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Accidentally Touching Someone’s Junk

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Text Comments (3796)
Jason Brockmeyer (11 days ago)
1:40 might I suggest Alabama?
Alex FAN Nice person (13 days ago)
Uhh ;-; no
PRINCESS KILLER (14 days ago)
- Maddie - (25 days ago)
this happened in science today to my friend.. he and i were fighting over a fake spider (don’t ask why) and it was in his hoodie pocket so i put my hand in his hoodie’s pocket but his hoodie stretched down and he acted really surprised (probably cause we’re 13) but i didn’t know and he was SO shocked and was like “MADDIE!” but i didn’t know why so i went to my locker but i passed him in the halls and asked where the toy spider was and he said it was still in his hoodie and told me NOT to get it cause i accidentally touched you know what earlier and now i don’t want to talk to him cause i’m embarrassed, what do i doooo
- Maddie - I’m sorta late but act like it didn’t happen.
Nikhil Jagtap (29 days ago)
Here's my story. I was walking down the stairs, there was one girl behind (on the upper stair behind) me who was my crushs' good friend. And stairs were heavily crowded. And I somehow felt I left my bags zipper unzipped so without turning I just put my hand behind to check, and it straight went into the girls vagina. It felt warm and soft so I turned and I was already having 5 heat attacks at once. I said sorry in a hurry she said it's okay and then I never looked at her direction for solid 3 years.
Marlou Alonde (1 month ago)
I was sleeping next to him and his hot actually (my dad) and since his wearing his boxer briefs while sleeping i turned around and my hand landed right directly on his penis and i didnt even notice since i was sleeping too and then i squished it and squished it so many times cause i thought it was my little stuff toy he did not wake up tho i just woke up with my hand on his penis (i was still squishing it btw)
Marlou Alonde (1 month ago)
I did that to my dad
Krissytal 10 (1 month ago)
imagine you walking down the street’s sidewalk with a friend and this middle aged lady standing on the sidewalk with her friend talking extravagantly and all of a sudden, you get a quick, firm hand to the face. yeah not a good feeling especially with all those rings bro
Thang Dang (1 month ago)
I'm ok by the way it is just a actesdent yuck
Tom Holland Underwear (3 months ago)
When I'm a 10 year old boy I accidentaly touch my crush's penis who is 15 years old that time. And I like it.
Dark Angel (3 months ago)
I accidentally did that to a boy in my class in 5th grade
Hernes Põldsamaa (5 months ago)
Has someone had This moment When you are Infront of the Class , Reading Somethink Idk And A boner Pops out From Nowhere.
Trinity •• (5 months ago)
Oof I know that feeling
i like trains (5 months ago)
You think that's embarrassing? One time I was sitting down with my friend on the bleachers (who was a guy) and we were just talking and then his friend headlocked him backwards so he was laying down and then he randomly pushed me into his lap! So from another person's perspective it looked like I was sucking his *censor*. Yeah...
Scarlet Bailey (5 months ago)
One of my guy friends accidentally put his head on my crotch area and he was really awkward about it. But I hardly noticed so he was like nvm.
Scarlet Bailey (5 months ago)
My guy BFF almost smacked my butt when we were walking with some of our other friends. All of us laughed so hard lmao
Illona Krutiy (5 months ago)
I started dying as soon as the video started😂
Seficy (6 months ago)
1:26 *Home Sweet Alabama*
FAXGEN FTW (6 months ago)
I grabbed a girls tit by accedent she took my phone and moved and I tried to get it by trying to grab my phone and I accidentally squeezed her boob
I was at my 1st high school reunion, me and another guy I went to highschool who I hadn’t seen since our high school graduation were shaking hands whilst having a brief conversation, while we were talking our dicks were actually touching, me and him were the same height, so our dicks were in line, right before I was about to stop shaking his hand and move on he said “is it me? Or were our dicks touching that entire conversation” I pissed myself laughing when he said that
B R E E Z E (6 months ago)
My crush accidentally put her head on my private because she lost her pencil on the floor and I was like "don't get a boner,don't get a boner" 😂😂😂
samantha adams (7 months ago)
The female comments r as funny as this video 😂😂
angry grouse (7 months ago)
I mean I think it was a knee I'll never be sure so
Amanda Herding (8 months ago)
Once I put my arm around my friends shoulder and rested my hand on her boob accidentally and it was really awkward
Bvbe (8 months ago)
I remember i wad playing this dogeball like game and i kept ln falling and i fell and someone fell on my lap like his face was in my lap oof..
Mia the cat (8 months ago)
One time i touched my male teachers butt 😶 He was bending over behind me when i was trying to get up.
