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How to Knit a Scarf for Beginners Step By Step

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Learn how to knit a scarf for beginners in this step-by-step video tutorial! This course is designed for complete newbies and beginners, so if you've never held yarn or needles before, then this is course for you! We'll go over each step of the knitting process (don't worry, there are only 3 steps!) so that you can knit a comfy scarf with any yarn and needles. _________________________________________________________________ /// WHAT YOU'LL LEARN /// 1. Cast On - involves getting the yarn onto your needles 2. Knit Stitch - the bread and butter of knitting. Get this stitch down and you can officially call yourself a knitter! 3. Cast Off - how do you get your scarf off your needles when it's long enough? With the cast off! BONUS TIPS: * How to choose yarn and needles * How to get a neat edge using a slipped selvedge * How to hold your needles (once you're comfortable knitting) * How to weave in your tail ends so that your scarf is neat and secure _________________________________________________________________ /// MATERIALS /// ⟡ around 350 grams of super bulky yarn. These are similar yarns: ⟡ Lana Grossa Ragazza Lei: https://www.loveknitting.com/lana-grossa-ragazza-lei?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee ⟡ Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool: https://www.loveknitting.com/wool-and-the-gang-crazy-sexy-wool?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee ⟡ Malabrigo Rasta: https://www.loveknitting.com/malabrigo-rasta?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee ⟡10mm (US 15) knitting needles (plastic): https://www.loveknitting.com/pony-single-point-plastic-needles-30cm-1-pair?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee ⟡ 10mm (US 15) knitting needles (rosewood): https://www.loveknitting.com/pony-single-point-rosewood-needles-35cm?utm_medium=affiliate&a_aid=22ca8fee _________________________________________________________________ /// HOW I KNIT MY SCARF /// The scarf in the video is knit with around 350 grams of bulky weight yarn. I casted on 22 stitches and used a US 15/10mm bamboo needle to knit the scarf. The scarf ended up being 9.25" wide and 65" long. _________________________________________________________________ /// VIDEO CHAPTERS /// 0:32 Choosing Yarn and Needles 2:16 Cast On 7:33 Knit Stitch 13:46 Next Row and Pep Talk 16:01 How to Hold Your Needles 18:31 Slipped Selvedge 19:34 Cast Off 24:29 Weaving in Ends _________________________________________________________________ /// HELPFUL VIDEOS FOR BEGINNERS /// ➜ How to Join a New Ball of Yarn: https://youtu.be/I_cHO6R_MBc ➜ How to Fix Dropped Stitches: https://youtu.be/FcKrw4LcWgw ➜ How to Fix Extra Stitches: https://youtu.be/1oP6EyCT93g _________________________________________________________________ SAY HELLO ON THE INTERWEBS! This video course is brought to you by Sheep & Stitch! Visit us online and say hello! (or bonjour, hei, kon'nichiwa or hola! We love our international viewers!) Website: http://sheepandstitch.com Shop: http://sheepandstitch.com/shop Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheepandstitch Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheepandsti... _________________________________________________________________ Music used in the video: "Swimming" by Poddington Bear "Summertime" by YoWiLLLL * I want to be transparent that the links in the materials list are Amazon affiliate links. This means that, at no cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links. I’ve had success using them, which is why I recommend them. However, only buy what you need! Many knitters have used other materials, and their results are just as lovely. The materials list is just a suggestion based on what I have used.
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Text Comments (1281)
jessica botros (16 hours ago)
Thanks so much for this helpful video! I’m a 10 year old girl and I learned how to knit a scarf now! I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day and she loved it! This video was so helpful for me, thank you so much!
jaine reena (19 hours ago)
Thank you mam!
Dawn lynn (1 day ago)
This video was very helpful , thank you . About how long in the scarf you are wearing in the beginning of this video? I want to make one as long as yours
Christian Sitchon (3 days ago)
Can you use pencils cause it looks like a pencils
lizzz492 (5 days ago)
the links dont work!!!
Courtney Judd (5 days ago)
Did you use both of those rolls of yarn for this scarf? I can knit one but I never know how to add more yarn onto the scarf to get them long enough.
