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Falling To Pieces - *SAD* Piano Beautiful Song Instrumental

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Sad Piano Beautiful Song Instrumental Composed by Jurrivh. ▶ Subscribe for more Music: http://bit.ly/SubToJurrivh 💰 Purchase (License): https://bsta.rs/5ca8638 🌐 Free Mp3 Download: https://bsta.rs/5ca8638 Cinematography by Bernard van den Heiligenberg (http://www.holymountain.nl) Female Model: Cheyenne Krijgsman (https://www.instagram.com/cheyenne.krijgsman/) Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jurrivh/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/jurrivh Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurrivh/ Thanks for Watching and Subscribe for New Music every 2 Weeks! #SadPiano #Jurrivh #Emotional
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Jurrivh (2 months ago)
Wrote this song dedicated to a personal situation I had this year. We all know the feeling of being loved but not being able to give the same love back. Sometimes you wish you were meant for each other but your heart tells you she/he is not the right person for you. Even though if you would go together to the other side of the world to the most romantic places, it doesn't feel right. The hardest part is that there always stays one person with a broken heart, I wrote this song dedicated to that person. I'm sorry❤️
MAJID .O. (12 days ago)
If you can't be with that someone you love, you better love the one who you are with
البرنسيسة (28 days ago)
*A wonderful feeling* 🎶⁦🕊️⁩⁦🕊️⁩⁦🌹🕊️⁩⁦⁦🕊️⁩🎶
Marwa Hourani (29 days ago)
I can feel you and understand what you are saying
Ivis Burris (1 month ago)
Wow, this piece makes u feel all that ishy stuff u feel inside WHEN u DON'T want 2 feel sad. Ur fingers so gently, so selectively but yet so effectively prancing each stroke evokes EVERY emotion that one would feel when u finally realize NOPE this is not it!
nguyễn ngọc lân (18 hours ago)
Có ai Việt nam ở đây kh
Linda Reeve (1 day ago)
the hardest thing is to love someone with all your heart in you and they dont love you back and all that your left with is a broken heart and memories of that some one you would of done anything for them my question is how can you move on its not that easy
Some who says i love u will be the major pain for your whole life💔heart broken things may happen. But they are the one who cares & loves you inside their heart💖❤❤ and also they are the one who acts as a enemies💔💔 outside.dont miss someone who loves you ever and ever keep writing something about them. Then you feel like you are the one to them ,they are the one to you and you two are made for each other💏💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jurrivh Sou Brasileiro e inscrito em seu canal, tenho uma coisa a dizer, suas notas tocadas são como uma voz dizendo lindas palavras, parabens!
Zaly Guerzé (1 day ago)
Maître 100%
beshtar (2 days ago)
why does aperson says; i loved her so much or him and it hurts, this is not being truthfull to yourself, when you loved that person it felt nice amazing awesome but what hurts is that you dont have it anymore.so the hurt is the seperation not the union:) love to all that is
Francesco Rovere (2 days ago)
A wise human being
Ioana Denisa (5 days ago)
Your music is so beautiful ! I love your music ! #sad
Rio Norun (6 days ago)
Really love it 😔😪❤️
beautiful, man.
Abelitro (9 days ago)
Ana Jen (13 days ago)
It happends...AND not matter what you do...a heart Is broken...even if is you or the other persons heart. Got into my soul....this. Instrumental melodie. Blessings...sometimes you feel guilty...but it wasnt that you wanted to Hurt... thats the difference.... Ana from Argentina.
Dαniel Rαρ (14 days ago)
Buen beats 🎵
8 oculto 8 (16 days ago)
Yo soy uno Brasileiro aqui?
