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Richard Marx - Endless Summer Nights

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Music video by Richard Marx performing Endless Summer Nights. (P) (C) 2006 Capitol Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Catalog,
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Text Comments (1909)
George Alstott (18 hours ago)
I want to go back in time
Suri Ahmed (18 hours ago)
Lovely song
Sivaram Hariharan (1 day ago)
Without a FRICKING doubt, one of his best tunes.. Ah those frozen nights of the late 80s and early 90s at Fargo ND.. studying at NDSU.. Magical mems with Y94 & Q98 FM....listening to these magical tunes of the 80s..... oooooooooh I remember those endless winter nights......
Legal Liar (2 days ago)
Coley227 (3 days ago)
I love this song! It takes you back and gives you those tingles in the stomach. Love it! Feel good music
ibee thatoneguy (3 days ago)
Marx had that ultimate mullet but it worked for him lol
Teal Colour (3 days ago)
Richard is the man .....this can be on REPEAT FOREVER
Abdul Wazed Siddique (6 days ago)
My fave Richie song
VERONICA PADILLA P. (7 days ago)
Love his music. Everytime I listen to the 80s music it's like I'm in that era all over again miss it. Today's music is 💩💩💩💩👎👎 none of them can sing for crap.
kymopar (7 days ago)
I dont think the modern teenage brain can comprhend such great music..
David Ponce (7 days ago)
Que nostalgia,como pudiera devolver el tiempo.
Rosy Tube (8 days ago)
One bad ass song ! Fantastic 🎶🎶🎶🔊 love this very much ❤❤ 2018 sure sound good still !
Denise Sumlin (8 days ago)
He was out when I was A teen and I loved him,I miss him,Debbie Gibson and others that were out during this time
Erick Hendrawan (8 days ago)
always loved this song, it had great beat from start to end, I dont know just match with the theme
Mauricio C (8 days ago)
I love this song!!!!
James Holloway (9 days ago)
This Song is Dedicated to the "Endless Summer Nights" of 2011 in the City of AtL🌃Ga. With that Special som1❤ ((4ever💞Ours👄Tina))
Barnman2205 (10 days ago)
Is anyone else here because of Uncle Noly?
TheJer1963 (11 days ago)
Still in love with that beautiful French girl in this video, Borovnisa Blervaque who also was in the Eddie Money video in 1988. Today is her 55th birthday (Oct. 3, 2018). She was also in an episode of Married With Children back in 1987
Melissa Jones (11 days ago)
Love the 80s Music I be jamming at work all the time
Ryan Nata (12 days ago)
Asek nih kayaknya bikin musik kayak gini, noice...
его глас сладко-сипловатый в 80-90-е годы "рвал" все танцполы)). клёво
James Miguez (12 days ago)
Beautiful song, beautiful girl.
Christine Lazzaro (13 days ago)
Love this song, Richard Marx and the 80's music
Mariam Hills (13 days ago)
degas cochin (13 days ago)
A real musician, real passion, real music and billions of Musicphiles all over the world until world exist. One and only Richard Marx.
Barbara Morales (13 days ago)
evolecal 1959 (13 days ago)
Haunting song. It reminds me of my care free light hearted moments of growing up. Summer at that time really did felt like forever.
nelson babu (14 days ago)
ALEX CHACKO (14 days ago)
Nice song
Suman Regmi (14 days ago)
Saxophone in the morning is the best waking experience!!
George Swatkowski (15 days ago)
WOW haven't heard this in a very long time. I'm 50 and it still gets me teary eyed sometimes
Greenriver Utah (15 days ago)
Leah Futterman from J H Elementary school Conyers ga where r u ? 1988
Arjit Gupta (15 days ago)
My favourite song love u richard magical voice
John Dyer (16 days ago)
Think 80s music was so good because love and romance was the main theme of the decade. Guys, we need to bring romance back to the world. Remember how you would get those butterflies if you could that see that pretty girl you liked so much? Then hear those romantic songs of the 80s? It was heaven. Where is the love and romance? Seems like it died off after the 80s. Let's bring it back. We need to love our ladies and romance them. Probably the reason why so many women stay pissed off all the time. There's no romance anymore. We have to love our women once again and bring romance back to life.
Arjit Gupta (14 days ago)
People listen to jake paul nowadays😂😂
Tombo Vitale (16 days ago)
Love this song spring 1988 wow Richard Marx is a good looking guy real looker
Alejandra Ortiz (16 days ago)
Hermoso..amo este tema..que vuelcan los lentos!!!!
Miriam Oquendo (17 days ago)
This song takes me places i miss...
Roberto Lopez (17 days ago)
Menos mal q la pude disfrutar ya no hay mas musica como esta fue un privilegio poder pasarla y escucharla .
Bali Praia TV (17 days ago)
luv luv
I remember how you love me,,,l remember every moment.......love this song
Uno de los mejores lentos de la historia!2018 y lo sigo escuchando,desde Argentina
Abc Def (18 days ago)
80s song is relax
Maria Sera (18 days ago)
I can't stop listening to this lovely song. I just falled in love wz it
Edu Njugsh (19 days ago)
Nice song, soo much indeed
Teresa Blanco (20 days ago)
I remember every moment of those endless summer Night's!💕
Teresa Blanco (20 days ago)
Dios mio mi favorita!!!! 😘
Flo 1305 (20 days ago)
The HAIR 😎
Fla Gal (20 days ago)
So handsome
Loos Bygderåd (20 days ago)
why is the start picture of the video, from the video of climie fisher love changes everything instead of richard marx?
