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HOA gone wrong?

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Homeowners accused Board of misspending HOA money.
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Dash Darling (5 hours ago)
HOAs are feckless and do nothing for the homeowner...we are currently being harassed by a resident of the building, the HOA has completely ignored our pleas to stop this vile person, whom actually bore her teeth and growled at us, no kidding. This person is a liar and bully and the HOA did nothing but mock us.
samyjoebuttafuco76 (5 days ago)
Lots of shitty restaurants. That is reason to boot him off.
Joshua Marcus (2 days ago)
The fact that he's from Jersey should have rang some bells.
Bill Thompson (1 month ago)
HOA s are all out of control. They need to be abolished.
Social Trend (1 month ago)
HOAs exist because you old fucks keep purchasing new homes and condos from real estate developers. These places are actually turn over properties that were just built. So the real estate developer is cost sharing with the community on the expenses from everything to street lights, to electric, water, cable, repairs and maintenance of buildings, etc. Without this condos may not get maintenance and insured. Cost sharing must occur to make it possible for you to live in these places. That being said, you ain't got to be fancy and live there.
Karen Hargis (1 month ago)
Shut these HOAs down Nationwide...
Karen Hargis (1 month ago)
HOAs are crooks
Paul Lorenzini (2 months ago)
If you join a HOA then you deserve everything you get.
Andrej Mikhailov (2 months ago)
The HOA is retarded.
Bionik Games (2 months ago)
Can’t even have a basketball hoop in a cul de sac smh...
Zivan _ (2 months ago)
In Indonesia this is considered corruption
Ferms Lew (2 months ago)
I'm also pretty sure that's what our HOA was doing with the money they notified my parents have to pay .using it for their own financial means. Three times the gate got screwed up, three idiot drunk girls ran into their back yard and now a community tree lol. I laugh at people who come live here. Just know the law, know your rights, fight the law when you can to try to save your own ass. Think stragically
Ferms Lew (2 months ago)
Don't stalk your HOA unless you're sure you can get out of it. Anyway, I'm glad our HOA is gone here and we got a nice Vietnamese living in their home. HOA are evil people it seems and sometimes only nice to certain people. They only treat certain people certain way. Just be keen and prepare to fight hell over high water whatever the saying is .
Linda Kinnard (2 months ago)
Who was the attorney who represented the HOA?
justin Vlach (2 months ago)
They need to leave people alone the hoa doesn't pay the bills of the owners they don't do anything for us
GS GS (2 months ago)
LOL. I love the title.
Sounds like a typical Lennar community! @lennar garbage company
T mo (3 months ago)
Neighborhoods with an HOA look nicer that those without one. I wouldnt want to see trees growing out of my neighbors gutters.
Jason Leslie (3 months ago)
there probably weren't any meetings
John B (4 months ago)
This kinda reminds me of small town mayors and officials that rape the people of their hard earned taxes. That one woman had stole millions, she had show horses and the town funded it all. She no longer has anything but a pillow and a blanket in a cell. Or like a Reservation near me that the chief and friends stole 2.5 million from their members. When a lady reported them, most of the members didn’t want the “white mans courts” to put them in jail, so they all received house arrest. Oh but they did want the “white mans government” to reimburse them the money their chief stole.
VAMPYRE ANGELUS (4 months ago)
surprised no one has ever executed hoa board members..
Tonya Patterson (4 months ago)
A true home owner is someone who can do as they choose to their home, as long as they are abiding by the codes and laws of the city. You can save money and do your own landscaping, maintenance, etc. Rather than throwing it away to a HOA. I live in an older subdivision with nice one story homes and thank God there is no HOA.
justakissinla (4 months ago)
Hoas are Bullshit
Doug Montgomery (5 months ago)
Interesting,...they shoot off their mouths to the residents about flying the flag and then they turn around and misappropriate funds. Tyrannical thieving pipsqueaks. "I am _not_ a crook."
