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NCT 127 'Chain' MV

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NCT 127's 1st mini album in Japan "Chain" will be released on May 23rd, 2018. Title Track "Chain" Music Video is has been released today! [Tracklist] 01 Dreaming 02 Chain 03 Limitless 04 Come Back 05 100 NCT 127 Japan Official http://nct-jp.net/ http://twitter.com/NCT_OFFICIAL_JP #NCT127 #NCT127_Japan_1st_minialbum #Chain #Release #180523 #TAEIL #JOHNNY #TAEYONG #YUTA #DOYOUNG #JAEHYUN #WINWIN #MARK #HAECHAN
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lausanne dan (1 hour ago)
Lou M (2 hours ago)
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thahirah alee (3 hours ago)
2:45 - 2:58 is what i live for
thahirah alee (3 hours ago)
jaehyun ..... baby .... hunny...love please let me breath...you are overwhelmingly beautiful istg ilysm
Kitkat kpop (5 hours ago)
Me: *first time hear song* Me: wow
itaeyong (7 hours ago)
Omg TY just needs to calm down😱 his rapping is not normal
Full Sun's Sunflower (9 hours ago)
I love hearing winwin sing so much😭
糞肉 (11 hours ago)
phạm huy (13 hours ago)
16/6/2019 VietNam <3
Tina Kingeak (16 hours ago)
Tina Kingeak (16 hours ago)
Cassidy Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
thahirah alee (3 hours ago)
and faster than my stupid ass wifi will EVER be
The Koreaboo (21 hours ago)
NCT 1:27 Okay so im doing this thing where i'll comment 127 as a timestamp on their music videos, and then see what happens
thahirah alee (3 hours ago)
jeahyun's angelic voice blessed my ears in this
Sona Min (21 hours ago)
0:32 mark looks like a fiery angel wtf
无人🍂 (1 day ago)
1:50 ;)
Haviş demirtaş (1 day ago)
I Keep Coming back because of Marks fine ass damn boi u really are art.
Shania Nayve (1 day ago)
Seriously this is one of the most Underrated Nct song like how can you not appreciate this Bop ㅠㅜ Plus They all look friggin hot here 💚
Shania Nayve (11 hours ago)
@Ni Wayan Arisujati true :(
Ni Wayan Arisujati (20 hours ago)
Sadly, almost all of their song is underrated :(
ㅇ ㅇ (1 day ago)
이마크 잘생겼다 사랑해
Ni Wayan Arisujati (1 day ago)
Still can't move on. Best song of nct
Ashila tiana (1 day ago)
Aalika Chakraborty (1 day ago)
Gosh Taeyong's rap 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Not to be nsfw but this whole song makes me feel a type of way. I mean they all look and sound so good.
Kawaii Trash (1 day ago)
2:3 Doyoung's yeah! 😍
lalalasbil _14 (1 day ago)
Semua MV dari SM tidak pernah mengecewakan
Luana Ionescu (1 day ago)
The money that go in Bill Gates bank account are increasing slower than Taeyong's rap.
Eliana Vasquez (1 day ago)
Happy birthday my baby boy Taeil😘😘
Harley Okrei (1 day ago)
velvetlix (1 day ago)
2:35 my favourite part ever
Tanya Tan (2 days ago)
This is japanese?
s k e r e n j u n (2 days ago)
Tanya Tan ,, yes
Erica yeol2 (2 days ago)
E morri aqui 🤧✊💞
알렉사 •• 송 (2 days ago)
This video is so hot🔥❤
알렉사 •• 송 (2 days ago)
I love this song🔥i love them💚
mark with red hair, and blue eyes? even god himself can't deny that was HIS era.
Nurane Asadova (3 days ago)
NCT 💚❤
Aubrey Tonog (3 days ago)
why is no one talking about YUTA??!!! can't y'all see that THIS IS HIS SONG
Hee Jin Kim (3 days ago)
Hee Jin Kim (3 days ago)
y'all bois being rude in the whole MV, this is disrespectful
Willow Vincent (3 days ago)
Idk why but at 1:58 it sounds like a fart before Mark's part and now I can't un-hear it and I laugh every time (Pls don't hate me for this)
Willow Vincent (3 days ago)
If you guys play it 0.75 speed, it's still awesome and you can take more time to appreciate visuals and dance moves!
*inserts clever name* (3 days ago)
nct nct (3 days ago)
I like that😍😍
nct nct (3 days ago)
nct nct (3 days ago)
No one can't beat taeyong for his visual,rap,dancer,and vocal with in. NO ONE
W A (4 days ago)
2:54 2:58
Hee Jin Kim (4 days ago)
their stylist in this era deserved a raise
Hee Jin Kim (4 days ago)
this era is superior
선법 (4 days ago)
chocolate honey (4 days ago)
everyone : taeil's hairs and high note, winwin's hairs, taeyong rap. meanwhile me : WTF EVEN IS DAT PINK THINGY IN HAECHAN HAIRS edit : is on 3:13
Dweighn Lai (4 days ago)
lmao same
ciss. 21 (4 days ago)
Oh my god Taeil ????
