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Richard Marx - Endless Summer Nights

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Music video by Richard Marx performing Endless Summer Nights. (P) (C) 2006 Capitol Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Catalog,
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Text Comments (2228)
Linetta Thomas (9 hours ago)
Thank you for making the 80s so wonderful for me your music and songs are a gift from God I love you so much
Maya Paris (9 hours ago)
lovely song
Kj Kanjanabout (18 hours ago)
Take me back to high school with Dawn Fisher by Santy KANJANABOUT
Feng L (1 day ago)
I remember those endless summer nights at camp when I had to say goodbye to my first love as a teenager. I can't find her now since she's an angel now ! Memories are forever !
Mark Brian (1 day ago)
One of the best mullets in the 80's.
Laney Lydon (4 days ago)
When I hear this song it brings me memories of my time in hospital having my daughter
puddingwithoutatheme (4 days ago)
The song is major poopyshit, but he did have a great voice.
Tee 313 (4 days ago)
Ignore the song completely and focus just on the video...this is when life was good and simple. Miss those days
Rick D (5 days ago)
I remember....
dimitri00769 (5 days ago)
I just saw him perform live this week here in Sydney and the man still has it! He was magic
agnieszka ostrowska (5 days ago)
he got that right
Michele Tzanakis (5 days ago)
Anyone listening to this in 2018....such a summer song...can sit here and feel the breeze on my skin next to the ocean...
joshdavid76 (6 days ago)
Simply amazing...miss those days
plenum patientia (6 days ago)
Memory song.. is the best
Charlie Uniform (7 days ago)
This song immediately makes me feel like a teenager dealing with the hot summer nights.
Stevie H (7 days ago)
Back then, the future seemed so far away,I wouldn't change a thing but wouldn't it be good to go back for one more endless summernight
THE Chetan Gubbi (8 days ago)
Watta VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Bennett (8 days ago)
As far as I'm concerned it could be 1980 something forever
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris (8 days ago)
thumbnail = Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything. Another great late 80s song.
Mj B (9 days ago)
Freddy (9 days ago)
God lost love hurts soooo bad..
A Foster (10 days ago)
First time I heard this song I was in NYC : oh boy ; Richard your voice is wow
Mrs C Fred Fonoti (10 days ago)
I first heard this song in my teenage years and have loved it since. I'll be 35 in a couple of days married with 3 kids and still love this song, because I would have done anything to hold on to my husband as he's the love of my life.
filosophia22 (10 days ago)
wait, a music video that actually relates to the song? What is this, the 80's?
Gio Solo (10 days ago)
Give me back my 80's..
Maya Nontah (11 days ago)
Nangiz ku dgr lagu ni,,, my hoping back
Sahlee Montevirgen (11 days ago)
Richard Marx 's songs... Definitely 2 thumbs up!
chetan uppal (12 days ago)
Beer Brand ? anyone...
chetan uppal (12 days ago)
2018 Anyone....
Maya Nontah (12 days ago)
Best Ever
Debra Stares (12 days ago)
He is performing at the Palais Theatre next Saturday.
Boroman9 (13 days ago)
Anyone here noticed the thumbnail of this clip is actually from the vid of Climie Fisher’s “Love Changes Everything”? I know. The mullets are strikingly similar.
Skitz28 (13 days ago)
2018 anyone besides me playing this over and over again?
Fatima Piokoe (13 days ago)
Jarred Schenke (13 days ago)
Richard Marx basically wrote the soundtrack to my youth's love life.
Robert Combs (13 days ago)
most fans dont know on this master version Richard Marx father actually played the sax solo. pauhlino de costa on percussion is a legend.
Toxic Fox (16 days ago)
It’s like music these days doesn’t have the same passion, no creativity anymore.
Fernando Rey (16 days ago)
fantastico Richard Marx , grandes recuerdos , lo sigo escuchando 2018
Justine Wangari (17 days ago)
His voice is magic, love this song sooo much!!!!
Dima Bilan (19 days ago)
This song makes me cry
Crypttion (18 days ago)
Lol. Thumbs up.
garth bekker (19 days ago)
Shit they don't make music like this anymore!!!! Damn I miss the 80's..... We had it so fkn good back then!!!!
Gareth Keemore (19 days ago)
That woman was trouble. Almost got Ricki bashed in the pub. But Ricki shouldn't be a cockblocker.
ishrat shreen Rahman (20 days ago)
Eternal endless summer night
Tony Keown (21 days ago)
The best drinking song ever.
Wordsmith Works (21 days ago)
Ah, the summer of 1987.
DURTY BAWZ (22 days ago)
BTW.....Richards Dad behind the bar!!!
DURTY BAWZ (22 days ago)
Ive got a BELTER of a story about this song....but im drunk right now....feeling nostalgic with tears in my eyes....and you probobly wont be interested.....so..........?..................?
Xchi (23 days ago)
El tema que más me gusta de Richard Marx,que linda época,estaba tan pero tan enamorada en esa época,que lindo recuerdo si habré apretado y bailado 😘❤️❤️🇦🇷
Ali James (25 days ago)
OMG summer nights ha i remember my first crush n couldn't keep my eyes off her true & bk in the 90's i couldn't stop crying when i first heard this song breaks my heart i still think about her.
