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lil peep ft. horsehead - girls

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Listen to COME OVER WHEN YOU'RE SOBER (Pt. 1) here: http://lilpeep.lnk.to/sober TOUR TIX: http://www.lilpeep.party/tour Directed by Ramez Silyan http://getmezzy.com HELLBOY on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lil_peep/sets/hellboy Get tickets to The Peep Show Tour here: http://www.lilpeep.party/tour http://www.lilpeep.party/ http://twitter.com/lilpeep http://instagram.com/lilpeep http://soundcloud.com/lil_peep http://facebook.com/lilpeepmusic
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XitDev (4 hours ago)
Alright so me and my always talked about lil peep and then an annoying dude started to copy us and listen to lil peep wich is okay. He figured out we were emo so he copied us and became emo too wtf? And the last thing. Me and my friend we’re bisexual you know what? He is now bisexual too. He fucking called someone a faggot and he said he can say that because he’s bisexual. I’m fucking done. I told him that he was annoying and he is just copying us. When I told him that he called us bully’s. Wtf?? He says I don’t have a fucking life. But his life is just copying people and being rude as fuck . I Need help before I knock out that little rat. So what should I do to not make that happen?
crebbie (5 hours ago)
𝕲𝖔𝖙𝖍 𝖛𝖔𝖎
S A W CRMP (10 hours ago)
Tati Teslahhh (20 hours ago)
1:04 is that tooshort?
Gunslinger (21 hours ago)
*Chris Griffin, is that you?* Horsehead legit sounds like Chris from Family Guy.
Candy 123 (1 day ago)
Such a dope music video!
TGOF MILITO (1 day ago)
🤘🤘🤘 Aunque hable español un temaso 🤘🤘🤘 descanse en paz 💔
Jan Schwienbacher (1 day ago)
Rest in Paradise
Juanes Nivia (1 day ago)
Vougu Vougu (2 days ago)
I post peep edits and cute compilations, check me out if you love gus as much as me.😛🖤🐣
Serena M (2 days ago)
Horsehead is talented, lyrically, beats. But, he really should have used the autotune or something cause his voice sounds like nails on a chalk board to me. I hate to say :( I love this song too
Serena M (4 hours ago)
+Gunslinger LOL yes!!! Like when Chris was the lead singer in the goth band. OMG awe, poor horsehead :(
Gunslinger (21 hours ago)
Serena M he sounds like Chris Griffin from family guy.
смех Кашина (2 days ago)
0:34 там чувак похож на Олега ЛСП
+хохот Кашина не
смех Кашина (2 days ago)
Тимофей Покровский aka Timmix, ты написал длиннющий коммент, я задумывалась, что там типо хейт.
Ето товарищ Лил Пипа ну-ка Густава и соучастник такового музыкального объединения будто gothboclique и уместно чел ты прав horse head этак его зовут реально на Олега лсп похож.
MegaMagier ГP (2 days ago)
sxmfxsher (2 days ago)
no one gonna day anything bout Horse Heads killer verse
Inocent Demon (3 days ago)
Miss you Gus
223 тутов (3 days ago)
Он был обычным однако средства изминили
UNDEAD CHRIST (3 days ago)
Gold Deaggler (4 days ago)
There so many types of girls: Fat girls Skinny girls Stupid girls Sexy girls Ugly girls Tranny girls Short girls Golddigger girls Thot girls
shtipost (4 days ago)
denis macalucci (4 days ago)
Lil pip te copias de cro
Ahmed Mandzuka (4 days ago)
had this stuck in my head all day
Ivan Bazan (4 days ago)
Theres a fucking man dressed as a girl
Blazed Babe (4 days ago)
I bet toopoor misses peep like I do.. :(
Sebastian Acuña (4 days ago)
when I feel sad I listen to lil peep and it gives me peace, I will always love his music <3
GAGRI (4 days ago)
Nahuel Mansilla (5 days ago)
i love lil peep💔🔥
sebajdjd Días (5 days ago)
Quien juega free fire aca
Shurokuki Amiamali (5 days ago)
She said i'm a man 🖤
Sonya Neo (5 days ago)
*Кто глядит это в 2019?*
Nicholas Crump (5 days ago)
Goofy Gewber (6 days ago)
that black bitch is a nigga wtf
lolojo 261 (6 days ago)
I actually like this the most
glock (6 days ago)
carai viado, tinha um travecão ali
AllVlone (6 days ago)
Model af
MAKEOUTZILL (6 days ago)
𝔏𝔦𝔩 𝔭𝔢𝔢𝔭
Happy Family (6 days ago)
Он погиб шол
Marlon Velasco (6 days ago)
Nicholas Crump (6 days ago)
THIS FUCKING CLOWN GOT TRANNYS IN HIS VIDEO YEAh thats hip hop get the fuck outta here wit that gay wack shit
Chente Leura (6 days ago)
Romø (6 days ago)
¿Soy la única que lo sigue escuchando?:(
Fernanda Ovando (6 days ago)
Por siempre Peep 💜💜💜💜
lost goof (7 days ago)
Улыбка пипа в конце...😍
redanarchy baby (7 days ago)
YOUNG DREA (7 days ago)
Still love this song in 2019 ❤👇
Nochal (7 days ago)
1xx._unknown_. xx7 (7 days ago)
Still one his best for me, what a legend😇♥
Chelic 319 (7 days ago)
Турне позеры.....
God Slayer (7 days ago)
Jhon Garcia (8 days ago)
Shkere :v
GABRIELA (8 days ago)
xX_Hades_Xx (8 days ago)
If you do xans I ain't even gonna call u stupid ur just ignorant I wanna make a movement abolish xans yo they take to many lives #FUCKXANAX
MrFrog (9 days ago)
"Those Flamingos are the best thing ever, Lmao!"