Diana Estupiñán (4 days ago)
The amount of Moon Taeil in this MV is just amazing ;-;
Alexander Frarenyth (4 days ago)
yeeyeenct (4 days ago)
Marcy (4 days ago)
My Moonlight (4 days ago)
leo oliv (4 days ago)
I had not seen this song when it did, but now that I've heard it, shit I do not wanna stop listening
Brianna Mccartin (4 days ago)
Cant stop watching it
Our boys so amazing!!!
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
Love from Russia. We’re waiting for you
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
Yuta at the end is 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
A kawaii Panda (5 days ago)
1:25" *she is a natrual ogre of course she keep sucking how bout I kill you* "
A kawaii Panda (5 days ago)
Welp that's wut it sounds like to me sry 😞
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
A kawaii Panda wth
Can they like saw me in half with those chainsaws please I wanna die
diana Y. (5 days ago)
taeyong im crying you are so hot wtf stop
jia peaches (5 days ago)
mark lee really can see my death
Sidra Fatima (5 days ago)
You want visuals? Come find NCT then! You will find more visuals and Talents!
Sidra Fatima (5 days ago)
Jaehyun,Yuta,Haechan,Doyoung and Taeil's vocals are just next level!!! Winwin's deep voice is just so damn soothing!!!
Sidra Fatima (5 days ago)
Taeyong and Mark's raps are always and will be iconic..FOREVER!
Sidra Fatima (5 days ago)
Moon Taeil...More like my man Taeil!!!! That high note of Taeil is a game changer!!!
Rusha Chhetri (5 days ago)
0:43 WTF was Jaehyun doing please? but Jaehyun at 1:22 looks goddamn fineeeeee!!!!!!!
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
Rusha Chhetri 1:22 yeees
Ivett Day (5 days ago)
I love u Yuta
ian (5 days ago)
that simple "oh yeah" of haechan just ruined my bias list. wtf
azra bb (5 days ago)
1:36 MAKKI
Aaliyah Adegoke (5 days ago)
I will always love this song and mv because without it i probably would not have chosen my biases Jaehyun and Haechan ❤️
shine0nme (6 days ago)
this is the best 127 song wyd
Witchy Ways (6 days ago)
They dance better than my classmate, my classmate is a professional and owns his own dance studio 😂
Regular 127 (6 days ago)
I just don’t get why everyone’s sleeping on this song
MarkNCheese (6 days ago)
Taeyong in this choker is my aesthetic
bea La (6 days ago)
“It’s a BOP” haha 😆
ian (7 days ago)
winwin gets lines barely but holy shit they're all my favorite
Unpopular opinion: that’s their best song
Once you JimIN you can’t JimOUT//Lucas my angel That goes to Cherry bomb.
Nabila Aulia (7 days ago)
I hope the next NCT 127 comeback with this kind of concept 😅 but more rude :v
Mohammad Tarek (1 day ago)
Trung Kiên (7 days ago)
this beat is killing me
curses x melodies (7 days ago)
Rachael Johnson (7 days ago)
Mark's "we make you so crazy" always gets me😍❤
Elisha Yook (7 days ago)
*Taeyong puts arm on Mark* 1:16 Jaehyun: #betrayed
I live for Chenji (8 days ago)
I'm so shocked, already 1 year since chain was released..
R Domenchini (8 days ago)
How is this the first time I’m hearing this song?
Kiki Lala (7 days ago)
This mini album is really amazing tho. You should check out the side tracks
Kiki Lala (7 days ago)
It's quite normal to not have heard a japanese track
Lizeth Eguez (7 days ago)
I live for Chenji (8 days ago)
I don't know
Vibing & fat naps (8 days ago)
1:46 ... F-ff-ff-fullsun...? Is that you...?
Eihpos Kralc (8 days ago)
0:56 Taeyong dabbing before it was cool
Mursyidah Idah (8 days ago)
I love taeyong
I live for Chenji (8 days ago)
Who don't?
dbsksarangx3 (8 days ago)
They're all visuals but Taeil especially looks so good here. Haechan needs to be in the center more.
spring-roll (8 days ago)
dang i used to hate this cuz of the chorus.. clicked off after hearing it but then i heard the bridge and dang it’s good. checked out the rest of the song and it’s so good wow
Yxo 999 (8 days ago)
taeil looks so good here omg
soika des (8 days ago)
soika des (8 days ago)
soika des (8 days ago)
Тупо бан
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
soika des отчего
채널JJYN (9 days ago)
1:37 umm..Taeil...wyd?
nurfirza 15 (9 days ago)
Mark is literally EVERYWHERE lol
Tanya Krotowa (5 days ago)
nurfirza 15 omniscient
Fanarmy :D (9 days ago)
Sicheng's part is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. and the one of Sicheng's clearest parts-maybe he has 3 clear line-

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