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We have seen men masturbating in public in Bus and Trains, now a man in Chinsurah city of Westbengal touching a kid with his D... and caught on camera. Make him famous untill he gets punished. #Video of viral virulence #Chinsurah #badtouch #westbengal Get all the latest buzz from the news world with Online India To watch more interesting videos subscribe our Channel…! About Online India: We are living in an era where information spreads with the speed of light. This led to crafting a space for all to propel the information of all that is happening and trending around, with a sense of responsibility. And thus came Online CG into existence. The portal is continuously evolving and pinning new milestones. The team Online CG has a strong sense of news selection and works 24*7 to bring the most recent and impactful reports from all over the web. The team strongly up holds canons of journalism and share common elements such as, truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability, serving the Nation without failing for a single moment. With special focus on Chhattisgarh, the portal covers every segment of the news realm to keep the readers updated and informed. Online CG highlights the spirit of Chhattisgarh with a fresh outlook on relevant matters that bugs the state. Get ready with critical reviews and fresh perspective on the current affairs and everything that matters Chhattisgarh and Nation. Find out more about Online CG: http://onlinecg.in Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Online_Indiaa
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Text Comments (770)
tar pent (6 hours ago)
Uncle is trying to stuck behind a girl probably the same age as his daughter is
Imran Khan (1 day ago)
Usko acha laag raha hai ladki ko wo chup apne Enjoyment ka liya hai 😋😋😋😋😋😋
Mireille Boucher (2 days ago)
I always have fun when Im with you.
xxx xxx (3 days ago)
Despite his face in the video and 4 million views why isn't he jailed by now? Does Indian judicial system protect such criminals ?
AVANISH_pro P_U_B_G (5 days ago)
Video banane vala kitna pagal hai usse action leni chahiye thi gadhe ki tarah chup chap video bana raha tha😤😤😠😡
Saanj Aulakh (5 days ago)
Usko maja arha hai
arjun fan (8 days ago)
She is enjoying it man . Agr ladki chahe to vo use vahi par rakhde par nahi . Taali dono haath se bajti hai ek se nai
arjun fan (4 days ago)
+Favriko xoxo laude u dont know nothing . Ja dudu peele jaake
Favriko xoxo (5 days ago)
rapist like you are enjoy seeing this
Star and Stripes (9 days ago)
true sacha (9 days ago)
the girl enjoyed it
Ashwin Bhat (10 days ago)
Iss Harami Ko jaan se maardo Raandka Behanchod saala
ABHISHEK DWIVEDI (10 days ago)
Harami ki aulaad aadmi nhi janvar h tu aisa krta h
mohamed faris (12 days ago)
This kind of fuckers should be dragged into the public punishment....
Aashu Ansari (12 days ago)
Meerut nochandi
Rohit Verma (14 days ago)
video banane ki jagah us ladki ko bachate to acha hota
Manish Debnath (15 days ago)
Arman Khan (16 days ago)
I would be beat the shit out of that perv bitch😡
avinash tiger (19 days ago)
aapko vdo bnane ke baad us aadmi pe action Lena Chahiye the na ki social media pe dalna Chahiye tha.
avinash tiger (19 days ago)
investiged where is that man and take action against him. and find that girl also and tell him never underestimate this types of person .
Basant sodemba (20 days ago)
Camera man ka baap hey ye
aslam Khan (21 days ago)
ladkiyon ko mazak samjh kar rakha hai
aslam Khan (21 days ago)
mai rahti to aysai marti sala puri zindagi yad rakhta f*** ing bitch
Being Human (22 days ago)
At least vdo shoot ke baad uss bhenchod ko pitna tha bro.....
zariwan basha (27 days ago)
How he can take video without beating him???
Laticia Kays (1 month ago)
India: The Capital Country of Sexual Harassers. My first experienced there is being stared by men and second being groped.
Nikhil Singh (16 days ago)
p.s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKBCcnOeGgg
Nikhil Singh (16 days ago)
nah... that's Sweden... check the facts and the Islamic piggy Immigrants
DISCIPLE (1 month ago)
Yeh ladki bhi kya maje le rhi thi? Itne fattu log hai yeh log ki kuch bola bhi nahi usko.
Sachin Singh (1 month ago)
Video bnane vaale......bhai maar deta saaale ko
Beyond Infinity (1 month ago)
That’s the charming part of being an Indian male ... such a fine talent they inherit .. it’s a fine art my friends that’s taken 5000 odd years for a culture to master
Nitesh S (1 month ago)
She liked cocks
Rohit Sharma (1 month ago)
Chup Rehna bhi chaiye
Rafique Ahmed (1 month ago)
Jo vdo upload karta us ki gand me piche se thuk laga ke Lund dalna chahiye..
