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Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jennifer Hudson Anymore

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift Jennifer Hudson, the loveable girl-next-door with a powerhouse voice, was enjoying a sensational rise to fame 10 years ago. Despite not making the quarterfinals of American Idol in 2004, she still managed to carve out a promising career. Hudson even went on to star as Effie in the hit movie Dreamgirls, and won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Nothing seemed to stop the Chicago native, and her debut album won a Grammy for Best R&B album in 2009. However, her fame has faded over the past few years, leading some to wonder how such a talented performer has could ever not be on the A-list. Here are a few reasons why her career might've stalled… From huge hits to massive flops | 0:44 The family tragedy that shook the world | 1:14 A whole new role | 1:53 Diet diva | 2:18 Losing the musical muscle | 2:44 Taking the stage | 3:19 Time for a turnaround | 3:49 Read more here → http://www.nickiswift.com/54669/hollywood-wont-cast-jennifer-hudson-anymore/ Why Hollywood Won't Cast These Actors Anymore https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Jason Segel Anymore https://youtu.be/4NhzUv7BBlg?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jenna Elfman Anymore https://youtu.be/n3PVSDNecOc?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt Why Hollywood Won't Cast Taylor Momsen Anymore https://youtu.be/5k_4nLgC91Y?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt Why Hollywood Won't Cast Elisha Cuthbert Anymore https://youtu.be/HQl3Ai23iFs?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt Why Hollywood Won't Cast Nikki Reed Anymore https://youtu.be/6s-uhj5xmHQ?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt The Real Reason Hollywood Won't Cast Lacey Chabert Anymore https://youtu.be/JY5__MYqFik?list=PLdEKZTDH6MLGS8ITETkvqu4Hja88ueDSt Website → http://www.nickiswift.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/NickiSwiftCeleb Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/NickiSwiftCeleb/ Nicki Swift is the top source for all the best dirt and juiciest gossip on the celebs you love...or love to hate. Want video lists of all the best celebrity secrets, reality show scandals, and stories behind the biggest Hollywood stars? Nicki has the answers. Want to know just who Nicki Swift is? There's only one way to find out...
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Text Comments (1334)
Nicki Swift (1 year ago)
Are you more a fan of her singing or her acting?
Sheila Davis (7 days ago)
+Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams I agree with you maybe Jennifer Hudson should her vocal talents on the side & go for a full blown acting career maybe she could win an academy adward you never know 🎵🎶🎼
Sheila Davis (7 days ago)
+T Andersonl
Gerald Stokes (4 months ago)
Her singing definitely, but I would still take Fantasia's chops over Hudson's.
Melvin Tribble (4 months ago)
Nicki Swift ?
be real black for me (4 months ago)
Both darling. She shines bright either way
Foreigner (13 days ago)
Because she can´t act at all and that Oscar was a hoax. Please watch tha movie again. It´s laughable and cringey.
Saint ASMR (19 days ago)
killed her own family just to be a flop.
Montserrat Calvillo (1 month ago)
Jennifer Hudson is my principle's cousin
Wednesday (1 month ago)
My sister was in the same grade as her nephew, I remember they put a plaque that said it was reserved for him at an auditorium chair at my sister's graduation, Jennifer Hudson came to our school, she and the mom of the kid received his diploma it was pretty sad.
Stephanie Cook (1 month ago)
Ewwww God! She looks HORRIBLE skinny like that. I hate when celebs do that to themselves, it's asha! E!
dabigdikdangler (1 month ago)
She's very talented, I'm sure she'll be an E.G.O.T. winner one day
Cheryl thurman (1 month ago)
She chose her career over family that's why her ex fiance has full custody of their son. She is always so busy
irene davila (1 month ago)
sweetener (1 month ago)
i think she is doing fine.
kentrell watkins (1 month ago)
She fell off
Raphonza Beasley (1 month ago)
I still don't see how her career stop just say y'all wanted somebody to watch your channel dam
eth3realdivine3 (2 months ago)
Because she is a pawn of the devil and the Illuminati. They clearly deceived her and she deceived us. She sacrificed nearly her entire immediate family for fame & still didn’t get the fame that she deserved. Once you sell your soul it’s a wrap.