Duncan Presly (25 days ago)
Duncan Presly (25 days ago)
Beautiful Love balad . Hope am not alone
Rainbow Cupcake (26 days ago)
Simplesmente sessacional esse Richard Max cantar muito ...só esculta essa canção é viajar no sentimentos aonde levar...😎😎😎😎
Fred Flintstone (27 days ago)
I just noticed she leans her right hip into his ...hip...as she's bringing him the beer. Just a minute....my heart is racing with a memory....ok. Yeah, that's awesome. Very subtle. See? Videos were better then. More nuance. Man....good days....
joe gustafson (27 days ago)
excellent voice, one of the best
Climier Fischer na foto dupla inglesa o Fischer já falecido
Fred Flintstone (29 days ago)
Even the video is better...
Jean-claude Robinson (29 days ago)
Sebastian Waseta (1 month ago)
This is my jam...80s music top the chart..
McKenna Forney (1 month ago)
y’all got the wrong thumbnail for the vid
Cool song! Never heard it before.
Semper Fi 03-11 (1 month ago)
When i was a kid i remember riding my bicycle to Wrigley Field and this song playing on the radio from passing cars. Great memories!!
SpaceAudio (1 month ago)
Yet another example of quality music from the 80's. 👍 I don't know what happened to today's music.
rere nomad (1 month ago)
oh man, the lyrics. i just died.
dennis ochieng (1 month ago)
this is one the most incredible songs i know..........80s songs rock
Neville Pillay (1 month ago)
Very beautiful lady
Soledad de la fuente (1 month ago)
y se fueron las eternas noches de verano !
Dwi Putra (1 month ago)
Donna Pierce (1 month ago)
31 years. WOW. Still feeling the "LOVE".
Defra Tks (1 month ago)
From Argentina Richard. You are a big one here. There is a big footprint of you and your songs here too. A big hug Friend of the soul!
Eddy Mesa (1 month ago)
I love Richard Marx he went through a lot in his childhood with the accusing of killing his girl which he did not in Nebraska God bless him what an artist he was made for singing
None of Your Business (1 month ago)
I was a summer intern (Engineer) at GM and this was the song of the summer of 1988 and the year prior 1986 on Loon Lake with Karl. He graduated and a clueless gold digger picked him up as I finished my Mechanical Engineering studies. He broke my heart and we met in Austin 20 years later and he told me of his gold digger wife and love less marriage.
Amrita S Mukherjee (1 month ago)
I'm stuck. 2018 November 9th I'm still trippin
Dutch Lady (1 month ago)
Yes my child hood song
Donna Sue Griffin (1 month ago)
I remember
Leila Jacobs (1 month ago)
The most beautiful bridge in an 80s song. I could listen to this over and over. And I do!!!
Silvia Dure (1 month ago)
Hermoso tema.los mejores años!!!
Robert Combs (1 month ago)
love the addition of Paulinho De Costa on percussion.
Margaret Bega (1 month ago)
First time i heard this song i fell in love with it❤
Renat Avetisyan (1 month ago)
80s and 90s are best. I remember last summer and endless nights.😎😎
Hinda Ismail (1 month ago)
Omg old is gold this song remainds me my childhood
Marcos Roberto (1 month ago)
Curto demais esse Som do Richard Marx - I Like this song very Romantic ...
Julia Njoroge (1 month ago)
Nov 2018
J Chou (1 month ago)
I like this song. I like 80s music. So good. Too good.
Omoding Moses (1 month ago)
only the feeling of love is what you feel when you listen to this -love song
Gunslinger Girl (1 month ago)
Then it all became a hazy shade of winter, amirite? Much better than his frighteningly overrated Right Here Waiting.
Bridgette Bennette (1 month ago)
One of my all time favourite songs! I’ll be playing and singing your classics Richard on @younow or younow.com.au #sleekycmusic Much 💜
islandblader (1 month ago)
Man too bad I didn't live too much in this era. This kicks the millenniums ass all day
adam parsons (1 month ago)
That HAIR,OMG! I miss hair...DANG Kids, Ex-wife, Male Pattern Baldness or Genes lol Those were some great times! I REMEMBER...even the memories I wish I could forget, they all made me who I am today...so I wont gripe...could have been SO MUCH WORSE! If losing ones hair is the WORST thing you couldnt hold on to...I say "life well lived"!
annemarie hallinan (1 month ago)
What a beautiful love song I think it one of his best songs I dedicate that to my x who now in heaven one my guardian angels now👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
hinds72 (1 month ago)
White people have amazing hair
oendrila bhattacharjee (1 month ago)
Will Wen (1 month ago)
i am just wondering... do you have mosquitoes in the summer?
William P (1 month ago)
The saxophone intro does it for me. 🎷
sk Gowra (1 month ago)
80s knocker
Shofia Robin (1 month ago)
repeat 1000 times
Shofia Robin (1 month ago)
i dont know why everytime i drive,i always sing this song,i'really fall in love with this song.😃😃
suman1kar (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful song and only 6.3 m views
Ronnie Hall (1 month ago)
Looking for friends who love 70s and 80s
Renat Avetisyan (1 month ago)
Someone say goodbye. Its difficult to find someone who love you forever.

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