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Alan Walker - Alone (Instrumental Remix)

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My debut album, “Different World" is finally out! Check it out here: https://lnk.to/AW-DW-Album Check out the music video to my instrumental remix of "Alone". This song is all about unity: We are all in this world together. THANK YOU to everyone who helped spread the message and submitted photos, you are amazing and I wish I could have included all of them, sadly there were too many photos, so I randomly selected these. Listen to ”Alone (Instrumental Remix)”: http://alanwalker.lnk.to/Alone2 Listen to ”Alone”: https://alanwalker.lnk.to/Alone Watch the music video for "Alone": http://bit.ly/AlanWalkerAloneVideo Official merchandise available at http://bit.ly/AlanWalkerMerch Facebook: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Facebook Instagram: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Instagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/AlanWalker_Twitter Snapchat: alanwalkermusic Video produced by: Axel Thornéus Tomas Svensson Adam Bassari
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Text Comments (9280)
Prem Kolkar (1 day ago)
It is better than original.
Prasad Prasa (1 day ago)
Sooooo good
Starboy Youtube (2 days ago)
2019 walkers like !!!! Forever walkers comment! ❤️
MsRex0flove (4 days ago)
This is the best song of Alan Walker
Destiny Margis (4 days ago)
ok got alan waker i love you and your girlfriend!
ravinayak banjara (4 days ago)
I lovd this instrmntl man😍😍
rajni kumari gond (6 days ago)
World most amazing instrumental
B. K. (9 days ago)
Does anyone notice the flute in the background? XD
B. K. (9 days ago)
....like near the end? XD
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
ello u good at debates?
Pedro perez (9 days ago)
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
we cool
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
not a threat
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
Foxy Pirate (9 days ago)
U good at debates? Alan?
Twice & Once (11 days ago)
Good Remix
Tunahan Karadöngel (13 days ago)
27. Saniyede ben varım vay be ne çabuk geçmis zaman :) insan özlüyor
Sema Nur Öncü (11 days ago)
Türk buldummnnn
something different (14 days ago)
Thanks for making such beautiful songs
mohammod__ xp (18 days ago)
Any body can be alone but you are a special case (unbreakable) # walkers
PARAB ARYA (19 days ago)
Can i use this song for my video
Lost Vayne (20 days ago)
ada foto gua tadi
KORONIMO (21 days ago)
walkers indonesia mana suaranya
Subhash Chhetri (24 days ago)
Most photos are from india
Janete Fonseca (25 days ago)
Alan Walkers Join ☠️
Aditya Asmara (27 days ago)
many INDONESIAN people 🙂🙂🙂
Diego Noel (28 days ago)
Sos lo mas
Bhawani Nandan (1 month ago)
This music is better than Marshmello and Snake music....... By the way LOVE FROM INDIA🇮🇳
lim Lim (1 month ago)
We are not alone forever
Ahmad Saroji (1 month ago)
ada yanglek coek :""V
•Lariih_ • AW (1 month ago)
Alan Walker sou muito sua fã queria algum dia de vê pessoalmente...Más ñ sei se isso vai ser possível : (
Shubham Kalia (1 month ago)
Can I use this song as a background music for a small video ??
Im Sad (1 month ago)
Woah You Got 22M Subscribers! *Im proud that my favourite youtuber has a million subs!Pewdiepie too ^^!*
Tsunni-chan (1 month ago)
Vocals are destroying his beautiful art ❤
Muhammad Tristan (1 month ago)
Tarik Bin Aziz (1 month ago)
nice song wonderfull
tham hong (1 month ago)
Alan walker:black marshmello:wihte
jani Basha (1 month ago)
0.2-0.4 that bit is awesome
World of all (1 month ago)
Marcela Ovalles zavala (1 month ago)
Rustam_ Diana (1 month ago)
Do you or change the way
Aditya Shrivastava (1 month ago)
Cleiton Santos Costa (1 month ago)
Alan Walker - Alone (Instrumental Remix) 2019?
『Fan』 (1 month ago)
Обожаю ваши песни
Tihamer998 (1 month ago)
Nice bass dude
cook master (1 month ago)
this song wakes you up from any bad you may be in and inspires you. Great song and luv it
Verónica Martínez (1 month ago)
Son Tran (1 month ago)
12 tuoi con trai ten la thai em la fan cuong cua anh alan walerk
nahro jalal (1 month ago)
Again alone all night I alone ....
