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Drunk Lesbians Watch "The Miseducation Of Cameron Post" (Feat. Brittany Ashley)

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This week on Drunk Lesbians Watch, Amanda and Brittany bond over watching Cameron Post topping everyone. FIND BRITTANY ON SOCIAL MEDIA: @britt27ash www.brittanyashleyfunny.com PODCASTS: "Don't Tell The Babysitter Mom's Dead" & "Angel On Top" WE HAVE MERCH NOW! shop.spreadshirt.com/girlshiptv DONATE TO OUR PATREON http://www.Patreon.com/girlshiptv LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE
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Text Comments (962)
Girl Ship TV (27 days ago)
Bekka Noyb (2 days ago)
Please watch: High Art, Jessie & Katie (from Once & Again), and Better Than Chocolate
alliecatstrikes (15 days ago)
Why did you do this to me?
carlyr78 (21 days ago)
I hope it’s not over but it was super entertaining!! If you keep going PLEASE look into watching A Million Happy Nows!!!
laughingbrwnie (23 days ago)
Melissa Hostetler They completely stopped doing the podcast too?
SUBHASREE SARKAR (24 days ago)
I love this show ...please don’t end it.
Jill Hopper (11 hours ago)
I don't know how to access your inbox!!! Youtube is kinda weird... Anywho.. I absolutely love your videos!!!! I have a suggestion for "drunk lesbians"... It's called "four faced liar".. It's really great and would love to see your review on it!!! Much love to you and your guests!!! And for the record, I am a drunk lesbian, watching your videos and loving all of them!! Keep up the amazing content!!!
Got an Prager u ad
It's Ryann Beck (1 day ago)
I just got into your show!! You can't spring this on me...not now. why????.....slight anxiety attack....ok i'm ok, for now.
Sofia Puglia (1 day ago)
I’ve been in the closet for a about three years. I had a beautiful and loving girlfriend but her mother suspected That there was something more between the two of us and contacted my parents about it. I havent seen her for four months and my mom made me delete her contact. My mom said if I was ever gay she would put me into therapy. Now I feel like I can never tell her. (I am 16)
Tomas Green (3 days ago)
I know you don't do Drunk Lesbians Watch anymore, but if you ever start again you must watch Show Me Love (original Swedish Title: Fucking Åmål) from 1998 directed by Lukas Moodyson. Awesome movie that I think you would appreciate. :)
Zipporah Johnson (3 days ago)
Damn u guys skipped all of Marks big speech :(
Linda (3 days ago)
Ok, that's sad.
Weird flex not ok (4 days ago)
Christy Currier (4 days ago)
But where will we see Lys Perez now in video format??
T R U V O N N E (5 days ago)
Watch "AWOL" on netflix!
Alice Rose (5 days ago)
this seems so different to the book
ana maria guerrero (5 days ago)
I like this videos!!! maybe you can do one with #Juliantina you will love it!!
Anabella Villa-Gomez (7 days ago)
Brittany Ashley needs a youtube channel 😍
Haley Klauba (7 days ago)
This video confirmed for me that every lesbian had an unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman at some point.
Red Devil (7 days ago)
y'all bitches better watch gia
Cecília Dale (8 days ago)
R E A D T H E B O O K ! ! ! seriously, it's really good
Allison Brown (8 days ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch/review Reaching for the Moon before y'all call it a series. PLEASE <3
Sandra Campbell (9 days ago)
i've just found this.....don't stop, more scrumptious lesbian movies to watch and critique whilst hammered.
Sandra Campbell (9 days ago)
nooooo, there are so many more movies to watch whilst drunk..........
AAVV (9 days ago)
__ Drunk Lesbians Watch ___ PLZZZ Hu Die a.k.a. Butterfly (2004) 10/10 Schooolgirl Complex (2013) 10/10 La belle saison (2015) 10/10 A Date for Mad Mary (2016) 8/10 Blue (2002) 8/10 A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016) 8/10 The summer of Sangailė (2015) 8/10 Et mourir de plaisir a.k.a. Blood and Roses (1960) 7/10 Wonderful World End (2015) 7/10 The Children's Hour (1961) 9/10 Doheeya (2014) 8/10 La robe du soir (2009) 9/10 Boy Meets Girl (2014) 10/10 Gespenster (2005) 8/10
Mackenzie Cohall (9 days ago)
I love cuddling with my friends
Sarah Sweetman (9 days ago)
I did enjoy the film, I watched it as soon as it came out, but many details were missing from the book, which, in my opinion, was a very good read. I loved the writing and connecting to the characters of the story! I strongly recommend reading the novel.
