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Top 10 British Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore

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Top 10 British Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2tVCcUH They said goodbye to the A-list a long time ago. For this list, we're counting down those one-time big-time British actors, who just don't seem to get the limelight anymore. Orlando Bloom? Rupert Grint? The world was at their feet, but now we never see them. Check out these other brilliantly British videos from WMUK: Top 10 British Actors Who Are Difficult To Work With - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64t9vgqVN-8&t=1s Top 10 Actors You Didn't Know Were Shakespearean Trained - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj4pn67gDOU Special thanks to our user WordToTheWes for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.com/suggest #10. Liz Hurley #9. Michael Sheen #8. Ray Winstone #7. Catherine Zeta-Jones #6. Clive Owen #5. Hugh Grant #4. Gerard Butler #3, #2, #1: ???
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WatchMojoUK (3 months ago)
Who from this list should still be in blockbusters?
Eileen S Miller (2 months ago)
Orlando and Rupert need to come back. Also to all of those in the US, there is an Orlando Bloom movie being released next Friday in theaters. It's called the Shanghai Job. I've seen it thanks to someone I know and it's quite good...if you can get passed the obvious throwback to Legolas as he is blonde in the film
Lady Deadpool 💋 (3 months ago)
The Cricket that I kept hearing throughout the whole video! Give that mofo an Oscar for best annoying background character!
MsAppassionata (3 months ago)
Rupert Grint, Clive Owen, Hugh Grant.
Steven Carbines (3 months ago)
Only one I like is Orlando bloom
Belzedar (3 months ago)
Ben Chaplin
Arylwren1 (2 hours ago)
didn't Kate Beckinsale go part time on acting to raise her daughter?
JAMES ALEXANDER (16 hours ago)
With exception of a couple, most of these actors are "one trick ponies" Hurley sex siren, Winston fat hard man, Bloom moody cunt. Don't think Butler should be there seeing he's, literally, just brought out a movie a long side Gary Oldman.
Quincy Camo (1 day ago)
Hollywood has become so bereft of actual talent and creativity that it just isn't relevant anymore. These actors are better for being gone from it.
Hazard David (4 days ago)
They abandoned Hollywood, as a matter of fact, that is... With the likes of Michael Bay’s directorship qualities, or for the lack thereof, there is nothing much left there...
Alicia Walker (6 days ago)
Bad actors except for Catherine Zeta jones
monkeymouse (9 days ago)
I was just watching a clip from "The Princess Bride" and wondered; should Cary Elwes be on this list? He's done steady work since the 90s, but that includes animation voicework. Seems he's everywhere EXCEPT Hollywood.
Sheila Bloom (16 days ago)
Better to be a great character actor and have a longer career.
David Beckham ???
Josephine Mchale (18 days ago)
Children of Men was incredible largely because of Clive Owen.
Kate Beckinsale was in the new thor film?
S. L. (20 days ago)
Let's face it, Orlando Bloom is just not that good an actor. He was the "It" poster boy back then, but hey, even men age too, and audience don't look too kindly on them either, it would seem. Same goes with Hugh Grant. Then again, you can say the same from this side of the The Atlantic. Just look at how Owen Wilson. I don't think Clive Owen is down and out though. Back then, I swear I saw it coming, with Owen as the James Bond pick. Too bad, Daniel Craig got the job (though he's not too shabby at it). He'll be back.
DAVID HEELS (23 days ago)
Micheal Sheen will definitely be back simply because he has oodles of talent. And Hugh Grant is better now than he ever was.
Tim Caron (25 days ago)
In the movie "I am Legend" I heard in an interview that Will Smith did not want to do sequils to the movie.  He felt that in doing sequils they lose the meaning that the original film presented.  He didnot want it to become like other sequils; for example "I am Legend 6" and that is why Will Smith wanted to end this movie the way he did.  I am sure that this film would have been a good 2nd movie.
R Painter (26 days ago)
Orlando Bloom, forgotten? Never!
Luca (1 month ago)
Clive Owen is probably my favorite actor and he's way to underrated imo
Phill Bickle (1 month ago)
Micheal Sheen needs more research methinks!!
