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We have seen men masturbating in public in Bus and Trains, now a man in Chinsurah city of Westbengal touching a kid with his D... and caught on camera. Make him famous untill he gets punished. #Video of viral virulence #Chinsurah #badtouch #westbengal Get all the latest buzz from the news world with Online India To watch more interesting videos subscribe our Channel…! About Online India: We are living in an era where information spreads with the speed of light. This led to crafting a space for all to propel the information of all that is happening and trending around, with a sense of responsibility. And thus came Online CG into existence. The portal is continuously evolving and pinning new milestones. The team Online CG has a strong sense of news selection and works 24*7 to bring the most recent and impactful reports from all over the web. The team strongly up holds canons of journalism and share common elements such as, truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability, serving the Nation without failing for a single moment. With special focus on Chhattisgarh, the portal covers every segment of the news realm to keep the readers updated and informed. Online CG highlights the spirit of Chhattisgarh with a fresh outlook on relevant matters that bugs the state. Get ready with critical reviews and fresh perspective on the current affairs and everything that matters Chhattisgarh and Nation. Find out more about Online CG: http://onlinecg.in Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Online_Indiaa
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Text Comments (833)
Rash Khan (3 days ago)
Thousif nisar (5 days ago)
You rapists vide maker . If I could I bang his prnis
HOTS-POT STUDY (7 days ago)
They 4 are wrng , the man who is doing , the girl and her sister that bear this shameful act , and the fourth one is camera man .😡😡
Jake Of All Trade (8 days ago)
Another west Bengal pervert.
Prajyot Mohite (15 days ago)
Kon tha vo bhadva ... public aise time video nikalne ke bajay kaan k niche baja dene ka aise loko ko😡😡😡😠😠
20&savage (16 days ago)
Gross dude
DEDUN MANISH (18 days ago)
video shoot karneki jag par do teen lagayi kyu nahi kese ho tum
Maryam7862010 (20 days ago)
So disgusting! Deserves death
Max John (19 days ago)
pk cahnel (25 days ago)
Aur pelo
Madharchod ka lawda kaat do....😡😡😡 Bsdk teri beti ki age ki ladki h 😡😡
Danish Shaikh (26 days ago)
Bhai jub larki razi to kya karay ga beech main qazi
momthegreatest (27 days ago)
That idiot is exploiting a girl of about 14 years of age...he should be shot dead then and there..
nenithey raam (27 days ago)
We are still animals
sjn sjn (28 days ago)
Sala bc apni ma behn ke sath bhi yahi karta hoga
Hyenaxz (29 days ago)
Ahaha Jai Shree Ram Brown Indian Dogs Lol
Being Human (30 days ago)
Dinesh Bareth (30 days ago)
Saala Harami
jasleen kaur (1 month ago)
J mere sath v hua bus me ky vaar....subah bus me bheed hoti hai kya kre....sarm aati hai. .
Zuber Shaikh (29 days ago)
sarmaao nahi de do uthake kaan pe
Zuber Shaikh (29 days ago)
sharmaao nahi de do uthake kaan pe
Zuber Shaikh (29 days ago)
sharmaao nahi de do utha ke kaan pe
Be inspired (1 month ago)
Muslim man
Curious world (1 month ago)
Iski g**d me itne dande maaro ko khada bhi na ho paye.
sumit kumar (1 month ago)
Bahenchodd aurtei toh autein ye madarchod thurkey choti bacchi or bujurg aurton ko bhi nahi bakshte
LATEST Sssexion New2 (1 month ago)
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Ankit Rawat (1 month ago)
Chutiya wo ni video banane wala h
Nagendra Patel (1 month ago)
Ladki bhi maza Le rahi hai
Pakistani Pakistani (1 month ago)
Good indians
Shruti Gupta (1 month ago)
*girl have to take action ...she should slap him as hard as she wantss....public was there to support her......i don't understand y she is just standing and not reacting....mi8 be he is someone who forcing her to do all this but she should understand that this is wrong and she is in public so she could take action against him in public and public will definitely support her* *And y the fuck the prsn who is recording took any action mi8 b the girl is in pressure this prsn should slap him public also supports him/her as he /she has proof in hand🤬🤬*
Mr Nobody (1 month ago)
What the fu** camera man was doing... Why he didn't stop him. Government need to take strict action against this type of assh****
ans tdjr (1 month ago)
Shaikh Javed (1 month ago)
Jis bhadwe ne ye video.banaya pahele uski.maa choudo bhadwa video banake ladki ko badnam kar raha
hardik singh (1 month ago)
Madher chod h ye
Nicky Wanlang (1 month ago)
Shame on u and that man u recorded that in Stade oe recording u should beat that man
ChasingDragons (1 month ago)
In countries like those, women/girls have no rights. She was smart not to have raised an alarm, otherwise she could have been mobbed and burned alive for attempting to defame the man's character. April 18, 2019, Nusrat Rafi was doused with kerosene and set on fire after she reported her headmaster sexually harassed her.
