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AMOUAGE - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... GBUUO!

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Amouage GBUUO - Another take on the full house of Amouage, the most prominent offerings from this amazing niche house! Enjoy - All Amouage fragrances available at discount prices. For more information contact me at: [email protected]
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Alan Borges (8 days ago)
You started with opus II. You forgot about opus I which is one of the best
Manuel Oszczity (15 days ago)
i bought DIA i hope it tastes good i get it soon
youtouboutso (1 month ago)
Dia smells great but doesnt project at all...
Sobia Khan (1 month ago)
Plz tel me about amouage beach hut?? Plz
Max Forti (1 month ago)
Hey Sobia, sure - I've reviewed it. Check link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm3zp0T9bR0
Samantha Guzman (2 months ago)
Please do the women versions!
phong bach (2 months ago)
Oh my god! You look exactly like Ian Harding in this video
VT 24 (5 months ago)
Brilliant video! Im debating getting Interlude Mang Vs Memoir...time to splurge then I guess
Karlo 2468 (5 months ago)
Hello Max....you dropped out Amouage Gold Man. Can you share some insight about that one,there is very little video about that one...almost none? All the best
Sanjay Shah (6 months ago)
Hi Max have you smelled silver ?
Ivan Racki (2 months ago)
+Max Forti please can you say more about silver..
Max Forti (6 months ago)
Hey Sanjay, yes I have - I've also added gold and other new ones to my collection - silver is great as well!
Jim Tyrrell (6 months ago)
relative newbie here I own nothing from this house (their prices are a bit crazy, no?) so this video was a HUGE help Im considering JUBILATION & REFLECTION they sounds like classics - a good start Im sold! cant wait to get my nose on them thanks for all the info JIM from MIAMI BEACH
Max Forti (6 months ago)
Hello Jim, thanks for your comment and feedback on some of my vids - if you have any questions or if I may assist you in any way feel free to email me at: [email protected] PS I have Amouage as well as other high-end designers and Niche fragrances available for decant sampling or brand new.
Stephen Pruszenski (7 months ago)
My absolute favorite from this House is memoir man, closely followed by interlude man.
Silent K (8 months ago)
Myths and Epic 👌🏼
Mehdi Scent (9 months ago)
One of best reviews about this House
Max Forti (9 months ago)
Thank you Mehdi, I appreciate it!
Miguelreez Villenguez (10 months ago)
Just purchased Reflection, interlude and Epic man.....just love them Will try Dia man
Jesse B (10 months ago)
That Lyric Man is the reformulated magnetic version & you get good longevity?
Jesse B (10 months ago)
I think you should redo this video especially because of the reformulations.
Jai Govinda (10 months ago)
IT is MOSTLY HUGLY. OMG do the Amouage cologne stink! I bought samples of 8 of their most hyped fragrances. What a disappointment. How did this house become a NICHE one? By selling the content of their bottle for $200. +??? Jubilation 25...you might as well spray yourself with Pepsi Cola! Entourage, Interlude,, Reflection, Sunshine, Epic???? Who creates those smell? Buyer beware. Test it before you blindly buy a bottle. Odour combinations that do no belong on a human skin. Try the houses of Parfum de Marly, Tauer, Kilian to name a few. I had to wash off my wrist quickly after trying every one of them. Nauseating.
Testtest13 Testtest13 (5 months ago)
Your comment makes me want to buy amouage even more!!
BRUNO LUXURY (11 months ago)
Good review FYI you look good with the scruff
Shawn Swain (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review. I love the way you go through all the fragrances for a line. Im just getting into niche fragrances. They dont sell them in the stores where i live, only designer. Is there a trusted site or group that sells atleast 5ml of niche fragrances. Ive only found Ebay and dont want to get fake juice.
David Reynolds (1 year ago)
I have Reflection Man, Jubilation XXV, and just blind bought Lyric Man because it was on sale for under $120, based on your review, Carlos from BFL and Steven from Redolessence, I felt it was a safe blind buy....crossing my fingers.
Sanjay Shah (1 year ago)
Nice video Max. Which one according to you is the best in library collection ?
silverss onyoutube (1 year ago)
I want memoir man , lyric man .and epic man. I own 2 100ml bottles of jubilation xxv.
Zaid Aiead (4 months ago)
Try interlure the blue beast is so good
Alex Chu (1 year ago)
You look much better without the soul patch
Jonathan Rios (1 year ago)
Reflection Man... 10/10. Lyric Man, you convinced me to blind buy it. Great video, very fitting for this legendary brand.
Iftekhar Khan (1 year ago)
Wonderful video Thank you so very much 👍
Bmwhail Headdd (1 year ago)
Great video I really was looking for someone to describe most of them and you did just that thank you. Question do you have anything for sale?