Michael Schweigart (1 month ago)
The last movie Clive Owen was in was "Anon". It was a very good movie. I was surprised that it was released in May, earlier this year, and YouTube showed it for free
Charles Davis (1 month ago)
Attention you squid critic: What are trying to do? get me to feel sorry for these actors.
immoralq (1 month ago)
I liked Hugh Grant in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
marc Stoodley (1 month ago)
Gerard Butler 007
Steve P (1 month ago)
It's Kate Beckensale for me!
brainchild (1 month ago)
Clive Owen ain't no washout in my book. I saw him in the TV series The Knick, and he was superb. Oh, and I'm an american.
Darcy West (1 month ago)
Liz Hurleys accent sounds so fake😂 Rupert Grint for The Doctor!!!
Yutah1981 (1 month ago)
Hugh Grant because being a romantic lead? Cloud Atlas anyone?
Nathan Chalmers (1 month ago)
Clive Owen is an amazing actor and deserves more roles.
amy clarke (2 months ago)
ooh why?😣
henrik echers (2 months ago)
Some of these chose to get away from Hollywood, and avoid the crazy.
derrick robertson (2 months ago)
I think Gerard Butler would make an awsome main villain. It escapes me if he's ever really done it. I know he was kinda villainous in law abiding citizen, but I don't look at that as a proper bad guy. He done anything besides that?
clairelogan5 (2 months ago)
Was expecting some reasons. This is just a pointless list.
lesley smith (2 months ago)
Ray Winston I have followed since the Anna Scher theater tv series and I preferred his Henry 8th as he did become fat and horrible, not stay slim like the other production.
littlesmew (2 months ago)
Ray Winstone is only any good at playing 'ard men from the East End. His attempts at other accents are laughable and he should count himself lucky that he works at all. Michael Sheen on the other hand is an amazing actor and his career seems pretty fine. Whoever wrote this is ill-informed...
Nathan Jones (2 months ago)
I always thought Kate Beckinsale was American, mind blown
Alicia Simmons (2 months ago)
caitlyn mcmenamy (2 months ago)
who gives a shit? these "artists" should try really working for a living.
kersplatt1968 (2 months ago)
I wouldn't feel sorry for Michael Sheen. Good Omens is gonna be huge.
Joao lima filho (2 months ago)
orlando doesn't need hollywood, he played legolas, he punch bieber he is the best
Michael Cain (2 months ago)
They need to put Orlando in a hard, R rated crime movie. He’s beefed up in recent years. I could see him as a super sexy villain or anti-hero. Fake tattoo, some wicked violence and you’d have a great leading man again.
Michael Lee (2 months ago)
There are always room for a Brit to play the bad guy!
jr* T (2 months ago)
Clive Owen is a solid actor. I always thought he should be the next Bond. Bloom I miss for his quirky humour that comes out rarely but honestly. Grint has much potential as a comedic actor and should lean in that direction.
Adam Lewis (2 months ago)
Clive Owen was just in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets in a medium size role. And Butler just concluded a role as Stoick in How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. Those are pretty big movies I'd say and pretty recent.
Katrina Pogue (2 months ago)
The background cricket noise is so distracting. Hate it.
Baker 1982 (2 months ago)
Kate is an awesome actress
It's not saying why they are NOT being cast... This is dumb
Max Headroom (3 months ago)
Orlando was good in that Musketeer film.
Baskerville Bee (3 months ago)
Orlando doesn't need Hollywood. Peter Jackson keeps him busy.
Max Headroom (3 months ago)
Baskerville Bee I bet he does filthy beast.
NM PK (3 months ago)
Hollywood has been going downhill for years. What do they make now? Mostly crap superhero franchises or bad remakes. TV has overtaken them in quality (especially in the US) and lots of British actors including many on this list are involved in them too.
Carol Law (3 months ago)
Well i think its all more to do with the fact that most of them are middle aged now Clive Owen is mid fifties and Ray Winstone about 60 . So none of these would be considered leading man or lady material anymore.
Tallulah Lawksley (3 months ago)
Hugh Grant has just been in Paddington and was brilliant in A Very British Scandal. Orlando Bloom is having a very successful theatre career at the moment, which wouldn't leave time to make any films. This is a bit of a crap list to be quite honest with you.
