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Allen Iverson Was Straight LIT During Drunk Interview at Sixers Game

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Allen Iverson was definitely feeling it during the Sixers vs Hornets game. We're just not sure what "it" actually was. During an interview, AI couldn't seem to keep his train of thought on the tracks, repeating himself and taking a long time to complete a thought. What's in the beer in Charlotte? Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToFumble For the latest in sports - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/sports Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFumble/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FumbleSports Find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefumblesports/ The Fumble is sports news for the super fan. We cover everything from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, NHL and every random sporting story in between. We tell you about the history-making plays, what your favorite athletes are up to after-hours, and take an irreverent, no BS take on sports. Watch The Fumble for the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of sports.
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Text Comments (108)
Antoine Mantoux (25 days ago)
You a cocksucka for making that video
charismaswagg (5 months ago)
Mike Conville (6 months ago)
she looks like she could suck
Camden Barnes (7 months ago)
What a stupid commentary
D B (8 months ago)
And so what he is grown.
anthony covington (8 months ago)
Who cares We all drink at places THAT SERVE ALCOHOL dumbasses
DION JOHNSON (9 months ago)
He retired who cares
idk man (9 months ago)
We don't have enough are bench is awfull we need a player who can come off it and get buckets tj Marco and sova are ok but that's not enough are bench needs a guy like tyreek or Louis Williams
Mark Barnes (10 months ago)
Walking off the “field”
Jose Mejia (10 months ago)
So what if he drink 🍹 he could do what ever he wants
Myles Bankhead (10 months ago)
Looks like Max B in the thumbnail
Joe Riggs (10 months ago)
We want Britt
Alpha Male (10 months ago)
I'm starting to HATE YouTube and I must unsubscribe from thus channel. It's nothing but a gossip site. Everything even the unnecessary shit is considered content.
Ron D. (10 months ago)
Wheres the breast at?
Miguel Alvarez (10 months ago)
They reaching for a story here.
Glenn Mcgollie (10 months ago)
He was drunk he was lit
midnightspud (10 months ago)
High. Had that indica fire. Got the glasses on
Mr hawkins (10 months ago)
i thought getting drunk was part of the fan experience
jackystone (10 months ago)
He was clearly high AF
DJ MeechyMeech (10 months ago)
mixumup1 (10 months ago)
No we dont know you, how tf we know u a sixers fan? smh
antonio mcmahon (10 months ago)
I live in Charlotte n yes AI be getting LIT..he put his time in, he's a HOFer..n just like most fans in the stands, he got his smoke n his drink on b4 the game. LET DAT MAN LIVE!..if u don't know that why we call it Charlit,lol...
Bryan Almonte (10 months ago)
Where is my girl Britt at
un knowed (10 months ago)
Allen Iverson stutters a lot when he speaks go watch his interviews
Geo-SM (10 months ago)
Buddy be lit, still love the guy
Tru Story (10 months ago)
So what if he was, I get bent every time I go to a game
DiohIamMe (10 months ago)
Doesn’t matter, he’s retired and enjoying a game!! Interview me and Chye game, I’ll prob sound the same
robert bytyqi (10 months ago)
He's well off his head
Silver Stone (10 months ago)
Here i am! Like 👍 this if you want me back!! =)
Dj Genius (10 months ago)
wait...how was that drunk? u guys are stretch armstronging it
Sir Hooks (10 months ago)
Prob high off pills or sumthin
Sco Ho (10 months ago)
CaptinComments (10 months ago)
What is this video about... Is it a crime or a conundrum that a man is having drinks at a game. Social media reaches for the smallest things to try to make a story out of
We Are Venom (10 months ago)
Imagine Allen Iverson in his prime with this new team right now😃😃😃
Omor Igiehon (10 months ago)
AI the answer
T C (10 months ago)
Zebra cakes anyone
Robert Skinner (10 months ago)
Don't think it's possible to walk off a field in a basketball game but okay!!!😞
geke (10 months ago)
Where is that big tittied hottie?
