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We have seen men masturbating in public in Bus and Trains, now a man in Chinsurah city of Westbengal touching a kid with his D... and caught on camera. Make him famous untill he gets punished. #Video of viral virulence #Chinsurah #badtouch #westbengal Get all the latest buzz from the news world with Online India To watch more interesting videos subscribe our Channel…! About Online India: We are living in an era where information spreads with the speed of light. This led to crafting a space for all to propel the information of all that is happening and trending around, with a sense of responsibility. And thus came Online CG into existence. The portal is continuously evolving and pinning new milestones. The team Online CG has a strong sense of news selection and works 24*7 to bring the most recent and impactful reports from all over the web. The team strongly up holds canons of journalism and share common elements such as, truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability, serving the Nation without failing for a single moment. With special focus on Chhattisgarh, the portal covers every segment of the news realm to keep the readers updated and informed. Online CG highlights the spirit of Chhattisgarh with a fresh outlook on relevant matters that bugs the state. Get ready with critical reviews and fresh perspective on the current affairs and everything that matters Chhattisgarh and Nation. Find out more about Online CG: http://onlinecg.in Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Online_Indiaa
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Text Comments (716)
Fake People (8 hours ago)
Ladki khud enjoy kar rahi hai....
Mudasir Iqbal (20 hours ago)
Hang him
prince E (2 days ago)
Arrest that ugly perverted shit
Hariom Sharma (5 days ago)
U should slap this guy even u not and make a video... U should punished for this 😡😡😠
amogh mithbavkar (6 days ago)
That girl knows she is also enjoying now who to blame man or a girl
Himanshu sharma (10 days ago)
agar ye meri biwi ke saath aisa karaga to iski maa aur bheen dono ki iske samne chodonga.
Himanshu sharma (10 days ago)
woh to chut maar raha ha.
gedhex ganteng (12 days ago)
Franklin mama (13 days ago)
maro sale ko
Katrina Kaif Army (13 days ago)
I want to castrate his fuckin dick, creeper..... Madarchod k bache ghr pr bhi aise hi krta hoga suar ki aulaad sala 😈😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
desiRIDX (17 days ago)
if you stop this while making video you will be a hero but you lost it. 😈😈
Be Creative (17 days ago)
how the hell is he doing such kind of vulgar thing in the public in day light ? i mean what is wrong with him , he looks to be like having 10 children's and still he didn't get enough from his wife yet i mean seriously man are you out of your damn mind by doing such kind of things to the minor girls
Yadhava Krishna (20 days ago)
Must kill that fucker
Keshav Sharma (20 days ago)
ye video up saharanpur me ghughal ke mele ki h
Rupali Khasanis (20 days ago)
अश्लील चाळे करण्यारांना चोप दिला पाहिजे
Sharan Kumar (23 days ago)
Cut his lund😤
Babasikandra Baabaa (25 days ago)
Ek azeeb baat hai,, log kutte aur kuttiya video dekhte v hai or maze v lete hai or fir video banane wale ko hi dos de rhe gaaliya v de rhe hai 🤔
Babasikandra Baabaa (25 days ago)
saif khan (27 days ago)
Ek baar Humko Mil Jao bhosdi Ki Tum
saif khan (27 days ago)
Kaise kaise log hai madarchod Duniya Mein
white star (27 days ago)
He is a very bold person. He is a very good person. The person who had shot this video should be punished at first.
Morpheus x (27 days ago)
Poor Guy .
Hue Hue (29 days ago)
Good thing he was not Muslim. He would have raped the entire festival and then blow himself up.
Hue Hue (29 days ago)
It looks like the old woman offered her ass instead, but it was too used and damage so the man refused.
jsingh jaswinder singh (14 days ago)
hahaha yes
Tech Asad (20 days ago)
Hatim Quilon (1 month ago)
Fuck your fucking India...your country is fucking cheap and you all should die of shame and your balls should be cut off and fed to your family members and fuck India cause India is a bitch...yeah mother India cause British fucked it
Md Barkat (1 month ago)
munna munna (1 month ago)
Punishment for him is we have to do the same thing with his family ladies..then he will regret what he done
SANDEEP Kumar (1 month ago)
is admi ka to face bhi dikh rhe h police walo na kuch kiya k nhi iske khujli ka illaz
kundan vede (1 month ago)
Ye video Latur ka hai
Qasim Zaidi (1 month ago)
maar dalo bhenchod ko
orbachin odure (1 month ago)
Atul Nayak (1 month ago)
Bastard boy should be beaten up by the public. Gentlemen should take immediate action if they catch any dirty bastard red handed. I would do the same.
Bhavin OfficialTV (1 month ago)
If i was there i would punched him very hard on his face ✌️
Bhavin OfficialTV (1 month ago)
+AZA'MA'AL YAH-SHA-AHLA i guess you are right🤔👍👌
AZA'MA'AL YAH-SHA-AHLA (1 month ago)
Now hold on...that girl liked it..even the Mother let him keep on getting it.... Then the Mother moved her daughter out the way so she can get some... Now let's me fair....about this situation that guy have a solid case. ...
donvidya (1 month ago)
deepak dk (1 month ago)
Pitesh Bhanushali (1 month ago)
Lagging Sicked (1 month ago)
this is just bullshit man u were recording it rather than fkin the shit off that man's face shame on u bitch
NiTiN 08 (1 month ago)
U want us to do justice , same on u coz u can have just killed that man immediately without any hesitation...
Live (1 month ago)
sick motherfucker
R.G.B Ramju (1 month ago)
Tum bhi ase hi ho marna tha Sale ko
dejavu TV (1 month ago)
s he doing squats? lol old dude style
Yunus Hukkeri (1 month ago)
Video Bananewala Bhi Bewakoof hai jo Bina kuch kiye shoot Karta raha.