Daian Antonin (1 year ago)
Good job you did here! If you liked Lyric Man, you should try Gold Man and, most important, The Opus X.
Abbas Ali (1 year ago)
Made my day..I am just a beginner and I ordered the only Amouage perfume for myself. But I was a bit afraid if I made the right choice. After watching this video I can say "Thanks" to you.
Oman Rap (1 year ago)
i think most powerful strongest amouage 1- interlude 2- epic 3- journey what u think ?
Alan Borges (1 year ago)
You reviewed like 20 Amouage fragrances and do not mention Amouage Gold Man (their flagship fragrance).
Paul Flurry (2 months ago)
Alan Borges he mentioned in the beginning of the video that he couldn't get it in time for this video.
FRAG128JJ (1 year ago)
Do ch
Dorf (1 year ago)
Great video Max! My favourites are Memoir, Lyric, and Dia. Reflection I don't care for at all! :)
Reece (1 year ago)
Dorf But Reflection is the best
Champ 353 (1 year ago)
Very excellent review 🇴🇲🇴🇲🇴🇲
Dev 111100 (1 year ago)
Hi Max, I am Dev, live in Bali that has temperature around 26°c in the morning/evening, 35°c in the day, also humid here. I work indoor with 26°c temperature. I have tried Creed Aventus because I hear so many great comment about it but and my skin did not react well to it. Then I tried Creed GIT and I am very happy with it. I would like to try Amouage brand; Could you recommend some for me to try, for work (smart casual) and formal ocassion. Thank you.
Saeed (1 year ago)
Dev 111100 Opus V (Five) Library Collection. Trust me.
Eccentric Parfumes (1 year ago)
i love Memoir
How about Amouage Gold?? Do you have it; and what are your thoughts on it?
hellschatt (1 year ago)
Man I had the chance to get Dia Man and Jubilation XXV for 140 USD which is pretty cheap around here. It was an auction and I cheaped out on Jubilation. I still regret it. I've won Dia man though. It's something.
benguin7 (1 year ago)
Nice video max. I love this house and this is a good broad view of the ones i haven't tried.
Pietja D (1 year ago)
Reflection is shite man. - smell cheap main stream sweet ( has something wit la male gaulthier) . All new Amouages go to dogs... Old onces : Ciel, Dia, Silver. Are perfect. I can mention also Arcus and Cirrus who where quickly discontinued ( wrong). This China man in charge of amouage now have no clue about perfumery and he is taking this flamboyant perfume house down, down... To the China town. I'm not be surprised if amouage perfumes will be soon quality of Chinese umbrellas ( for 1£ and one time use 😂) I will not spray new Amouages even on my dog ( unless I would like to poison him), I own all old amouages : gold, silver Dia Ciel, still in khanjar shape bottles. I sampled new onces. Disgust 🤢 ing. Remember this house had ambitions to aristocratic smells best of best, flamboyant... Now it's going all way down
M V (1 year ago)
Pietja D you're stupid
Citizen Kembang (1 year ago)
p.s. awesomely informative video, now I know what to try.
Citizen Kembang (1 year ago)
Max not on a suit nor formal =O was this a first?
Pietja D (1 year ago)
New Amouage realises for men smell awfulll not even cheap. They are unbearable. Old time amouage for men : silver Dia Ciel..-. lovely That's it... Rest of it- shaite...
Flav (1 year ago)
is the background song Kygo - ID?
Crazy mom Happy mom (2 years ago)
The silver frankincense is from a styrax tree that only exist in the south of Oman
Nurdaulet Tileukhan (2 years ago)
I'd like to get amouages, but i'm getting costume national homme and soul at the end of this month, and planning to get parfums de marly herod and dior ambre nuit in next month. After that I'll go for amouages, not a fan of reflection, i respect memoir and interlude but can't wear them,soo Jubilation 25 and Lyric man are my way to go) I wanted to take an advice from you, do I need to get herod if I already do have an egoiste?it reminded me a mix of tobacco vanille and egoiste:)
Mateusz Murak (2 years ago)
I love Epic and Dia.
EKK (2 years ago)
max is there any fragrance in the world you dont have??? I really dig your videos. You explain fragrances really well. keep up the good work
Fernando Garcia (2 years ago)
Awesome review. I have Jubilation xxv. Great juice. Great work. Keep it up.
A F A (2 years ago)
Correction: Chinese traveled from east to west, not the other way around.
Sudi Dut (2 years ago)
I have tried Jubilation xxv. Liked it. Would love to try sunshine, lyric man.