Pillsburyjoytoy (10 days ago)
Rae Menace (11 days ago)
Please watch *CHLOE* with Brittany
ella summer (11 days ago)
I wish to see them do everything sucks! The series
TheBlondBaka (12 days ago)
I understand why you are ending Drunk Lesbians Watch, but as you said in the update video you may do some one off episodes in the future can I recommend Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same? And to anyone else reading this comment I also highly recommend it, it's a fantastic movie!
TheBlondBaka (12 days ago)
When I saw this at the cinema it was followed by a Q and A with Desiree Akhavan and Emily M. Danforth, such a great night, though for me the highlight was when I bumped into Akhavan after, I told her I loved Appropriate Behaviour and how cool it was to see a film with an openly bisexual lead character, she signed my DVD 'bisexuals unite' =D
tess depasquale (12 days ago)
Oh nooooo I was hoping you guys would watch fingersmith
notTayah (13 days ago)
Please watch Heavenly Creatures
Kirsten Olafsen (13 days ago)
very good episode ! Loved the personal talk, very sweet and easy listening. 💕👏
Shayla Williams (14 days ago)
I wish she was topping me she is so damn fine had a crush on her since kick ass
Dee Hines (14 days ago)
I wish you would've done The World Unseen with Nadia before you ended it....
virginia (14 days ago)
Their talks help me a lot honestly
Lenka Kotulová (15 days ago)
watch the firefly next if you haven't it's really good
Han Shell (15 days ago)
react to Juliantina from Amar A Muerte 🏳️‍🌈❤️
Kat Waddell (15 days ago)
So sad about Drunk Lesbians Watch ending!
TIPPED Arrow (15 days ago)
Why is this the last one?!?!
Thin Soul (15 days ago)
your merch is so perfect
Elizabeth (16 days ago)
you should deffo watch Vanity from Emmerdale (it's a british soap opera) and please DON'T STOP this series, it's fantastic!
Joshua Tica (16 days ago)
Where's baked lesbians watch? I go for a lesbian couple smoking up a joint. Medicinal joint if you what I mean?
Elle Chang (17 days ago)
Brit looks so much like Jamie Clayton
Bethany (17 days ago)
Why is no one acknowledging that Chlöe has a very hot and beautiful girlfriend irl, basically she came out with this movie! 😰
Maria Eduarda Rocha (17 days ago)
You HAVE to react to Our Love Story (its a korean movie)
Katie Vee (17 days ago)
wow this video has 111,111 views :O
That one Stupid demon (17 days ago)
She dropped her contact....in my vagina
Tiny Sasquatch (17 days ago)
You guys should watch boy Erased
Macey Thomas (18 days ago)
Even though it's over 😕 I recommend Snapshots... warning you may cry but it's so worth it!
linda murry (18 days ago)
Yay you did this one...your awesome
Ali 11 (18 days ago)
Uh she dropped her contact, in my vagina, we we're just looking for it😂
Zavior Mo'ne (18 days ago)
Please react to All Cheerleaders Die!!
Sumu Posio (18 days ago)
Watch Room in Rome! One of the most intensive and romantic lesbian movies I've seen, plus Elena Anaya is super hot
Melissa Bowers (19 days ago)
Funny history on vibrators. They were invented by doctors for women patients with hysterical episodes. They found out that women like orgasms, so they would go to the doctor to get a vibrator, have an orgasm and then be sane again. In fact, the root of the word hysterectomy is hysteria since Freud and others believed that removing the uterus would stop all hysterical manic behaviors in a woman.
GamingGen (19 days ago)
They were watching Desert Hearts on the TV, another really good lesbian movie.
Alexa S. (19 days ago)
When will you do "Drunk lesbians read fanfictions" ? :D
Alexa S. (18 days ago)
+The internet exterminators Thanks ! I didn't know ! Just subscribed (and it is already the end :( ) Can't wait to listen to their poadcasts :)
They basically do that on their podcast
Hannah Imson (19 days ago)
Platonic cuddles are the best!