Ellie ESC (3 months ago)
Micheal Sheen and Catherine Zeta are the only good actors on the list.
Skogsalven B (3 months ago)
I have to admit the only part where i really like Orlando Bloom is when he play Legolas. He gets away with being really sexy.. he is not that interesting of an actor otherwise as far as i have seen. I would like to see him do more nuanced roles.
LegioUmbris (3 months ago)
Yeah, Rupert already told everyone he's not a fan of big movies anymore. That's what makes him a cool guy
thedarknesscallingme (3 months ago)
Out of the three Harry Potter actors i think Rupert Grint has actually chosen the more sensible path. Daniel Radcliffe has had his day and his career is in decline and Emma Watson has been struggling for some time and it's only her crazy feminist activism that keeps her in the limelight from time to time rather that her ability as an actress. Grint on the other hand has chosen to walk away and has made a fortune in the property market.
aj pat (2 days ago)
Listen you godamn cocksucking son of a bitch!!! Emma Watson is still a talented actress!!! She's still getting good roles like Belle in Beauty and the Beast and her role as Meg March in Greta Gerwig's Little Women. Why the fucking hell do you keep trashing her feminist activism?!!! Are you trying to say that feminism is similar to Scientology?!!! Are you out of your fucking mind you retarded ignorant misogynist son of a bitch?!!!!!!!!!
Nicosixth Robin (3 months ago)
Strange list... I remember quite a few of them in recent movies... maybe they didn't qualify as "Hollywood big movies"? Gerard Butler: Gods of Egypt (2016), London Has Fallen(2016) Geostorm (2017) Orlando Bloom: Pirates of the Caribean (2017) Clive Owen: Valerian (2017) Michael Sheen: Passengers (2016) Alice in Wonderland 2 (2016) Not all of the movies were that successful but you can't say they weren't in any movies. Some of those had quite a budget. Besides these actors all should have enough money by now that they can pick and chose their roles or simply decide to retire and live the easy life.
Jim McCracken (3 months ago)
I see this site, and I think, "Why can't Jeremy Piven be British?"
Genie Cooper (3 months ago)
I just love the way you say some of these people won't get cast anymore... because they don't want to be. What? Couldn't actually come up with 10 but decided to do the list anyway? Business as usual at WatchMojo, eh?
Vanaathiel (3 months ago)
Didn't Orlando stop doing films for a time to focus the stage?
Lanni Fincoris (3 months ago)
So every actor who doesn't appear in two or more Hollywood movies/films a year is out in your opinion?
Shayril (3 months ago)
Um..... Gerard Butler still has a very active career. He's already had one movie released this year and two more are slated to be released before the year's out. He's got another two slated for release sometime next year and two more about to go into production. A quick scan of his IMDB page would show you this. Orlando Bloom is currently doing theater. All of these actors and actresses are still currently working. All of them have a decent amount of money and can be picky about what types of roles they take.
None Religist (3 months ago)
Go to tv people it’s age Forgiving
Tango Bango (3 months ago)
I once had the most gigantic crush on Liz Hurley! She’s one good looking woman folks!
Scott Muir (3 months ago)
He has a massive 🍆
b2monkey (3 months ago)
how much time people spend on stupid things...
Dominique Hoffman (3 months ago)
Hugh Grant is great.
adam rickster (3 months ago)
You should stop making videos like this. I can bet that its just a matter of time before some of these stars reappear in a hollywood movie
Anne Nielsen (3 months ago)
Because people grow tired of the same faces. And when someone known is playing a role so different from what they got known for, it might actually destroy that movie. Like snow-white and the huntsman. Kirsten Stewart was to much like her character in Twilight, to be believable in another film.. It was the same noises, and faces. So I was just waiting for her to use her wampire powers.. Someone else in that role could have changed the whole movie, so it would be worth watching. Either she is an actress that only fit one type of role, or it was just to soon after the Twilight, maybe when that had been "forgotten", it would have been better. Or if the producer had been focusing on other things than her very familiar grunts.. New people make a movie different, and I think Hollywood is in a change, where they understand that series needs the same person to play its role, while new movies should be new and not using the same faces over and over, just for drawing people in..