Rafique Ahmed (1 month ago)
Gandoo unko roko vdo kiu bana kar dal rahe ho bhenchodo..
Mudassar Ali (1 month ago)
Mader chod video bana kar maze Le raha tha Roka kyun nahi..
Nirmal K Mohan (1 month ago)
Why women's are silent. Please respond at the very moment.
Kate Libby (1 month ago)
Nirmal K Mohan because they’re afraid that the man will retaliate with violence and they won’t be able to defend themselves because they’re physically a lot weaker than him. Then there’s having to defend yourself to public opinion “women lie all the time about being raped/assaulted”. Having to defend yourself against victim blaming; “what were you wearing?” “had you been drinking?”, “why were you out alone?”, “why did YOU stop it”, “why didn’t YOU do something?”, “why didn’t YOU fight back?” Instead of questioning the victims actions why don’t we question the actions of the attacker. “What makes him feel confident enough to sexually assault a girl in public in broad daylight? “Is the Justice system failing to prosecute molesters and protect sexual assault that makes them feel that there will be no consequences to his perverted actions in public?” Change the social conversation towards sexual assault and give confidence to the victims that they will be protected by the law and from public scrutiny and not the criminal.
sona sarma (1 month ago)
Sexy lady
Baljinder thakur (1 month ago)
the vedio will not affect the men bcz god regretting now to send him in this world ......why did not killed him at spot ,,,and what should i say to the man who captured this, is he really equally accountable for this or he bring the face of this devil to publicly
SYED MUJAMEED (1 month ago)
Bhaisahab yaha Bidar Karnataka ek vaqiyat huwa mere sath. Bus me ek ladke ne ladki se chipak Kar gandi harkat karra tha WO ladki bhi chup thi par mujhe gussa aya to Maine use maarke bahar bhagaya par iise meri hi badnami huwi WO sali boli mujhe kuch nai pata. Inn kaminiyo ko madat mat karo jab chillaye tab karo
Shovon Tahmid (1 month ago)
Naveed Iqbal (1 month ago)
If i am there i swear i will punch him on his face.
Sundar Srinivasan (1 month ago)
Poor fellow. Blame God. He cannot resist the erection. For such people is like to feel to piss in an indoor environment, and gets out of control.
Lenny A. (2 months ago)
And your candyass sat there and did nothing but film it! Coward
rahul Sharma (2 months ago)
Sab log kah rahe h ki video banane ki bajah slap kyo nhi maara.Tm me se kitnp ne maara kabhi jab galat huya .kam se kam video ki bajah se aise nalayak ki badnami to ho rahi or sabut bhi ban gya h gunah ka.
Qadeer Khan (2 months ago)
Larki ko Maza aa Raha tha! Sali Indian
sasancohen (2 months ago)
fucking indian guy made shame for good indian people
Mudasir Iqbal (2 months ago)
Hang him
prince E (2 months ago)
Arrest that ugly perverted shit
Hariom Sharma (2 months ago)
U should slap this guy even u not and make a video... U should punished for this 😡😡😠
amogh mithbavkar (2 months ago)
That girl knows she is also enjoying now who to blame man or a girl
Kate Libby (1 month ago)
amogh mithbavkar she seems unaware that it’s happening. Coincidentally that’s also what all your ex-girlfriends used to say about your performance in bed.
Himanshu sharma (2 months ago)
agar ye meri biwi ke saath aisa karaga to iski maa aur bheen dono ki iske samne chodonga.
Himanshu sharma (2 months ago)
woh to chut maar raha ha.
gedhex ganteng (2 months ago)
Franklin mama (2 months ago)
maro sale ko
Katrina Kaif Army (2 months ago)
I want to castrate his fuckin dick, creeper..... Madarchod k bache ghr pr bhi aise hi krta hoga suar ki aulaad sala 😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
desiRIDX (2 months ago)
if you stop this while making video you will be a hero but you lost it. 😈😈
Be Creative (2 months ago)
how the hell is he doing such kind of vulgar thing in the public in day light ? i mean what is wrong with him , he looks to be like having 10 children's and still he didn't get enough from his wife yet i mean seriously man are you out of your damn mind by doing such kind of things to the minor girls
Yadhava Krishna (2 months ago)
Must kill that fucker
Keshav Sharma (2 months ago)
ye video up saharanpur me ghughal ke mele ki h
Rupali Khasanis (2 months ago)
अश्लील चाळे करण्यारांना चोप दिला पाहिजे
Sharan Kumar (2 months ago)
Cut his lund😤
Babasikandra Baabaa (2 months ago)
Ek azeeb baat hai,, log kutte aur kuttiya video dekhte v hai or maze v lete hai or fir video banane wale ko hi dos de rhe gaaliya v de rhe hai 🤔
Babasikandra Baabaa (2 months ago)
saif khan (2 months ago)
Ek baar Humko Mil Jao bhosdi Ki Tum
saif khan (2 months ago)
Kaise kaise log hai madarchod Duniya Mein
white star (2 months ago)
He is a very bold person. He is a very good person. The person who had shot this video should be punished at first.