K_sr20 (2 years ago)
+Max Forti how do the magnetic and vintage Reflection Man juices compare? I have the magnetic and am wondering if it's worth looking for a vintage. Is there any performance difference?
robes08 (2 years ago)
GBU! Great take on these beautiful scents. I'm so happy to see someone continue the GBU series! Thanks Max
Max Forti (2 years ago)
Thanks Marc, I appreciate it.
Zero (2 years ago)
I recently ordered/received Memoir Man, Epic Man, Journey Man, Jubilation XXV and Interlude Man. All blind buys. However, I thank you, Greggieboy76, Robes08, Dracdoc, the LupeXperience, FragBoy Stewie, Fragrance Bros, Fragrancefanatic, Scentrifugal Force and several others in the fragrance community for your reviews on the Amouage house as I have used your videos as a guide to my recent purchases (juice for the cold weather). Take care!
bullitprove (2 years ago)
I got all THE samples of amouage. Libary collection. And THE man collection. I love all of THEm i can tell you right know. This is high quality juice. I adore iT. Love this house And trust this house iT Makes me smile all THE time when i wear something from this brand. the best top 10 list. 1. Jubilation. 2. Journey. 3. Reflection. 4 sunshine. 5. Interlude. 6. Epic. 7. Beloved. 8. Lyric. 9. Memoir. 10. Dia. Honourble mentions. Opus X. Opus VI. Ciel. I find these THE best offerings from this house. But this is for my taste! If you want all year round scents. Go with Ciel. Or Honour. Or reflection. Or silver. Or beloved. Dont spray to much of beloved in THE high heat cause iT wil get sweet of The Elemi. Thx Max. And shout out to everybody in THE fragcom. I love you guys. Keep doing what you do. Amazing video's. Have a Nice day! :)
Fletcher DeMaine (2 years ago)
Honour Man is genius; a complex masterpiece. Love Sunshine too. I'm an Amouage tragic. Love 'em all. What about Bracken, anyone?
M V (1 year ago)
Fletcher DeMaine honour man is terrible , smells like straight pepper
abdulnaser dahbali (1 year ago)
Bracken is the monster
Eccentric Parfumes (1 year ago)
Bracken = Polo Green + Italian Cypress ...
docfan29eastflat (2 years ago)
Max you have to review Opus X
Ben Adams (2 years ago)
Can you still get the old formulation of the reflection man ?
Mohammad Abu Saada (2 years ago)
OMG, you're very rich man, this collection is a real fortune, thank you so much for this video, but for the highness and the luxuries fame of this perfumes, I suggest to make a special video for each one, some people can't really distinguish which one to choose with the specific ingredients and notes they prefer, specially when you describe most of them as woody, spicy, citrus, aromatic, balsamic, rosy, a lot of incense, amber and musk!! I know these are very complicated fragrances and not easy to wear, but it's becoming very confusing and oddy..!!
Christian Krusch (2 years ago)
Thanks for this phenomenal introduction to this amazing house!
Aaron Lee (2 years ago)
Great video, but i wished you could have another "good" category in the series. I feel like the series only highlights one good fragrance and a few bad ones. other than that keep up with the great videos!
Panagiotis Skartsilas (2 years ago)
love sunshine really wowed me.
mr.cave111 (2 years ago)
Great video
shawndric mcgregor (2 years ago)
we need a bond no. 9 gbuu
kenlab77 (2 years ago)
That would be a 2 hour video =)
Gabriel Garcia (2 years ago)
thanks max.
Alexandru Medeșan (3 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video, but what about Gold Man?
Maya Birk (3 years ago)
Great Vid, I would like to try this house after watching your review, what would you recommend for a women from Amouage house? I love Byredo parfumes " GYPSI WATER, I woud like something similar like that with a little bit of sweet :) Thanks new subscriber here:)
Maya Birk memoir woman and bracken women
Navy47 (3 years ago)
so are all of these colognes or perfume made in Oman or France ?
A F A (2 years ago)
Navy47 (3 years ago)
excellent review, really helped me with my purchase. Thank you !
Thomas Farmer (3 years ago)
For an American you do good reviews and I also agree with most of what you say, except for Opus VIII that I rate highly, but then I am a very flamboyant male, who loves feminine scents or those that really push the gender barrier. I personally think that "Sunshine man" is overrated for you can get similar effect with the good old "Un Homme de Caron" by Caron. You should try it.
TWINTURBO (3 years ago)
Great video man!! The greatest video on youtube about Amouage fragrances. 5 stars!!
