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Crochet Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn Ruffle Scarf

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Crochet Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn Ruffle Scarf Left Handed: http://youtu.be/a0nqc4R88zw Materials: Sashay Ruffled Yarn: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/red-heart-boutique-sashay-yarn See all of our Sashay Yarn for sequins, metallic, and more: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/search?q=sashay Dreamz Hook Set: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/dreamz-symfonie-wood-crochet-hook-set-single-ended Dreamz Hooks Singles: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/dreamz-single-ended-hook If you liked this video, be sure to watch my ruffled scarf playlist for more tips, double stranded scarves, and other yarn choices: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQTjUXWUYbhfY4Se12jJ53G5VUr2HfEVq My mission is to help you master the art of crochet through these videos. Let me know what you need help with. I am here for you. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT REQUESTS WELCOME!!! For Supplies + 1000's of Crochet Patterns and 100's FREE Visit: MaggiesCrochet.com LINK: http://www.Maggiescrochet.com For 19,000 FREE Crochet Pattern Links With Pictures!!! Visit: http://www.CrochetFreePattern.com For 10,000 FREE Knitting Pattern Links With Pictures!!! Visit: http://www.KnitFreePattern.com For 1000's of FREE Crochet Patterns Visit: BestFreeCrochet.com http://www.BestFreeCrochet.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.FaceBook.com/MaggiesCrochet Follow us on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MaggiesCrochet See Product Videos: http://www.youtube.com/MaggiesCrochet About Maggie Crochet designer and publisher Maggie Weldon shares her crochet expertise with anyone wanting to master the art of crochet. Crochet videos include everything from simple crochet stitches, potholders and fridgies to crochet hats, scarves and more complicated stitches. Subscribe to the Maggie Weldon YouTube channel for crochet video lessons, free crochet patterns, crochet tips and more! Shop at www.MaggiesCrochet.com for over 1000 of Maggie's original crochet designs plus crochet hooks, yarn, and crafting accessories. Be Sure to look out for new videos twice a week!
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Text Comments (128)
Vasiliki Hapsali (4 months ago)
Why you talk so much? Do it and close your mouth. We are not stupid.
Leila S (5 months ago)
Hey what about the stitch marks? Your video is not complete
angelxorae88 (1 year ago)
what other scarfs could I make with sashay yarn?
Sn[email protected] (1 year ago)
ALYSSA, How annoying of you.. A free video with all of that good information.. You should be thanking Maggie... Jealousy must be bad in you ?
Marie Stiven (1 year ago)
I am glad to bee to this site and learn how to make crochet pattern and have somme project. thank you.
Timothy Falvey (1 year ago)
Do you have written instructions for this. Thanks, my email is [email protected]
I've made a scarf before, but I forgot. Now I remember thanks to you!
Maggie's Crochet (1 year ago)
You're welcome!!!
Rosa Ortiz (1 year ago)
Me gustaría poder verlo en español sería posible
Saga Poetic (2 years ago)
Hello, I just discovered your beautiful site and subscribed - as a beginner, I have a question and why is that markers are used? Thank you very much
Venessa freeman (2 years ago)
If you want to use the big safety pins just put a bead is a button on the pin before and after your loop to keep it from getting stuck in the split ring of the facener of pin.
Maggie's Crochet (2 years ago)
Hi Vanessa, That's a great tip! Thank you for sharing!
esoRdeR (2 years ago)
I just got finished making my first scarf. I used a latch hook instead. So much easier.
Rosalie Lerner (2 years ago)
Maggie's Crochet (2 years ago)
That's great! :) Latch hooks work great too!
Yvonne Batterson (2 years ago)
Is this one long continuously scarf, and is it a cowl scarf ? Would LOVE to see the finish scarf ;)
Mary Newlon (3 years ago)
How would you make the ends come together.  Instead of having two ends, just put them together like a cowl scarf.
Alechia Neathery (3 years ago)
When you cast on how many stitches do you pick up? Also how long should a ruffle scarf be or can you use the whole ruffle yarn?
sandra managan (3 years ago)
+Alechia Neathery  I have made 4 so far and use the whole skein, I also saw where you can do it with 15 stiches, makes it a little shorter. I am going to try that with my next ones
Sarah Cognetti (3 years ago)
thank you for this tutorial!! I've seen this yarn at the store and was curious how to crochet with it. can't wait to try it out!