John Orabone (2 months ago)
Messiah Nowlin (2 months ago)
I love how you don't put your own Opinion on things. thank you.
Tay Tay (2 months ago)
Fucked up how you go to Hollywood to sell your soul just to be no longer able to work in Hollywood anymore smh all that for nothing huh ?!
Carey Allen (2 months ago)
I would so love to see her come back!!!
Yohana Bartley (2 months ago)
eVeRYBoDY iS NoT aH "BeYoNCe"...SHe iS DeFiNiTeLY STiLL DoiNG HeR THiNG!!...&& LooKiNG BeauTiFuL && HeaLTHY WHiLe DoiNG iT!!!...
Jonah 1: 9 (2 months ago)
Crystal Vouse (2 months ago)
i used to wanna be famous but all these ppl have one thing in common their personal lives suck . so i feel wow my life isn't so bad fame isnt everything its happiness
Gunny King (2 months ago)
Let's see, she will be in two movies and she's on both the UK in 2018. I think it would be difficult to find someone who is more successful in all areas of the entertainment business. I think you need to go back as far as Barbara Streisand.
Kris (2 months ago)
She needs to hit greatest hits status... I love Jennifer Hudson.
Gem San Jose (3 months ago)
What a malicious video article.
Joseph Murphy (3 months ago)
This explains why she is playing Aretha in a film about arethas life AND she is filming with Taylor swift...
visadklline (3 months ago)
If this is failure, I’d like some 😂
Milan Maddox (3 months ago)
Wtf she's doing just fine but if Hollywood can get out of Bee/Jay.ass they can focus on other talented actors this woman can sing an move a crowd to their feet.
George Osolo (3 months ago)
Because she is not an illuminati member. She is pure and natural
Dad E DuBose (3 months ago)
Julia Wood (4 months ago)
Her attitude her behavior all that plays apart. I'm not surprised I don't blame them for not one to cast her or anything in Hollywood. I really think in my heart and my soul deep down that she is a part of what happened to her family . I think something what's going on with him and the aunt's boyfriend . she is holding a deep dark secret and only she knows that .after all I am entitled to my opinion and that's my opinion. when she made it her head got too big for, her mind spread wide then Eagles wing. I also feel that the boyfriend has something to do with her getting to the point where she is. Her behavior is a behavior of someone that has a dark path and cannot deal with it. Once again that's my opinion. Freedom of speech
bebe zahaha benet (2 months ago)
Julia Wood you’re a fucking dumbass idiot
Joey Joe (4 months ago)
Hmmm... you didn’t really answer the question and she seems to be doing quite well!
Lavern Scott (4 months ago)
Am not a fan of fenifer hudson for some reason her perspmility for me i dont dig it sory poor thing i. I dont mean she is poor i know she rich but to lost your mother in such a hortible way very sad
ToMeR4love (4 months ago)
She refused to take a part at the illuminati, she wanted to break the silent. They did it, that's why she isn't a part of the Hollywood sister hood
dominique greenaway (4 months ago)
I wouldn't consider her career a fail.
Asianna Mac (4 months ago)
& now she'll be playing a role of Aretha frankiln. Bitch
shihlin1 (4 months ago)
She's slated to play Aretha Franklin in a future biopic. THAT will definitely turn things around for her !
DeJaiz Robinson (4 months ago)
Never been a fan of hers, however I sincerely believe she knows what happened to her family. She is a killer.
IMjust Moon (4 months ago)
Where did she fail in her career she sang at Aretha franklins funeral she's a legend amongst legends.
Lena James (4 months ago)
She still got it she will rise
jay2luv (4 months ago)
this whole video is a joke her career is fine so whoever made this video how is you're career? she is set to star in the Aretha Franklin bio
Eva Morton (4 months ago)
Jennifer, God can help you with that bounceback. DONE. P.S. Fpr thosethat think "religion" when I say God, I mean nothing about religion Thanks!
