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How to Get Hugs from Hot Girls

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Text Comments (2997)
Ruben Elviro (2 days ago)
It's ridiculous, cause the girls like only a guy with muscles, and not look inside, is not suposte be like that, but I like the mensseger your want show the people
Hruai Zela (5 days ago)
Conor that was asome
Harsh Raj (11 days ago)
I tried the same but you know when i was half naked i got even less.😞 , Hit like if you are willing to hug my family pack.
Khelo Swu (15 days ago)
You are such an amazing inspiration buddy... Keep up 💪👍
Unstoppable MEMES (19 days ago)
Rosette soucrette (22 days ago)
Whate??????? I speak Fench
Joseph Rilloraza (23 days ago)
Funny disappeared the girl
Fabiola Morales (23 days ago)
Bonny Stevanus (25 days ago)
maako alsam (27 days ago)
2:21 connor and that girl looks like they were ment to be together.
shammi fitness fitness (27 days ago)
Which country is this sir
Fathur Rachman (28 days ago)
Where is your shame ?
Chesca Misa (1 month ago)
This guy lit
Chris Fifield (1 month ago)
The dude is a little too full of himself...fuckin stupid videos.
Tom Gurung (1 month ago)
This myan is crazy bro hats off to yOu 😊😊😂😂😂👏👏👍👍
dude in the background (1 month ago)
I look up to you
Benigno Moreno (1 month ago)
i love you
Ancap2112 (1 month ago)
You need to get a sign with a handle so you can keep your arms down, it makes your pecs look way bigger
Valery Matos (1 month ago)
Why are like most girls only like guys with abs and muscles WHY CANT YOU LOVE HIM FROM WHO HE IS!!😑😑😑😑😑
chrisisnothere (1 month ago)
phillinda #1 (1 month ago)
as soon as the shirt comes off, the hugs come
Iron Spiderman (1 month ago)
Now I'll do this whith my high school crush
resfan000 (1 month ago)
Akshay Thakur (1 month ago)
Hloo bro I am from India and I am your big fan 😘😊😊😊😊
Robin Tube (1 month ago)
If this dude were to get fat in one of his videos.I would be the first one to click in😂😂😂
Majd Shamia (1 month ago)
When it was shirt off all of the hugs was from gurka
Charis Anastasiou (1 month ago)
Keep it going stupid
Aland AK (1 month ago)
*T H O T*
Its_ IntegritY (1 month ago)
Do u srsly do this for a living
Gygaming gob (1 month ago)
Omg so much girls
Caca Poop (1 month ago)
Like tbh I only like a boy for his personality and not how they look well a little bit but still they only took pics with him because of his abs like that’s sad and mean
Joey James (1 month ago)
Hot girls??? Dude women are also humans .....everyone is beautiful so pls just be a little more respectful with ur titles
Melvinjesus Martinez (1 month ago)
so many girls bro chickboy!!!!!!
Berenice Cruz (1 month ago)
I have a 5 pack
christian lanzar (1 month ago)
3:35 .is she the one in the britain got talent?
Bob The Cop (1 month ago)
Ishaq Khokher (1 month ago)
Hey I am Ishaq Hassan from Pakistan. You are so nice 😍. I wanna to Skype you. please send me Your Skype ID or Twitter Account😊
Dtomper (1 month ago)
-Before taking off his shirt : 90% of hugs are from men and 10% of girls -after taking off his shirt : 100% of hugs are from girls
Adriano Pianesi (1 month ago)
NesaFashion Channel (1 month ago)
$$$$$$$$$ https://www.nesafashion.com/collections/womans
Rokosiano Sosefo (1 month ago)
Is he natty?
Travis Graham (1 month ago)
how much do you bench press i need to know
joven viña (1 month ago)
hahaha.. i love this
Androula Countourou (1 month ago)
Good idwa too take the shirt
Tiffany Rath (1 month ago)
Bibb bubble very good
lin let pyone (1 month ago)
i wud hug u ;-; i never got a hug not even 1
nimarama72 (1 month ago)
That was very cool..
