)
Why send out for take out when we the United have great food here? Or am I being lied to or is the grub to used up?
Red Arrow900 (1 month ago)
Funnily enough Orlando Bloom recently reprised his role as Legolas but not in a Middle earth product but rather in AMCs The walking dead as the wife of King Ezekiel.
Irakli Kaloiani (1 month ago)
"carried Kingdom of Heaven" - what was there to carry? :D
hart 112 (1 month ago)
this list is odd and some of them are untrue I think the title is also misleading "Hollywood won't cast" really???
Rhiannon Carney (1 month ago)
Hollywood has habit of pigeonholing people. It also has a very limited attention span and not a very forgiving nature. So, one minute you are on top but if you don't expand, say the wrong thing, or just do too many films in the same franchise Hollywood tends to yawn and say "Goodbye and maybe goodluck come back when have forgotten what you said, filmed, or did that we either got sick of or didn't like".
rayneoftera (1 month ago)
Orlando Bloom was never a great actor, mediocre at best and serves to show the key difference between men and women in Hollywood and men and women in general. Men can't rely on their looks to get as far in the world as women can. Though not as bad as Megan fox, I often liken the two together because they have both made it on their looks but as terrible as an actress Megan Fox is....she is still getting roles. Why, most of the top execs in Hollywood are men, men want sex more than women and will do more for it than women, which involves casting young and talentless but attractive starlets/actresses in movies. Where as the men, not so much, not many female execs as there are men and most of them won't go as far as the men will for sex. In other words men have to make it more on their acting ability than women.
Phantom Warrior (1 month ago)
it seems like hollywood is also like corporate america in that unless you continue putting in the hours and forget family life and resting, hollywood will forget about you.
Repulse theMonkey (1 month ago)
Hollywood is just a steaming pile of SJW nonsense, these days. So many movies are all FX, with poor scripts and worse characterisation.
Angga Pramudya (1 month ago)
05:30 _Mrs. Wesley?_ 🐹
Angga Pramudya (1 month ago)
05:06 I wish I had that gorgeous hair in this scene. 😎
Gunman610 (1 month ago)
Really? Hugh Grant getting caught with a hooker didn't contribute at all to his Hollywood fall?
Lotan Kritchman (1 month ago)
So many of these actors will be back. Look at Robert Downy Jr. Lots of actors have hiatuses.
Patrick Boyle (1 month ago)
Orlando Bloom got type cast as a blacksmith. Then all at one the public realized that he was a skinny little twit and his career was over,
stardust_and_ashes (1 month ago)
Perhaps this should be UK actors, as Catherine Zeta-Jones is Welsh, and Gerard Butler is Scottish, so the title is kinda misleading
mrnaughtycat (1 month ago)
stardust_and_ashes British means ya from the uk
STEPHEN BEACH (1 month ago)
Inside Man and Law Abiding Citizen are two of my all time favs
Joackim Lauridsen (1 month ago)
Aren't some of these actors in new movies and upcoming movies?
Dave G (1 month ago)
What a shit video.You don't say WHY they wont be cast in a movie.Just shit commentary about previous movie roles.
James J (1 month ago)
Michael sheen really?
Ceará Yuè (1 month ago)
Most of these actors had their "hot" phase and were given chances with leading roles and when those failed to deliver either financially or critically, were dropped from Hollywood for other talents. Orlando Bloom, Liz Hurley and Gerard Butler never proved they were strong actors, while Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen weren't able to support films financially in lead roles. Hugh Grant had that embarrassing prostitute scandal which damaged his reputation, while Catherine Zeta-Jones' bipolar, tongue cancer-causing, "difficult" status (according to Rob Marshall after replacing her with Nicole Kidman in "Nine") damaged her's.
bluepazan (17 days ago)
Orlando proofed to be a strong actor since Kingdom of Heaven man!
Sebastian Moya (1 month ago)
Kate Beckinsale won't be casted because even at 45 she looks better than any Hollywood diva...
Paul Phillips (1 month ago)
I think the trouble is that they KEEP casting Gerard Butler. I saw a preview for "Hunter Killer" when I went to see "Halloween", and I thougth, "Seriously? After Geostorm, they're still giving this guy jobs???"
David Rosales (1 month ago)
Heard alot of people say Zeta Jones is a bitch think ya.ll did list about that with her on it used 2 like her but hate actors acting like fucking spoiled selfish kids but from what I hear that's mostly all HWOOD is 🤔
baldieman64 (1 month ago)
When women are known for movies reliant on their sex appeal and they are now in their late 40's and 50's, it's not really that surprising that the roles that they were previously offered have dried up - but there is still plenty of work provided they don't look like typical Hollywood vamps.
Samurai Hardware (1 month ago)
Why the fuck do you show who you are going to pick even before the vids starts properly, it's seriously annoying, won't be watching any more of your vids.
josa rebelo (1 month ago)
wtf= got money lol= your retarded?= sorry not Jewish lol
Richard Webb (1 month ago)
This should be titled “why doesn’t Hollywood use shit actors”.
Codenamevalera (1 month ago)
fact check before posting a shit video
Kill Stronger (1 month ago)
*Catherine Zeta Jones gave Michael Douglas throat cancer because he couldn't stop eating her box. Google it*
Marcus Tulius Cicero (1 month ago)
Michael Sheene, Ray fucking Winston!(Sexy Beast being his crown achievement so far), Clive Owen and the ever cool Kate Bekinsale are all legends outside of Hollywood.
dakkuri1 (2 months ago)
Kate beckensale is still a major hottie
Arylwren1 (2 months ago)
didn't Kate Beckinsale go part time on acting to raise her daughter?