Vance Mars (4 months ago)
She’s not YA’LL definition of successful but to me she won & winning 🤷🏽‍♂️ I always see on TV every year so to me that’s pretty successful 💯
Malissa Dorsey (4 months ago)
It’s sad that you have named so many projects that she has done ✅ and still have thee Audacity to say failure!!! It’s people like you who we should be hollering FAKE NEWS at!!! But you’re a hater & just wait til she plays Aretha Franklin in her new movie and I guess she’ll be a comeback again! Smh!!!
mista dont play (4 months ago)
She won’t let them control her
Latrice Jones (4 months ago)
.... because she can’t act!
be real black for me (4 months ago)
Hudson is A-list all day everyday & I don't care how many faliures she may have had. She's still a star with an incredible talent 💕💕
hyku nero (4 months ago)
Janine Hazzard (4 months ago)
..... she is doing great this video makes absolutely no sense
Shivan Muleya (4 months ago)
She has self respect that's why
Sixftone (4 months ago)
It is this type of publicity that is such BS. Roles for black women are scarce even if you have the damn Oscar. Jennifer is a powerful and strong R&B performer. She was never and has never tried to be a fake ass auto tuned pop princess. She is raw talent. There are a lot of talents who have God given gifts in this world and many never achieved commercial success. I will not call out names. The entertainment business is full of raw talent and a lot of BS. It just amazes me that through the years the showcase of the not so talented are able to achieve commercial success because of auto tuned voices. She has the awards to prove her talent. Enough said.
ferociousgumby (4 months ago)
The . . . Three. . . STOOGES??
Rita mor (5 months ago)
stop gossiping about Aretha, Jennifer Hudson who else
Sandra wilson (5 months ago)
Jennifer is very talented but whoever produces her music need to put me on her team as a producer and writer because I listened to her last couple of cds and really lets just say im not running to the store or kicking in no doors to buy it.
Marisol white (5 months ago)
Great singer. But she can't act her way out of wet paper bag. Her role as Winnie Mandela was horrible...
Forever Young (5 months ago)
Is this true she about too play Aretha Franklin lol 😂 so what happen
Jocelyn Love (5 months ago)
You're racist and if this was someone white this wouldn't be a subject of discussion. Her career is great and her coin is even better. Go suck a rotten egg.
These are all lies!
Elaine Donaway (5 months ago)
It is hard for Black women...my granddaughter graduated from Fordham and is a great actress but she don't have the connection. Nisarah Lewis is a strong sister and we have faith
Elaine Donaway (5 months ago)
She is no actress
vchervil (5 months ago)
Well she is not a great actress
cole council (5 months ago)
This has a racist vibe to it
M (5 months ago)
She let fame go to her head!
Christy O (5 months ago)
THIS IS SO Anti-jennifer!
See that's what happened when you sacrifice your whole family they shut you down after a while and use you like one of their puppets she lost her husband she lost your kid', and the industry is not really dealing with you because you're due for another sacrifice see the devil come in all types of disguises this is what you do for fame
Especial 2X1 (5 months ago)
This video is stupid, pointless. PLease dislike it.
Dread DeJuste (5 months ago)
So She Married The Dude David(Punk) From The I Love ❤ New York Show (VH1)
Terrance Miller (5 months ago)
Cats. Spielberg. Look into it!
Latoya Bates (5 months ago)
XXXTRA LARGE FRIES (5 months ago)
Fame is the greatest gift ever!
Joe Reyes (5 months ago)
So what is new in a white race monopolized business. The insecurity of white people is exposed by Hollywood. Every imaginable bullshit lie about the racist white race is expected to be believed. They depict themselves as the good guys as the most kind and intelligent. So when a talented Black Person or any non white race person shows up the white race demonizing of the talented non white people begins until they can erase them from the picture and the procedure to be exposed to fools and bush league talents like Eminem,Beiver and the list of mediocre white so called entertainers goes on and on and on. The biggest joke the most disgusting lie and deception was to call the hick from the sticks Elvis Presley the king of rock n roll. WHAT A JOKE!
