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Yamaha Dance Styles best of Part 3

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Die besten Dance Styles von Yamaha mit den besten Dance, Disco, Techno, Hip Hop, Trance, Electro, House und Dub Step Styles sowie Song Styles, Chart Styles und Audio Styles (bekannt aus dem PSR-S950) In diesem Part: DubStep II, Neutrino, Chill'Step, TajoBeat, Sax'O'Bit und ElectroHouse aus dem EuroDance Pack sowie Ibiza 2004 und Raggaeton
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Text Comments (6)
Moadot720 (4 months ago)
4:54 OMFG IT'S IBIZA2004!!!!
KlawiszGrajek (2 years ago)
Can you send this pack? Because I've got EuroDance Expansion Pack Yamaha's styles but I haven't voices to this styles :( Can you send to me?
Zombiemettbemme (2 years ago)
+KlawiszGrajek No, I also have a PSR-S650.
KlawiszGrajek (2 years ago)
+Zombiemettbemme OK, you can't? (I've got PSR-S650, Expansion Packs are must extension YEP you haven't this?)
Zombiemettbemme (2 years ago)
Some voices and styles are only available for PSR-S750/950 PSR-S770/970 and Tyros 4/5 because the PSR-S650/670 don't have enougth memory space. :-/
Adrian Adriano (5 years ago)

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