Mikey Jae 4X (10 months ago)
Put some respeck on AI's name
michaelzachary00 (10 months ago)
Y'all asking whether he drunk? He not drunk but he definitely smoked a lil sumn before the game
Joesph Price (10 months ago)
AI was mixing
N N (10 months ago)
Just bought a where's Britt T-shirt
Andy Tipple (10 months ago)
Boo big tit Britt ain't here
Andy Tipple (10 months ago)
Thank u for the blessing
Silver Stone (10 months ago)
Andy Tipple i am here :/
BossHoggThaJedEye (10 months ago)
Dopest drunk Unc ever!!! Wish I was there wit him #VaAllDay ✌👆✌👇
vvrriissvvllaadd (10 months ago)
he is not drunk , high on some pills or crack
By Any Means Necessary (8 months ago)
vvrriissvvllaadd wow.
carter noecker (10 months ago)
Lol he’s a grown man who gives a fuck that he’s drinking at a game
King The Atlast (10 months ago)
He is getting older witch means that he might stumble a bit
Ditch Bank Bandits (10 months ago)
This chick sounds like she’s tweeking
byrdmanar15 (10 months ago)
Restless Mind (10 months ago)
Squeeze his nuts and ask him again. Lol
William Nelson (10 months ago)
High probably
William Nelson (10 months ago)
alwaysontherocks no chaser that gas ⛽️😂😂😭
William Nelson he was definitely on some loud lmao 🌿🔥💨💯😌😂😂😎
Loibert Pableo (10 months ago)
The Fumble is so judgemental. This is not a story. Come on!
Michael BATMAN Keaton (10 months ago)
Dan (10 months ago)
$47.99 for a britt shirt? He'll naw
BoltsLegend84 PCV (10 months ago)
Why was he even interviewed he was in the stands
Jeffery Holt (10 months ago)
For sure he was feeling good I will always love A Iverson but hey he's not on the job they should not have tried to interview him Krystle my friend from Philly I am Brooklyn NY
jamison lapage (10 months ago)
Thunder Buddy (10 months ago)
So we are surprised that Iverson was lit watching a game? Dude.. He look like he was having a good time to me
DMV Weezy (10 months ago)
And who cares!!!! Let him do him
DMV Weezy (10 months ago)
Lit!!!! 🔥
Mike James (10 months ago)
Have they watched AI interviews he does that 😧
Dewayne Cooper (10 months ago)
He a grown ass man he can be drunk if he wants to be lol
Jarick Robinson (10 months ago)
His ass was high
thepunjabiplfycrew (5 months ago)
Jarick Robinson drunk there is a difference
LenskyReacts (10 months ago)
kevinso187 (10 months ago)
I live here lmaoooo
Jekale Williams (10 months ago)
Krystal Rich to you bad. Where's Naz Perez?
wroney16 (10 months ago)
They should've left my man alone. anyone who smokes knows he was just tryna chill and enjoy himself
Cj Bolin (10 months ago)
wroney16 exactly bro lol on some stoner shit.
Big Marcus 202 (10 months ago)
This is more like tmz than sports.
alvin rajan (10 months ago)
Who cares if he was drunk at a game?!!!! We all be drinking at games!!! Let him enjoy his alc💯💯
DJ MeechyMeech (10 months ago)
alvin rajan (10 months ago)
Sohan Chacko you got nothing better to do? Everyone says alc lmao
Sohan Chacko (10 months ago)
alvin rajan who says alc lmaooo
Amani Roberto (10 months ago)
alvin rajan 💯
Adamjt10 3:16 (10 months ago)
alvin rajan right!!!!!!🍺🍻🥃🍾🍹🍸🍷
Gerald Randle (10 months ago)
He's developed a stutter over the years
Bryn Forbes (10 months ago)
Fumble really wants people to pay 50 for a t shirt smfh
IEatGrits (10 months ago)
The only way I'm paying 50 bucks for a fumble shirt is if it got 45 bucks stapled to it😂😐
Sohan Chacko (10 months ago)
Danny Green is better than DeRozan #GoSpursGo lmao never in my life
Sohan Chacko (10 months ago)
Clifford Waite no need to go that far lmao
Clifford Waite (10 months ago)
Britts face and you know what else has to be on the shirt for me to buy it for $50
Lanier Tv (10 months ago)
He stutters So much
El Keysto (10 months ago)
Britt not here so I'm out. #Deuces
DJ MeechyMeech (10 months ago)
El Keysto (10 months ago)
Silver Stone (10 months ago)
El Keysto Hey! I'm here!!
andymnc (10 months ago)
you mean TY is not here....
Oscar Angeles (10 months ago)
Lil Homie no bs i remebered they give their instas in the beginning of the video so i wrnt over and damn she got some cake
ClutchSports 2029 (10 months ago)
My guy AI
Kehinde Akinyemi (10 months ago)
Get everyone that's not Brit Johnson off the damn show
Silver Stone (10 months ago)
Kehinde Akinyemi Thank You!
The Iron Gamer (10 months ago)
itzyourboiikeith boi (10 months ago)
itzyourboiikeith boi (10 months ago)
Mr Banana Phone (10 months ago)
Octillery Gaming (10 months ago)
100 subs with no videos? (10 months ago)
Notification gang
100 subs with no videos? (10 months ago)

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