Random Girl (19 days ago)
i appreciated the speech for the closeted at the end. i mentioned to my parents that i have a friend who supports the lgbtq community and they got me a book to read on why is wasn’t ok. As a closeted bisexual myself in a very conservative family, that speech meant a lot to me because i can’t talk to anyone about how i feel. thanks :)
Liora Barash (19 days ago)
Is this a reaction or a therapy? 😂. You think this movie affected Chloe? She was seen kissing a female model few weeks ago..
Katharina G (19 days ago)
- ByulCanStepOnMe- (19 days ago)
okayajrenne (20 days ago)
i’m watching this in this with my gross movie and right as they made out the car blasts “may we call on jesus!” 😂
aydan doyle (20 days ago)
Platonic cuddling is definitely still a thing. My ex-best friend and I (we are both girls, shes straight and I'm gay) would cuddle all of the time and pet each others hair. I've talked about platonic cuddling before and people never knew what I mean by it so it is rare but I know from experience it still happens.
the mind mischief (20 days ago)
P YanC (20 days ago)
the best part is THERE IS NO LOVE INTEREST
chronicfish (20 days ago)
13:12 *Touch down ...*
Dizzy Dude (20 days ago)
The movie (on TV) that Cameron and her high-school friend were watching on the bed was "Desert Hearts" (1986), arguably the first feature film focused on a lesbian love story to play in mainstream theatres. I'm surprised you didn't recognize it.
Sam Larsen (20 days ago)
Nooo I don’t want this series to end 😭😭
Julia M (20 days ago)
what do you mean by finale??? explain yourself lady!!!
lily wolfram (20 days ago)
The book explains everything about her inner thoughts and the stuff before conversion therapy. I recommend the book is amazing
nat (20 days ago)
Sydney Dunham (20 days ago)
What do you mean by finale????
Lauren Oliva (20 days ago)
I loved that sponser announcement more than I thought I would😂😂😂
timmy turner (21 days ago)
"we were just hugging" "she dropped her contact" lmfaoooo
• Squirrel • (21 days ago)
What Why
XO (21 days ago)
Gwyneth/Peter Ochsner (21 days ago)
On another end of the spectrum, I feel sorry for my high school girlfriend, because she is a lesbian and I turned out to be...not a girl...so...yeah.
I know nothing (21 days ago)
I'm gonna miss DLW so fckng much!!
Snap Dragon (21 days ago)
Final episode? Well now I'm sad X'(
yasmim de aquino (21 days ago)
The movie is great but the book is simply amazing
frashhy (21 days ago)
I am so in love with this movie
Christina Stroup (21 days ago)
My first high school boyfriend was gay! We totally used each other so as not to get in trouble with our families. He's still one of my best friends!
Elena Zennaro (22 days ago)
you can't be done with the show, I like it too much!
Mary Mitchell (22 days ago)
Chicago tattoo 👍👍
itsshari_bitch (22 days ago)
You mean final DLW of like...the season right???
Cait B (22 days ago)
The book is SO SOOOO good (yes, I am THAT person), and the movie actually starts at like the midpoint of the book. The endings are different but both have the same sort of vibe? I thought the director did an amazing job, especially with such a small budget. #toomanyfeels
Kristine Dunn (22 days ago)
Appropriate Behavior definitely came out less than 7 years ago (as did I)! Don't make me feel old as a recent grad lol
big dyke energy (22 days ago)
last drunk lesbians watch???? :(
Keira Ng (22 days ago)
noooooooo fuck I’m sad bye dlw
Penelope Landau (22 days ago)
It's very funny how they obviously haven't read the book 😂
Lole Rex (22 days ago)
You should read the book its so great
Nunya Business (22 days ago)
Anyone else a dumbass who believed the councillor's story up to the bit where the characters started disecting and picking holes in it like *way way later?*
SanaOsniva (22 days ago)
I really enjoy youre videos!
ondinedancer (22 days ago)
Please don't end this series? :'(
D W (22 days ago)
This was a perfect finale
D W (22 days ago)
Bruna Caldas (22 days ago)
IIKHALAII (23 days ago)
"oh she's dreaming" "oh bummer" i was shocked.
IIKHALAII (23 days ago)
"oh she's dreaming" "oh bummer" i was shocked.

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