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Drunk Lesbians Watch "The Miseducation Of Cameron Post" (Feat. Brittany Ashley)

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This week on Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda and Brittany bond over watching Cameron Post topping everyone. FIND BRITTANY ON SOCIAL MEDIA: @britt27ash www.brittanyashleyfunny.com PODCASTS: "Don't Tell The Babysitter Mom's Dead" & "Angel On Top" WE HAVE MERCH NOW! shop.spreadshirt.com/girlshiptv DONATE TO OUR PATREON http://www.Patreon.com/girlshiptv LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (1063)
Girl Ship TV (2 months ago)
Sunita Devi (29 days ago)
Amanda watch blue peaches Indian short movie
Chelsea Host (1 month ago)
Bekka Noyb (1 month ago)
Please watch: High Art, Jessie & Katie (from Once & Again), and Better Than Chocolate
alliecatstrikes (2 months ago)
Why did you do this to me?
carlyr78 (2 months ago)
I hope it’s not over but it was super entertaining!! If you keep going PLEASE look into watching A Million Happy Nows!!!
Jessie Bubbles (8 hours ago)
*mainstream hetero shows*
Nicole Vayn (10 hours ago)
I've got a good idea about what can be the miseducation of cameron post 2 : like they going to some farm where they meet a young woman like 20-24 years old, she giving them a place to stay and they telling her what happened and where they been. she support them and helping Cameron understand herself and learn to live with it. they stay to help her with the farm, after some time Cameron and that woman fall in love, of course they have problems but they solve them and the movie have a happy ending where they all live together.
Adri -P3 (2 days ago)
“She bottoms 4 God” should be on a T-shirt
NefariousJim (2 days ago)
Watch the Nikki and Kat scene from After Sex
Skeletal Demons (3 days ago)
*she bottoms for God*
Gail Allen (4 days ago)
God I miss this series😥
Erica Bass (5 days ago)
I was a bit disappointed when they didn't make out in the back of the truck at the end.... I was hoping for a callback to "But I'm A Cheerleader" but I guess it was more of a nod than a wink lol... Also, maybe one more scene where she goes home to the girl she was with originally and get some closure and resolve that part of the story...
Michelle Barrios (5 days ago)
Can u please react to Liz in September??? 🥰
Valeria Canseco (9 days ago)
Ditzy Rose (11 days ago)
Thank you so so so much for sharing what it was like for you to worry about coming out, Brittany! I also have a very supportive family yet I feel as though something is wrong with me for still holding back on telling them. Maybe wanting to wait until I'm more comfortable with myself isn't so wrong after all. 😭
Coral Flores (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but, what about "Blue is the warmest color". I enjoy this part of the channel and, since this was my first "queer movie", I would like to see what you have to say about it. I'm not sensitive btw. Please, I think that's a basic film for LGBT+ community.
Christine Chelsea (12 days ago)
You guys should watch Orphan Black
Tara Bauer (12 days ago)
If you liked the movie, I'd encourage you to also read the Young Adult book it's based on.
Marlin The clown fish (14 days ago)
Watch camp belvidere! Such a cool film so emotional.😊
Ana Lara (14 days ago)
watch the firefly, pls
greendayfecer (16 days ago)
Finally watched the miseducation of Cameron post. Before watching this video, and I gotta say. This movie touched my soul! and I’m so happy with how it ended. Because nothing was wrong with them. Something was wrong with the people around them.
pujsonja (16 days ago)
I think we learned a lot about brittany in this episode.
Michelle HaRa (17 days ago)
Al Pal (18 days ago)
Hey, I'm just a fan of Drunk Lesbians Watch and I just wanted to suggest this really rad documentary about Edith Windsor a well known LGBT rights activist's. It's a love story between Windsor and Thea's long 42 year engagement. Movie: Edie and Thea
Jedi KMA (18 days ago)
Please watch “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lester”
Valerie _pennen (20 days ago)
Buffy is the best😍 Especially season 4 I mean willow and Tara hehe😁😂
Viktoriaap7 (21 days ago)
Lol, they are watching DESERT HEARTS in that scene before they have sex. It's a classic lesbian film from the 80s.
Gesine Malschofsky (22 days ago)
If you haven't yet, you need to watch Heavenly Creatures! One of Peter Jackson's first major movies and based on a true (sad) story!
Lillifer (24 days ago)
brittany why do you keep talking about yourself
Ellie Edwards (27 days ago)
react to juliantina
justsophE (27 days ago)
Pleeease watch "Blue is the warmest colour"!!
