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Steps to clone a database using rman

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This video discuss about the steps for cloning or refreshing a single instance database using rman
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Text Comments (42)
Ernest Ledo (7 months ago)
very concise.beautiful. Thanks
ziad fawzi (8 months ago)
Thank you.
Pavan Rh (10 months ago)
great work, thanks for sharing...
rasool shaik (1 year ago)
Hi, What is the necessity of coping backup pieces from prime to clone we are connecting to prime dB while restoration so does the clone dB will pull peices from prime or clone flash location. Thanks in advance, Rasool. Shaik
WV591 (2 years ago)
most definite sub and tu on this .
buddesatva (2 years ago)
No idea what this guy is saying.
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
Its a video on database clone using RMAN :-)
Candy man (2 years ago)
i subscribed your channel by the way thanks ;)
Candy man (2 years ago)
quite helpful. Can you please narrate about whats the difference between cloning with RMAN and cloning without RMAN, in which we take DBF files in an alternate location, create initOra file set db_name=standby db and backup controlfile to trace and initiate a new instance (windows only) . do you recommend doing this procedure if not then please shed some light why thanks
Bharani Kanth (2 years ago)
What if i have a full bkp of a database which is in NO ARCHIVELOG mode.. can i be able to do the clone of that database ?
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
Yes , Its possible
Candy man (3 years ago)
I recommend import export 5 min clone
Wysheid Wysheid (3 years ago)
+ALLAHpleasehelp True ..but this is a lab environment , correct ..? . If your DB is below 200 GB , you can consider exp/imp .. but if the DB size is more RMAN cloning is far better than exp and imp .. Thanks, Wysheid Team
Candy man (3 years ago)
Warning: Too many typo and backspaces! viewer distractions adviced
Wysheid Wysheid (3 years ago)
+ALLAHpleasehelp Thanks for the valuable feedback. My videos are taken without any prior preparation . So there are chances some mistakes may happen. As a professional DBA , i am giving importance to deliver the concepts clear than the typos. Again thanks, i will try to correct them in future videos
mohammed ashraf (3 years ago)
Dear Wysheid .. Very good session.. But what about the orapwd file as said in thsi document http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_rman_clone_copy_database.htm Regards Ashraf TP
deadpool (4 years ago)
Awesome post...crisp voice and nice representation. Thanks you Sir.
help full nic video.....
Arm Man (4 years ago)
Hi Wysheid, Thanks For the video( entire series). Is it possible to do a Point in Time clone to another database? the clonedb not in sync with primedb, but to clone it to some prior time period, that I could specify ? If so, can you help me understand? Thank You in Advance.
Logan Ramasamy (4 years ago)
I took training from Wysheid on RMAN. He is so good. -- Logan
sandeep kancharla (4 years ago)
nice !
Leo Podstanicky (5 years ago)
Very interesting and useful stuff, shukrija
Vinay Kumar (5 years ago)
Hello Wysheid- I have a same question as the one you've answered |connect target sys/[email protected]| but what if I had to restore where I have no connectivity to the source DB like if I were to provide this backup to vendor and they cannot connect to the source production db. Will the refresh fail ??
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
@B Kanth primary db
B Kanth (2 years ago)
will restore controlfile create control file with DBNAME as primdb or clonedb??
Wysheid Wysheid (5 years ago)
No , in that case u have to do the following 1) startup auxiliary instance 2) Restore spfile 3) Restore controlfile and mount the db 4) Restore datafiles  and recover db
Roopa Kala (5 years ago)
The topic above is discussed in a professional manner. Can you provide me the information where to get all video tutorials for Oracle 11g.
Wysheid Wysheid (5 years ago)
Hi Roopa, Thanks for your comment . Please subscribe to the channel to get more 11g videos
sudeshna acharya (5 years ago)
Hi Wysheid Thanks for your reply. Can you please let me know which one we need to know  well? 10G RAC installation or 11g RAC installation. Can you please share the steps for the same ?
sudeshna acharya (5 years ago)
Hi Wysheid , Thanks for uploading such an important video. May I know while using the "run" block in the RMAN , why release channel had not been used? Also can u share the URL for Manual steps of database cloning?
Neeraj Vasudeva (5 years ago)
Do we know why this command was used "connect target sys/[email protected]" since it was the rman backup that were consumed, what's the purpose of connecting to source db ?
Wysheid Wysheid (5 years ago)
Hi Neeraj,   While performing the cloning , the RMAN takes the snaphot of the database physical structure by connecting to the source database.
Dheeraj Pratap Singh (5 years ago)
good video 
probin pradhan (5 years ago)
This was what i have been looking for. awesome upload. And please do upload how to upgrade 10g database to 11g database.
Helen Liu (5 years ago)
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DBASachinGarg (6 years ago)
thanks for such a great video... awesome. please keep uploading.. thanks....
abhi musale (6 years ago)
hnaks thank you very much for this video
Surya (6 years ago)
awesome :)
mkumar (6 years ago)
thnaks thank you very much for this video... pls keep uploading such video....................
5330m (6 years ago)
Your documentation works when I followed it to the dot. Thanks a lot. I've been working on this for more than two weeks now. But after I watched this video, everything worked in my first try. Thanks a lot.
5330m (6 years ago)
Hi there friend. I'm glad you put up this video. I am learning Oracle Administration and hopefully this year 2013 will transition me to work in IT from a non IT job that I have now. Thank you.

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