Nouf Mohammad (16 days ago)
i really enjoy this one so much please keep on doing what you are music heal the soul my best regards to you from saudi Arabia
Marsolaire Zurisaday (18 days ago)
Hay Momentos Inexplicables, Hay Días que parecen Inexplicable, Hay días que son buenos o otros no, Hay Momentos en las que no sabes si estás bien o estás mal, Triste, Molesto, Feliz, Nostálgico o con muchas emociones. - No se sabe, como explicarlo pero hay personas que empiezan a ver que la vida no tiene sentido, que se sienten harto, se sienten sobre cargados, Y la mayoría tienen problemas y algunos son graves, otros leves, pero cada persona reacciona de una manera diferente.. Nadie es perfecto o si?... Me pregunto porque las personas, se suicidan así porque si dejando una carta, dejando un Adiós sin explicación sabiendo que fue lo mejor que pudo pasar por la tierra, que eran las personas mas maravillosas del mundo.. Yo tendré mil problemas: Y aseguro que el Suicidio para mi no es para personas " Débiles y Cobarde", Como dicen muchos en este mundo lo considero , sobre carga una persona que se siente Harta, siente que su hombro hay un peso que no se pueden quitar de su vida y por mas que lo intente no pueden.... Venezuela!!... El País, donde otros emigran, otros murieron de desnutrición, han sido Asesinados, otros porque se Suicidan.. Hasta cuando seguiré viendo tantas cosas malas en mi país, y el mundo y sin saber el porque??.. Es tan Absurdo, que todo se valla a la borda sin a ver luchando y llegar a contemplar un maravillo atardecer encontrando el anochecer y contemplarlo hasta el resto de nuestras vidas.. Gracias a estás Melodías, Tan hermosas puedo llegar a tener inspiración,.
Emmy (18 days ago)
Tameng Pomad (19 days ago)
You play it with Heart, very touching, emotional and inspiring. Keep up !
So many people are play with me. I love your music :(
Diamond Chingshu (22 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Hz1PqwNVnoY Thank you brother
Naomi Sigler Bedwell (23 days ago)
😢 This ending is so sad
مخبلة واخبل (23 days ago)
سُبحان من خَلق غُربه بَعد طُول انتمَاء ♡
Encarnacion Espina (24 days ago)
Que talento, transmite tantos sentimientos!!!! GRACIAS
NapProd. Beats (26 days ago)
damn dude, tahts so emotional...big up! earned my sub the best way u could dude.
Dian Komala Dewi (26 days ago)
Sometimes love can be hurt but sometimes love can give the happiness..with the right people love can give the happiness..and with the wrong person love can be hurt and suffering..😭😭i wish can turn my time and meet the right people to make happy...this song make me cry😭😭
Noor Omar (28 days ago)
emotional 😔🎶
السيد احمد (28 days ago)
Butterfly Cat (28 days ago)
BeautifulBoy!! !! !!*********
Gwiazda 123 (28 days ago)
Marwa Hourani (29 days ago)
Oh my gGod so emotional ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tails A1919 (29 days ago)
If you need a good cry, to let all pain and burden you kept inside of you for so long, listen to this and let it all go.
Cindy C. (1 month ago)
So very sad 😢😥
Pedrytuss Dj (1 month ago)
Música triste sad😔
‘The feeling of being loved but not being able to give the same love back’ your words hit me hard. I feel so, so ungrateful. I haven’t been able to love and respect my parents as i should have to. I barely spend time with them anymore since i got so caught up with uni for the last 2 years. Sometimes, when i really need some emotional support, i actually want to turn to them and tell them everything, but again i think ‘i am an adult, i should solve this on my own. They’re tired enough from working all day i shouldn’t bother them with my problems.’ And i think i’m over-confident and too selfish about it bc they said ‘you can always say anything to us’.. i’m sorry mum, dad, i haven’t made you happy and proud of me, but one day, i promise i will.. i did it all with your unconditional love, and i will gladly do it all over again💞
Fatiha Moutalia (1 month ago)
So good thanks you so much ❤
Udo Haas (1 month ago)
So good, thanks so much-
B3autiful Dark Music (1 month ago)
….I know the feeling, I'm like that with my audience of everyone and no one...
Kelli H (1 month ago)
Touches the depths of my soul ♡
NICHOXLAS MUSIC (1 month ago)
Beautiful piece of music!
Criswell lester (1 month ago)
Me conmovió mucho y también me hizo pensar, estoy sad😞😢😭😭😭
Luthor Beats (1 month ago)
How do you make me want to cry from just the first few notes??? All the beats you make are masterpieces Jurrivh. You are an inspiration to us all!
¡ WOW-ERS ! (1 month ago)
When you think about all that time you had.. That good time with your closet one.. While listening to this. It's just taking my tears!
Robert Faust (1 month ago)
Du bist und bleibst einfach der beste!!