Ronald Lorang (5 months ago)
You would nevet hear of go ones. They are all bad.
kattbird (5 months ago)
She should have kicked him in the nuts!
malcolmthebear (6 months ago)
All these egotistical HOA assholes on power trips should be curb stomped then handed to the Jigsaw Killer.
Max Brazil (7 months ago)
Give some little cunts a modicum of power and they turn into a Nazi Field Marshall.
FordFracture (7 months ago)
Sounds like my HOA
BattlePants (7 months ago)
Land lots are a pain of the ass...greedy ass landlord hogging terrain for themselves.
Outrun3571 (7 months ago)
That guy is a thief and everyone knows it , make him pay it all back and he should go to jail....
Nicholas Rage FPV (7 months ago)
Why would anyone move into a neighborhood with a HOA?!!
CryptoChat (7 months ago)
They have nobody to blame but themselves. Why would you want another tax burden in your life? You pay federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes... and now HOA taxes?
Emperor Zoditron (7 months ago)
This is what happens when Corruption goes unchecked. The budget of any board or council needs to be closely watched otherwise someone might take advantage of it and use it for their own personal gain.
J Tanashi (7 months ago)
the shelbanator (7 months ago)
Just bought my first home this august and made damn sure it wasn't in a HOA community.
ShawnDRuth (7 months ago)
HOA buying stuff for their own use. Embezzlement.
Levon McClam (7 months ago)
I never comply to there rules,my property,it's paid for and I will do what I want in my own property and hoa can't do nothing,o yes my truck has signs on the he door,lol I laugh on there faces every time I hear your not supposed to have a truck with signs on the door,I say dooooont look at it then, hehehehe
Levon McClam (7 months ago)
Christopher Combs (7 months ago)
Theres no such thing as a good HOA they are all criminals
William Warzucc (7 months ago)
Angel Sanchez (7 months ago)
and that is why everybody wants to be part of HOA
Michael Ramczyk (7 months ago)
If you want you can have a militia remove the HOA.
gil (7 months ago)
It's almost assured that the HOA board seats are filled with old losers that have nothing significant going on with their lives so they fill it with sticking their noses in everyone else's business.
87Jaws (7 months ago)
All I got to say is if you want to live under another crooked persons thumb and rules and regulations that cost you money live in a HOA neighborhood. Go right on ahead and do that. Ill spend my days living how I want to live. HOA neighborhoods to me are for scared rich white people who don't want to be in the middle of the real world and think they are safe because they got to put a code in to unlock their gate to get into there neighborhood. Pathetic. For the woman who took the HOA board to court the easiest way to win is to move away karma will burn that scumbag guy up.
cliffcoast (7 months ago)
Incredibly ugly condos......and the quality of life, wow !
Irish Dad and Irish Son (7 months ago)
These hoa boards are full of idiots that have no power in life and this is how they get it
Mitzie Laine (7 months ago)
Shame on peccole ranch for participating in predatory gangstalking. Where the Layton dude?
PISQUE1969 Francis (7 months ago)
HOA's for anyone other than a robot, with no independent thinking, are a living hell .... never knowing when the next hammer's going to fall .... never knowing when the next "complaint", is going to be field .... never knowing where these monthly fees are going .... never trusting neighbors .... it's a skip and step below a prison. These were pushed by the various county planning commissions beginning in the 70's to help "LEGALLY REGULATE"(?), guaranteed rights by state and federal constitutions by "private contracts", with the "HOA"(Hell On All). A conspiracy by the PLANNING COMMISSION of America for control .... control .... control .... Imagine a "class action", lawsuit(if possible), against a conspiracy to deprive American citizens of their rights.