JAMES ALEXANDER (2 months ago)
With exception of a couple, most of these actors are "one trick ponies" Hurley sex siren, Winston fat hard man, Bloom moody cunt. Don't think Butler should be there seeing he's, literally, just brought out a movie a long side Gary Oldman.
Quincy Camo (2 months ago)
Hollywood has become so bereft of actual talent and creativity that it just isn't relevant anymore. These actors are better for being gone from it.
Hazard David (2 months ago)
They abandoned Hollywood, as a matter of fact, that is... With the likes of Michael Bay’s directorship qualities, or for the lack thereof, there is nothing much left there...
Alicia Walker (2 months ago)
Bad actors except for Catherine Zeta jones
monkeymouse (2 months ago)
I was just watching a clip from "The Princess Bride" and wondered; should Cary Elwes be on this list? He's done steady work since the 90s, but that includes animation voicework. Seems he's everywhere EXCEPT Hollywood.
Sheila Bloom (2 months ago)
Better to be a great character actor and have a longer career.
David Beckham ???
Josephine Mchale (2 months ago)
Children of Men was incredible largely because of Clive Owen.
Kate Beckinsale was in the new thor film?
S. L. (2 months ago)
Let's face it, Orlando Bloom is just not that good an actor. He was the "It" poster boy back then, but hey, even men age too, and audience don't look too kindly on them either, it would seem. Same goes with Hugh Grant. Then again, you can say the same from this side of the The Atlantic. Just look at how Owen Wilson. I don't think Clive Owen is down and out though. Back then, I swear I saw it coming, with Owen as the James Bond pick. Too bad, Daniel Craig got the job (though he's not too shabby at it). He'll be back.
DAVID HEELS (2 months ago)
Micheal Sheen will definitely be back simply because he has oodles of talent. And Hugh Grant is better now than he ever was.
Tim Caron (2 months ago)
In the movie "I am Legend" I heard in an interview that Will Smith did not want to do sequils to the movie.  He felt that in doing sequils they lose the meaning that the original film presented.  He didnot want it to become like other sequils; for example "I am Legend 6" and that is why Will Smith wanted to end this movie the way he did.  I am sure that this film would have been a good 2nd movie.
Tim Caron (21 days ago)
It is just a typo sweetheart. I am sure that you understood what I said even with the typo.  If that is all you got to do with your life is to find errors, start by looking at yourself.  get a life.
Matthew de Ridder (22 days ago)
sequels darling, please get the dictionary...
R Painter (2 months ago)
Orlando Bloom, forgotten? Never!
Luca (3 months ago)
Clive Owen is probably my favorite actor and he's way to underrated imo
Phill Bickle (3 months ago)
Micheal Sheen needs more research methinks!!
Michael Schweigart (3 months ago)
The last movie Clive Owen was in was "Anon". It was a very good movie. I was surprised that it was released in May, earlier this year, and YouTube showed it for free
Charles Davis (3 months ago)
Attention you squid critic: What are trying to do? get me to feel sorry for these actors.
immoralq (3 months ago)
I liked Hugh Grant in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
marc Stoodley (3 months ago)
Gerard Butler 007
Steve P (3 months ago)
It's Kate Beckensale for me!
brainchild (3 months ago)
Clive Owen ain't no washout in my book. I saw him in the TV series The Knick, and he was superb. Oh, and I'm an american.
Darcy West (3 months ago)
Liz Hurleys accent sounds so fake😂 Rupert Grint for The Doctor!!!
Yutah1981 (4 months ago)
Hugh Grant because being a romantic lead? Cloud Atlas anyone?
Nathan Chalmers (4 months ago)
Clive Owen is an amazing actor and deserves more roles.
amy clarke (4 months ago)
ooh why?😣
henrik echers (4 months ago)
Some of these chose to get away from Hollywood, and avoid the crazy.
derrick robertson (4 months ago)
I think Gerard Butler would make an awsome main villain. It escapes me if he's ever really done it. I know he was kinda villainous in law abiding citizen, but I don't look at that as a proper bad guy. He done anything besides that?
clairelogan5 (4 months ago)
Was expecting some reasons. This is just a pointless list.
lesley smith (4 months ago)
Ray Winston I have followed since the Anna Scher theater tv series and I preferred his Henry 8th as he did become fat and horrible, not stay slim like the other production.
littlesmew (4 months ago)
Ray Winstone is only any good at playing 'ard men from the East End. His attempts at other accents are laughable and he should count himself lucky that he works at all. Michael Sheen on the other hand is an amazing actor and his career seems pretty fine. Whoever wrote this is ill-informed...
Nathan Jones (4 months ago)
I always thought Kate Beckinsale was American, mind blown
mrnaughtycat (1 month ago)
Nathan Jones maybe she can do a great American accent that's a sight of a great actress
Alicia Simmons (4 months ago)
caitlyn mcmenamy (4 months ago)
who gives a shit? these "artists" should try really working for a living.
kersplatt1968 (4 months ago)
I wouldn't feel sorry for Michael Sheen. Good Omens is gonna be huge.
Joao lima filho (4 months ago)
orlando doesn't need hollywood, he played legolas, he punch bieber he is the best
spirittammyk (23 days ago)
Plus the royalties from the POTC flicks don't hurt either.
Michael Cain (4 months ago)
They need to put Orlando in a hard, R rated crime movie. He’s beefed up in recent years. I could see him as a super sexy villain or anti-hero. Fake tattoo, some wicked violence and you’d have a great leading man again.
Michael Lee (4 months ago)
There are always room for a Brit to play the bad guy!

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