Dionca (7 days ago)
I’ve watched many many videos to learn how to knit and I want to say yours was the easiest to follow. I really appreciate that! Subscribed ❤️
Leslie Sanchez (7 days ago)
Very helpful and very useful Thanks😊
Ramsay Shearer (8 days ago)
I cast on by my self
Leona_Land ! (9 days ago)
I'm watching this cause I wanna make it for my mum for xmas so that's what I'm gonna do now
fluffkin girl (9 days ago)
who else used a crochet hook for the slip not
Piano Piano (14 days ago)
My brother was diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia and I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone, accepting challenges and keeping my brain as fit as possible. I'm teaching myself piano and knitting. Your video is a godsend and here I am, with my first stitches. I'm grateful you're my teacher. I hope I'll be a knitter one day! <3 Love and gratitude from Italy
Hannah L (14 days ago)
Can you knit letters on this scarf?
Olga Mena (14 days ago)
How do you knit with two colors
Jolie Davis (15 days ago)
This is not working
LunarOrihime (16 days ago)
How do you avoid having your scarf roll up on the edges...? I try to make mine not as tight but it still curls up.
Is this only a women scarf or it can be worn by men as well
Sheep & Stitch (17 days ago)
Both men and women can wear this scarf. The stitch pattern is very unisex!
fean chua (17 days ago)
How many weeks did you take to finish this scarf?
Sheep & Stitch (17 days ago)
It took about a week! Just a little bit of knitting each day.
Renu Tupper (18 days ago)
Please would u help me with a doubt..i want thick knitting needles like you have..i noticed it is 10 mm..but the 10 mm I bought here in my town in India is extremely thin.. Help !
Jann Smith (19 days ago)
Excellent video! I like the trick you mentioned about taking your first stitch and simply transferring over to your right hand needle without actually knitting it to make a nice even and tidy edge. Does this also work for when you choose to do several rows of purl knitting ?
Nwe Nwe (20 days ago)
How long does it take to finish 5' 6" scaf if I knitted 2 hours a day?
Rehanul Haque (20 days ago)
i'm definitely gonna try this out !! i NEED a scarf !
StevieEevee (21 days ago)
Thank you. I could never figure out why my edges looked so terrible! Now they look beautiful! ♥️ I have been trying to knitt for years on my own. A talented teacher! A+ :p
Orchid Philomena (21 days ago)
This is such a simple tutorial, and yet the end result is so pretty! I'll definitely come back to this...when I have the materials.
Lunathyst (24 days ago)
I'm completely new to knitting! I've always had an interest but never been able to, until today ♡ yours is the first tutorial I've seen and it's so so easy to follow, thank you so much ! I cant wait to finish
ChaiRouse (24 days ago)
This is a great video, thank you. Can you please make a video showing how to change yarn color?
itgamingstar (27 days ago)
Hey I love your Techniques ☺️☺️☺️
Random Girl (28 days ago)
I'm in middle school and in the knitting club. I'm planning on making a scarf. (which is on its way to being complete) after that I want to crochet a bookbag and then after that I'll knit a hat. Thank you so much
lisianthus26 (29 days ago)
Your tutorial is so helpful ;; just started knitting last night!! Not pretty as yours but it looks okay!
Jordan Jordan (1 month ago)
I love her smile!
Melissa Stewart (1 month ago)
Following this tutorial right now thank you so much!! I use to knit when I was younger, and I've been working in WHSmiths for 2 months now and done nothing but fall in love with the knitting magazines hehe x
Mo Th (1 month ago)
Im using a star and a painting brush as needels lol
Sweetsofia 18 (1 month ago)
Omg thank you this video was so useful!!! I’m starting to knit a scarf and I didn’t know how to do any of these things but then i watched this video and know I’m on my 10th row and I started 20 minutes ago Thank you btw you got a new subscriber
pfrey (1 month ago)
Are these 100g or 200g skeins?
Ffion Roberts (1 month ago)
Hoping to take up knitting this coming autumn so I thought I'd take a look at some videos and this is the most clear and easiest to understand! I've never knitted before and I feel like I have a pretty good understand of it now! Will hopefully get some supplies soon and will give it my best shot, thank you
Tatiana Tatiana (1 month ago)
hi:) so if i want my edges ti be beautiful should i slip first "chain" of first row also?
