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Leading Digital Transformation Now - No Matter What Business You’re In

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http://www.leadingdigitalbook.com In this keynote session recorded at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Dr. Didier Bonnet, Capgemini Consulting’s global head of digital transformation and coauthor (with MIT’s George Westerman and Andrew McAfee) of the upcoming book "Leading Digital," highlights how large companies in traditional industries—from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals—are using digital to gain strategic advantage. Didier also discusses the principles and practices that lead to successful digital transformation based on a two-part framework: where to invest in digital capabilities, and how to lead the transformation.
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Text Comments (29)
raju R (25 days ago)
Daniel Stevens (3 months ago)
the first joke he made was counter intuitive to everything else he said...
Dennis Waargmüller (3 months ago)
They are 100% right!!
Kingsley Osunwa (4 months ago)
I Compromise:
skreutzer (7 months ago)
Wait, what? That guy is writing a book?
Llew Gibson (1 year ago)
Just stumbled across your channel mate, really love the content. Subscribed straight away, We should connect!
Sumit Thapliyal (1 year ago)
For the first time I understood Digital transformation properly...thank you for sharing.
Maja Nedelkova (1 year ago)
Do not miss the chance to subscribe to on of our valuable courses http://cmc-consultancy.com/courses.html
Arnd Halbach (1 year ago)
Love the book - a lot of solid thinking that helps us all shape frameworks for digital change!
DocShifter (1 year ago)
Very good share. This is great. Thanks!
Azar G Aftimos (1 year ago)
Inspiring presentation. Thank you.
Jac Wilson (1 year ago)
Amazing video. Thanks suppulent.tumblr.com
Bismark Awuku (1 year ago)
Wow,great presentation
NTS Retail (2 years ago)
13:17 it is interesting how the telecom industry being the backbone of digital is struggling with its own digital business model. Especially the high number of fashionistas stands out. We are specialized in telco retail and omni channel processes, so we know there are a lot of great projects that do work. But still the industry could do, well maybe not more, but do it better.
Jamie P (2 years ago)
Leading Digital is a fantastic book
Debasish Bramha (2 years ago)
Brilliant .Thanks Brahma from India.
17:04 Opportunities for Digital Transformation - Great List.
Aksheit Saxena (1 month ago)
New Book: Digital Transformation by the CEO
13:35 Interpretation: Every single industry already has a disruptive company in it. Nobody is safe (except the disruptive company).
puffleish (3 years ago)
Best best best overview of how to look at and implement a digital transformation strategy! Congratulations!
Murray Bryant (3 years ago)
Fantastic, this is the future of business!
Manish Kitawat (3 years ago)
just super ! it reaffirms the fact that " digital transformation" is not only about technology, its about the whole re - engg of business model of the enterprise...
Jitendra soni (3 years ago)
Highly appreciate, really a good presentation and research by Dr. Didier Bonnet.
jose alberto rodrigues (3 years ago)
Congrats! Great presentation for big deals and projects.
Eilier Leo (3 years ago)
that true
Neeraj Raje (4 years ago)
really great presentation. Just a small spell error though at 28:18 - "Identify" not identity. 
Ger Fischer (4 years ago)
Inspiring presentation; look forward to the book
fedoracore321 (5 months ago)
David Roger's is more comprehensive... Digital Transformation Playbook. Quite similar, but more exhaustive. Jeanne Ross also is quite similar
Vineeth Sathiapal (4 years ago)
Great presentation..

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