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Actors Hollywood Won't Cast In 2018

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift It's hard to pinpoint which unknown actors today will become international superstars tomorrow, but it gets a little easier to predict which current stars might fall off the map. Whether it's a household name struggling to land the next big hit or an iconic star tarnished by controversy, here's a list of actors Hollywood likely won't cast in 2018... Gerard Butler | 0:21 Tyrese Gibson | 0:58 Katherine Heigl | 2:01 Cara Delevingne | 2:54 Bella Thorne | 3:29 Next level | 4:15 Read more here → http://www.nickiswift.com/96215/actors-hollywood-wont-cast-2018/ Celeb Struggles https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa Celebrities Who Stood Up To Nasty Fans https://youtu.be/faZfuJlpKXk?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa On-Screen Chemistry That Made Our Skin Crawl https://youtu.be/ctngdOkEXK4?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa Celebrities Who've Been Publicly Fat Shamed https://youtu.be/g3NFzyfM2SM?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa The Most Uncomfortable Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever https://youtu.be/-30jS47gqtQ?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa Keanu Reeves' Tragic Real-Life Story https://youtu.be/Z-VvzeGTkfk?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa Drunk Moments That Will Haunt These Celebs Forever https://youtu.be/gA88ipNpxrk?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGIgIQQaKYC9pCbgCcxCEqa Website → http://www.nickiswift.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Plenty of entertainment brands tackle Hollywood, but Nicki Swift stands apart in style and smarts. Spending time with us is like hanging out with friends who keeps the conversation clever, quick, and classy. We dish out the good stuff on all your favorite celebs, add expert analysis, then move on to the next hot topic, all without breaking a sweat.
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Text Comments (1629)
Nicki Swift (11 months ago)
What actors do you want to see even more of in 2018?
Stephany Fofano no not Selena Gomez. Why?
Lilas Al Rabbat (2 months ago)
Nicki Swift I just noticed no one mentioned Jennifer Lawerence and I think they are all right. Feel like she will be on the list of actors mentioned in your clip by 2019. An assumption I guess
Cassady Wallace (3 months ago)
emma watson
Peter Johnson (3 months ago)
Bridget Clutten (4 months ago)
Cara Delevingne absolutely! Love her, love her acting.
Kai Anderson (6 hours ago)
They are not good actors anyway
antwinettec (15 days ago)
Noooo, not Jeremy!!
zachos2 (18 days ago)
I’m glad Heigl is failing, hopefully she’s bagging groceries before long
Red Lantern's Rage (19 days ago)
Gerard Butler is a good actor, I liked Olympus/London Has Fallen, I honestly don't give a flying frakk about most movies or shows dealing with terrorism but I dig what they did with those movies cus it's an unnamed organization and the tension and action is off the charts.....London has Fallen was frakking nuts, danger at every turn, it kinda upstaged the current Bond movies LMAO how sad is that?? Gerard Butler for james Bond after Dan Craig is done, who's with me??? I liked the has fallen movies cus they remind me of what action movies should be....
VaaR (22 days ago)
Katherine landed in Suits. Pretty good if you ask me
Manali Yelve (24 days ago)
I don't know why but this is simply mean...
Alyssa Rose (24 days ago)
I find Cara so unattractive.
Fast and the furious needs to end anyway. Plus screw ol boy. He's scared of Dewayne anyway, but I will add Johnson isn't fit for the series anymore. I guess you could say the same about Diesel
MrTokedo (29 days ago)
I like Gerard and thought he did great in that movie law abiding citizen.
Wayland Lee (29 days ago)
You forgot to mention Lindsay Lohan.
bremenfan29 (29 days ago)
Tyrese Gibson needs to go see a therapist.
Jacqueline Fink (29 days ago)
These are all losers.
Hayden Peeperkoorn (1 month ago)
Machine gun preacher was an amazing film
Hulkerine100 (1 month ago)
+Nicki Swift Cara did NOT star is Suicide Squad, that's Margot Robbie the Australian actress.
BlackBullRising (1 month ago)
Yet Gerard Butler is headlining another action movie in '18.
J a e (1 month ago)
Okay am I the only one who actually really enjoyed Valerian ?
