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11 Songs for English Fluency [Learn English With Music]

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Download my free e-book: "5 Steps To Becoming A Confident English Speaker" http://www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com/free-ebook --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Uptown Girl: Billy Joel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCuMWrfXG4E 2. We Can Work It Out: The Beatles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyclqo_AV2M 3. Hallelujah: Pentatonix (Original: Leonard Cohen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRP8d7hhpoQ 4. Somebody to Love: Queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kijpcUv-b8M 5. I’m Yours: Jason Mraz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkHTsc9PU2A 6. Happy: Pharrel Williams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs 7. Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic 8. Shake It Off: Taylor Swift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM 9. Jolene: Miley Cyrus (Original: Dolly Parton) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOwblaKmyVw 10. Perfect: Ed Sheeran https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vv-BfVoq4g 11. This Love: Maroon 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPpTgCho5ZA ALL SONG LYRICS: https://www.azlyrics.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe and follow on social media! I'd love to meet you! YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theteachervanessa Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/englishwithvanessa/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/speakenglishwithvanessa Send us a postcard from your country: Vanessa Prothe PO Box 104 Asheville, NC 28802 USA --------------------------------------------------------------------- Speak English With Vanessa helps English learners to speak American English fluently, naturally, and confidently. To become a fluent English speaker and have English conversations with a native English speaker, go to http://www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com
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Text Comments (839)
Gabriella Veigas (1 day ago)
Why when I try to talk it seems that I forgot everything?
sweety wawawa (1 day ago)
If you before race ways of the city people some discussion he is right example have solution jest important defined loved and writing about at possibly this job notification on hardworking way see you bye
Arun Pradhan (1 day ago)
Wow...U look so cute 😍😍😍
rebaz yasin aziz (2 days ago)
hi vanessa thnaks so much
Next Generation (2 days ago)
I knew but the word is change so I can't able to understand songs
felina fring (3 days ago)
I think all the Beatles songs are clearly understandable.
Ritu Raj (3 days ago)
Looking so prity mam
Dương Đại (3 days ago)
Tại sao kênh của người nước ngoài lại để tiêu đề bằng tiếng Việt vậy?
Innocency Ike (3 days ago)
You are just beautiful. Thank you so much.
Jonathan Mendoza (5 days ago)
I recommend Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
Mindu Norbu (5 days ago)
Muhamad Keiji (6 days ago)
Allah bless you insha Allah . please keep it
zahide uçak (7 days ago)
Thank you so much your advices :)
Alejandro Miranda (8 days ago)
Yor're Amazing !! I really aprecite your dedication to help us
zeki baba moadem (8 days ago)
tanks you very much vanessa
Adrián Azuaje (8 days ago)
Under the bridge, Red Hot Chilly Peppers
Adrián Azuaje (8 days ago)
I love the way you talk... I felt in love.
Go Fast! (11 days ago)
I learned the entire english dictionairy by listening to Eminem
danny calflow (11 days ago)
I love your smile !! Vanessa
Ullhaayesha Ullha (12 days ago)
My English is beeing good and i am so glad that when I heard your video first time then I couldn't get you lot of words but now I can understand every single word it's amaging improvement tnx for helping me you speck clearly everybody can undastand your each word .........keep it up
natasha69able (12 days ago)
Pido una disculpa por escribirte en español así como al grupo😐. Tengo muchos años intentando hablar inglés , sin conseguirlo he logrado mucho vocabulario y muchas de las veces puedo leerlo 😲😲😲 pero a la hora de intentar hablarlo me da vergüenza y no se diga escribirlo. Pero hoy me has motivado con esa energía que has contagiado y prometo en lo subsecuente intentar escribir en inglés solo quería que lo supieras, mil gracias Vanessa.
Niraj Mehra (13 days ago)
Add One more song Just the way you are- Bruno mars
FRANKLIN GRANADA (14 days ago)
Thanks, good video I'm from Colombia
Suhail Banday (14 days ago)
You are beautiful ☺☺ marry me 🔜
Mona Chibane (17 days ago)
i like it <3
prem kumar (18 days ago)
Thanks so much
Rafael Coruso (19 days ago)
Very good.
Ulan Esenjanov (20 days ago)
you talk a lot i spend waste time on watching your videos
B4 news (20 days ago)
Rogério Fernandes (20 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk A girl very very happy kkk Cool!
Deivid Liu (21 days ago)
I want to find a partner who can practice speaking with me every day.
Raymond Gomez (24 days ago)
Guys pls add me on my Facebook then i will make a group for us and then lets have a video call to practise our english speaking
علي الزين (24 days ago)
Hi Vanessa i love your traching thank you" i from iraq
Siti Fatimah (25 days ago)
thanks you Vanessa i can Cleary understand what you say, but my pronunciation it's very bad i will work harder for try to speak well
Asher Asher (25 days ago)
Thanks A lot you are great techer I leard A lot from you thanks
Saima Ahmed (25 days ago)
Shahnaz Parveen (25 days ago)
thank you so much yesterday i thought and searched. here it is
Hussain Mohammad (26 days ago)
Suman Suman (26 days ago)
What about ' Love yourself ' of Justin Bieber.
Moin Uddin (27 days ago)
Very nice, but I'm very clumsy in English
Prince simo (27 days ago)
Many thanks
tamuna datunashvili (28 days ago)
great job...
SRive (28 days ago)
I love listening to English songs
Rosa García (30 days ago)
I love Jolene.,, jeje I really do
Udhai G (1 month ago)
Always I love ur expression such a great motivator for us thanks Vanessa
Ratan Gandhi (1 month ago)
Why you touched your cute face when...
Nhi Bong Duong (1 month ago)
Can you tell me name of app to type transcripts below?