Carrie Lee (3 years ago)
Would be nice if you showed pics of the finished scarf in the videos you make for YouTube.
Plus Size Insider (3 years ago)
+Carrie Lee I agree with you girl.
rmb18queen (4 years ago)
I learned how to make my first ruffle scarf thanks to this video!! I just finished it in Mambo Sashay Boutique!! 
myraquilt (4 years ago)
What us the name of the crochet hook you used?  Also, what size do you recommend. Additionally, if starbella is used do you follow the same method skipping every other loop and making 10 total loops?
myraquilt (4 years ago)
I purchased the Dreamz J hook from you last week and love it.  I've completed my first scarf and am very pleased.   For comparison just got some Bates larger hooks and it's not as comfortable as the Dreamz.  
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Myra, We used a Dreamz wooden crochet hook - you can find them on our website here: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/collections/hooks-needles/products/dreamz-single-ended-hook We used a size K-10.5 hook in this video, though hook size is not super important. Anywhere from about an H-8 to a L-11 will be fine. And yes, you can used this method for any ruffled yarn!
Elsa M (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video.  What I did was take the knot out and lay the net overlapping each other, but lining up the loops and it worked out alright.  Thanks again for your VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEOS!   I also would like to share that I use bobby pins as stitch markers.
Elsa M (4 years ago)
What happens when you come to a knot in your working skein?
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Elsa, Great question! We've got a video that discusses how to deal with that exact problem. You can see it here: http://youtu.be/PAeRR5sYXAA Happy crocheting!
lily Ramirez (4 years ago)
Hi how many yarns should i use on a adult scarf?
lily Ramirez (4 years ago)
Ok thank u
Eden DiCosimo (4 years ago)
just one would make a large scarf.
Shell Ellis (4 years ago)
Thanks so much!!!! <3
Shell Ellis (4 years ago)
Maggie on your:  MaggiesCrochet.com site you have a picture of you with a purple scarf that states if I order a skein of City Life I will receive a Free 60 Minute Shawl Pattern. I would like to know where I order the pattern that you are wearing on the site. (the purple scarf) I Love the videos that you show here on YouTube. I am a hands on person and this is how I learn. Thanks for the free patterns. I'm hoping the purple scarf is a youtube option so I can learn it...It's so beautiful!! Thanks, Shell
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Shell, The pattern for the City Life Fringed Scarf is available here: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/pages/city-life-fringed-scarf-free-pattern And the video for it is available here: http://youtu.be/hlYa8uGSHdM Happy crocheting!
Valerie Hofmann (4 years ago)
So I can make a scarf from just one skein?
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Valerie, Yes! Using a whole skein will make a fairly long scarf, so depending on how long you like your scarves you may have a little left over, though not enough for another scarf.
Shayla Weisheit (4 years ago)
it helped me making the ending not thanks
Betty Crucis (4 years ago)
why can't I find the yarn with lace in it? .
[email protected] (1 year ago)
Misty Cee (4 years ago)
Just finished my very first 2 ruffled scarves, thank you for helping me overcome the fear I had of not being able to create my own! Along the way, I discovered that tightly winding a rubberband on the hook keeps the stitches from sliding off.  I kept a second rubberband for the front of the hook when I had to put it down so I didn't lose any stitches that way either! 
Misty Cee (4 years ago)
+Maggie Weldon Watching  and learning is totally my pleasure!  Thank you for being there for us!
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Great tip, Misty! Thanks for watching!
Angela Ponder (4 years ago)
Why do you go through 10 times??  Is it just to make it more fluffy??  PS...great video!
sandra managan (3 years ago)
+Maggie Weldon  I also saw where you can do it with 15 loops to make it a little shorter, have you tried that??I also iron out my yarn before I start made it so much easier
Angela Ponder (4 years ago)
+Maggie Weldon Thanks!!
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Angela, Yes, going through 10 loops makes the scarf nice and fluffy. If you prefer a less fluffy scarf, you could do only 6 or 8 loops. Glad you like the video!