Morpheus x (3 months ago)
Poor Guy .
Hue Hue (3 months ago)
Good thing he was not Muslim. He would have raped the entire festival and then blow himself up.
Hue Hue (3 months ago)
It looks like the old woman offered her ass instead, but it was too used and damage so the man refused.
Jaswinder Singh (2 months ago)
hahaha yes
Tech Asad (2 months ago)
Hatim Quilon (3 months ago)
Fuck your fucking India...your country is fucking cheap and you all should die of shame and your balls should be cut off and fed to your family members and fuck India cause India is a bitch...yeah mother India cause British fucked it
Md Barkat (3 months ago)
munna munna (3 months ago)
Punishment for him is we have to do the same thing with his family ladies..then he will regret what he done
SANDEEP Kumar (3 months ago)
is admi ka to face bhi dikh rhe h police walo na kuch kiya k nhi iske khujli ka illaz
Qasim Zaidi (3 months ago)
maar dalo bhenchod ko
orbachin odure (3 months ago)
Atul Nayak (3 months ago)
Bastard boy should be beaten up by the public. Gentlemen should take immediate action if they catch any dirty bastard red handed. I would do the same.
Bhavin OfficialTV (3 months ago)
If i was there i would punched him very hard on his face ✌️
Bhavin OfficialTV (3 months ago)
+AZA'MA'AL YAH-SHA-AHLA i guess you are right🤔👍👌
AZA'MA'AL YAH-SHA-AHLA (3 months ago)
Now hold on...that girl liked it..even the Mother let him keep on getting it.... Then the Mother moved her daughter out the way so she can get some... Now let's me fair....about this situation that guy have a solid case. ...
donvidya (3 months ago)
deepak dk (3 months ago)
Pitesh Bhanushali (3 months ago)
Lagging Sicked (3 months ago)
this is just bullshit man u were recording it rather than fkin the shit off that man's face shame on u bitch
Youth Era (3 months ago)
U want us to do justice , same on u coz u can have just killed that man immediately without any hesitation...
Live (3 months ago)
sick motherfucker
R.G.B Ramju (3 months ago)
Tum bhi ase hi ho marna tha Sale ko
dejavu TV (4 months ago)
s he doing squats? lol old dude style
Yunus Hukkeri (4 months ago)
Video Bananewala Bhi Bewakoof hai jo Bina kuch kiye shoot Karta raha.
Ye video adyal ka hai kya
vivek (4 months ago)
This person who's taking this video is not a human being. He should have trashed him then and there for this kind of behaviour, rather than taking video and uploading it..
cheypur vishwanath (4 months ago)
chor mackeloude tere bahano koo chodu
Richard Culshaw (4 months ago)
This guy ad a choice between kicking the guy's ass, doing the right thing vs make a video and get million views in youtube.. Sure he took his shot and Made the video..
جبال الاوراس (4 months ago)
خيري يانا وراهي عاجبتها ههههههه لاحركة ولاحس
evil demon (4 months ago)
jisne video banaya usko pahle pito.👿
Prabhakar Mistari (4 months ago)
gand touching
michael jhon (4 months ago)
Pareltje Lief (4 months ago)
I saw in India every man 99.99% men looking to my girlfriend and constantly try to touch... to kya sab ke land kaatna pare ga hahaha... first day on vacation and she cry
A.K.A K’NAAN (4 months ago)
Usko mara nahi bc kyu Lekin
lucky lucky (4 months ago)
ye madharchod desh ki janta hee bhadvi hai or Indian bakchod se ummid bhi kya kia ja sakta h me hota to vahi maa chod Deta
Lala Thakur (4 months ago)
indians are worst people in the world bbc 2018
That Guy (4 months ago)
How can you not help the girl?? I would've gathered people and get his ass beaten
Hopeisalie sa (4 months ago)
why didnt you chime in
pinky singh (4 months ago)
Mazaa aarti gaya
Mohd Aleem (3 months ago)
pinky singh ji is me maza ki kya bat h ladki ko usi waqt Marna chahiye tha
Ahsu Bai (4 months ago)
Digital india 🤣

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