I am waiting for the piano sheets :)
geryopick (1 month ago)
you're the past and the future , i subbed
Alex Zohios (1 month ago)
Im gonna miss you When the moneys pouring in I wanted to lose you To the root of all madness Im so lonely Ill pretend your arms are around me While i pick up the rest on the stage tonight
Queen Sisi (1 month ago)
I missed myself. How can I get my old life. I want my old smile. I am dead
Kimita Tello (1 month ago)
Por favor compárteme la partitura [email protected] o alguien que la tenga por favor envíenmela 🙏🏻
Kimita Tello (1 month ago)
Me enamore ❤️😍
Farah Alzghoul (1 month ago)
OMG i can't stop crying..
king xRD (1 month ago)
Algún día quiero ser como tuh
Captain Skutch (1 month ago)
Wow, this touched me in so many ways I can’t explain. I’m lost in a relationship with someone that says she doesn’t know me anymore like how it used to be and I honestly don’t know if we’ll pull through this one. It’s been 7 years we’ve been together and idk.
Josh Rivera (1 month ago)
Beautiful man. I'll write for you any day if you ever need hip hop lyrical content. But your music alone is amazing. Props bro
Angel Soto (1 month ago)
What hapoened to the last video,its not there no more😔
HEX an (1 month ago)
That was awesome bro
Echo Kong (1 month ago)
I accepted that you said, I always couldn't meet the right person, so I choose to be alone.
Elysium Games (1 month ago)
Katarzyna Sowała (1 month ago)
den suga (1 month ago)
هاله سهلي (1 month ago)
اين انتِ ي حبيبتي ي جميلتي ي ماعشقت عيناك واحتلني قلبك اميرتي عاشقتي مجنونتي انتِ لستي حبيبه بل انتِ قطعه ذهبيه احبُكِ قمري😭💛
Anh Sơn Nguyễn (1 month ago)
it's too true to my mood. Thanks for your music !!
Ao Fujisaki (1 month ago)
Being desperate and lonely, I fell for an equally depressed person in high school who did not have the same feelings for me, and lied to me for 4 years, and then left me hurt and alone
Ao Fujisaki (1 month ago)
A lonely lioness walking in the woods not belonging in the forest, out from the Savannah, as she explores her new world knowing she will never be able to return back home after getting almost killed by her own pride, chased away for so long, until she ran too far, into unfamiliar territory. Never to have a family again, Adapting to the new prey animals, and landscape. Not a lone wolf, but a lone lion.
احساس مرهف 🖤✨
Miss Fields (1 month ago)
Aprecio cada nota, el esmero. Todo. Eres magnífico.✨
Hiep luu287 (1 month ago)
Anh cũng chẳng đợi chờ gì hơn được hoài ánh nắng Khi sự phân vân giữ khóc và cười anh chọn đường nào cũng là cay đắng Vậy thà yếu đuối đêm nay để sang ngày mai không sợ hụt hẫng Nhưng rồi .. sao em phải cứ làm anh lo lắng Mọi chuyện đâu như mình nghĩ em cũng biết vậy sao cứ toan tính
moegammat africa (1 month ago)
Great session! Forgive me if you gesture. That I'm overhauled😁😂😭. #myemblazonedemo
wentworth genitiano (1 month ago)
now i felt im being lost in space no one can hear me cry neither see me
wentworth genitiano (1 month ago)
i wish she never leave me alone
Cem Demirci (1 month ago)
Can ı use video and beat ?
FAZTOP (1 month ago)
El mejor canal de youtube para las musicas hermosas 🤗🤗😪
Thùy Phương (2 months ago)
Em vô tri quên đi tất cả Những bản nhạc tình mà anh trao. Những sáng bình minh anh thức vội Đợi đến chiều tàn môi kề môi Em đi nhưng quên đi tất cả 0Lời hứa ngọt ngào bản tình ca Rằng em chỉ cần anh kề cạnh Chỉ yêu và đợi mỗi mình anh Anh bất chợt thấy hạnh phúc nhỏ nhoi Len lẩn giữa sương mai nụ cười em khi chưa tới Anh thấy được dòng người cứ vội vã đến và đi Rồi họ bỏ anh lại, sợ hãi bao phủ trong góc phòng kẻ tình si Nhiều người nói anh đã thay đổi Ừ anh phải thay đổi vì cả em cũng bỏ anh rồi Dẫu biết hạnh phúc này không thể mãi ràng buộc Có giữ lại thì cũng chẳng còn cảm giác thân thuộc Người anh thương yêu nhất cũng chỉ mỗi em mà ? Sao tàn nhẫn bỏ lại những gian dở những ngày qua Tình yêu thì đâu aai biết được điều gì Hôm nay mình nắm chặt ngày mai người rời đi em đâu còn nhớ nỗi, những điều anh đã làm em sống trong quá khứ và nỗi sợ dần giết cả hai ta
Marcel Dietz (2 months ago)
Ahmed Zaoui (2 months ago)
Can you please tell us what chords you're playing with the left hand ? They're pretty emotional
Attack Helicopter (2 months ago)
Damn I remember when he would make simple homemade videos.. and now he’s making movies for freaks sake! Your channel aged well my man!
