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Children removed from dirty home

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Authorities removed 5 children from a Springfield home after finding them living in a filthy conditions.
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Tiger Steele (20 days ago)
Elidee Arias (24 days ago)
I hope pro-lifer take care of these kids.
Almost Contrary (7 months ago)
How in the hell can you live like that? The mom is young and looks normal?.?? She and her obviously lazy husband need to get off their ass’s and start cleaning that shit hole up for their children. That is just nasty! Poor children, I feel so bad for children who have to live like this. I would of ratted my mom and dad out to my teachers or anyone who would listen if I was forced to live like that.
Sally Clay (10 months ago)
Oops, there goes their welfare checks. There r not enough caseworkers to investigate all these horrible parents. They need to change our social services, and make these idiots who pop out children like a baby factory accountable for treating children like animals.
Nick Manzo (10 months ago)
Help me
Levi's Mommy (1 year ago)
24 years old and 5 kids? What a loser!
Champ675 (4 years ago)
If I were Judge, I'd throw the book at this mother!!! These ramifications are very serious and are punishable by a long period of jail time!!!!
MissPiscespets (4 years ago)
Oh dear god!

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