Ashley.hernandez.12 (8 months ago)
Literally yesterday my friend which is a guy walker by my desk in class and grabbed my waterbottle, and just had to put it in front of his junk, and my first reaction was get my water bottle back and when i grabbed it my hand barely glazed by, then we looked at eachother and said just friend... worst part he sits behind me and i have more classes with him
Dirah Mei (8 months ago)
It happened once. A chip fell of on my ***b and my friend is a boy he saw that happen. I sccccrrreeeammm. Even though he did not touch it. 😂😂😂😂 Hahahaha! # got touch by a potato chips.
Kate O Hanlon (8 months ago)
Scenario 3 happened to me and i just said nothing.
Desiree Jarvis (8 months ago)
Eugene for the first question
Maya Prasad (8 months ago)
the first persons reaction😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hailey Esmilla (8 months ago)
Atleast she got the remote
Sharon Lee (8 months ago)
U say it sry then move to another state
Krisynthia Beare (9 months ago)
Me and my brother wrestle around all the time, trying to see who can do the most damage. Ive been kicked in the boob one to many times, whereas I'M nice and kick him in the mouth😂
Donut Lorrie (9 months ago)
The sister one has happened once to my😬😬
At the start “Zach’s Mind: What the F**K did i do”
Terique (9 months ago)
*My friend touched my junk before, HE WAS MY CRUSH AND WE ALWAYS HANGOUT*
Danika Parlin (9 months ago)
I accedenlty but grabbed someone.
Kyle daSilva (9 months ago)
If any South Africans saw this video, who saw the lady with the Nelson Mandela shirt? Like if yes. Comment if no
Reef (9 months ago)
I accidentally did it to a boy whom i hate and without looking at him said sorry and we never talked again . But it was kinda warm .
PorChoua Vang (9 months ago)
Oh boi this is embarrassing
Cesar Mendoza (9 months ago)
A girl did that to me on Accident I just pretend that nothing happened
Grifty Shift (9 months ago)
0:45 happened to me once .. so mever mind the embracment....😁😁
RestlessCynDrome (9 months ago)
Wdym by junk bastards
Drawing_ Trash00 (9 months ago)
I was wearing a skirt and me and my friend and her brother and his friend was on the trampoline and I tripped and his friend was on the ground and he saw up my skirt...😭😬😬😖
FLUFFIE (9 months ago)
How do you accidentally-- Nvm 😂
jenni (9 months ago)
i hate it when i get elbowed in the boob at school . it sucks .
Maisie F (9 months ago)
Tbh why are boobs such a big deal? Like I get it if someone GRABS them and etc, but accidentally touching them, etc doesn’t really... Matter? It’s just what you use to feed children. They aren’t meant to be sexual.
chase rishardson mua (9 months ago)
I am so sorry on the bright side you have a pretty good size penis soooo
Alessandra Radu (9 months ago)
Damn *THE CRINGE* 😫😫😫😫
Skyler XY (9 months ago)
"I would, ew."
Liliana (9 months ago)
0:12 that’s my reaction
crayonsandcolouringbooks (9 months ago)
My crush hugged me and her boobs pressed into me. My little lesbian mind was going mad and I couldn't help but look, followed by hours of embarrassment.
Anastasia Jane (9 months ago)
I’ve done it before 😂😂
Eldrich Zirconia (9 months ago)
I would kill myself
Oh Zack
Eleanor Tipler (9 months ago)
Imagine how awkward it would be filming this
pug hoe (10 months ago)
All these comments about people and their siblings noooo
CurlyWurly77 (10 months ago)
Oooh I know the boob graze all too well
CurlyWurly77 (10 months ago)
Oooh I know the boob graise (idk how to spell)
likethecoolkid aj (10 months ago)
When I was in 8th grade guy came up to me and was swinging his arms and got me down their
im so bored, help (10 months ago)
The second one, I did it _ALOT_
Taehyungs Wife (10 months ago)
My crushs best friend fell and he stopped himself fron falling by HOLDING MY BOOB (top part) he said hes sorry my crush saw and he said that hes stupid I AM HORRIFIED
Carralié Alice (10 months ago)
The reason I hate playing tag
Opiegal and Harley (10 months ago)
Well, if you're both sisters..... You slap each others butts and give tiddie twisters all the time..... Girls are cruel
Kame (10 months ago)
One time my uncle clapped my cheeks so hard it went numb to
Cynthia Vigil (10 months ago)
I think my worst moment was when my friend was throwing gummy bears at me and tossed it perfectly into my v neck into my bra
SeeknYeShallFind (10 months ago)
Women if a man's manhood is in yo face by accident gone and sick it real slow n make that man skeet real good then go about yo life like it never happened lol
tinatv (10 months ago)
I would... *Ew*
Gamer_ Vibez (10 months ago)
I was doing the Orange justice at six flags over GA and accidentally smacked a girls butt so hard I couldnt even explain it so I kept dancing just hoping shed understand
ok so there was this one time i was talking with my friend and my boyclassmate was coming our way. then he slipped and he had nowhere to grab so he grabbed my boobs
Lisa Espinal (10 months ago)
Angel Garcia (10 months ago)
The brother and sister one killed me😂😂😂
Elena Mark (10 months ago)