Racer X (1 month ago)
I think Clara's eyes and smile are beautiful.....(sarcasm).....but then again, I picked my ex and she turned out to be a poisonous serpent. What do I know....
Spas Dimitrov (1 month ago)
100% the koments hier Cara delavingne. I like her ! Love vrom BULGARIA
Sami Tynninen (2 months ago)
Kim Cardashian is my favourite comeback story.
Chica Chu (2 months ago)
Lol when you have to reuse content, and then not even bother to use new actors smh
Wanderling D (2 months ago)
Gerard's issue isn't his acting it's the poorly written movies he's been in. Pick better movies dude! As for Tyreese I think he needs to stop his ranting but I agree the Rock has become to big in the Fast and Furious franchise. I used to love those movies but that franchise should belong to Vin, and Paul (rip) Michelle and the rest of the gang from the first couple. I can't stand the Rock in those movies, a cameo here and there ok no prob. But his expanded presence in the franchise has made them to cartoonish for me to enjoy. I could deal with the addition of Jason and Helen but the Rock .. . to much of a cheeseball. I liked him in Jumanjii but I wish they would diminish his presence in the Fast and Furious movies. Who did Cara play in suicide squad? I thought that was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. And the Olsen twin's little sis as enchantress.
Lexi Lovato (2 months ago)
I actually agree with the judgement thing. An actuation is an actuation untill it's been officially proven
Anthony Schell (2 months ago)
Gerard Butler is fine. It doesn’t matter what they make in the us, his movies make tons of money overseas
florida girl (2 months ago)
I knew cara sucked when everyone loved her. They keep trying to push these average and typical white girls. Shit is played out. Show something different
emil engen (2 months ago)
Gerard has already been cast by Hollywood in 2018.
viceb7 (2 months ago)
I never understood why anyone tolerated Jeremy Piven he was always a douche
Luis Garcia (2 months ago)
Nicki channel it's a trash talker channel
Revelian1982 (2 months ago)
I've not seen Paul Walker in much recently.
OUTLAW (2 months ago)
Valerian was actually a good movie imho.
John B (2 months ago)
This is disgraceful, assassinating peoples careers by putting it out there that their finished, by dressing it up as youtube entertainment so you low life's can make a dishonest buck, get a proper job you poor excuse for humans. OK maybe a few are already finished like Kevin but still, no pressies for you guys from Santa this xmas.
Marko Apostolovic (2 months ago)
Kevin Spacey is has one and currently working on a second film so there you go. HA. He might be a menace to society but he is a fantastic actor and you all know it!
Norbert Korzus (2 months ago)
This shows this channel knows nothing. Some of the movies called flops here were actually considered successful on the international market and some of the actors that wont be cast in 2018 have been cast in 2018
Steve Pruett (2 months ago)
For those who have inadvertently escaped that snake pit of pedophiles and Satan worshippers, I say good for you. try to do something productive with your lives.
veerchasm1 (2 months ago)
Bow down before the one you serve, you’re gonna get what you deserve
EuroFight 38 (2 months ago)
Bella thorne should be the beaty standard instead of the fakeashians... shes NATURALLY beautiful
Lisa Ellis (2 months ago)
Crack head Deveign.
Sarah Paulson (3 months ago)
Bella Thorne was cast as the lead in 5 movie just in 2018
Peter Johnson (3 months ago)
none, they see enough of themselves already
anne smit (3 months ago)
Geostorm was actually a really good movie. It is very underrated
Rahma Hazar Belaloui (3 months ago)
When will people realize that aCara Delevigne CANT ACTTT
Peter Johnson (3 months ago)
who cares
Abdul Khan (3 months ago)
Gibson for green lantern
dermor18 (3 months ago)
All Cara Delevingne movies flop
Gerina Hammock (3 months ago)
Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ It’s unfair that people have their careers taken away and get loads of criticism based on mere accusations that aren’t necessarily true. There is no evidence against these people but still they lose everything based on an accusation.
magesticmaniacc (3 months ago)
Not all allegations r same. Harvey wienstein, Kevin spacey, bill cosby. These guys deserved to have thr carriers ruined. Rest didnt. Atleast not until proven guilty.