WolffPacc Wolff 4k (9 days ago)
horseheads ass
SanFordBeats (9 days ago)
Lil Peep Gay???
Gaia Warrior (10 days ago)
Yung cobain reincarnated, sadly still a tragic ending🖤💔 His energy was a breath of fresh air that connected everyone together, He will never be forgotten 🖤🌹🖤
Phoebe willow (10 days ago)
Peep looks so damn cute in this😭💗
rex (6 days ago)
was just thinking that
D Kyle (10 days ago)
i like the salvadoro belts but can anyone tell me the red sneakers name pls?
Itsme Abelesq (10 days ago)
2:20 horse head
Song lyrics/ prankster (10 days ago)
Anyone watching 2020💗
Barbara Tavernetti (10 days ago)
Why do i like this so much and i am Female i don't get it....
Silas Ribeiro (10 days ago)
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 2k50 ?
E VRO (11 days ago)
I wrote the book on feeling empty
NRY (11 days ago)
girls girls make me drink girls make me things girls like it on my dick now girls it try get me man i try make i san so and fall in love with me yeah girls i can will like a poon cupler minutes get it toon just it get it in my room go them she se on me man girls still keep get money like it gen now girl girl girl 2x on i can the learing about a last night the key you try swear see me foller get it not to right i no you be back i get for the last time you know my pain you know my life you whoter dark and you whoter lie a still a luck mean your know weaf me i rook the break feelling yeah te wanna till that have every take a shanse on you a make you fill ip tee like the drugs a the do you talk me that you love me that it easy that your but girlllll dont tell me that you love me if you just gonna lives dont tell me that you love me if me nothing in me nooo noo
angelthecholo (11 days ago)
I could replay the first 2 minutes for hours. Horsehead kinda ruins it imo
angelthecholo (9 days ago)
+Trout 98 he's definitely good but Lil Peeps part is just legend.
Trout 98 (10 days ago)
Horseheads part is amazing wym
Alex LP (11 days ago)
The best sentence in this is: "Goddamn, she said i'm the man"
Lil Savitar (12 days ago)
i love this song,LLG
Skinny (13 days ago)
Old fans here
Cristian Daniel (13 days ago)
Te Extraño Peep 💔
Alessandra / (13 days ago)
eu amo a voz desse homem demais :(
J u s t a n u m b (13 days ago)
só as mina gata :3
GHOST ALIVE (13 days ago)
RIP peep :'(
лайк за лсп
lil kárløs (14 days ago)
Polonius Productions (14 days ago)
The aesthetic in this video is incredible
Edgy Lord (14 days ago)
Kevin Ribba (14 days ago)
Como se te extraña gustav :s
fabian muñoz (15 days ago)
YRN Offset (15 days ago)
Horsehead is so awful.
pxrle (15 days ago)
boys fake fans wont find us here ❤
bilguutei erdenekhuu (15 days ago)
mc Skava 2009 (16 days ago)
Emo 2007
Mats McFly (16 days ago)
😭😭😭😭😭Lil Peep FOREVER
A N X I E T Y (17 days ago)
giiirls </3
Project AKIFUN (17 days ago)
0:34 бля это что ЛСП?
Dema (17 days ago)
DerUNbekannte 9 (17 days ago)
Girl Girl, make me drink Girl, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls, girls, uh Girl Beat Fiends Girls Girls, make me drink Girls, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls They try to get me mad I try to make them sad So they fall in love with me, yeah girls I can read 'em like a book Couple minutes that it took just to get her In my room Goddamn, she said I'm the man Girl I'm still a kid gettin' money like your dad Aw, girl Girl Girl Yeah Girl Girls, make me drink Girls, make me think Girls, like it on my dick Now girls They try to get me mad I try to make them sad So they fall in love with me, yeah, girls I can read 'em like a book Couple minutes that it took just to get her in my room Goddamn, she said I'm the man Girl, I'm still a kid gettin' money like your dad Aw, girl Girl Aw, Girl Girl Girl From the top I'm not gonna worry about last night again You just wanna see me fall again That's alright, I know you'll be back again for the last time You know my pain and you know my life You are the dark and you are the light I steal the look when you're not with me I wrote the book on feeling empty Why did I ever take a chance on you? I made you feel empty like the drugs that you do You told me that you love me that's not easy to do But girl, don't tell me that you love me If you're just gonna leave Don't tell me that you love me It means nothing to me No, no Beat Fiends (Beat Fiends)
daryamalinbo (17 days ago)
TANARCHY GBC (17 days ago)
Aw, girl💔
Lucas Oliveira (18 days ago)
Nate (18 days ago)
Ending is the best part...
Not_Your _Boo (11 days ago)
Ikr, i watch the last 30 seconds so many times
Justlive forfood (18 days ago)
aynur gökmen (18 days ago)
Sen harikasın bugün harikaydı şarkı harika ahh
Kriss Rice (18 days ago)
juxt saw this was out on my b day
He so cute
gothboiclique (16 days ago)
Тимофей Покровский ik ughhhhhh 🖤
Leia Ribeiro (18 days ago)
Gus e vida ❤💔❤
Abyss (19 days ago)
Peep and horsehead had the same voice lol
Rocco Esposito (19 days ago)
This video is screaming AirPods
СЯП GR (19 days ago)
28.02.19 i miss you lil boo peeeeep
Sarah Kumbarji (20 days ago)
😔😔😔 missed

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