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Drake - In My Feelings (Lyrics, Audio) "Kiki Do you love me"

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Drake In My Feelings challenge song Drake Kiki do you love me ✔️ Share "Drake In My Feelings (Keke do you love me)": → https://youtu.be/3WSgJCYIewM ✔️ Get Song: new Album "Scorpion" by Drake → Tracklist: Drake - Survival Drake - Nonstop Drake - Elevate Drake - Emotionless Drake - God's Plan Drake - I'm Upset Drake - 8 out of 10 Drake - Mob Ties (Ft. Travis Scott) Drake - Can't Take a Joke Drake - Sandra's Rose Drake - Talk Up Drake - Peak Drake - Summer Games Drake - Jaded Drake - Nice For What Drake - Finesse Drake - Ratchet Happy Birthday Drake - That's How You Feel Drake - Blue Tint Drake - In My Feelings Drake - Don't Matter To Me (Ft. Paul Anka) Drake - After Dark Drake - Final Fantasy Drake - March 14 → https://drake.lnk.to/Scorpion "Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me." ✔️ Follow and Support: » Special Unity Special Unity Twitter → https://twitter.com/specialunity Special Unity Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/specialunity Special Unity Soundcloud → https://soundcloud.com/specialunity Questions and Submissions → [email protected] » Drake Drake Youtube → https://www.youtube.com/user/DrakeVEVO Drake FaceBook → https://www.facebook.com/Drake Drake Twitter → https://twitter.com/Drake Drake Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/champagnepapi/ » Additional vocals by a duo City Girls City Girls Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/citygirls/ » Image by Bony Mathew → https://unsplash.com/@iambonym ❕ Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion and entertainment reasons only. Images and footage have CC0 licenses. Visuals are created by me. (Disclaimer) Music used in my videos is the property of their respective owners and artists. I do not claim ownership for any music used in my videos. Please feel free to contact me if you are owner and would like your credit to be added, or would like your material to be removed immediately ([email protected]). Artist: Drake Album: Scorpion Released: 2018 Genre: Hip-hop/rap Tags: #InMyFeelings #Drake #Scorpion #InMyFeelingsChallenge #Dotheshiggy #KikiDoYouLoveMe #ScorpionSZN
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Text Comments (64131)
Special Unity (2 months ago)
Special for you 😋 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxA687tYuMWgCB7BsmDNWXerP5ONmjP3f
Hemanta Deka (3 days ago)
Toddarius Thomas (4 days ago)
You. Atika 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Toddarius Thomas (4 days ago)
I. Love. You too
Jakob Ackerman (9 days ago)
Have you
marlena rogowska (10 days ago)
Mayara Silva (2 minutes ago)
rosa chain (1 hour ago)
Lol es muy jenial
Noor stars fans (3 hours ago)
Kiki do you love me ???
Agus Pérez (3 hours ago)
Siganme en insta agusss_perez19
Byron Carter (4 hours ago)
Love the ending💋
Yusra Uslu (4 hours ago)
Kiki no do you love ne😂😍🇺🇸
Juber Ahmed (9 hours ago)
I still love it
Hama King75 (11 hours ago)
Alisa Klonnãl (12 hours ago)
Is it kiki, Risha or jt
dumitrescu alexandru (12 hours ago)
Omg!! You music kiki callange you part a kiki callange😱is awasome😎😎😎😎😎
贺坤 (16 hours ago)
Damita Mares (21 hours ago)
I love this song
Jaxon Terrio (22 hours ago)
No I don’t love you Drake Get it because he said J T do you love me Jaxon Terrio J T lol
Richard Lopes (1 day ago)
-Saden CA- (1 day ago)
Who still hear it for now⬆️
Mama Shark (1 day ago)
And I'm down for you always
Kimberly Janci (1 day ago)
Kiki do u luv me...yes yes yes
Maria Portillo (1 day ago)
When i here this i remember my ex
Windakd Kartinidewi (1 day ago)
Windakd Kartinidewi (1 day ago)
Snow Thailand (1 day ago)
Omg I love this song so much!!!!!
Gold E (1 day ago)
Majid Sekh (1 day ago)
I'm Indian still I love it 😊😊
PrettyBaller 92 (1 day ago)
I See The Same Jokes Bout 50X On Here 😳😳 Well Damn 🤨🤨 We Get It 😭🤦🏾‍♀️
Alejandro Castro V (1 day ago)
Kiki, tu me quieres para chimar 😂
Pocky Kat (1 day ago)
I am sad😭😭😭😭
Alguien q hable español?