TOL TAP (1 month ago)
raj raj (1 month ago)
You are attractive so I like you
Lavric Ion (1 month ago)
ABBA helped me to learn English.After I learned some of their songs,like Fernando,The Winner Takes It All,SOS,Waterloo, Dancing Queen or Chiquitita and many others,I became a much more confident English speaker😀
Lluís Ferrer (1 month ago)
good list if songs , yes indeed ! thanks !
Rodrigo Otani (1 month ago)
Great video!
hafiz tasawar (1 month ago)
Realy lovely vvv.
Babu Sumro (1 month ago)
I really like Singing english
Christiano Ravikanth (1 month ago)
Oh no, when you said "Uptown girl" I thought it's a different song than the one what I've heard from the album "Westlife". Because that is what the album where I heard this song for the first time, and I have been thinking that it originally belongs to them. When I started to open your links for those 11 songs, I clicked on uptown girl link, surprised. Now I came to know that it is not originally from wesrlife but billey Joel. Great suggestion, Vanessa.. Thank you.. I love it..
Christiano Ravikanth (1 month ago)
Backstreet boys : as long as you love me,
Gamer Hydra (1 month ago)
Best way to learn English is to go to School & Get Educated
thank you Vanessa!
Sandro Dream (1 month ago)
I prefer italian songs
Roshan Sharma (1 month ago)
I want a English coaching from you
Thanus Susee (1 month ago)
Thank you so much madam. It's very useful to me
Thanks for your recomendations.
Cat Dog (1 month ago)
Could you put music first ,and talk
Javier Murillo (1 month ago)
I like learn English with song....I have a playlist on music video with lyrics 😀😀😀 I will add your recommendation....
He said
Khacthai Nguyen (1 month ago)
if your video translates more languages, it will be awesome
Salma FitriaS (1 month ago)
How about "Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy" ? That was help me too.. "He was a boy She was a girl Can I make anymore obvious? He was a punk She did ballet What more can I say?............................etc"
حورية البحر (1 month ago)
I adore your style to speaking 😍😍
Miroslava Firchuk (1 month ago)
thanks, Venessa. it's always really enjoyable for to listen how you speak)) to learn English I listen songs songs: black "wonderful life", Christina Aguilera "hurt" again and again
Robinson Terang (1 month ago)
Hello mam
KabiNd Khombuwa (1 month ago)
lyn luo (1 month ago)
you look like a million dollers
Sanjeev jangra (1 month ago)
Nice video
Vivian Mclean (1 month ago)
Hi Vanessa, adoro seus videos, they help me a lot, thanks
ANWAR ALSHEHAB (1 month ago)
Your smile motivates me to love English
Wing of Life (1 month ago)
Well, these are my recommendations. Check it out Adele - Set fire to the rain Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold Imagine Dragons - Bleeding out Fall Out Boy - My songs know what you did in the dark Ed Sheeran - Give me love feat Demi Lovato Katy Perry - Chain to the rhythm Maroon5 - maps And BONUS*"Let it go" from frozen*
Mustafa Alazzawi (1 month ago)
I love ur smile it's comfortable 😁
sk abutaher (1 month ago)
I like your Mom
Rizwan Ahmed (1 month ago)
Respectable mam Vanessa, ,ur teaching method is very easy & understandable .watching ur 's vedios my listening power is some improving. Live long & be happy.
great video! thank u so much for sharing
T. Ts. (1 month ago)
I love this girl
Waqas Ghaffar (1 month ago)
Hi Vanessa, Hi I've a question. We have to see lyrics after listen that song without lyrics, or we have to see lyrics along with the song? Please help us in this regard.
zaim abdrrahm (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Captain Canada (2 months ago)
Why are you doing this?
Ariel Tineo (2 months ago)
This woman is really cute
speed record official (2 months ago)
Exquisite 👌
B' Pearl (2 months ago)
Good job 👍✌
All in One (2 months ago)
How can i understand English songs...??? Very hard to understand because so fast
chadou med (2 months ago)
Perfect , I like all ur videos , and I understand all what u say , ur way ur speaking ur smile all perfect , well done thanks
dat dang (2 months ago)
You talk too much, You should introduce 3 songs at a time.
Eugene Gary (2 months ago)
hello Vanessa how are I feel so good when i'm here
Eugene Gary (2 months ago)
hello Vanessa how are I feel so good when i'm here
Mateus desenhos (2 months ago)
Lets go listen these songs Now it's time to bust my english
Hussain Iraqi (2 months ago)
Thank you very much ma'am ❤
원지 (2 months ago)
hi Vanessa😁 really thanks for your useful video for improving english quickly . I wanna ask you something .I found some lyrics of the song"cheap thrill" by sia and that's "I don't need no money" is this sentence also a wrong thing in terms of english grammer ?
Sumit Kumar (2 months ago)
Vanessa I do understand English but feel scary while speaking English
원지 (2 months ago)
I recommend you to listen to" red" by taylor swift because there are many similar phrasals for helping easy to sing along with her and letting you know about the definition of love through plenty of colors as well😂😂
Vasu Sri (2 months ago)
i understand but i cant talk help me
HajOuba At (2 months ago)
Hello Vanessa , lately I started watching your videos about learning English and I really appreciate that ! I speak English but not very good so I'm trying to improve my English language. Actually I learned English from songs and movies but after a while I feel bored so I stopped , I decided to take a break because no one of my friends or my family speak English with me and I'm studying in French because in Morocco the fist strange language is French you see! But now I realized that I forgot alot of words and expressions ! So I feel disappointed and I'm trying now to improve my English but I think I need to know someone someone who speak English to speak with him/her only in English . By the way I'm in love with Ed Sheeran's song "perfect" it's a great song and shake it off too but I found it a little hard

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