The Good Sniff (3 years ago)
Hi Max! I would be thrilled to see a GBUUO Womens Amouage video! Thanks for mentioning which scents you find to be unisex, masculine and feminine - super helpful! :)
Arsenal Till I Die (3 years ago)
Journey man is fantastic. My overrated pick would be jubilation 25
KennethConcepts (2 years ago)
I agree. Jubilation xxv doesn't stay on my skin AT ALL... it's unbelievable that something that would cost that much money could be as faint as a chick on Maury who just found out he is "NOT the father"
Abdulnasser dahbali (3 years ago)
Where can I buy genuine Amouage perfume? I live in U.S.
Bombasticated (3 years ago)
+Abdulnasser dahbali In US
Gipstetz (3 years ago)
One of the best reviews ever. Thank You.
cammyl39 (3 years ago)
Great video, what are all the differences between old and new jub25 ?
Vee Delrosario (3 years ago)
Hi is journey man is potent as interlude man.
M V (1 year ago)
Vee Delrosario no
Steve Greenaway (3 years ago)
Thank you for the video, I ordered their samples pack and still working my way through them, really really don't like Interlude man however after seeing you video I maybe need to give it a bit longer! Really love Reflection and Sunshine cheers
Derek Greene (3 years ago)
Great video Max! Me personally I think the good is Jubilation xxv. Still have to get my nose on fate man and memoir man. Hope Paula and you are great. God bless!!!
M V (1 year ago)
Derek Greene fate it terrible don't bother
U Smells Good (3 years ago)
I don't think Journey is overrated at all i would actually give that title to Jub XXV but i do agree with you about Sunshine Man its so beautiful it makes me want to cry.
Emilio Cruz (3 years ago)
+U Smells Good Journey , Jub XXV, Interlude , Opus V,Sunshine...just amazing!
The Bopper (3 years ago)
Great series bro...I love this house..I have most of them with the exception of Gold which I do not enjoy. What is your take on Silver and Gold? I used to enjoy Silver, hence why I have a bottle but for some reason I kinda fell outta love with it. SUNSHINE IS THE BOMB!!! Ive been wearing my sample for a few days...incredible stuff. I also enjoy some of the female offerings as well...favs being, Epic, Mem, and Refl. Take care...good vid.
Gary Lane (3 years ago)
Great video two thumbs up.
aasheesh chaudhary (3 years ago)
Great videos and prices max
xdonnyboyx (3 years ago)
It could just be me, but I think you missed Silver Man and Gold Man @Max Forti! Those are certainly interesting frags as well. In my opinion I would rate my Amouage GBUUO as: Jubilation XXV, Honour Man, Gold Man, Dia Man, Reflection Man.
bob bob (3 years ago)
Wow nice review Thanks
Dawood Shaik (3 years ago)
I am crazy about Amouage - You have given a wonderful review of my favorite house. I hope to buy more of these juices from you.
He Smells Like Rome (3 years ago)
Great video but where is Gold? that my fav.
wise hopes (3 years ago)
thanks Max my favorite amouage is memoir man
Jim Slade (3 years ago)
I love me some Journey Man, what can I say?
Xanovia Scents (3 years ago)
Great video of my favorite Niche house... I love your 'Overrated' fragrance... And yes it was very hyped when it was so elusive and hard to get but it has basically no one talking about it anymore and it is still a beauty IMO... So I don't agree with that being Overrated now BUT I can see what you are saying about when it was first released... ^_^ Great job as always Max...
bhaffar (3 years ago)
Great video - one of my favorite Houses. Did you ever mention Silver Man? That's an underrated one IMO.
Dorf (1 year ago)
bhaffar Silver man has been reformulated to death! :-(
Kim yes sir (3 years ago)
interlude and epic are the best jubililation new formulation have bad projection for the price
Jim R (3 years ago)
I love these GBUUO episodes! To me, the ugly goes to the Reflection Man Trolls on Fragrantica. Yep, 70+ members have said it smells similar (not identical) to Le Male--along with just about every Youtube fragrance reviewer who have observed a similar vibe--yet, Fragrantica permits these trolls to create dozens of accounts just so they can vote down anyone who says it does remind them of Le Male. Rubes! LOL! Anyway, I haven't looked closely at Dia Man but perhaps I'll take another look. Also, what are you thought on Ciel Man?
Lord Mitac (3 years ago)
Hype Man
Malamute (3 years ago)
To my nose, most of these are ugly. Hard to wear but I kind of like Jubilation XXV. Sampled Interlude. It really is a beast.
L8bro (3 years ago)
I currently enjoy JubXXV, Interlude, and Memoir in the fall and winter months, but that is the extent of what I own. I have have been very curious about others including the Library Collection, so I am really looking forward to watching this!
Raico Mulet (3 years ago)
Great video and great review of the entire line of amouage , ill be sampling lot of them as soon as i have a chance, keep it rocking buddy👍
FragBoy Stewie (3 years ago)
+1 for RM and DM! Great video as always Max!

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