RoxAnn Harris (4 years ago)
I just finished my 1st. sashay ruffle scarf after watching your video. It turned out awesome. I used the whole skein. All my coats and jackets have hoods. So I wrapped the scarf under my hood, and then tied the ends about collar bone length. then I tucked the ends inside my jacket around each side of my neck, and left the rest hang out of the front of my jacket. It did this kind of flounce that looked just darling. Went to Michaels to buy more of the Sashay, and got 4 complements on my scarf! Thanks for making that great video.
joy housch (4 years ago)
I have a skein of Sashay yarn, when I was rolling it, it was in two pieces. How do I continue with my scarf using the two pieces?
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Hi Joy, One way to fix this is to overlap the ends of the yarn by a few inches and work through both thicknesses. This prevents you from having to tie a large knot. Hope that helps!
MarilynMMcDonald (4 years ago)
After watching several video's, I took the best of all of them and have now made about 40 scarves for birthdays and Christmas! After watching someone make a new ball of stretched yarn, I decided there would still be that agrivating thing to do of untwisting the yarn. I got a bathroom tissue empty roll and rolled mine on that. Then I got a bright idea!  I bought a free stnading Toilet paper holder for about $14.00 put my redone roll on it and it's so easy to make scarves now. I hope someone takes this idea and really loves the way it works. It's easy to carry around with me and I do several skeens on different rolls and I'm always ready to make another scarf. Everybody in our small town loves this idea and I now have many friends and family members making scarves. I start the roll by taping the end to the roll and when I'm done making the roll, I put a stitch marker through several layers to hold it on until I'm ready to start working on it. Be careful when you are about to take the last of the roll out from under the tape and cut it off, as it will pull the open ends of the thread.
Maggie's Crochet (4 years ago)
Thanks Marilyn! What a great idea!
Bonnie Konjevich (4 years ago)
THANKS!  After making stupid mistakes like dropping half a scarf from knitting needles today and being unable to fix it, I appreciate the marker idea!
lourdes landauro (4 years ago)
the best the best video!!thanks so much!!gracias!!!
Evelyne Dy (4 years ago)
Ont ne vois pas trop la finition pour tous assembler  quel dommage merci quand même pour cette video 
Jerri Berg (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing Maggie! And special thanks for showing the errors we all make!!!
Haley 00 (4 years ago)
I have the same colors you have except blue one and the first four of the second row
Sherry Coleman (4 years ago)
Angie Andersen (5 years ago)
can you go throw making the bell type scarf ,form begging to end. thank you.
Emma Dilemma (5 years ago)
This is so awesome! What a great idea to use that yarn for make a ruffle scarf, since half of the work is already done for you! :) 
Kenneth Green (5 years ago)
Thank you for been very helpful
Aevandari (5 years ago)
People who are making rude comments about her voice... get over yourselves. She's sharing information -- she's teaching. Doesn't have to do it, but is. If you don't want to watch, then don't. Stupid that you can't take the value of something over YOUR opinion about how someone sounds. 
Wallee Ham (5 years ago)
Love your VDO.. Good job. Thank You so much.
Joe and Jean Stippich (5 years ago)
I have watched several tutorials on making the ruffle scarves.  I've not done these before.  I'm seeing different methods re: the number of loops to put on the needle (anywhere from 3-10) and also differing opinions on picking up every other loop vs. every loop.  Are you able to explain how these different methods will affect the finished product?  Thank you.
Joe and Jean Stippich (5 years ago)
Thanks, Maggie, for that explanation.
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +Jean Stippich , it really all depends on the ruffling yarn you are using. Some of them have larger "loops", so you would skip fewer loops than those with smaller loops. The more loops you pick up before drawing through, the fuller your scarf will be. However, it will also be shorter because you've traded length for fullness. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching, and Happy Crocheting!
daryl Lee (5 years ago)
I like this video cool!! Thx 💕💕💕
Howard Pitstick (5 years ago)
Maggie do you have an easy no crochet pattern for red heart ribbons yarn??
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +Howard Pitstick , you can try Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Ruffled Scarf & Product Review - Right Handed for an easy scarf pattern. Thanks for watching and Happy Crocheting!
Rose Stolarz (5 years ago)
What is the brand of hook you are using the size? Thanks!
