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French Girls Touching Guys' Balls For A Good Cause

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French Girls Touching Guys' "Balls" For A Good Cause
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sexobscura (1 month ago)
*any excuse* for these filthy disgusting whores to *fulfil their fantasies*
Christian Ortiz (4 months ago)
Jamari Young (4 months ago)
that’s NOT for a good cause that’s sexual harassment idc if it’s a prank or whatever sexual harassment is sexual harassment and if that happened to a girl and a guy didn’t it he would get life jail or something a girl would get off scot free
Naruto uzumaki (4 months ago)
😑there is other ways to get money to fight against male cancer... Ces folles putes😠
Alex Tremo (5 months ago)
This is very scary. They talk about health, but they're helping spread AIDS.
Jayden Kim (5 months ago)
At part 0:23 did somebody hold a camera?
Nazik Jawish (6 months ago)
I love it
Megalodon64 (6 months ago)
I don't care who does this to who. It's sexual assault. I mean are you guys really gonna let someone touch your balls without permission? That's how you let women become feminists and overtake the male population.
Rylee Southern (7 months ago)
Rylee Southern (7 months ago)
Yasmin Tanveer (8 months ago)
Eftekhar Arafin Arnob (8 months ago)
0:44 Good job! 😍😍😍
Theertha Venkatesh (8 months ago)
I want a girl touching me like this for 1 hour and also break my penis so I will happy with this
Mario Bruni (9 months ago)
Very disturbing giving out the wrong message. But obviously the sought permission first
motanelustelistu (9 months ago)
Just admin you wanted to feel some BALLS."For a good cause" ... like someone will pay you to feel them :| :| :| ...
motanelustelistu (9 months ago)
French are perverse and promiscue.What NOT a shock.Why you think the term "french kiss" was invented and french communist take over (so called "revolution") was succesfull ? People were too PERVERSE and PROMISCUE and wanted to destroy the beautifull,humane,selfish traditional society wich existed under Monarchy.
Kennedy Shaun (10 months ago)
James (11 months ago)
I dont fancy French girls. I don't find them attractive. Girls from Sweden,Canada on the other hand they're hot & pretty
Mimi news (1 year ago)
I kinda want to touch boys balls....
Gangamma Km (1 year ago)
Hunter it's joke!!!!l love you💏💏💑💑let's make a decision that you must die😂😂😂🙅🙅🙅sorry
Gangamma Km (1 year ago)
l will slave you in my home and slap you 😈😈😤😥
Gangamma Km (1 year ago)
ubound hunter do u touch girls breasts
Yolanda Lezama (1 year ago)
This is funny
Amol G (1 year ago)
for the fast erection!! lucky boys ;)
atiq khan (1 year ago)
this video will baane I will say kamine
Gambhirbc Binod (1 year ago)
نرفع قضيه علي طول لان النساء تحرشو بنا اي زول يعمل حسابو قبل م تنسرق بضاعتكم الزمن بقي صعب
ماما حياتي (1 year ago)
M. Hamood (1 year ago)
منار منار هههههه الي ضحكني اكثر الاشخاص الي م كانوا يتوقعون هههههه خافوا هههههت
SK Lynx (1 year ago)
Fuck ! Delete it!
Petry Petre (1 year ago)
ali jafer
Ashwin More (1 year ago)
EmraL SoydaŞ (1 year ago)
Benim kini de eline alabilirsin rahat ol
hankscorpiouk (1 year ago)
Randhir G (1 year ago)
the guy touch the other guy balls wtf?!
Megavicid (1 year ago)
this is equivalent to "Grabbing them by the p**sy"
Rahul Yadav (1 year ago)
Mera bhe koi yaise pakdta yaar
Rahul Yadav لم
SEA CanceR (2 years ago)
I feel like Im playing super mario
raja saripalli (2 years ago)
انور 07719059987 (2 years ago)
ماتجين تلعبيني وياكم
انور 07719059987 (1 year ago)
Mukesh Maurya (1 year ago)
rara11 __11 (1 year ago)
rara11 __11 (1 year ago)
ali jafer برنامج جلساا
انور 07719059987 (1 year ago)
قناة رغد الشهيلي الرسميه وين؟؟
Greavus Skeetblast (2 years ago)
we are a world of cucks and whores....end times are coming.
احح تعالي امسكي زبي
Paula Klinger (2 years ago)
Você mulher adoraria um homem estranho na rua passar e lhe dizer: "Com licença, vou lhe tocar os seios, mas é por uma boa causa"...???
Happy Pappy (2 years ago)
Doing it in front of a camera makes it easier to get them to agree to it.
oSMAn S9 (2 years ago)
god locking this shit
Marwardi Ahmad (2 years ago)
Haha. The wife was like HEY
paydz (2 years ago)
c est grave
Anop Singh (2 years ago)
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Anop Singh (2 years ago)
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Celso Principal (2 years ago)
yes,, very good.
iliyas10 (2 years ago)
what kind of charity is this. btw When is next flight to france..