Gabi Zee (27 days ago)
i recently came out, and everything you guys have been saying are so lovely to hear. thank you for sharing your knowledge :)
Nataleeism (29 days ago)
jordynxisxgay (29 days ago)
"Amanda and Brittany bond over watching Cameron Post topping everyone" Pretty sure Cameron was the one being topped lmao
Heril Calice (29 days ago)
Nooo please don’t stoop DLW we love it so much :(((((
Heril Calice (29 days ago)
+ there’ll be so many other lgbtq+ movies
Rose Smith (29 days ago)
Watch juliantina
Sarah Routledge (29 days ago)
Buffy is boss!
Sarah Routledge (29 days ago)
God damn! I can't DM! And y'all seem like you could boss some advice. I have a total thing for my colleague, whos as straight as straight can be, girl. I see her every day, what do I do? Keep it quiet or talk it out?? Thanks laydeez!
Imane (30 days ago)
You should watch circumstance or signature move sometime
Valerie Garcia (1 month ago)
but y'all never watched the handmaiden by park chan wook
Girl Ship TV (1 month ago)
We sure did.
reina rain (1 month ago)
they did
reina rain (1 month ago)
they did
universo infinito (1 month ago)
No. No. No. No.....! The last one!! I love watch this videos with my best friend, and you... come on... really? Drunk lesbian watch! It's over! Why? What? When? I think, i am not drunk enogh to this news! 🍺🍻🥂🥃🍷🍸🍹🥤🥤 cheers!
smileyface702 (1 month ago)
React to Juliantina!!!
Bryan F (1 month ago)
React to #Juliantina from the Mexican telenovela Amar A Muerte, they're a really big deal, and really quality representation!!
Mayte W. (1 month ago)
Just one Last Lesbian watch, please!!!! One red nose and a Wedding. PLEASE!!!!!!!
Blurr ble (1 month ago)
Whens seaon 2!?
Linda Nuñez (1 month ago)
I read the book. It broke my heart
Tea Ishot (1 month ago)
Finale uh this channel and many other help me discover my sexuality 🤭🌈
Nayara Estrella (1 month ago)
AA Productions (1 month ago)
Love is totally real! I know because I've experienced it. And I'm actually a guy! Yeah I know, shocker!
sister soft (1 month ago)
glfmn (1 month ago)
Read the book! The movie starts about 2/3rds of the way in. I think the movie is fine, it wasn't a bad way to adapt the book, but the book is definitely worth reading and there's a lot more to learn about the characters that the movie only hints at :)
Evelyn Otsubo (1 month ago)
What? I love this show!!
Sabrina Farias (1 month ago)
watch the story of juliantina, pls.
CrazyChick 69 (1 month ago)
It is so true that queer people almost attract each other because like all the queer people in my grade are it one big friend grope but we were friends before we realized we were queer and/or came out
ktatis (1 month ago)
Just saw an ad for "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" and thought how great it could be on an episode of Drunk Lesbians Watch. But will there be any more episodes? I missed the big update! Where is it? What is it?
Kimberly Krein (1 month ago)
I really wanna watch this movie but I can't find it anywhere...
stina M. G. (1 month ago)
Baby girls. There is such a thing as platonic intimacy. I'm old. Been out since '91. Cuddle EVERYONE you love. We all need that type of connection. It only solidifies our humanity. Love you kids. Keep up the queer content Amanda. The kids coming up (out) need you.
Read Sparks (1 month ago)
But y’all never watched “RENT”
Becky (1 month ago)
I loveeeee Brittany tbh and really loved the content brought up about platonic intimacy. Like weirdly been thinking about that a lot lately so having someone else mention it was a relief. Loved this episode ahhhh
Sappho_of Lesbos (1 month ago)
Why is no one talking about " she dropped her contact in my vagina"
Amanda Voyageur (1 month ago)
great discussion. Very little about movie. sorry to see you end this
uh br (1 month ago)
I'm late but here are my fave lesbian movies that you watched on this channel (to help baby dykes) : the handmaiden , disobedience, Carol (the book is better tho), D.E.B.S (its cheesy but at least it had a happy ending , ALSO it couldve been so much better if it had more than 10$ budget) , I can't think straight, imagine me & you ( a romcom but in a good way ) , first girl i loved (honestly this movie has so many things wrong but so many others right)
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Legit got flashbacks with "SSA". Legit that's the term the church i was part of, used. They were against saying a person was "gay", just "SSA" in order to differentiate a person being gay versus just being attracted. So glad I left and I've living my queer life.
N.A. Jean (1 month ago)
The World Unseen please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandra Campbell (1 month ago)
No, i'm not coping at all. Only just found these videos, absolutely hilarious. Some movies to review, Desert Hearts, Better than chocolate, When night is falling, Go Fish, Tipping the velvet, Fingersmith, Claire of the moon, there is more, but can't think straight right now lol.
Heather Stock (1 month ago)
Yes, there totally needs to be more platonic affection out in the world!
Jane R (1 month ago)
lulu haki (1 month ago)
Whaaaaat? No no no no
yellohcards (1 month ago)
I like that Amanda's drink matches Brittany's shirt.