PISQUE1969 Francis (4 months ago)
Thanks, I didn't know that. I've worked with county planning commissions since the 70's, and remember some of the formulations. The first things I noted was the "requirement", of common lands. That(at least in Lilly-white Medina, Ohio), an HOA needed properties owned in common, for a common need of management. I remember the making of 3' wide common pathways between properties, to justify these hateful things They(HOA's), have come a long way down the path of totalitarian control, since then.
mike askme (4 months ago)
@Pisque1969 Francis, i agree with every thing you said, except maybe why they were created, the original intent of HOAs were to keep minorities out.
Tennessee Flipper (7 months ago)
HOA is like having a landlord over a property you own. Dumbest concept ever.
mike askme (4 months ago)
@Tennesse Flipper exactly, dumbest concept ever.
Chance Williams (7 months ago)
HOAs are libertarianism run amok.
tb7246 (7 months ago)
Sounds like our government
Manuel Labor (7 months ago)
HOA's never should have been legalized.
hclvchef (7 months ago)
what a pos that hoa president is. hope they get him locked up
Brandon De Vera (7 months ago)
If you get a 51% vote you can dissolve the HOA in your neighborhoods.
Shop Grunt (7 months ago)
The gubment isn't stealing enough in taxes, bogus medical scamcare and compound interest on your loans, now the HOA wants to steal also.
Marty Mahem (7 months ago)
I hope they were able to kick that corrupt board out. That idiot judge should be kicked off the bench for basically doing little to nothing to help those people. I wonder if he was on the take from that creep thief chairman of that HOA board.
Cindy Ziegler (7 months ago)
charles walker (7 months ago)
There are good and bad HOAs. Don’t move into a community that has an HOA if you don’t want to follow the indentures. Yes, there are a lot of bad people. A lot of unethical people that find their way onto these boards. However, an HOA is the collective of all homeowners in a community. It is those homeowners who put these corrupt people on their HOA Boards. And thankfully in this story a homeowner had the guts to call out the board members and get something done. Moral of the story, hold your boar members accountable, attend meetings regularly, get involved!
David King (7 months ago)
In my experience most HOA’s are horrible, power hungry idiots.
love is my religion (7 months ago)
Ban HOAs because they are useless and I've never heard anything good out of them other than taking money from good people
Bolder Folder (7 months ago)
so wait am i hearing this right in order to kick them off the board you need to have a petition go throught them? that really sounds like a rotating door
Jordi Brizuela (7 months ago)
what a nightmare
40intrek (7 months ago)
King Fish (7 months ago)
We lived in an HOA neighborhood once. Just go to the meetings and pay attention.
Matthew Cino (7 months ago)
No surprise here, HOAs corrupt.
Carl Colvin (7 months ago)
HOA's are nothing but a Communist Business just like China with their BS RULES AND FINES
101danny (7 months ago)
I know this news was ages ago, but even today, HOAs can not be fully trusted. I for one will NEVER trust these HOAs. When I went to buy a house, one of my top three conditions before purchasing the house was to make sure there was NO HOAs for that community.
Tatonka Smith (7 months ago)
Never been under an HOA, never will.
flyback 2me (7 months ago)
Reminds me of our GOVERNMENT.
jaxsaltfish 01 (7 months ago)
when you move to a community with an HOA, you are in the company of biggots who do not want " undesirable people as neighbors". You no what that means.
Barnaby ap Robert (7 months ago)
You never hear a *GOOD* story about an HOA.
James Bond (7 months ago)
I live in New England and we don't have HOA's here. New Englanders mind their own business, and respect their neighbors. HOA's must be a Sunbelt concept.
Alexander Castillo (7 months ago)
Just bought a house and went out of my way to avoid hoas
MrJest2 (7 months ago)
I'm a bit puzzled... around here, if one exists at all, the HOA is composed of residents of the neighborhood. They can't "ignore" getting voted out as all they'll be doing is pissing off all their other neighbors who will make life miserable for them at home and eventually drive them to move away. The residents have all the power; they can dissolve the HOA at any time if they so chose. How is it these guys operate? How can one be a board member in Arizona yet live in New Jersey?? (Of course, I'm a bit unclear on the whole concept anyway, as we've never lived in a place with an HOA. The one time we've moved homes, our primary instruction to the realtor helping us find a new home was "No HOA is a requirement; everything else is negotiable".)
abutts02 (7 months ago)
HOAs suck dick
Harry Pouncey (7 months ago)
Sending this one to my HOA board. “We are watching you!”