Shruti Gupta (1 month ago)
Nothing will happen like u said in INDIA
Tayyeb Khan (1 month ago)
Hafijul Sk (1 month ago)
Bas video
AlwaYs Entertainment (1 month ago)
Kutta sala do lagana chahiye tha lsdki ko
Ishan techy world (2 months ago)
Abe bosadi ke ase tu apni beti ke bhi sath kerta hai
VBA STUDIO (2 months ago)
Who ever recording this video is more smutty.
Jeba Shaker (2 months ago)
he is practicing how to drive a motor cycle
Imran Randhawa (2 months ago)
Jb video proof tha tu is ko ja k chupair kiun ni mari....?? Everyone would have stood by ur side.. Although I live in pak but i wish I was there seriously.
Shebin Shaju (2 months ago)
Incredible india,incredible Hindus
Raj Gupta (2 months ago)
Why you show his face
Gagan Toderpur Gagan (2 months ago)
Agar mai hota to gand pakad leta
RAHUL TIWARI (2 months ago)
Tumhari sis hoti to video banate... Aur agr ladki himmat nahi kr payi to thoda tm hi aage badh Gaye hote usake me automatic himmat aa jaati
Vishal Gaurav1021 (2 months ago)
Ye vedio bnane wala hi madrchod h,,sala us hraami aadmi ko peetne ki vedio bnata tb baat bnti
The Ever Lasting Heart (2 months ago)
0:24 That’s When He Realized He F*cked Up
abi nandhan (2 months ago)
Tevdiya payan
Bhushan Anni (2 months ago)
Ish maderchod ki maa chod do Randi ka bachha... Ganda admi maderchod.. Sala
junaidumm janankhan (2 months ago)
most of girls enjoy that
7xyz msn (2 months ago)
if the girl was me i gonna punch him in his nuts 😡
Anish Verma (2 months ago)
Is madarchodo ko goli maar do
Reeyansh sharma (2 months ago)
Jo log bhosdi k Bol rhe h ki ldki enjoy kar rhi h tabhi nhi Bol rhi h Un gandu ek bat bolna chata hu Salo usne last me apni ma se bataya Ki uske sath glt harkat Ho rhi h tb uski mom use wha se hta deti h ldki samjh nhi pa rhi thi ki uske sath Kya ho Rha h or tum bhosdi walo Bol rhe ho ki wo enjoy Kar rhi h
Muhammad zubair (2 months ago)
Bhaio larki b to enjoy kr rahi hai tb he mana nhi kar rhi.
Gulshan Bavra (2 months ago)
Chutiya log hote h viksipt mansikta
tar pent (2 months ago)
Uncle is trying to stuck behind a girl probably the same age as his daughter is
Imran Khan (2 months ago)
Usko acha laag raha hai ladki ko wo chup apne Enjoyment ka liya hai 😋😋😋😋😋😋
xxx xxx (3 months ago)
Despite his face in the video and 4 million views why isn't he jailed by now? Does Indian judicial system protect such criminals ?
AVANISH_pro P_U_B_G (3 months ago)
Video banane vala kitna pagal hai usse action leni chahiye thi gadhe ki tarah chup chap video bana raha tha😤😤😠😡
Saanj Aulakh (3 months ago)
Usko maja arha hai
arjun fan (3 months ago)
She is enjoying it man . Agr ladki chahe to vo use vahi par rakhde par nahi . Taali dono haath se bajti hai ek se nai
arjun fan (3 months ago)
@Favriko xoxo laude u dont know nothing . Ja dudu peele jaake
Favriko xoxo (3 months ago)
rapist like you are enjoy seeing this
Star and Stripes (3 months ago)
true sacha (3 months ago)
the girl enjoyed it
Ashwin Bhat (3 months ago)
Iss Harami Ko jaan se maardo Raandka Behanchod saala
ABHISHEK DWIVEDI (3 months ago)
Harami ki aulaad aadmi nhi janvar h tu aisa krta h
mohamed faris (3 months ago)
This kind of fuckers should be dragged into the public punishment....