Rhenxxx Panget (2 months ago)
I love the part starts 00:20
Bhorot Moirangthem Singh (2 months ago)
alone is my favorite song
Midnight_May_004 (1 month ago)
oh god ure da best! :D ;) :) BTW Alan Walker, will you come to Pakistan?
Like si Bajastes a ver los comentarios 😎👍
puskesmas sukarajatiga (2 months ago)
like this
Mr SmartMan (2 months ago)
Kurfa ID (2 months ago)
Yeay, indonesia
Fantom MC2 (2 months ago)
Still up at 2 am listening to Alan Walker.
Rozyi Vibes (2 months ago)
Detik 12 ada anak indon
Electrical Artist (2 months ago)
2019 India?
21 lins lunas (2 months ago)
Alan alone ? Bad i love Alan muzik
vuong Tran Huu Minh (2 months ago)
How many pictures were used in this amazing video?
pschyco-D NinetyNine (2 months ago)
65%are Pict of From Endonesya people;v
Fans Electro Music (2 months ago)
Quien 2019 ??
Hendra Hendra (2 months ago)
Avicii Walker love you 😍
Jay Tech (2 months ago)
This is awesome, Love you Alan Walker sir, You are great. I am biggest fan of your.
Engrein Zealead (2 months ago)
indonesian in videos,waw
Noah’s wonderful World (2 months ago)
Tunahan Karadöngel (13 days ago)
0:27 🙃
Gay Thaw (2 months ago)
Alan you are the best
awesome 💝💝💝💝
Farida S.farouk (2 months ago)
Hi we live we love we lie
neonex 7250 (2 months ago)
I like it
evelyn hernandez (2 months ago)
Awesome Jake (3 months ago)
Kshitij Solanki (3 months ago)
Lot of Chinese
ckyo Kawaii (3 months ago)
alone soy famoso
Ken DaVid (3 months ago)
Walker is the brand of my underwear... 😂😂😂😂
Fars Fares (3 months ago)
نحن في الانتضار الان نقوم برسال الرساله للناس من احل الاستعداد
Fars Fares (3 months ago)
جميل جدا
Nandu Roy (3 months ago)
Who are in this video with photo ??? Like here 😀🙏🏻
Ny Official Channel (3 months ago)
which software to make a video like this pls ??
peaceingmark (3 months ago)
Here is my list of favorite songs from Alan. 1.Darkside 2.Different World 3.Lily 4.Diamond Heart 5.Sing me to Sleep 6.Alone 7.Lonely 8.Lost Control 9.Fade 10.The Spectre
SAHIL 11 CHHETRI (3 months ago)
Alan u r great
Jitu Moran (3 months ago)
Fan of alan walker
마인킴 (3 months ago)
We Are Not Alone
가조쿠 (3 months ago)
Alan Walker - Alone (Instr Remix)
I love this video!!!
마인킴 (3 months ago)
I'm in the video
마인킴 (3 months ago)
World of The Alan Walker!
Movie Box (3 months ago)
ZyArdy (3 months ago)
January 2019 ?
Ferco minecraft (3 months ago)
Kaplan Şahin (3 months ago)
You Are Not Alone PhotoShop Link Pls :)
LE 11 (3 months ago)
Now are we really in 2019?
Rafi Ul Islam Ar Rafi (3 months ago)
I know im not alone because alan walker is always with me
Kamrul Hassan (3 months ago)
Lost in your mind I wanna know Am I losing my mind? Never let me go If this night is not forever At least we are together I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone Anywhere, whenever Apart, but still together I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone Unconscious mind I'm wide awake Wanna feel one last time Take my pain away If this night is not forever At least we are together I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone Anywhere, whenever Apart, but still together I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone I know I'm not alone I'm not alone, I'm not alone I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone I'm not alone, I'm not alone I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone
Pedazo De Nailon XD (3 months ago)
Melissa Mazo (3 months ago)
me encanta lo maro es que nadie en tiende español 😭 pero yo se mas umenos el ingle I LOVE YOU ALAN WALKER
Haji Oka (3 months ago)
I am walkers indonesia
Rb Batoto (3 months ago)
Defqwop - Awakening 👍👍👍👍
Md. AbuBokkor (3 months ago)
Alan walker I love you ar song
hasna mouguen (3 months ago)
I know i'm not aloooooooooooooone THANK YOU AAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN SO MUCH you were you are you'll stayyyyyyyyyyyyyy the best

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