Sheep & Stitch (1 month ago)
Hi! Yes, you can slip the first stitch of every row to get a nice edge.
Ruvim Kozinskiy (1 month ago)
2Sariah_Sese (1 month ago)
This video was so helpful!!! Thank you so much! So easy!!
Pheobe Armstrong (1 month ago)
My string literally makes a Knot and not a slip knot 😡😤😣😤😡😤😣😤😡😣😤😡😤😣😡😤😣
Pheobe Armstrong (1 month ago)
It's so hard
limors (1 month ago)
I learned basic scarf knitting a few years ago but forgot everything, this was a super helpful and easy reminder!
ninjagirl (1 month ago)
Hi. May I ask if I can use other yarn, other than Martta the Merino, as long as it matches the same thick size of the yarn to create the scarf? Thank you 😊
DearGhost (1 month ago)
Loved this video very helpful but i just wanted to let you know that your website is totally broken D:
Kenesis Kill (1 month ago)
No matter how many times I watch this video I can never get it right ;(
THE EYEPATCH (1 month ago)
most of us here are trying to knit a scarf for r girlfriend hehe
David Aaron (1 month ago)
Why do you mix inches and millimeters? Stick with one system so we don't need to do math on the fly
Shannon Yap (1 month ago)
What is the ball yarn finish?
Kristen (1 month ago)
Okay why am I having so much trouble with the knit switch lol
Michelle Hughes (1 month ago)
How many yards were in the balls of yarn you used?
Marina Colley (1 month ago)
You waaaay over explain things. I already get them and you're explaining them 2 or 3 more times, really slowly... Meanwhile Im sitting there waiting for the next step. Talk too much. Just explain it, show it, and go.
kidsgames (1 month ago)
I hate it! I can’t do the knit stitch part!
Grace Lu (1 month ago)
I just spent 15 dollars on the wrong yarn :(
soumya pattanaik (2 months ago)
Thkkkkk soooo much.
Einridi (2 months ago)
Do you have to be like a wizard or something to do this? I am doing exactly what is on screen. I have slowed the video down to.25 speed, and watched it frame by frame, and it still doesnt work
Einridi (2 months ago)
I have spent a solid 8 hours on the knit stitch, going through every single part I can, and when I transfer it to the right needle, there is either no stitch at all, or it makes a goddamn slipknot. I have no clue what I am doing wrong, I swear I'm doing just what she says..
Jay Brown (2 months ago)
it seems like the tail end that you wove in still might come out. is it not necessary to tie any knots or anything like that?
Sheep & Stitch (2 months ago)
After you cast off, you'll need to weave the tail end into the last cast off stitch. This effectively creates a knot. After that, weaving in the tail end 5 or 6 times should keep it in place. If you'd like more security, you can always weave in the tail end more times!
Loading (2 months ago)
This is actually one of the hardest and slowest method to knit.
Kim Barnes (2 months ago)
Wonderful! Just made a scarf for my youngest with this tutorial. Thanks!!!
Funniest Vine Videos (2 months ago)
This video sucked. I did everything you did. It didn’t work at all. I used the same materials too. Frick this video
mayra portugal (2 months ago)
Love it I'm going to make a scarf
Chocolate candy (2 months ago)
i accidentally broke my yarn string 😰 (R.I.P string)
Sophia Zhao (2 months ago)
This tutorial literally saved my life thank you
Jackie B (2 months ago)
20:00 "Good conversation starter" :D
Hadiyyah Hallim (2 months ago)
Im 11 and want to start knitting then make a busniss
Manuel Carbajal (2 months ago)
Same i made 30 dollers in one day
sumbul halim13 (2 months ago)
for sweater how many loop are needed
Racq S (2 months ago)
Hey awesome tutorial, thank you so much! I did have one question, is there a trick to not adding Loops as you go? I cast on 30 stitches my first attempt and a few hours in notice I had 38 stitches. Then when I redid it, I only cast on 15 because I was trying to start small, but I counted an hour in and I was at 29 on my needle! It seems every time, I'm adding more and more. How is that possible? What am I doing wrong? Thanks! RS
Eva Marie (2 months ago)
casting on, easy, knit stitch I'm doing the righy thing (i think?) it just looks very messy compared to yours. My problem is when i get to the end of my first row before my last stich i have a massive loop of yarn between my needles and idk what to do
Trina Nicole (2 months ago)
im 9 years old trying to nit a scarf
Trina Nicole (2 months ago)
I cant do it
Shadowgirl (2 months ago)
You're the best. Thank you!