Aashu Ansari (3 months ago)
Meerut nochandi
rose maverick hunters (3 months ago)
R V (3 months ago)
video banane ki jagah us ladki ko bachate to acha hota
Manish Debnath (3 months ago)
Arman Khan (3 months ago)
I would be beat the shit out of that perv bitch😡
avinash tiger (3 months ago)
aapko vdo bnane ke baad us aadmi pe action Lena Chahiye the na ki social media pe dalna Chahiye tha.
avinash tiger (3 months ago)
investiged where is that man and take action against him. and find that girl also and tell him never underestimate this types of person .
Basant sodemba (3 months ago)
Camera man ka baap hey ye
aslam Khan (3 months ago)
ladkiyon ko mazak samjh kar rakha hai
aslam Khan (3 months ago)
mai rahti to aysai marti sala puri zindagi yad rakhta f*** ing bitch
Being Human (3 months ago)
At least vdo shoot ke baad uss bhenchod ko pitna tha bro.....
zariwan basha (3 months ago)
How he can take video without beating him???
Laticia Kays (3 months ago)
India: The Capital Country of Sexual Harassers. My first experienced there is being stared by men and second being groped.
Salamence 1 (2 months ago)
Laticia Kays don’t say shit about modern India society we are well educated more than many countries
Nikhil Singh (3 months ago)
p.s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKBCcnOeGgg
Nikhil Singh (3 months ago)
nah... that's Sweden... check the facts and the Islamic piggy Immigrants
DISCIPLE (3 months ago)
Yeh ladki bhi kya maje le rhi thi? Itne fattu log hai yeh log ki kuch bola bhi nahi usko.
Sachin Singh (4 months ago)
Video bnane vaale......bhai maar deta saaale ko
Beyond Infinity (4 months ago)
That’s the charming part of being an Indian male ... such a fine talent they inherit .. it’s a fine art my friends that’s taken 5000 odd years for a culture to master
Nitesh S (4 months ago)
She liked cocks
Rohit Sharma (4 months ago)
Chup Rehna bhi chaiye
Rafique Ahmed (4 months ago)
Jo vdo upload karta us ki gand me piche se thuk laga ke Lund dalna chahiye..
Rafique Ahmed (4 months ago)
Gandoo unko roko vdo kiu bana kar dal rahe ho bhenchodo..
Mudassar Ali (4 months ago)
Mader chod video bana kar maze Le raha tha Roka kyun nahi..
sona sarma (4 months ago)
Sexy lady
Balginder Thakur (4 months ago)
the vedio will not affect the men bcz god regretting now to send him in this world ......why did not killed him at spot ,,,and what should i say to the man who captured this, is he really equally accountable for this or he bring the face of this devil to publicly
SYED MUJAMEED (4 months ago)
Bhaisahab yaha Bidar Karnataka ek vaqiyat huwa mere sath. Bus me ek ladke ne ladki se chipak Kar gandi harkat karra tha WO ladki bhi chup thi par mujhe gussa aya to Maine use maarke bahar bhagaya par iise meri hi badnami huwi WO sali boli mujhe kuch nai pata. Inn kaminiyo ko madat mat karo jab chillaye tab karo
Shovon Tahmid (4 months ago)
Naveed Iqbal (4 months ago)
If i am there i swear i will punch him on his face.
Sundar Srinivasan (4 months ago)
Poor fellow. Blame God. He cannot resist the erection. For such people is like to feel to piss in an indoor environment, and gets out of control.
Lenny A. (4 months ago)
And your candyass sat there and did nothing but film it! Coward
rahul Sharma (4 months ago)
Sab log kah rahe h ki video banane ki bajah slap kyo nhi maara.Tm me se kitnp ne maara kabhi jab galat huya .kam se kam video ki bajah se aise nalayak ki badnami to ho rahi or sabut bhi ban gya h gunah ka.
Qadeer Khan (5 months ago)
Larki ko Maza aa Raha tha! Sali Indian
sasancohen (5 months ago)
fucking indian guy made shame for good indian people
Mudasir Iqbal (5 months ago)
Hang him
prince E (5 months ago)
Arrest that ugly perverted shit
Hariom Sharma (5 months ago)
U should slap this guy even u not and make a video... U should punished for this 😡😡😠

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