Emma Razon (5 months ago)
Don't like her in the voice but they took her for the new season
CocoBeeBe (5 months ago)
Because she wants out of illuminati?
freemusicloops (5 months ago)
nice one...that was great
iBeast (5 months ago)
I swear, this where all the celebrity tea and shade goes down.
stefflmrk (5 months ago)
WHO GIVES A SH** WHAT AMERICA (US) WANT'S AND SEES A A SUPER STAR . . . . She still is, who she is! Her voice and talent, unchanged!!! Maybe Family is more!!!!!!! important to her now then ever before?!?! 🤔🤔🤔 understandable to those in Hollywood and the wannabe Star Glamour people i hope?
Believe Me (5 months ago)
Damn, she is ugly.
Bryan Houston 2018 (6 months ago)
It's ironic she will be starring in Cats with Taylor Swift
Vivvy777 (6 months ago)
Love Jenny!!
E Jazzy (6 months ago)
Brown skinned female artists aren’t being promoted! That’s why!
E Jazzy (6 months ago)
Jennifer played her longtime fiancé, whose probably done with her.
operaebonyinc (6 months ago)
A Gift from Above'
hayden trinh (6 months ago)
Still love her...
slypool slypool (6 months ago)
I like her I like singing and acting ......
Quincy Maqhawe (6 months ago)
Fake news do your research
LaChelle Flood (6 months ago)
I am huge fan of JHud!!!
Home Care (6 months ago)
Can give black sister a donation thousand dollars or caregivers job contract me homecare904gmail.com
Jordan Wright (6 months ago)
I look up to her
Vilimaina Nakanacagi (6 months ago)
Seven Times (6 months ago)
You really didn’t explain why she won’t be casted by h.wood anymore.
Dr. Shake (6 months ago)
Simple because she isn't a sellout. She can really sing, and she's refused to be an Illuminati Puppet Princess, dressing half naked, using satanic imagery and sexuality to promote her career. (Beyonce', Katie Perry, Rhianna, Madonna, Nikki Minaj)
yvon robert blais (7 months ago)
I love Jennafer Hudson. Strong women very talented. Queen among Queens. From a 65 year old white guy with experience of life. Continue doing your magic forget the haters. God be with you and your family. lol
bdr5518 (7 months ago)
Jennefier don’t need to met your standard! Girl Bye! She just fine
sybylo (7 months ago)
She seems fine to me...
deborah fields (7 months ago)
Love u Jennifer
kriss mg (7 months ago)
OMG, she lost her mother, brother and nephew in the most tragic way possible, how many us would be able to continue after enduring such a tragedy. And all of this measuring of sales etc. and movies that (supposedly) flopped. Who cares! She is a strong Queen with more talent in her fingernail that most of the so called singer/actors out there. She knows her worth and she is doing just fine.
jsamc (7 months ago)
So nice seeing a sister who feel she doesn't need hair flowing down her back.
Kim Essex (7 months ago)
I hope her ex-fiance gets her son David jr. After all she sacrificed her family
astralia akbar (7 months ago)
Jennifer Hudson is an A - LIST ENTERTAINER, AN OSCAR WINNING ACTRESS, WHOM I'D LOVE TO SEE IN MORE MOVIES! I LOVE HER ON BROADWAY, I LOVE HER MUSIC CAREER. i love her at whatever she chooses to do, including, judging, coaching on competition shows, which is where she came into main stream public view! she has excellent talent, instinct, and God bless her, protect her, cause she's certainly paid her dues. HARDLY ANYBODY PUTS A SONG IN VOCAL INTERPRETIVE STORY LIKE MS. JENNIFER HUDSON: HAVE YOU LISTENED TO HER LATELY? SO, DON'T HATE HER. JUST APPLAUSE, AND ASK; WHAT'S SHE DOING NEXT? JENNIFER HUDSON HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO CALL YOU WITH GOOD SCRIPTS & PAY.
Terri Wilkins (7 months ago)
She will be just fine and only better.
Crystal Jamerson (7 months ago)
She is a lier, who gives a dam about Jennifer Hudson a cold evil deadly greedy unhuman ,moster

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