Anne Nielsen (3 months ago)
And I must add, some people are multi faces. Like they can play any role, and you might see their face, but they are the character they are playing, instead of the same character over and over. Like Chris Evans in Snowpiercer. Hugh is a classic example of an actor who is the same character over and over, until audience goes tired... Butler can't change his accent, so even though he might do a good job, his voice is messing up the whole thing. But we like watching his boyish manliness anyway.. I for once are hooked on his Phantom of the Opera part.. He made that somewhat creepy Phantom sexy. And his unshaven voice was perfect for the untamed Phantom.
Shawn Baublitz (3 months ago)
Only 2 I miss are Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom. I also like the dude that reminds me of Simon Pegg and was in Tron Legacy but I already forgot his name
Randy Newman (3 months ago)
I love Clive Owen! Where is he!!!
aadamtx (3 months ago)
I saw Orlando Bloom in Tracy Lett's dark stage comedy KILLER JOE a few weeks ago in Trafalgar Square - he was almost unrecognizable (in a very good way) from his LOTR and POTC characters. And to say that Daniel Radcliffe has had a major Hollywood career since Harry Potter? Sorry, but his films have either been for the most part indies and flops.
American Dream Awaits (3 months ago)
Hugh Grant is only really good at acting one type of person. So duh he's not going to get cast much. Gerard Butler starting playing in raunchy bloody movies full of vulgarity sooo...many of us who love him stopped tuning in. He's an excellent actor at whatever he plays but he could cut the crappy act and pic better scripts that aren't shallow full of poor language (because the movie doesn't have any great dialogue anyway) nudity and blood. Orlando Bloom...who knows. He's about the same caliber and Leonardo DiCaprio.
irina1296 (3 months ago)
Clive Owen, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Beckinsale deserve much more. Hollywood is full of ageism
TheStgmp44 (3 months ago)
Ray Winston is the fucking daddy and don't forget it.
bloom bloom (3 months ago)
There still has to be some hope for Orlando!!!
Tony Marshall (3 months ago)
you idiots masters of sex is American TV not UK. Micheal Sheens career is doing fine
J Solloso (3 months ago)
Issue is many of these don’t want to live in the States, so they struggle to stay relevant in Hollywood minds. However their performances are still above many US actors.
Storm Hawk (3 months ago)
Someone tell me why Orlando Bloom was ever big in the first place. Peter Jackson had an almighty hard on for him for some reason.
I'm viewer #39, 667 ...saved y'all!!!
jdsol1938 (3 months ago)
does hollywood actually still make movies?
S Bam (3 months ago)
Butler is still in big-budget movies. He was just in Geo-storm just recently and has Hunter-Killer and Angel has Fallen coming soon. While they were or may be box office under-performers, he's still getting cast.
Natalie Dunn (3 months ago)
He's also the voice of Stoick in the How to Train Your Dragon films! But according to the video voice work doesn't count.
Justin Stephenson (3 months ago)
Liz Hurley & Gerard Butler are just not that good: Ray can only play one character, Catherine decided family was more important (good for her), Sheen was never A list even though a great actor, Kate is a mystery as a great actress, Hugh Grant is a bit like Ray only really plays one character which we are bored with
saffie girl (3 months ago)
I'm confused. WatchMojo (America) said that Daniel Radcliffe was an actor who didn't know he wasn't famous anymore. But on this video you're saying he's a very successful actor. Since some viewers watch both WatchMojo and WatchMojo UK, could you PLEASE keep your content consistent?
tkegal (3 months ago)
Most actors lose their star power at some point. Even Julia Roberts hasn't pulled in hits like she used to, that's the nature of Hollywood. Only a select few can maintain lifelong appeal at the box office. I still like Orlando Bloom.
MiniMe (3 months ago)
Clive Owen for sure. Rupert Grint imo is more talented than the other two kids so he might do better in the future. Gerald Butler is still hot and that should still sell
Gerald O'Hare (3 months ago)
British actors are really overrated. They can do accents well but their characters are often shallow. I think Ausses and Americans are much better.
