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Funny Babies and Grandpa Moments Compilation 2018

6662 ratings | 1033755 views
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Text Comments (195)
KIM YOUNG (4 hours ago)
Awww babies are the best!!! ❤️
Holy Shit (4 days ago)
2:37 I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂
web2baba (8 days ago)
Nice...US should embrace joint family culture
Vignesh loves Chennai (10 days ago)
Grandpa's also child 🤣✌️
Rb Smith (10 days ago)
Avdia Avrumutoae (10 days ago)
At oment '4:9 the little girl managed to take the teeths from the mouth of her granpa.
Yup Yup (12 days ago)
If someone recorded you while you watched baby videos, puppy videos or cat videos how ridiculous do you think your face would look? Lol asking for a friend.
Mayank Singh (13 days ago)
There's is my grandfather fucking piece of shit ..,. Wants to kill me
weshareto (13 days ago)
No wonder why some kids come out stupid it's all because of the retarded disgusting pieces of garbage parents
fajar adi Pradana (17 days ago)
Imagine how sad an old man without these little rascals.
Roye crist (17 days ago)
At 6:08 arnold schwarzenegger
Faustyna Faustyna (26 days ago)
Te dzieci daja tyle radosci😀
Faustyna Faustyna (26 days ago)
Ale cudaczek
Japanimefreak01 (26 days ago)
I miss my grandpa so much! 😭
dedengkot pugeran (26 days ago)
4:52... Ponakan cowokku saat umur 5 bln,suka begitu di tantenya,dgku moh lebih suka menjulurkan lidah.
Sheena Anderson (26 days ago)
Awwwwee... Thank you for Grandparents
Abdrasid Khalid (27 days ago)
Wants adorable baby? Avoid vaccine.
Dee Cee (28 days ago)
Loved this!! 💕 What I appreciated most (besides the laughter) was that the grandfather's were grandfathers ) she not the fathers).
Kristine Willems (28 days ago)
Granddad is Superman !
jeninlv onlyme (30 days ago)
What’s so funny about these is that you know when you were a kid, mum and dad did NOT treat you the same way they act with their grandchildren!😂
Julie Rodabaugh (1 month ago)
It ain’t just about the parents it’s about da grannies and grandpas too. Generations shall prosper. Please protect the innocent people.
bello june (1 month ago)
so beautiful and amazing only weird depressed ppl would dislike this video
D (1 month ago)
hahaha the one where the baby "pushed" the granddad off the couch was SO CUTE
KB891 -23 (1 month ago)
precious moments. . i hope my father is alive so he can play with my 1st baby. . 😢😢😢😢😢
K Comm (1 month ago)
There is NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE better that the sound of an infant laughing.
Kim Parish (1 month ago)
Purposely scaring that baby for your own enjoyment is sick and not cute or funny.
Anne McKeon (1 month ago)
I agree see entirely. It saddened me to see it.
Sam Stockwell (1 month ago)
I think their all goofy but they're having fun.
Anne McKeon (1 month ago)
I agree entirely. It saddened me to see it. Shouldn't have been I clouded in such a lovely video.
Angela Patterson (1 month ago)
Hahaha the little girl pushing
Angela Patterson (1 month ago)
How about that!*
πιανει τη μασελα .αντε να χαθειτε
CartoonGoddess626 (1 month ago)
My granny barely remembers when the last time she peed much less me or my brothers or cousins. My grandfather died when my oldest brother was barely one. According to my mom he was not a good man
the red foxcraft (1 month ago)
Too precious
Zlo (1 month ago)
1:20 - that same smile :) :)
Faiza Kabir (1 month ago)
I miss my grandparents 😭😭😭
William Baker (1 month ago)
LOWE sonia (1 month ago)
Ahh! germ ridden false teeth ugh ! you are crazy
Hanad Muhanad (1 month ago)
2:37 that baby is so famous
neználek OO (1 month ago)
00:46 cute 😂😂😂
Chris Wright (1 month ago)
This is great!!
K It (1 month ago)
Lost me at 2:06 🤮
Connie O'Neal (1 month ago)
Grandpops and grandbaby had a dance off!!😂😂😂
tessamersus (1 month ago)
Is there any sound more amazing than a babies laughter? I think not. Great video!
Neelima Pradhan (1 month ago)
Soooo adorable
Shanty Irish (1 month ago)
Grandpa - some !
Jenny Garcia (1 month ago)
luv it
Lisa Siddle (1 month ago)
It's official - the most adorable combination is babies and grandpas!!!!!!!!!!
徐崇能 (1 month ago)
Joan Jones (1 month ago)
such beautiful babies. heartwarming. there is nothing heart touching so much as a baby's laughter.
Que tierno
Laurie Tijerina (1 month ago)
Most precious moments! The babies are adorable!