Hugot Radio (22 days ago)
No endless summer nights for dislikers. 😆
Vibert Whattley (22 days ago)
One of the most underrated artist of d 80s this song is so magical its haunting
Henryk (22 days ago)
Hello Richard, your music is just awesome, I hear you every day, and I feel like I'm in the 80s, tell me where the good years have gone. I come from Poland but live in Germany in 1989, I wish you all the best and stay healthy my friend.
Peaceful Sleep ASMR (23 days ago)
Beautiful song!!😙😙😙😙😙😙
Jo Asia (23 days ago)
It's so amazing ❤️
Haitini Stein (24 days ago)
Try the same song by Ekolu on reggae version
Trapper Lovin (24 days ago)
"I'd give my life for one more night, of having you here to hold me tight, oh please, take me there again"! That's some powerful lyrics!
Joe K (24 days ago)
Seriously makes me think of a girl I was going out with way back in the summer of 1993. Incredible girl, incredible summer. I think we both knew it was temporary love, but I did my best to keep her all to me. I literally proposed to her with a $5.00 ring I used to wear. Wasn’t good enough. I still think about her, and that incredible summer with all of my friends. To go back and relive it all over again. Maybe in another life I’ll have her all to me.
Tejas Patel (24 days ago)
0:18 to 0:23 i thought a tumbleweed would be rolling past him
Suri Ahmed (24 days ago)
Beautiful song
pantera aris (25 days ago)
me gusta esta musica por los recuerdo de mi juventu con las chicas de mi barrio
Leo Jinling (26 days ago)
Who noticed it starts exactly like Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love"?
Natalie Scott (26 days ago)
Beautiful song
Iliesa Tuinavitilevu (27 days ago)
still a favourite on radio waves....thank you Richard Marx.....
ConTrollYourself (27 days ago)
Looks gay
Dickson Cadri (27 days ago)
Oldies are Golden. Still rocking this in 2018
Corey Lambrecht (28 days ago)
The video doesn’t really fit the lyrics.
Jay Braybon (28 days ago)
I dont really know how to explain this....but the 80's music just made you feel so full of hopes and dreams. Listening at night, daydreaming, or if you were old enough ( I wasnt since I was born in 76 !! ) but if you were old enough, I can picture just driving at night seeing the moonlght or the city lights, and just feeling so much that todays so called "music" is severely lacking !!! Good times, I miss the 80's
Disan Silver (28 days ago)
Classic music.. I feel like missing someone in my heart
Little Miss Hug (29 days ago)
Richard Marx really does have an 80s face!!... bliss!
vince m (29 days ago)
this is what im talking about 1988
Letty aguinaga (1 month ago)
RICHARD MARX LOVE YOU 💕💗💕💗💕💗 80 s #1 2018
Craig Schultz (1 month ago)
Aresha Melancholic (1 month ago)
At last mv what happens to their relationship? She left him or what?
Ágnes Gyebnár (1 month ago)
Szép, és veszélyes, köszi!
CyJeren (1 month ago)
timeless! period.
Staedt88 (1 month ago)
How did 1.3 K give this a thumbs down? Sax is amazing, his voice is amazing, lyrics are great.
Athirah Uzaiemey (1 month ago)
U make me cry
Roxana Silver (1 month ago)
Como no recordar esas noches de lluvia.. escuchando esta canción bellísima.. tan romántica.. qué tiempos aquellos.. los 80 lo mejor.. 😍😍
Duhawma Jinhlawng (1 month ago)
Still listening 2:03 a.m
General Systems Theory (1 month ago)
This is such a lovely song.
Andrea Salmon (1 month ago)
Justin Pjames (1 month ago)
80 സോങ്‌സ് ആര് മോസ്റ്റ് ഫേമസ് ആൻഡ് പ്രെജുഡീസ്
martin dan (1 month ago)
WOW Beautiful song nothing like the 80s what glorious times they were GOD BLESS!!!
Abimbola Adefemiwa (1 month ago)
Still love, love, love this song!!!
Shanon Bonk (1 month ago)
So in💚with Richard til this day😊
Vincent Nichols (1 month ago)
you are a great singer
Sam Reich (1 month ago)
Sam Reich (1 month ago)
SteakPieHarry (1 month ago)
The barman is Richard's father. A lovely song from a better time.
S. Garr. (1 month ago)
🎵80's came and left without a warning🎵
Joseph Reese (1 month ago)
Pablo Arellano (1 month ago)
Mi favorito remenber remenber
wita Athalani (1 month ago)
mightywhitey718 (1 month ago)
Classic instrumental with the saxophone
Mr Trump (1 month ago)
2018....summer is coming to an end
P.iz4 Paradise (1 month ago)
Love this, love my hubby so much,I remember those endless summer nights! Every married couple needs these nights in their lives,rekindle those !!
Tater Bug (1 month ago)
One of the best videos ever!!
Jan Niemi (1 month ago)
Great singer. Worst mullet ever.
Ana-Lisa Reyna (1 month ago)

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