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The Connor Murphy INSIDE OUT Shirt Trick

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Text Comments (1084)
Matheus Vitor (39 minutes ago)
Sou brasileiro e acompanho seu canal parabéns,uso vc como exemplo e motivação...
OnlyUseMeEquip (8 hours ago)
just when i thought logan paul was the cringiest person on youtube i found this guy
nestor rodriguez (13 hours ago)
like si crees que solo presume
Shane Ayun (21 hours ago)
Time to go to the gym now 👍🏻💪🏻
Madhu (21 hours ago)
he stopped uploading at 69 videos on this channel
Geometry Dash Aaron (1 day ago)
Connor has the Clark Kent effect , noone recognizes him.
Victor Nguyen (1 day ago)
Connor probably masturbates to photos of himself
Novaximus (1 day ago)
Hit that like button. What's wrong with you? It's the easiest thing in the world to do. It's just a click right up there. You could have been done it by now.
ZEN KUN (1 day ago)
Dont censor everything man
Khelifa Yaici (1 day ago)
Fitness or bodybuilding please answer me
Arvid Qwarfordt (2 days ago)
this is the gayest guy ive ever seen
Romeo Velasco (2 days ago)
Why was it censored? Lol
Mr. Plague (2 days ago)
Is he gonna take off his pants next?
john A (2 days ago)
Keep it up bro.
Shimbata Jones Jeremy (2 days ago)
Nice video. Can someone tell what is the song comes out at 3:37? Please.
Simitli peynir (2 days ago)
Senin mk yavşak
ben shalev (3 days ago)
Feel like this video is a campaign for free the nipple
Neo Bayjan (3 days ago)
cuz u like chicks so much , u should be a pornstar !
Jorge Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Im not sute if anybody notice when connor murhpy used to show more his six pack on omegal and 1 year later its fading away😢 Not hating
Phil Man (3 days ago)
This guy seems like he's trying to be like joke Paul or something
blondie (3 days ago)
Slutsss 2018 😝✌🏻
Gilli Df (3 days ago)
It very imporn tan
spiko 1337 (3 days ago)
i love this narccisist
Hava's Videos (3 days ago)
You need to do a prank where you pretend your fat and u ask girls out then go up to them normally and ask them out
AJAK (3 days ago)
Connor that black chick has bigger arms than you brother
Paulo Rodrigo (3 days ago)
Tô correndo pra chegar no teu Shape cara. Muito foda. Assim que quero ficar 😍
Paulo Rodrigo (3 days ago)
Is Very best^^ save Brasil^^
Matiin Masoud (4 days ago)
عجب کسکشی هستی.دمت گرم =)))))
Abs diggers
Anna Bolika (4 days ago)
seriously who the bloody hell likes this narcissisctic crap
spiko 1337 (3 days ago)
me, i love narccisism
Luc (4 days ago)
5:16 girl on the right is so jealous lol
Tripptank (4 days ago)
Finally executed a good idea properly.
RHON TV (4 days ago)
5:16 nice pick! I like that girl😪 nice nice
Nikki Nicolas (4 days ago)
omg hehe
Energy (4 days ago)
Love you bro!
BRAYDEN CASSE (4 days ago)
Who else noticed that he has “69” videos on his channel? 😂
Jalal Cherrouki (4 days ago)
hi connor you must try this https://youtu.be/szA8hlfZplY
Devin Shamel (4 days ago)
Connor Murphy be pulling girls way too easily 😂 like bruh what cheat codes are you using? 😂😂😂
Mostafa (4 days ago)
Connor Murphy is The biggest FuckBoy on YouTube to ever exist.
Kevin Thorton (5 days ago)
Hey can you do a video about what happen when you loose 100 pounds? I was 200 pounds and now I weigh 100 pounds. My body is basically shutting down completely.
Isaac Pérez (4 days ago)
What happened?
Martyniez .Senpai (5 days ago)
Not as big as Logan
Nic Andre (5 days ago)
Great! Another vid of Connor taking off his shirt so he can get the approval of others that he desperately needs......come up with some new material, this shit is getting lame; it’s beyond douchie and cringey at this point...next 25 videos prediction..Connor takes off his shirt...blah!
Dab The Kid (5 days ago)
Have your noticed that most of his thumbnail have him without a shirt and a girl......
Floyd Wheatley (5 days ago)
4:54 me when my mom says smile for the family picture
KERTEX (5 days ago)
That pikachu hat though 💀
Ray J (5 days ago)
Connor we want more vids🤑
A Gentlemans Peace (5 days ago)
You are so hot call me 6464748551.
Anne Marie Francisco (5 days ago)
I think Connor has 1 million girls number in his contact
Kamaaldeen Yusuf (5 days ago)
On my way to the gym
Sarah (5 days ago)
D4PhY (5 days ago)
I think he likes his body not sure do.
