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How to Get Hugs from Hot Girls

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Text Comments (2917)
you're ugly (1 hour ago)
Now have a girl do this and the internet would shit themselves
Emmanuel Wilson (8 hours ago)
What's the fuck?, fooling?
Odin Hansen Skaugerud (10 hours ago)
Come to norway
Tamela Martin (12 hours ago)
Bet half of those girls posted on their snap look at my new boyfriend
HATE NIGGERS (20 hours ago)
your arm must have been tired
Clorox Bleach (20 hours ago)
If I was him I will get a boner the second a girl hugs me
GalaxyDogz4Life (1 day ago)
Wth I just realized he had no belly button..
Jim H (1 day ago)
Those dogs are so full of shit.
Anthony Noah (1 day ago)
Wow that was wierd when you took of your shirt
Worshiper Of God (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for fat people.
Jacobben10 (1 day ago)
All girls
Jacobben10 (1 day ago)
xwilfred x (1 day ago)
this is how u get bitches
What the heaal
3 Ahmads (3 days ago)
i hope i get a lot kiss from hot girls
ZeRf Giraffe (3 days ago)
Next Vid Idea Free Boyfriend Like If You Agree
Ashlyn grace (3 days ago)
Dem gold diggers 😂
Coral Sarfaty (3 days ago)
You look like superman
Gaming With Saiya (4 days ago)
OMG 2:29 (Those sad girls, Only like him for how he looks...)
Fox Kit (4 days ago)
I should do this maybe
Putu Henry (4 days ago)
ʨҲίς Jason (4 days ago)
0:03 3:43 trippe
Caitlin Brady (4 days ago)
Stereotype is too real
Johnandrey Germanes (4 days ago)
Haha i can do that???
xxXRAINBOW QUEEN xxX (6 days ago)
You so lucky! i want hugs from hot guys!
John Doe (6 days ago)
Your awesome corner McGregor.....oops
swegry (6 days ago)
Tanner Brim99 (6 days ago)
Heesss sooooooo desperate
ben (6 days ago)
honestly pointless
OMGITSDBOMB !!! (7 days ago)
So many thots
Skunksik Pogromca (7 days ago)
Bez sensu
Kobra Elite (7 days ago)
Dude only shows of his abs prolly cheated on his girlfriend
Lee Everett (7 days ago)
Great now to move into the gym
BLAKE RILEY (7 days ago)
Dude I wish I had abs like you
Jack Carlos (7 days ago)
2:49 anyone saw that man with the orange shirt?? LOL
Jason Johnson (7 days ago)
Six pack digger
Discovering Parallel (7 days ago)
Free Punch next time. Fecking vagina!
Süleyman s. (7 days ago)
How can I get a body like that 🤔
John Doe (6 days ago)
My bad Snoop.
Süleyman s. (6 days ago)
+John Doe XD u noob
John Doe (6 days ago)
Süleyman s. Photo editor...lol
He got more girls than i have in my lifetime.
Unicorn Girl (8 days ago)
When u rwmove your shirt 👚 my reaction:🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
STIANSEN2004 (8 days ago)
Bye Going to the Gym now cya
Pizzanium (8 days ago)
Im.sure peopkr hold their breath cause ur armpit must be smelly its must be hot there
Biraj Niraula (9 days ago)
Man!!you get all the ladies i wish i had that body i m gonna workout and have that one day lobe ur vids❤❤
Prestige Ware (9 days ago)
It’s so sad that so much girls just look out for his body
Omari Clark (9 days ago)
lucky him
Nightbot ! (9 days ago)
Girls ARE stupid
Plamen 21 Stanislavov (9 days ago)
This is sad :(
Ezaan Tang (9 days ago)
Lesson learned: muscles attracts gurl
Zae Rosario (9 days ago)
omg what im going to do that on my girl
alfre :D (9 days ago)
He is a nice guy but I gotta say this... lucky bastard
harry ward (9 days ago)
He just shows off
Khupgin Ngaihte (10 days ago)
2018 MEN
accuratepull 762 (10 days ago)
All the single ladies
Nuno Santos (11 days ago)
How to Get Hugs from Putas, quem é pt vai entender....
Mahdi Hassan (11 days ago)
jast aah wow
Darksyadow Blue (12 days ago)
i got abs and 💪 but no one want to hug me even my pet.
Elif Karakurt (12 days ago)
Brother Community
Hadar Balanga (14 days ago)
So all i have to do is take my shirt off😂
Kamoria Pighee (14 days ago)
Honestly I like him better with the gasses on he's just so cute
levi SGP (14 days ago)
Bahaha that funny
kaylum marie (14 days ago)
Fan girls
Vegetable Chikin (15 days ago)
Aka hit the gym for a year and get shredded
Jemeel Agoro (15 days ago)
2:27 made me laugh 😂😂😂
vivek kumar (16 days ago)
David . K (17 days ago)
there was only Girls without shirt. Ok that would be g
Yoshirou (18 days ago)
the bloody fox (18 days ago)
Holy geesus xD
KoRupTed Playz (19 days ago)
Gold diggers
WHEREtheFUNK (20 days ago)
This is kind of stupid
Jesus Moreno (20 days ago)
Im starting to think connor is a douche bag
bala bala (21 days ago)
Wtf on going
Uchiha Madara (21 days ago)
Even though its weird to take your shirt off all the time ,connor gave me the motivation i needed to go and train hard!
Edison Baenziger (21 days ago)
Power of the six pack
Gurpreet Singh (23 days ago)
Bitch z
PlayStationSavage (24 days ago)
He’s a chick magnet.
Are you on Bourbon street
Random guy (27 days ago)
Call them what ever you want They are pigs no matter what
lexton lim (27 days ago)
Should do it again 😂😂
Muscle SB (28 days ago)
Superior genetics
sohni kuri (29 days ago)
Make another part
FamousToy (29 days ago)
Girls always will be whores
Bilal Bingül (30 days ago)
Lan ananı avradını biri beni buraya götürsün
Bilal Bingül (30 days ago)
Oruspu çocu ya bütün kızlara sarıldı aq
Enes Cörüt (30 days ago)
2.27 helall bee turkish man who says 😂😂😂
Justin Marcelo (1 month ago)
Theyre not hot...theyre just horny 😑
jon rise of aesthetics (1 month ago)
haha all from dudes at the first lol haha
Zck ! (1 month ago)
I want to see you do this in russia lol
Guy who loves puns (1 month ago)
Such -gold- muscles digger
Bui Truong Son (1 month ago)
Do you feel shy when showing off your body in public?
sasch -o-mat (1 month ago)
damn, there are so many bitches in this town 😅
Rozee Sanchez (1 month ago)
This is oddly funny
Rinn Azrin (1 month ago)
no shortcut work for it. Workout make you famous 👍👍👍
taorojer jr (1 month ago)
I gonna workout too
Anaroch (1 month ago)
Shows you that looks is all some people can wrap there heads around. Pretty girls catch my eye but when I meet one with a great personality and similar interests I enjoy myself much more.
nut (1 month ago)
Sonny Iskandar (1 month ago)
2:48 lol
FunWithRy (1 month ago)
Pangom Pig (1 month ago)
I have 6 pack
megaman2mdn2k2k (1 month ago)
Dude you should get a robot mask and go into to a store and yell LOOK AT MAH MUSCLES YAHAHYYY

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