Shevon Harris (1 day ago)
MidnightEstate (1 day ago)
Drake show us a picture of kale
Manuel Sotelo (1 day ago)
this aint even the official song and it has 270 mill lol
Kiki Yamotasu (1 day ago)
When your name is a blessing and a curse *at the same damn time..*
Ales Anna (2 days ago)
My name is kiki
Mama Shark (1 day ago)
Say you'll never ever leave
Nice fGrein (2 days ago)
Hailey Muth (2 days ago)
Summer 18 vibes
Johanna Colon (2 days ago)
Whos kiki
Loveeeeeeeeee Kiki
Love l tnsa Al Estrak ve Al knat
Paul (2 days ago)
I love this song
Nahum Najera (2 days ago)
Muy perrona
Elena Elizabete (2 days ago)
Tari Unique (2 days ago)
Just realized drake was talking about the city girls
Mama Shark (2 days ago)
When you pop off on your ex he deserve it
Francesca Merritt (2 days ago)
step 1 Love this song Step 2 subscribe put on notifications Step 3 Like this video
allison cevallos (2 days ago)
Quien habla español??
Rosa Ferreira (2 days ago)
ANKUSH BATHINDA (2 days ago)
Nick Snyder (2 days ago)
This song is the biggest 2018 summer vibe; prove me wrong.
ashley gamez (11 minutes ago)
Das is my favorite music 😘😍😚😗☺😙😜😝
Cody Cundiff (3 days ago)
Ke ke do you love me no
Mama Shark (1 day ago)
No he only loves his bed and his mama
Cody Cundiff (2 days ago)
ema reyes (3 days ago)
This shit get annyoning real quick
yasashi shinu (3 days ago)
Aca en el solitario inglés :'D
max mus (3 days ago)
But how two mill likes event if its just a lyrics
hopeless._. dxddy (3 days ago)
smoknzx7 (3 days ago)
Kyle Valenzuela (3 days ago)
Rocky Delgado (3 days ago)
🎵trap money benny🎶
Marianna Di Giacomo (3 days ago)
Bella questa canzone
Amna Alali (3 days ago)
I love you drake
tsedal gizawe (3 days ago)
Kiki do you love me.....
tsedal gizawe (3 days ago)
tsedal gizawe (3 days ago)
Kaisha Ferguson (3 days ago)
He is really fittttt
Liat Levi (3 days ago)
שיר מדהים מאוד
Bella Xhaikh (3 days ago)
Kiki do u love me??😍😍 Yes I do....
ashley gamez (9 minutes ago)
Das no pell keke u you love me
Diamond Unicorns (1 day ago)
Kimi do you love me
Mary Yates (3 days ago)
$till bumpin this!!!!, were still riding and i ♡you!!!!near or far always good memories of you!!thanks for always being a awsome person!!!hopefully see you soon
joluyou (3 days ago)
Quien la escucha aunque no sepas ni que diga
Judith Geiger (3 days ago)
i love this song so much still here in 2019 ❤❤❤
Yvette Marshall (3 days ago)
Spongebob Matrix (3 days ago)
The way he sings does not go with the beat
doktor mırnav (4 days ago)
Hama King75 (4 days ago)
Hama King75 (4 days ago)
Erkan Akdag (4 days ago)
Abufaza3_Gam3r (4 days ago)
I miss summer
Zahira Ramirez (3 days ago)
king Palani (3 days ago)
Abufaza3_Gam3r fact bro
Abufaza3_Gam3r (3 days ago)
+Zahira Ramirez true
Zahira Ramirez (3 days ago)
Abufaza3_Gam3r man summer was the shit
Stephanie Rasmussen (4 days ago)
Lit song
Stephanie Rasmussen (4 days ago)
Lit playlist
RDani 223 (4 days ago)
Search for ''Molnár *Kiki* ,,
Mikal Hackler (4 days ago)
Kouez (4 days ago)
This is probably the worst song I've ever heard in my whole life
FreilinCAPro (4 days ago)
La única cancion en ingles que me sale bien cantar. A parte de better Now.
Nicolas Perez (4 days ago)
No entiendo nada argentana
Polly Aktar (4 days ago)
Good song
Millie Vera (4 days ago)
you rule everyone
Maluca na área (4 days ago)
Yoshubs Yoshisaur (4 days ago)
Kek do you love me.
KaidenPlayz176 Vlogs (4 days ago)
Yo mama so fat that kiki doest want to marry her
KaidenPlayz176 Vlogs (4 days ago)
gipsy london (5 days ago)
Omg nice song
ちあらChu (5 days ago)
my song hahaha
Sr. Bolainas (5 days ago)
Its a Fortnite Dance? xd
rickybighead (5 days ago)
Rham Alkiny (5 days ago)
Kiki,,, ,,
Low spex gamer (5 days ago)
Wow ..can't believe that the lyrical video has more views than the original. Btw 2019?
Keali (5 days ago)
love this song
Justo Pellegrini (5 days ago)
Esta buena
kiki said i only love bed and my moma. am sorry for dake.
i love you kiki and dake i love this song.
Aylen Bloise (5 days ago)
Dra ke ❤🍫🍨💝👏🤩😘

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