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi Rose, For the ruffled scarves I love using the Dreamz crochet hooks.  Size E,F or G is good.  They come in a set or singles. Here is a link: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/search?q=dreamzThank you for watching.Maggie
Sierra Rivera (5 years ago)
Thanks alot maggie
Nayeli Garza (5 years ago)
Mrs. Maggie I am a beginner and you made this project so easy!! Thank you so much!!
Sierra Rivera (5 years ago)
Every how often do you put the stitch markers??
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +Sierra Rivera , when I'm making ruffled scarves, I use 2 stitch markers. As soon as I pull the first group of stitches over I mark that stitch, then again with the second group. Starting with the third, I remove the first stitch marker and move it to the new stitch, then keep doing that. Hope this helps! Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/maggieweldon for more great videos. Happy crocheting! Denise
Donna Eversole (5 years ago)
I understand the "hiding my work" I'm having the same problem, it seems the ruffles are hanging to one side, and you can see the stitch on the other side, do we need to tack the ruffles with thread where the stitches show?
Jen Wagoner (5 years ago)
Seriously people! She is doing an informative video. She didn't ask you to watch it. If it's annoying you, don't watch it. If it's too loud, adjust the volume. But to sit there and want help or information about something and then complain about the help that's given is juvenile.
lisa moyet (5 years ago)
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
HI +lisa moyet , I'm not sure I understand your question. With this method of making ruffled scarves there really isn't any "work" showing, it's just clumps of ruffles.
Saeed Albakry (5 years ago)
الله يوفقك ياسعيد
craftynene (5 years ago)
oh my goodness.......all your videos are fantastic!   Before watching your videos all I could crochet was a long string.    Thank you, thank you so much for all your videos.   Can you help me with a problem?   I started making a simple ruffle scarf and now half way through the yarn is all messed up.  It looks like they tried to tie pieces together and it was cut.  How can I fix this so I can continue on?    Thank you again for your wonderful, easy to follow videos
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +craftynene , yes the yarn companies do splice pieces together within a skein. The best thing to do is to pick up a loop on either side of the splice, as close to it as possible, then go back to picking up every other loop. The spliced area should fold into the ruffle and be less noticeable. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to our channel for more great videos. -Denise
Ida Adams (5 years ago)
Maggie, I really a big knitter and knit these scarves on 6 stitches which gives me a scarf of 60". I want to try this but am wary of using 10 stitches. Wouldn't that give me a much shorter scarf? I did see you mentioned it is 60" but just wonder....
Ida Adams (5 years ago)
Thanks!  Willl try.
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +Ida Adams , give it a try. You can always adjust the number of stitches you pick up if the finished length isn't exactly what you're looking for. Thanks for watching, and please make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more great videos. -Denise
David Margolin (5 years ago)
I made it and absolutely love it .Awesome video .😀
martinez1597 (5 years ago)
If you don't like this video well then don't watch it, people can be so rude i swear... I honestly liked this video you explain very well thank you for sharing :) keep up the good work :)
Angie Coltrane (5 years ago)
This is an awful video for beginners.  You don't tell which set of loops to use and the camera is way too far away.
blazecheetah (5 years ago)
I never picked up a crochet hook before in my life and made one thanks to this vid so uhhhhh lol. Also at like 2 minutes in she shows you which set of loops to stitch with....
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi Angie, all ruffling yarn has to be opened out (stretched) in order to use it. When you open it out, you will see that it has a decorative long side, and the opposite side looks like little boxes. You will be working with those boxes, picking up every other one. When you have 10 of them on your hook, you will pick up the next one and pull it through all the loops on your hook. Then you just start over. Give it a try. -Denise
Alyssa Peters (5 years ago)
Sucks, voice is SO annoying
Eden DiCosimo (4 years ago)
so mean... the vid was great.
trixxie79 (4 years ago)
What rude comments =( If you don't know how to turn the volume down, then you shouldn't even be on the computer. Also, Alyssa, she posted her video for FREE, don't be so ungrateful, it just makes you look like a snot. Have a good day!
Bines 007 (4 years ago)
My my, aren't you just a ray of sunshine. Speaks more about you than anything else. Susan, turn the volume down, really lol.