Tara R (1 month ago)
Kimberly Feighery She is beautiful You have no soul and an ugly heart
Antonio Lima (1 month ago)
Joanne Gipson (1 month ago)
This Was precious it brought back memories of my dad and his grandchildren he adored them.❤
youland Parris (1 month ago)
Anne Welch (1 month ago)
Grandparents play a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren. Wonderful
Классные пупсы😀😆💖
Mar Casabuena (1 month ago)
jevon walcott (1 month ago)
Yes, I am a young grandmother and I lo e my grandchildren with a more affection than their parents, maybe it's because its another generation sprung from me. These babes reminds me of my husband and our grands.
Linda Watkin (1 month ago)
Children laughing is the sweetest music on earth.
Razar Thornxxx (6 hours ago)
Linda Watkin Amen
Sammy NunyaBidness (22 days ago)
Especially when you hear one at 2 am and have no kids
Linda Watkin (1 month ago)
Grandchildren are one of the rewards for growing older.
Marissa Brown (1 month ago)
To cute.
Schy Mark (2 months ago)
I've got a year old granddaughter and live to hear her giggle
Rakshaan Zubair (2 months ago)
I am feeling sad because My Grandpa died 5 July 2018 Now only he died in 5 I really miss him with my heart I wish that May Allah give him haven Jannat
ba kheg (2 months ago)
nice, nice v v☺☺☺☺
Kamikaze Kyre (2 months ago)
To those who lose their grandparents I want you to know that I love you and I'm giving you a virtual hug
Dream Paradise (2 months ago)
At 2:37 absolutely absurd, you can't scare babies like this.
Anne McKeon (1 month ago)
I agree. It broke my heart to see the scare that baby got. It was a break of trust on the parents part.
Anne McKeon (1 month ago)
I agree. It broke my heart to see that little child's trust broken.
kattmilk (2 months ago)
All of These babies are precious, bit the last one is too adorable!
Megan Puerner (2 months ago)
That first video clip was Johnny Cash lol. A.k.a a cool grandpa!
Mikkell Liboon (2 months ago)
Grand parents are the sweetest lol
Gloria Rojas (2 months ago)
Awww los bb's es lo más hermoso que Dios a creado son tan tiernos y amorosos 😍♥️❤️
KLM Hooked Moore (2 months ago)
Love the little girl pushing grandpa off the sofa. Ditto the little girl dancing wuth grandpa in the yard. 😂😂😂
dedengkot pugeran (2 months ago)
Pada anteng.
m b (2 months ago)
Dumb kids
Annie Cortez (2 months ago)
Grandpa always the best 👏🏼
Cindy Jones (2 months ago)
Sweet playing grandpa
Akalai Morad (3 months ago)
.....they understand any thing and notice any thing
Doris Griffith (3 months ago)
That's to funny
malhunt7 (3 months ago)
Baby pushing Pop off the couch....priceless
hcbordelon (1 month ago)
Thank you
hcbordelon (1 month ago)
malhunt7 s
Ciari Green (1 month ago)
malhunt7 She’s so proud of herself when she does it🤗
A. GM (3 months ago)
This is THE BEST baby video on Youtube! . . Well, except for the teasing and yelling.
Rai Mehata (3 months ago)
I miss my grandpa bcz I'm not see him he is died before my born 😢😢
JFJ C (3 months ago)
Aawww so sweet and adorable
Harry nom (3 months ago)
4.08 Is that Hiesenberg ???the blue meth mafia
Bugs Bunny (3 months ago)
BIgBanG VIP (3 months ago)
I’m 24 years and I love my grandpa to death he’s there from the beginning till now my god bless him and all grandpa
Nerine Beaumont (3 months ago)
Ever so lovely. Bless those Granddad's 💕👼
You are a beautiful people from inside and outside, my heart, my Lord, may God preserve you. You created religion, and you represented religion with love, mercy and respect 😘😍❤😘😘😘
charissecoal (3 months ago)
grampa #4 forgot to dye his sideburns?
521 is real cute
bb89670 (3 months ago)
Very smart baby and very much alert. Really adorable Amazing how newborns can imitate adults.
Gloria Rojas (3 months ago)
Todos los vídeos cute 😍menos los q estaban besando al bb en su boca 😒
Kye Icha (3 months ago)
I wish i have baby as cute as them
Mono Gama (3 months ago)
The magic trick entertained me too lol
Terence Gurung (3 months ago)
So caut cool 😘😘
αλλα πι α μανα αυτη γελαει. ειναι αστειο αυτο ,τι να σου πω και σενα
ε οχι το μωρο να πιανει τη μασελα και να κοιτα να τη βαλει στο στομα του, η μανα πως τα ανεχεται,ντροπη και παλι ντροπη
Eva Dharma (4 months ago)
1:36 the boy who wears green shirts, he's looking for attention from his grandpa, but his grandpa ignoring, poor boy, and he's not got of what he wants from his grandpa, I wanna hug that boy i just feel pity of that boy
camvick407 (4 months ago)
The magic trick😍😍
East Ender (4 months ago)
Oh those kisses ..you can’t get enough....xxxxx
claudia virginia alarcon (4 months ago)
Who in this world ever knew that the most smallest thing could become laughter!!
Mad Mike (4 months ago)
0:42 its a super baby!

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