Faizan Dalvi (1 month ago)
In my list 2 people are really admire whenever I go to gym one is Jeff seid and another is you . Allah Bless you both with good human being and great body.
Faizan Dalvi (1 month ago)
You are awesome bro. You really inspired me too work hard on gym.
Fluffkin Mod (1 month ago)
Where is that place?
MR. WEEKEND (1 month ago)
I got free kisses from Japan
Teshi Mansilla (2 months ago)
hermoso el físico esta en forma bien muy bien así no es un gordo chancho como mi primo pero bueno
Daniel Polenz (2 months ago)
I have a girlfriend because I’m cute and I’m good at class and Alethic, and my hair color is cute
Celia Mora (2 months ago)
Wow nice
Kuincy Coleman (2 months ago)
Workout motivation
Arnas Kalvinskas (2 months ago)
Girls just like muscles ._.
しみず (2 months ago)
Masculine guys are fascinated 🤣🤣
crazy boss5 (2 months ago)
At getting girls
crazy boss5 (2 months ago)
Connor is a god
Rari (2 months ago)
Connor the type of guy to never run out of ways to take off his shirt
tklebac spy (2 months ago)
Best Boy (2 months ago)
Lolololololollolol 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
mooon light (2 months ago)
shit. it's jealous af shooooooot
SSR Kapoor (2 months ago)
Hello dosto like and share please...... https://plus.google.com/104463798696617618357/posts/WGo3cjeRCf5
Danna (2 months ago)
Plot twist he has a tiny micro dick
Nine tail Naruto Uzumaki (2 months ago)
I wish that was me but it i'll never be me :'(
Tyshawn Davis (2 months ago)
Cool abbs bro u had to work hard for those
Gizmo Funion (2 months ago)
There was a man that walked by with several mistakes. Stolen valor
free fire (2 months ago)
In your mind there is only girl Man go and fuck all girl
Alban Strakosha (2 months ago)
Valeña Couzins (2 months ago)
Your so smart.wow😮😮😮
Mia Long (2 months ago)
Chase Spain (2 months ago)
Jack Playz (2 months ago)
Even if they had germs and they did not give you hugs in the beginning
Juliette Luna (2 months ago)
Dude I did this I only got 5 hugs with shirt on and then 30 with it off
Mr. E (2 months ago)
Poor Connor
【bitch】 (2 months ago)
Now have a girl do this and the internet would shit themselves
Emmanuel Wilson (2 months ago)
What's the fuck?, fooling?
Odin Hansen Skaugerud (2 months ago)
Come to norway
Tamela Martin (2 months ago)
Bet half of those girls posted on their snap look at my new boyfriend
bull bull (2 months ago)
Lol so true bro
friggen heggendarn (2 months ago)
your arm must have been tired
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
If I was him I will get a boner the second a girl hugs me
GalaxyDogz4Life (2 months ago)
Wth I just realized he had no belly button..
Jim H (2 months ago)
Those dogs are so full of shit.
Anthony Noah (2 months ago)
Wow that was wierd when you took of your shirt
Worshiper Of God (2 months ago)
I feel sorry for fat people.
Jacobben10 (2 months ago)
All girls
Jacobben10 (2 months ago)
xwilfred x (2 months ago)
this is how u get bitches
Puppy lover Girl (2 months ago)
What the heaal
3 Ahmads (2 months ago)
i hope i get a lot kiss from hot girls
DeFi (2 months ago)
Next Vid Idea Free Boyfriend Like If You Agree
Pa Lin (2 months ago)
Dem gold diggers 😂
Gaming With Saiya (2 months ago)
OMG 2:29 (Those sad girls, Only like him for how he looks...)
Born2Fox Fox (2 months ago)
I should do this maybe
Putu Henry (2 months ago)
ʨҲίς Jason (2 months ago)
0:03 3:43 trippe

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