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Model First Approach in Entity Framework

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Language: Hindi (India) Entity Framework is the Microsoft preferred method of data access for .NET applications. It supports strongly-typed access through LINQ. Entity Framework can be used from an ASP.NET Application, (using Entity Data Source) or in ASP.NET MVC etc. In this article we will be creating this using MVC App and we'll be using Visual Studio 2012 for demo. More on MVC: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9CD32B17E184E4C8&feature=view_all My Blog: www.itorian.com Follow Me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/2050.itorian Follow Me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/itorian
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ITORIAN (1 month ago)
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Moslem Hady (6 months ago)
please change title and add hindi language!! :(
Abhijeet Dhoke (1 year ago)
Hello There I want to deploy this model approached on Production. Can you set up video for it.
Arif Ishaq (1 year ago)
I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks
Sanjiv Kumar (3 years ago)
please add some more videos in c# and MVC and some jquery
Vinod kumar (5 years ago)
Iam not getting the execute option when i right click
Sanjeev Sriramoju (4 years ago)
u have to install  sql data tool...............dude.. hear is link to download............ http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=393520&clcid=0x409 
Zeeshan Khan (5 years ago)
I am also having similar problem. EF binaries are there. Database gets created and project build is successful. But when we try to add controller, the Student and Mark do not appear in 'Model class' and 'Data context' dropdowns. All other options are coming as shown in your video like BundleConfig, ExternalLogin etc. I have tried with direct SQL Server connection as well as with mdf file, but Student and Mark do not appear. I am using VS2012 Ultimate, .NET4.5, MVC4, EF5, SQL2012 Enterprise
bhavana khatri (6 years ago)
good job
frakorn (6 years ago)
I have problems with creating the Student Controller too. Please Help
Prabhakar Rao (6 years ago)
In the REFERENCES I have both ENTITY FRAMEWORK and SYSTEM.DATA.ENTITY, still, while creating Student Controller, In the Model Class List, Student.......is not found Am I still missing any references or any other errors, I could not find EF Binaries as well! Please help.
ITORIAN (6 years ago)
It should work, there may be any other problem with project like missing EF binaries etc.
Prabhakar Rao (6 years ago)
with vs express 2012 for web this project not working specially in creating STUDENT CONTROLLER, your guidelines are highly appreciated. P.N.Rao.
Deepak Kumar (6 years ago)
mast video bro keep it up...

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