once I was at a slumber party and everyone was asleep in the dark on the floor except for me bc I woke up, heard movement upstairs, and got really freaked out. I went to grab and shake my friend's shoulder to wake her up, and it took me a full three seconds to realize I was grabbing her boob. I immediately retracted my hand like it had been burned,, thank GOD she didn't wake up
Jessiah Ruiz (11 months ago)
I “accidentally” did the penis grab to my crush but I unintentionally grabbed my friends boob we were playing tag and her arms were crossed on her chest so I was aiming to grab her arm ( grab because I knew she was going to try to run away ) and as I’m like a centimeter from her arm she moves her arms and I like plopped my hand firm at that in her boob we both looked at each other and I moved my hand she was screaming and I was dying of laughter
Shook Bih (11 months ago)
When my cousin punches my boob accidentally, I just punch his man boobs “accidentally”
mudassir awad (11 months ago)
Itsonlymany_Youtube (11 months ago)
“When your gay and you purposely touch junk of your kind”
Izzy x Jxnes (11 months ago)
When I was 12 I was pretty much fully developed unlike my other friends and I was playing footy with all the boys cause none of the girls would play and when I was trying to get the ball this guy grabbed my boob and pushed me of the ball I stood their like nothing had happened biting my lip trying not to scream cause it hurt soooo bad and one I the other boys shouted oh Titty teaser stop raping the girls I was mortified
Aj (11 months ago)
thats honestly me and my friend. we would play fight and we would curl our bodies up to shield from being tickled, and we woukd touch each other's boobs. It happened a lot so a lot of sorrys were tossed around.
Lil sad bitch (11 months ago)
One time my little brother was running to give me a hug and as soon he hugged me his face went right in between my boobs, he backed up said "ewww" and I was just like " well this is the most awkwardest moment of my life"
LIISU TV (11 months ago)
Heres my story, i was on my school bus... with my boyfriend and he sat in front of me like that: Crush:C. Me: M. □□ □□ □C M□ □□ □□ So we were talking and bus like stoped really fast then i landed to his junk... WITH MY FACE!!
Kaytlin Canales (8 months ago)
One of my best friends he is my crush was like yo can I borrow your pencil and I was like sure but instead of the pencil he grabbed my boob and he was like "I am so sorry ", to couple of minutes after he was like" can it touch it again but under your shirt "and I let him and he said that my boobs were very soft and would love to lay on them 😂🤦
Holosexual (6 months ago)
Kaytlin Canales i want to commit neck rope now
Die KatzeBitch (11 months ago)
omg eugene looked like that??
fanycool gt (11 months ago)
One time when i was in 4th grade we were walking and i move my hands alot when i walk but one time i touch my crushes............ yeah you get it ,we never spoke again.Jk! We are still best friends today we just dont talk about it
evilqueen 9099 (11 months ago)
1:43 tell day and brother gets a lecture
Amber Animations. (11 months ago)
That’s happened to me. The third scenario. ;-;
mangosandroses (11 months ago)
How do you even do this
Om vlogs (11 months ago)
Lets never talk about this again 😂
Oh yeet yeet (11 months ago)
This "junk" you speak of is actually quite expensive...
a.m p.m (11 months ago)
1:42 And that people is how Incest happens in some scenarios!
Itz_Kat xx (11 months ago)
I was playing this game with my friend, and when she was trying to slap my hands I didn’t know my crush (now he’s my boyfriend) was behind me...so I moved my hands back really fast and I hit him in the crotch...he fell to the floor...in the middle of class..I felt really bad
Hate when this happend
lazy TM (11 months ago)
Once me and my crush grabed our necks for fun and "shaked our necks" bc we were good friends and often played Like that, anyways my crush stand behind me and i grabed his neck. Bc he stand behind me he couldnt se what he is grabbing so he accedently grabbed my boob and and shaked it.. my friends were standen right in Front of us and we were just lookin at us straight akward. My crush just let go of me and i just acted like nth happend....ಠ_ಠ
Lindsay Carvalho (11 months ago)
People brush up against me like 5 times a day. Just pretend like it didn't happen.
The FBI (11 months ago)
I do it all the time
jagruti warik (11 months ago)
ya recently i bymistaking touched my bestfriends junk thankgod she is always joking around about things didnt take it seriously never talked about it
Avery D. (11 months ago)
One time my crush was walking passed me and he doesnt know i exist, and he accidentally grazed my butt with his hand and i died then and there
The Dark Interloper (8 months ago)
Did you like it?
Tradicia WO (11 months ago)
Im so so sorry, mister, but you penis is hitting my face.
Tradicia WO (11 months ago)
Painkiller (11 months ago)
Other people call it junk. Me? I call it treasure.

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