Einez Crespo (3 months ago)
Gerald O'Hare Christopher Plummer is Canadian.
Einez Crespo (3 months ago)
Gerald O'Hare Just pointing out British actors do get cast as villains as a counter to your comment. Do keep up.
Gerald O'Hare (3 months ago)
Einez Crespo , mostly mediocre talent. A really good bad guy was Christopher Plumber, from Canada, who played the devil. A crying man calls him on the telephone and says, " I just killed my wife. Is that a bad thing?" Christopher replies with, "Hey, these things happen.".
Einez Crespo (3 months ago)
Gerald O'Hare Here's more: Mark Strong, Christopher Eccleston, Lena Headey, Rosamund Pike, Tim Curry, Julian Sands, Daniel Day Lewis, Dame Diana Rigg, Jane Seymour, Christopher Lee, Art Malik, Sean Bean, Jonathan Pryce, Tim Roth, Laurence Olivier. Satisfied?
Einez Crespo (3 months ago)
Gerald O'Hare British actors cast as villains included Alan Rickman, Alfred Molina, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Carlyle, Ed Skrein, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Jason Isaacs, Ian McKellen, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman.
A M71 (3 months ago)
Hurley was never considered to be a good actor
Princess Amberella (3 months ago)
I like Clive Owen and I believe Rupert will be like Ron, we haven't seen anything yet. Give him a few years and he'll do a kick ass movie with a kick ass role.
Lynne Elliott (3 months ago)
I think you will find that the actors are busy doing smaller films or just living a normal life. Nothing wrong with that!!
Einez Crespo (3 months ago)
Lynne Elliott Plus Hollywood rehashing old shows or doing sequels are not so interesting these days.
riegridoooooo (3 months ago)
i see now why most movies since 2010 are shit. all of this actors got at least one more in them. ( still hoping for the 3 fallen film ) !!!!!
Midnyt Storme (3 months ago)
I think Luke Evans snuck in and took over Orlando Bloom's spot in Hollywood
Alex Meyer (3 months ago)
Gerard Butler is one of my least favorite actors of all time.
DodderingOldMan (3 months ago)
Honestly, a lot of these actors are too good for Hollywood.
Ewa Sadowski (3 months ago)
Buffoon1980 . I don't blame you a bit. I used to love going to the movies but Hollywood no longer makes movies that I like. Nowadays it is the same old, same old. I love the Golden Age of Hollywood when a lot of innovations were done, storylines were clever and witty (of course, there were always crappy movies), and there weren't too many sequels. Actresses dressed beautifully as well and not half naked. Today's Hollywood is not inspiring but boring with exceptions here and there. Thank goodness my grandparents introduced me to wonderful films when growing up.
Brian Burke (3 months ago)
I want Orlando Bloom back, but I'm a gay guy and he's hot, so that piece of information explains the former.
Malcolm (3 months ago)
Orlando Bloom might be famous for Lord of the Rings and the Pirate movies but I will always remember him as the guy that fell out of the helicoptor in Black Hawk Down.
Kirkkaan Oranssi (3 months ago)
Well, since Hollywood's mostly making horrid remakes these days, why would they want to keep working there?
Oromis Thrándurin (3 months ago)
Man I love Orlando Bloom. He should be cast more, what a shame.😢
FD Mackey (3 months ago)
Butler would make an excellent Wolverine.
FD Mackey (3 months ago)
You know...That's not the worst idea I've ever heard of....
Kare (3 months ago)
or Jack Reacher
Arsal (3 months ago)
Orlando - hahaha...loser from the start and that ape Butler, coming out with another dumbshit movie - Hunter Killer so yeah he's still unfortunately getting noticed?!
Myotismon Puppetmon (3 months ago)
That’s retarded shit that Kate bekonsale Orlando bloom and Rupert grint and Hugh grant aren’t considered anymore since their great stars I love their works
Andrew Dodd (3 months ago)
Number 1 Has been busy did tour de pharmacy
Lemming 998 (3 months ago)
Ray Winstone plays all his parts as a cockney thug - even henryVIII...
karpizan (2 months ago)
But he does it VERY well

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