Angelina Hazell (1 month ago)
Favourite line from this movie. “How is programming people to hate themselves not emotional abuse?”
Larissa Cury (1 month ago)
Are you going to stop with the show??? Nooooooooooo
Sinead Purser (1 month ago)
watch St. Vincent & Dua Lipa Grammy performance 🔥
I hate school (1 month ago)
she talks about her getting an exorcism so casually lol
Jill Hopper (1 month ago)
I don't know how to access your inbox!!! Youtube is kinda weird... Anywho.. I absolutely love your videos!!!! I have a suggestion for "drunk lesbians"... It's called "four faced liar".. It's really great and would love to see your review on it!!! Much love to you and your guests!!! And for the record, I am a drunk lesbian, watching your videos and loving all of them!! Keep up the amazing content!!!
Got an Prager u ad
It's Ryann Beck (1 month ago)
I just got into your show!! You can't spring this on me...not now. why????.....slight anxiety attack....ok i'm ok, for now.
Sofia Puglia (1 month ago)
I’ve been in the closet for a about three years. I had a beautiful and loving girlfriend but her mother suspected That there was something more between the two of us and contacted my parents about it. I havent seen her for four months and my mom made me delete her contact. My mom said if I was ever gay she would put me into therapy. Now I feel like I can never tell her. (I am 16)
Tomas Green (1 month ago)
I know you don't do Drunk Lesbians Watch anymore, but if you ever start again you must watch Show Me Love (original Swedish Title: Fucking Åmål) from 1998 directed by Lukas Moodyson. Awesome movie that I think you would appreciate. :)
Zipporah Johnson (1 month ago)
Damn u guys skipped all of Marks big speech :(
Linda (1 month ago)
Ok, that's sad.
Weird flex not ok (2 months ago)
Christy Currier (2 months ago)
But where will we see Lys Perez now in video format??
T R U V O N N E (2 months ago)
Watch "AWOL" on netflix!
Alice Rose (2 months ago)
this seems so different to the book
ana maria guerrero (2 months ago)
I like this videos!!! maybe you can do one with #Juliantina you will love it!!
Anabella Villa-Gomez (2 months ago)
Brittany Ashley needs a youtube channel 😍
Haley Klauba (2 months ago)
This video confirmed for me that every lesbian had an unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman at some point.
Red Devil (2 months ago)
y'all bitches better watch gia
Cecília Dale (2 months ago)
R E A D T H E B O O K ! ! ! seriously, it's really good
Allison Brown (2 months ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch/review Reaching for the Moon before y'all call it a series. PLEASE <3
Sandra Campbell (2 months ago)
i've just found this.....don't stop, more scrumptious lesbian movies to watch and critique whilst hammered.
Sandra Campbell (2 months ago)
nooooo, there are so many more movies to watch whilst drunk..........
AAVV (2 months ago)
__ Drunk Lesbians Watch ___ PLZZZ Hu Die a.k.a. Butterfly (2004) 10/10 Schooolgirl Complex (2013) 10/10 La belle saison (2015) 10/10 A Date for Mad Mary (2016) 8/10 Blue (2002) 8/10 A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016) 8/10 The summer of Sangailė (2015) 8/10 Et mourir de plaisir a.k.a. Blood and Roses (1960) 7/10 Wonderful World End (2015) 7/10 The Children's Hour (1961) 9/10 Doheeya (2014) 8/10 La robe du soir (2009) 9/10 Boy Meets Girl (2014) 10/10 Gespenster (2005) 8/10
Mackenzie Cohall (2 months ago)
I love cuddling with my friends
Sarah Sweetman (2 months ago)
I did enjoy the film, I watched it as soon as it came out, but many details were missing from the book, which, in my opinion, was a very good read. I loved the writing and connecting to the characters of the story! I strongly recommend reading the novel.
Pillsburyjoytoy (2 months ago)
Rae Menace (2 months ago)
Please watch *CHLOE* with Brittany
Cynthia Zammit (2 months ago)
I wish to see them do everything sucks! The series
TheBlondBaka (2 months ago)
I understand why you are ending Drunk Lesbians Watch, but as you said in the update video you may do some one off episodes in the future can I recommend Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same? And to anyone else reading this comment I also highly recommend it, it's a fantastic movie!
TheBlondBaka (2 months ago)
When I saw this at the cinema it was followed by a Q and A with Desiree Akhavan and Emily M. Danforth, such a great night, though for me the highlight was when I bumped into Akhavan after, I told her I loved Appropriate Behaviour and how cool it was to see a film with an openly bisexual lead character, she signed my DVD 'bisexuals unite' =D
tess depasquale (2 months ago)
Oh nooooo I was hoping you guys would watch fingersmith
notTayah (2 months ago)
Please watch Heavenly Creatures

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