Matias Manuel Joshua (2 years ago)
how can I find da fat black girl ☺
Hainaxx x (2 years ago)
but if a guy does this... Every Feminist in the world will form and build an army to kill the guy.. but if a girl does this it's just all fun and jokes
Te'Andre Jackson (1 month ago)
cool girl65 (6 months ago)
Glaxiiee x exactly this is what the world have come to if a guy touch a women like that he wouldn't be alive.
Jimmie Russell (1 year ago)
Yash Agrawal odddds
Yash Agrawal (1 year ago)
Glaxiiee x Actually there are such pranks of man touching women's. They must be scripted.
Danish Quraishi (1 year ago)
hi sexy
ههههه هذه ابو الجريدة اشبي نز زبي گوم من الظحك
UtahRaptor (2 years ago)
Ne sürdü elllerine
yi gong (2 years ago)
mohammed kheta (2 years ago)
mohammed kheta (2 years ago)
طارموان :-) :-) :-)
صراحة بنات العراقيات يحبون ارضع افضل من عير ضغم
آثار يسري (2 years ago)
وش خليتو لل الاطفال لمايكبرون يا الله في نار جهنم حسبنا الله ونعم اوكيل
ابو نايف (2 years ago)
تسلم الايادي
TheKins7 (4 months ago)
PAPER FRIENDS (2 years ago)
Wash your hands before cooking for the fat man lady!
Shruti Vijaya (2 years ago)
Wow.... I don't mind a touch haha
yousra TV (2 years ago)
الله ينتقم منكم يا كلاب توب لانو ابواب التوبة راح تنأفل و راح ندخلوا لجهنم توب الله يتقبل منكم الله يهديكم
انور 07719059987 (2 years ago)
yousra stars طيب نتي داخله ع فديو حتى تنصحينا ولا شو
yousra TV (2 years ago)
Trash Literal Trash (2 years ago)
why is this not flagged yet
JBM (2 years ago)
If a bunch of guys did this there'd be lawsuits left right and centre
TheWilliamHughes (9 months ago)
That’s breasts not like touching 100 girls pussys
RJ Vlogs (1 year ago)
Anop Singh (2 years ago)
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أّلَزِّبِ عٌأّلَيِّ
Hossein Rashidi (2 years ago)
Hossein Rashidi (2 years ago)
سلام کوص های بیشتری می خوام میشه لطفا
Shawn Anderson (2 years ago)
you don't know that the makers of YouTube can do that
Shawn Anderson (2 years ago)
did u know that the makers of YouTube can delete videos if it's sexual or inappropriate
Shawn Anderson (2 years ago)
Wtf this is inappropriate YouTube delete this video because it's sexual!!
WavY ClanA (2 years ago)
Adam Hassan (2 years ago)
يخرب بيتكم 😂😂😂
Maor Malik (2 years ago)
dude's die for a cute girl to touch their balls
The killer Bacon (2 years ago)
To all the comments they were the probably told
Erik Nieuwenhuijzen (2 years ago)
0.31 damn. .
Dana Solaria (2 years ago)
its the girl from buzzfeed
Abdulla 786 (2 years ago)
والله الحياة حلوة تمسك ازبابهم ولا يترقصون بعد
Shido 998 (2 years ago)
Misty D (2 years ago)
for those who think the girls did it randomly if you watch the video closley you can tell the girls told the men what the cause was for before grabbing the balls without permission......
Eric Hardric (2 years ago)
This ain't even fair! if I go out and grab some random chick's ass, I gotta go to jail! Can you just grope people in France?
David W. McQuarrie (2 years ago)
LOL love it!
Perverts! They should try and learn good things, not shit.
Shawqi Rasaa Rasaa (2 years ago)
ام الاسود خبرة
عابر سبيل (2 years ago)
if this happen in Saudi Arabia of course, they will fuck these girls
عابر سبيل (2 years ago)
+Ken Aco hhhhhhhh , I am sorry about what i said before. This was not from our religion and our habits. I apologize again.
Tech4Life !! (2 years ago)
+monther d7om you cant even spell it right,i think your poor in that place cause you see tons of fucked up girls 😅😅
عابر سبيل (2 years ago)
Sick my dick baby boy
Tech4Life !! (2 years ago)
racist man,others do that not all arabs i think.
Kaia Grant (2 years ago)
wood have been nice for them to hold the dick
jun morales (2 years ago)
I forgot to add any guy argues is disgusting or suggest the girls are sluts then we know who's gay.
jun morales (2 years ago)
lady's if you doing it for a good cause, please jerk me off for a great cause.
Pus die Sdd (2 years ago)
She needs some milk
Antonio Brown (2 years ago)
rawr xD (2 years ago)
BRICKCITY9MM (2 years ago)
in the U.S. it's called groping = jail time.
Muhammad Adnan (2 years ago)
What the hell haha great. ..
WICKEDLEE LOOPY (2 years ago)
yet no guys grab the girl ass.....and whats the greater cause😉
julie esteban (2 years ago)

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