Susan Whalen (4 years ago)
 I think the volume is the problem; don't know why it blasted out higher than the other vids.
sueh49 (5 years ago)
Hi Maggie, I love your tutorials! I found your site looking for a shell stitch for an afghan and here I am too! :) my teenaged daughter would love to wear this scarf for Valentine's Day...thank you! p.s. decided on the 'puffy' shell stich for the afghan, thank you!
myskats (5 years ago)
I'm wondering how many scains does it take to make 1 scarf?
Nicole Gunderson (2 years ago)
I make one for myself and one for my 4 year old with 1 skein.
Eden DiCosimo (4 years ago)
One would make a pretty long scarf
Eliana Alves da Silva (4 years ago)
+Maggie Weldon
Dianne Ennis (5 years ago)
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
HI +myskats, you only need one skein to make this scarf. :)
Kimberly Becker (5 years ago)
Thank you sooo much! I finished my scarf and love it!
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
That is great to hear +Kimberly Becker , I would love to see a photo of how it turned out! It is exciting to see what colors other people used for this project. Share a photo on facebook.com/maggiescrochet or twitter.com/maggiescrochet. Have a great day! Cindy
Hope Veal (5 years ago)
Very good video! Very easy to follow!! Thank you!
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Thank you Hope, I 'm glad this video was helpful. Subscribe to my channel to get updates when new videos are published each week. :) Don't miss Maggie's ruffled scarf playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQTjUXWUYbhfY4Se12jJ53G5VUr2HfEVq
tonichan101 (5 years ago)
How long do "you" make your scarves usually?
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +tonichan101 my scarves usually end up around 60-70 inches. :)
Harry1Dluvrr (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! It made it so easy and I'm 12!
Rosemary Chapman (5 years ago)
Best video I've seen on this!  Thank you!
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Thank you +Rosemary Chapman , I 'm glad this video was helpful. Subscribe to my channel to get updates when new videos are published each week. :)
Jean Wineke (5 years ago)
How many times do you repeate the pattern????
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hi +Jean Wineke , you just repeat the stitch until the scarf is the length you want it to be.
Jean Wineke (5 years ago)
what size hook?
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hooks between Size F and I are good.  I REALLY like Dreamz hooks for the scarves.  Here is a link: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/dreamz-single-ended-hook Here is the yarn: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/search?q=sashay Thank you for watching. Maggie
Arlene Tynys (5 years ago)
Thanks so much you made it very easy to understand.
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Thank you Aireen, I 'm glad this video was helpful. Subscribe to my channel to get updates when new videos are published each week. :)
D. Sartori (5 years ago)
What size needle are you using for this scarf?
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Hooks between Size F and I are good.  I REALLY like Dreamz hooks for the scarves.  Here is a link: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/products/dreamz-single-ended-hook Here is the yarn: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/search?q=sashay Thank you for watching. Maggie
DuckandKim (5 years ago)
thanks so much for this video..its so easy to make. my two year old told me she wants a yellow one :)
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
Thank you for watching, I 'm glad this video was helpful. Subscribe to my channel to get updates when new videos are published each week. :) I would love to see a photo of how your yellow one turns out! Share your success with us on facebook.com/MaggiesCrochet or twitter.com/MaggiesCrochet
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
You can actually use as many as you like, there really is no wrong way!. You can also insert the hook in each loop instead of skipping a loop.
Alejandra Ramirez (5 years ago)
How many loops if I want to make it look fuller
Jessica Hamock (5 years ago)
Never mind...I tried it doing 6 and doing 10 I like your way a lot more! Thank you so much for the video!!
Jessica Hamock (5 years ago)
I LOVE this video! I have one question though...When I knit these(takes way to long and I am more experienced at crochet so I want to try this way) I only do 6 loops skipping every other hole like you do...Will this way turn out the same as when I knit if I do only 6 instead of the 10 you are doing? I hope that question makes sense lol.
Maggie's Crochet (5 years ago)
About 60"-70" more or less.
Norma Williams (5 years ago)
Approximately how long would the scarf be using this method? You made it look easy
ImVGodsgift (5 years ago)
I enjoyed the video alot. Thanks so much for the simple instructions.
Louvin Cross (5 years ago)
A very nice video, thanks!
Rosalie Lerner (2 years ago)
Louvin Cross

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