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$10 short time room? really?

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a 350B short time room near cowboy street For 2 hours It is a very nice bargin. Thank you for watching my channel. Please subscribe and like it so i can do more videos.
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super room thai girl
MrAlvatroz (11 days ago)
Can you find them in Phuke too?
F Mangon (1 month ago)
Ultimamente cercavo a pattaya un simile hotel a ore e non sono riuscito a trovarlo,anche offrendo 1000 Battiato x una notte intera in completo anonimato,ufficialmente ero in un5 stelle.Ma di Henry cosa stiamo parlando.Il pulitissimo dilaga a scapito della libertà.Lo chiamano turismo di sesso,i diritti valgono x tutti,bigotti a parte.
Mark Jason (1 month ago)
ThaiFun why are u arguing with your mother for? She clearly said it's short time only for boom boom 🤣🤣🤣
Stane Hering (2 months ago)
Good price if it is not dirty, because many times happened that kind of short time rooms were very dirty. I much more prefer to take lady to my apartment. Enjoy.
Ian wallace (2 months ago)
What do you want for 350thb the Hilton?
Husain Rangoonwala (3 months ago)
Awesome video more video on beach road
dtpc3 (3 months ago)
Show the fucking room a little slower. Stop interrupting and speak slowly. Couldn't understand a God damn thing with you two idiots talking over each other. Fucking douchebag.
pantslizard (3 months ago)
I keep hearing how Good and how Cheap Dental services are in Thailand...and yet... :>/
Gary (9 days ago)
Deep cleaning in bkk I paid only 1000baht will be back soon for another cleaning.
pencil machine operator (3 months ago)
Hey Thaifuns can i give you $10 to destroy your buttocks? I promise I will be gentle, at first.
Bernie Strumble (3 months ago)
Speak slowly and be patient so they can understand your English and respond appropriately. If you do not rush them with your questions, they will be more able to take their time to answer any of your questions.
M. P. (3 months ago)
ThaiFuns appreciate your work...informative and helpful to newbie like my self
M. P. (3 months ago)
pencil machine operator feel free to make your own video aint no body forcing you to watch pencil brain.
Bernie Strumble (3 months ago)
@ThaiFuns Good work by the way. I still appreciate it.
pencil machine operator (3 months ago)
@ThaiFuns you can't even speak English properly are you a farmer from China?
ThaiFuns (3 months ago)
Pawan Kalyan (3 months ago)
Super bro keep going
Sandra Herrera (2 months ago)
ThaiFuns (3 months ago)

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