Ye video adyal ka hai kya
vivek (2 months ago)
This person who's taking this video is not a human being. He should have trashed him then and there for this kind of behaviour, rather than taking video and uploading it..
cheypur vishwanath (2 months ago)
chor mackeloude tere bahano koo chodu
Richard Culshaw (2 months ago)
This guy ad a choice between kicking the guy's ass, doing the right thing vs make a video and get million views in youtube.. Sure he took his shot and Made the video..
جبال الاوراس (2 months ago)
خيري يانا وراهي عاجبتها ههههههه لاحركة ولاحس
evil demon (2 months ago)
jisne video banaya usko pahle pito.👿
Prabhakar Mistari (2 months ago)
gand touching
michael jhon (2 months ago)
Pareltje Lief (2 months ago)
I saw in India every man 99.99% men looking to my girlfriend and constantly try to touch... to kya sab ke land kaatna pare ga hahaha... first day on vacation and she cry
CHILLUMINATTI 666 (2 months ago)
Usko mara nahi bc kyu Lekin
irphan ali (2 months ago)
ye madharchod desh ki janta hee bhadvi hai or Indian bakchod se ummid bhi kya kia ja sakta h me hota to vahi maa chod Deta
Lala Thakur (2 months ago)
indians are worst people in the world bbc 2018
That Guy (2 months ago)
How can you not help the girl?? I would've gathered people and get his ass beaten
Hopeisalie sa (2 months ago)
why didnt you chime in
pinky singh (2 months ago)
Mazaa aarti gaya
Mohd Aleem (28 days ago)
pinky singh ji is me maza ki kya bat h ladki ko usi waqt Marna chahiye tha
Ahsu Bai (2 months ago)
Digital india 🤣
Sunil Ipe (2 months ago)
He is gigantic and so no complaints! [email protected][email protected]@@
Maari Selvan (2 months ago)
Arch Tasting (2 months ago)
Damn shame!
Farhan Masood Khan (2 months ago)
Real face of india
Samiran Haldar (2 months ago)
fucking rascal!
Umesh Umesh (2 months ago)
Kaash main waha hota sale ka chamdi utar deta👿👿👿👿
Kanu Supokar (2 months ago)
Very bed
bobikrishnan (2 months ago)
Mattupetty jacky machan
Sriram N (2 months ago)
Burn that bastard alive
AKHIL SATHYAN (2 months ago)
I think he is a motherfucker!!!!
Shadab (2 months ago)
Lmao 😂😂
Riaz Raza (2 months ago)
That dumb woman can't feel that man rubbing against her ass I think she is loving it 😃
john's father (3 months ago)
Aaye haaye re madrchodo.. Apni beti ki umar ko ladki k sath mischief. .or chutiye video bana m bhosdi k tu v to maja he le raha hi.. Wo madrchod hi to tum v madrchod ka bacha.
Jo video le rha tha he knew that ,,,this one is more sad then he does 😞😞
Unknown User (3 months ago)
She allowed her self to do it guess she likes it
Dc Batool (3 months ago)
Had h vedio bnaa agr ho agr Teri bhn huti phir ?? Just imagine blky tum imagine bhi Ni kr paogay !
Vaibhav Savanur (3 months ago)
Aalien Singson (3 months ago)
I would have bash him if I was der....
SHARATH ML (3 months ago)
Sole maga
Dirty scum bag
Zuhaib Qazi (3 months ago)
Bc garh mai apni beti k saath v aisa ee karta hoga
Kya beta apni hi beti ko kiya jaa re madherchod tu to apni ma ko chod ke paida hua hai
CH NAGARJUNA (3 months ago)
Just fuck that man abusing a girl
Fun Nation (3 months ago)
Ho shame😱
Indian singh (3 months ago)
Fuckinh retarded
united power (3 months ago)
Fuck the gaand of this bastard oldy
ये मुरादाबाद की Video है
Arman Malik (3 months ago)
Vo jisk sath harqat kar raha hai uski beti ki age ki hai
Jitendar Kumar (3 months ago)
Jitenthar Kumar
Gurpreet 777 (3 months ago)
chup nahi enjoy kr rahi hmm jwan hmm .
Varun kumar (3 months ago)
That girl enjoyed it too??
The Hemant Babel (3 months ago)
Jaan se maarne kaa. Koi bhagwan allah god bakwaas nahi hota. Thokne kaa.
Kittu Studio (3 months ago)
saala gussa to bahut aaya eispar magar na jaaney khada sa bhi ho gaya...
Kittu Studio (3 months ago)
kya pata eis aadmi ka mann jhulne ka karr raha ho bahut zyada eisliye is lady ko hatakar jhulna chahta ho.....hamesha aadmi ka kasoor nahi hota...
Champuk Bhosle (3 months ago)
Damini Kaur (4 months ago)
Thevadiyaaa piyaaan Suthu nakki lavadaaaa kuuuthi ooootha lavadaaa kedi pundaaa moooven
Skp Singh (4 months ago)
Mujhe bhi touch karo please
Vikram Ksyp (4 months ago)
Mhare idhar toh saale ne bhaga bhaga k marde
Gabriel Humanity (4 months ago)
It’s good that he shot the whole story. It will make people understand how some people can be creepy. And pretty sure, that guy in the video, must be rotting.
The Chubby Brown Bear (4 months ago)
Why didn't the camera person slap this sick dirty bastard ? These wankers should be killed !
War Mafia (4 months ago)
And no one fucked up that bastard!! Garbage.
Sudair Alam Khan (4 months ago)
oooooooooooooooooooooooh indian larki kuch nai kah rahi wah
OriginalMindTrick (4 months ago)
Thirsty as phuck.
Alpha Kill (4 months ago)
Tharki bc

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