1OFGODSOWN (7 months ago)
You sign a contract with an HOA and you get what you agreed to.
Kandela Brown (7 months ago)
You silly americans. I lived in your country before HOAs, then later always made sure to live on a street without such nonsense. Now i’m back in my own country (thank God;) here there is no such thing as an HOA, and the first attempt of such nonsense will be killed off immediately.
A. Lugo (7 months ago)
You can’t get ripped off if you’re already poor 😬
Harley Dozer (7 months ago)
These HOA's are all corrupt
BrentRF (7 months ago)
Anyone living under a HOA should have their head examined. Having a group of people tell you how to live and what you can and can't do with YOUR HOUSE and YOUR YARD (WTF?????????)
Sbl Lpz (7 months ago)
thats not ok hoa not ok they deserved jail
Mike G (7 months ago)
At least he tipped the restaurants well.
BloodlineMedia (7 months ago)
Never ever ever buy a property with an HOA. Not even if free blowjobs are included.
Patrick Robinson (7 months ago)
People who are on HOA Boards are often Power Hungry Pricks.
Malgrey T (7 months ago)
I dont know about these guys, but I sit on an HOA board and I am a GOD among VERMIN. These peasants need to stop complaining and learn to enjoy basking in Our greatness.
Montie Luckett (7 months ago)
Never live anywhere that will charge you money to be there. Never live anywhere that you can't do as you please with your own property.
Jake Smith (7 months ago)
Stop paying until an independent audit is done.
William Leitzell (7 months ago)
"NEVER EVER EVER, BUY INTO AND HOA, NOT ANY HOA, NOT EVER! you will be disappointed.
Daniel Greer (7 months ago)
The title is a misnomer. HOAs never go right.
Peter Johnson (7 months ago)
power corrupts be it an HOA or in town- city- state politics or on the national level.......
my2centz (7 months ago)
Wow that's embezzlement a serious crime that should be dealt with by the court system but until then the board should be suspended and no other payments or fines paid! This is why I will not live in an HOA community well this and the invasive intrusion of personal property! I am a firm believer a person's home is their castle and they should have the right to do as they wish as long as its not drastically horrible reducing other property values but if I want my house ugle green or even pink it's my house as long as it's kept up keep out lol. I'd never paint my house those colors but still as far as HOA's are concerned they should all have a right to their property rights and not only know where every penny goes but have a say in it as well and stupid fines should be done away with. If monthly dues don't pay for what they want don't start a voluntary collection or save up until they do...
Jim Anderson (7 months ago)
HOAS are good old boy scams
Dan Kennedy (7 months ago)
This is nothing, you guy have not seen South Florida HOA
Mr. T (7 months ago)
This is the same crap that goes on with our government, just on a much larger scale.
Gabriel Badwolf (7 months ago)
I live in rural Northern Ireland, we don’t have HOAs I really can’t figure out why anyone would willingly agree to let other people tell you what you can do on your own property
Joshua Marcus (2 days ago)
The E.U. has figured out Ireland needs a million or so Africans.  You're HOA-free though; you can breathe easy.
Paul Bunyon (7 months ago)
Her phone was hit. Gimme a break.
Abel1120 conlget (7 months ago)
Fair Minded (7 months ago)
I find that HOA's are either overbearing or inept. I have never experienced an HOA that is well run.
v12tommy (7 months ago)
My mom got in hot water with her HOA because they told her she needed to repaint her house, and she didn't wait for them to approve the color of paint she used. She painted it the exact same color it has been painted for 15 years.

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