Nevelnachos Theory (3 months ago)
It’s Simple Who They Wont Cast And That’s New Disney Child Actors :D
Joshua Day (3 months ago)
Butler is already casted for Den of Thieves 2..... sooooo.... youre dumb?
Jockstrap Dave (3 months ago)
Heigl has now been cast in suits. She could be making her way back. Probably not.
Mudig (3 months ago)
in what universe was bella thorne ever considered to become the leading lady in hollywood? Let's be honest here: she has a shitty attitude, doesn't have a good work ethic, and is a mediocre actor.
fanofpink (3 months ago)
Cara sucks I saw the the city of thousand planet movie and she was terrible in it!!!! Heck the movie was terrible!!!!
Tracey Edwards (3 months ago)
I'm calling bullshit on Dustin Hoffman. No way.
osiris Blanche (3 months ago)
Wait. Apart from the sexual allegations - how are the rest, any of the Actors fault?
OT5 5Hstan (3 months ago)
Cara Delevingne 😍😍😍 Should quit acting and start make music.👍👈❤
OT5 5Hstan (3 months ago)
Valerian is so underrated 😭
Dannycen Ann Maturan (3 months ago)
I actually loved London has Fallen. And I watched Olympus Has Fallen for like, a hundred times. Just an opinion
Laurence Clifford (3 months ago)
What does Gerard James Butler do anyway? Ive never seen a movie with da Rock however Dwayne & Tyrese look like a great dramatic actors Bwhahaha! Heigl is always on these lists you’ve really got to get over it she’s a feminist no drama there. Delevingne n Smith together in a movie -sound like a disaster. And seriously what does Orlando Boom do? Bella who? Kit Harington is kinda ugly (I’m no oil painting just saying) All the allegation of sexual assault tacked on the end -soo lazy should have been a seperate list; actually it is, i’ve seen it.
Ella McEuen (3 months ago)
no don't trash my man like this I love Gerard. he's just a lil angel.
I only eat Brains, Dummy (3 months ago)
I hope Tyrese doesn't get cast any year to come!
polite critique (3 months ago)
Shit shows like Supergirl has shit cast who worship Antichrist Israeli cults or screw paedo Zionist producers to keep there shit shows on air so that's why good shows like firefly get cancelled instead.
Kerryann Turner (3 months ago)
Katherine Heigl is going to be in Suits this year....I think 😏
Pandas are cool (3 months ago)
Gerard Butler has movies in 2018 and 2019. So does Cara delevinge Katherine Heigl has a TV series in 2018 called suits Bella Thorne has more than 5 projects coming in 2018 Your channel really doesn't do it's research and knows nothing. Give up.
TheTruth (3 months ago)
#uck Cara Delavigne and Jaden
Cabal Paxiarch (3 months ago)
"Gerard Butler isn't the leading man the industry once imagined." Yeah, no kidding, it's called turning 48. His leading hunk days are over. This industry can forgive a lot of things, drugs, public meltdowns, vehicular manslaughter, child rape, but turning 50 is not one of them.
0OIl (3 months ago)
I didn't even know Amityville Horror film came out! I'm talking about the one with Bella Thorne. I waited and waited for that film and never heard anything except it had been shelved. Now i hear it came out and made $700. I never saw any announcements anywhere. No ads. I think that's why it made nothing. You have to tell people the film is showing!
Vince Fontaine (4 months ago)
How can you call that freak Carla thing a star
Wade Carmen (4 months ago)
Why do we need anymore damned Fast/Furious films?
Chris Ryan (4 months ago)
Cara Delavigne is a man. Just another Hollywood transgender.
Chris Ryan (4 months ago)
Law Abiding Citizen is good
ThisGuy Here (4 months ago)
Kevin Spacey rapes young men, and then he decides to come out as a gay man?! Holy crap!
Jimmy Jamm (4 months ago)
Hollywood is a fraud and is not what you think it is . When it’s all said and done people will see the horrible reality of what they really are this is nazi level bullshit 😈
Crimsonfang (4 months ago)
Movies make the actor, not the other way around. Sometimes mediocre actors get lucky and land multiple roles in great movies and become an in demand commodity as a result. Other times, great actors are in a string of shitty movies(through no fault of their own) and are cast out as a result.
Siobhan Pryde (4 months ago)
This is so bad...