Yanire Torres (2 months ago)
Deep and beautiful💕
Aisha Love BTS (2 months ago)
Hadouken Hadouken (2 months ago)
We were young our adolescent love we thought there be no tomorrow that could separate our bond. As the season change fall soon befell us. As much as we fought it we couldn't fight time. Things change and people changed in the end its better to have loved than lost and never loved at all. - mermaid
Jaay .r (2 months ago)
I read the comments at the same time as I listen to this beautiful music. It's a sad song but I really like it and I hope you will share it more and more!
Mehmet Daldal (2 months ago)
Ruhumu dinliyorum ve sen eşlik ediyorsun.
caerleon tao (2 months ago)
Давно уж весьма слушаю твои работы, словами не сформулировать четкой опоры восхищения. Спасибо для тебя.
Mira Michael Events (2 months ago)
I feel your pain and nostalgia .. very romantique, very beautiful song! God bless!
Gimme Head (2 months ago)
Am i the only one that think it suck
Liviu Marcu (2 months ago)
Sad song but a peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful video.
Lugero Accordion (2 months ago)
Wow this is awesome a beautiful original piece played beautifully.. You may like my original , music played on piano and keyboards.. Cheers.. Lugero.. SUBBED..
DS prodz (2 months ago)
Amanda sarah oficial (2 months ago)
Sozinha, sozinha Sozinha sozinha..... Tudo fica uma escuridão, os meus pés gelados Como nunca, o meu rosto pálido como um gelo.... ninguém para pergunta ser eu estou bemmm Bemmm Bemmmm Bemmm Eu queriam ter apenas algume que mim conhecia como mais ninguém, mais não extir..
Alëxia Lmk (2 months ago)
Par Par (2 months ago)
Really love this instrumental ..love from malaysia💜
Vanel Veltaz (2 months ago)
🤩 such a breathtaking, peaceful piece of wonder. Never stop ! Where can we find the sheet for it ?
It's me Kath (2 months ago)
Why do i get sad over little things? I love listening to music like this. 😢
Júnior Nunes (2 months ago)
Jurrivh escribre titanic en piano gracias
ismael ramirez velazquez (2 months ago)
Aimi OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
Your heart felt music says it all without the need for words. She may not see it now but she'll be thankful in future as you both have someone better suited out there for you.
Claire Chami (2 months ago)
Everyone has a person and she will know this person but you will always be one of the most memorable phases in her life
gokhan akgun (2 months ago)
K. Jonas (2 months ago)
You made me cry...wonderful song! 💓
Saskia Stehr (2 months ago)
Wonderful! ❤️
Olya Grinevich (2 months ago)
Sorry, sorry baby. (Verse1 ) We are over now. We are ex now. Forgive me, if you can. I let you down. Forgive me, baby. I left you behind. But, you can't stop me. I won't change my mind. I will not change, I don't love you. I' m such a mess. I don't deserve you. Time will pass. You’ll understand. It's for the best. It's not the end. Pre chorus: A love of your life is yet to come. But I' m not the one; I' m not the one. (Chorus :) Sorry, sorry, baby. Shit happens. It's life. I know you're strong. I know you'll survive. As time goes on You’ll be good again. Sorry, sorry baby for causing you pain. Sorry, sorry baby for causing you pain. Sorry, sorry baby for causing you pain (Verse 2 ) I know I've hurt you. I know I have. And you are broke now. Your heart’s bleeding. I didn't want to. But it just happened this way I feel guilty. We parted ways. (Pre chorus:) (Chorus :) (Bridge) Don't haunt me now, don't stalk, don't beg. Don't write me messages, I won't come back. Don't haunt me, please. Don’t throw tantrums. Don’t make things worse. No more drama.

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