Bernice YMS (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for the tutorial. I finished my first scarf!!!
sumbul halim13 (3 months ago)
How many loop are needed for shawl
angie (3 months ago)
The finger next to your thumb is your index finger
QUEEN& KING (3 months ago)
It helps alot but..as for me i have a problem 😢😢 my yarn is so thin and i have a diffuclty 😢😢
Maya Hurst (3 months ago)
I’m only 12 years old and I got it in 5 minutes thank you so much
The Dreaming Game (2 months ago)
The string in between my two needles when I am working keeps on getting longer and it messes everything up at the end. Did you have any trouble with that, because I am so confused.
orca (3 months ago)
do you need specific needles for a specific yarn? or can you use any needle with any yarn?
ParTAYtrain (3 months ago)
so now the question is how do you make an infinity scarf? hmmm....
Diego Sanchez (3 months ago)
Don’t you gust love well qwality tutorials Unlike this comment
Surjeet Rajkumar (3 months ago)
Thanks for your tutorial, it helped a lot
Boragay Buenaventura (3 months ago)
It takes me like 2 hours to make maybe a quarter of a scarf, oh gosh.
andro. gi (3 months ago)
devilcakes-- (3 months ago)
anyone who says they didnt cry 6 minutes in is a liar
Sophia DeNault (2 months ago)
ocean-accounted for real, I got the casting part and I'm still having trouble getting an actual knit. I cried for like 16 minutes 😂
Garance Art (3 months ago)
Hi could you tell me if this: https://www.amazon.com/HomeModa-Studio-Non-Mulesed-Knitting-Blankets/dp/B07B9V4478/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1529956653&sr=8-16&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=yarn%2Bmerino&th=1&psc=1 is a good wool for beginners
Chinola Crochet (4 months ago)
Thanx for actually casting on with your fingers🙏🏼
Cozmo_Sebby (4 months ago)
Wow this vid is amazing!!! I never knitted with needles before (only with looms) and you made it so simple! Other tutorials are anointing and hard to follow! By the way, I’m a kid and I am learning how to knit! I am definitely going to sub to your channel and like the vid! Just saying, in my opinion an easier cast on would be doing a thumbs um with the string in your fingers and then putting your thumb under and the string and create a loop. Then take the needle and lift that stitch onto your needle. I watched 2 other vids and that was the easiest
Yasmine Nasser (4 months ago)
You should fix the website because i want to buy yarn and it isn’t working
Urania Liao (4 months ago)
Best learn to knit video. Thank you!
Malcolm Bolton (4 months ago)
i knited a whole scarf with this video alone! thanks now i can knit!
alexplayz 2222 (4 months ago)
thanks you helped a ton
stefpigss (4 months ago)
thank you so much for this !!!
gideon gazali (4 months ago)
Nice video, first time knitting yet i succeed to make the beautiful scarf for my "girlfriend" n a month after she asked to break up
Andriana F. (4 months ago)
Wow this looks super easy! Thanks!
Jacq's Munchies (4 months ago)
errr somehow i ran out of needle???????like somehow the row where i do the knit stitch just expanded and idk what happened :O can someone help me?
Coroline Johnson (4 months ago)
Also can yo um.....🤔 show how to knit a mittens pls?
Coroline Johnson (4 months ago)
I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve yo video, cuz it is summer and I thought of knitting for the winter so thank you a loooooooooot !😁
sophia chong (4 months ago)
AHHHAHAHAAH We don't want to be walking around with a pair of needles attached to your scarf. That's kind of weird. Good conversation starter... but still kinda weird
What if you don't have a tapastry needle
Arabella Lake (4 months ago)
This didn’t work, this should be a bideo on how to get stressed out!!! Thanks a lot!😡Useless tutorial, I had to ask my mom how to do it!
AllieCat Rodgers (4 months ago)
I knit some rows and now it's a bit triangular. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Sarim (4 months ago)
I just made my scarf by looking at this vid thank you
Anime Mo (4 months ago)

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