MJangel 11 (4 months ago)
Okay I waited SOO LONG for Amityville to come out just so I could see Cameron Monaghan in a movie and they didn't release it ANYWHERE! Do you know how many people would have seen that movie if they released it in more theaters?! That isn't the actors faults. The movie was actually pretty good.
UWCB (4 months ago)
Jeremy Piven, next to Billy Corgan, the most hated man in Chicago.
saiph (4 months ago)
Lool get your facts straight Bella is so big rn & she’s got her own brand & still acting so uno
Jon Klein (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the news is taking Hollywood as lightning so all this thunder getting us all a little dramatic so now we can all steal each others wonder.
Jon Klein (4 months ago)
I know we all actors up in heayuh struggling to land their next big shitake mushroom cloud through the moon.
kat211123 (4 months ago)
In fairness to Katherine Heigl, an actress I don't generally care for, Knocked Up was sexist, and did portray women that way.
BangingMash (4 months ago)
Cara Delevinge should just transition to porn. She'd make a fortune.
Standard 43 (4 months ago)
back away man, that's my future wife you're talking about.
Bruce Wayne (4 months ago)
Is it me or does Carla Delevingne look sometimes hot and sometimes ugly
Bruce Wayne (4 months ago)
Standard 43 its just sometimes her facial expressions make her look ugly but overall she is a pretty women
Standard 43 (4 months ago)
back away man, that's my future wife you're talking about.
Missy Cabic (4 months ago)
How is Cara Delevine a model? She looks like a pissed off old man.
Standard 43 (4 months ago)
back away man, that's my future wife you're talking about.
Mortifix (4 months ago)
Lol I love how with Bella Thorne they show an instagram photo of her looking hot then the next shot a video were she looks like crap. Photoshop much?
Brian Daleske (4 months ago)
Now maybe in a few years these actors stars & actresses stars might have a comeback at their chances to act in other movies, and to add play roles in t.v. show series, and also to add web-network stations shows series; That are on such networks like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu as well too.
Brandon Feldbauer (4 months ago)
Nicki Swift, you'd do well to heed Jeremy Piven's words. Arrogance is not productive either.
mick mills (5 months ago)
67 people rated a buttlers move bad on rotten tomattoes its a joke noone should give a shit what rottten tomatoes has to say they are payed to put reviews on thte site so not worth the trouble of looking on it. It Boggles my mind how a site that has very few people rating movies on it is the standard when people talk about flops and blockbusters with less then 100 reviews for the movie the news calls it crap well guess what those of us with half a brain watch it and judge for ourselfs we dont care what a fake site has to say about itt.
Ishan Agarwal (5 months ago)
Cara Delevingne?? Really?? She is amazing and will definitely going to get some great movie in 2018.
morris west (5 months ago)
God damn she is ugly
Ninon Barbier (5 months ago)
drum effect wish plan operating ice representative surgeon
E (5 months ago)
I would be ok with seeing each actor ONCE. That's it. I don't need to see the same actors over and over again in movie after movie. There are soooooooooo many "actors" and "actresses" out there that acting once in a movie and moving on to pursue other things would give a change to many other people to act and there would none of that "celebrity" crap.
Names Regine (5 months ago)
Cara has 3 movies in 2018?
Matt Dougherty (5 months ago)
Catherine will do well on suits!
Captain Freedom (5 months ago)
You mean to tell me that ugly foreign dykes with huge eyebrows who can’t speak English aren’t a hit at the box office?
jennifer stewart (5 months ago)
The rock did a DISGUSTING SKIT ON SNL ABOUT A CHILD MOLESTING ROBOT! WHY IS HE STILL GIVEN AIRTIME? he should be locked away I hope CPS has checked on his kids
Voidwalker studios (5 months ago)
im gonna say this now, fuck jaden smith
Jimmy is Promo (5 months ago)
Now you can add Rosanne
2005deluxe (5 months ago)
Seems like a mean and horrible subject, and can only make these people’s problems worse.
floex831 (5 months ago)
Love me some Bella Thorne.
Wijaya NKS (5 months ago)
Delavigne was just lucky
snarkus63 (5 months ago)
Dammit,Bella....why did you do an Adam Sandler movie?! That guy's cinematic smallpox!!!

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