Ali Ali (6 days ago)
Use your muscles for something useful not for getting girls you dumbass
My Show (6 days ago)
Watch thiss https://youtu.be/a9-IO_Dhctw
eklavya kaushal (6 days ago)
So u r a semi striper
Mira Salim (6 days ago)
4:58 one on the ryt is kinda sad he didn't ask for her no.
Mira Salim (6 days ago)
4:53 u can tell she's single and desperate
Bintang Salman (6 days ago)
Conne got so much girls phonenumber on each video, meanwhile i cant even get one
_VnkRobis_ (6 days ago)
When you can't get laid 👌🌝
Michael co Reer (6 days ago)
Why do you have no shirt in every video
Su Woop (6 days ago)
Damn😍😍 fuk u can cum inside me 😍😍
jonathan habig (7 days ago)
We got it bro! You have a good body, but try to have some brains. It might also work for girls.
rob walker (7 days ago)
Bro that's Joey Salads
blush studios (7 days ago)
4.19 shes a white girl see this is wat i hate when we seperate ourselves into groups black white who cares if they were switched amd it was a white girl saying oh its cuz she a black girls everyone would find tht racist
Neto Castro (7 days ago)
Brazil 😂❤
This is guy is so overly confident about his stomach. Scroll through his videos. All u see is “kissing prank with abs” “abs” “abs” “abs”
Elecktikid (7 days ago)
I would like to point out how the girl in the shiny chrome dress her nipples were hard as hell
Elecktikid (7 days ago)
It was at 4:28
Elecktikid (7 days ago)
I lied it was grey
Random guy (7 days ago)
The mexicians numbers are increasing in USA , this needs to stop or whites need have more children ,
Dear Connor Murphy yes I also miss our talks
Son Goku (7 days ago)
Mads Jon Holm (7 days ago)
and.... its off again
Ismail Harbit (7 days ago)
Why you didn't give us on video the Full react Of the Girl on 4:07 HAHAHA? Hmmm
jimmy nations (8 days ago)
I am frl done with this dude, he doesn’t deserve any fame! all he does is show off his stupid ass muscles, like omggg who caressss. he is so cocky. like geezzzz. and don’t even try to @ me rn bc I am not replying cuz I proved a point and I am right.
sisák Endre (8 days ago)
It’s so cringe that he puts songs in when he takes his shirt off😅😅
Abhileen Singh (8 days ago)
I am going to became Hulk now
koolio bbbaaha (8 days ago)
I don't meet girls cause I'm too shy and quiet not because of my lack of confidence
La'Arry Dent (8 days ago)
i like fason
craftimafti :D (8 days ago)
that girl at 4:55 definetly has a boyfriend...just look at her friends face :D
Jo No (8 days ago)
Thats more than just cringe
EnisPlays21 Apti (8 days ago)
conner im not a hater but why are you losing your abs? its strange
John Schrier (8 days ago)
Like if he should try get girls while homeless
Nathan Marsales (8 days ago)
69 videos posted... coincidence, maybe.
LiGhtBulBSuN (8 days ago)
Keep your body fit don't let it go
Franklin Chicas (8 days ago)
Why do u have to take off ur shirt ?? Dumb ass
alex estrada (8 days ago)
Do more !!!
Emma Robinson (8 days ago)
Lmao your fashion isn’t hurting your chances w women the huge dick on your forehead is
Skyscraper (9 days ago)
I see he is planning for the future, someday he can sell this database of all these hot girls mobile numbers.
Levi Hignite (9 days ago)
Project Zoego is watching
Muthu Bhai (9 days ago)
Jeff sid Come In India Man And Meet Me Bro👊👊
Tristan Hall (9 days ago)
Ok I need advice since your obviously looking great so I’m not gonna lie I have a pot belly 😂but my arms kinda make up for that because they’re swole but I actually want a six pack, should I go on a diet and do cardio? Because I’m told that I don’t have to starve myself because I’m not really like fat it’s just my core. And plus my legs r really skinny but I kinda wanna increase my overall body strength and end up looking great like u.
David Scante (9 days ago)
Connor we love u, but u take waaaaay too long to upload new vids💀
Edgar Garcia Gomez (9 days ago)
He is a show off
Tristan Lykins (9 days ago)
Your whole YouTube channel is about you having muscle it doesn’t matter
Joshua Ali (9 days ago)
how does he have 2M subs all he did was take off his shirt 69 times
Sascha Blumenstiel (9 days ago)
5:16 look at the face of the woman on the right when he gives the phone to the girl on the left
Force 2.0 (9 days ago)
She felt shitty cause the other girl was hotter 😂
The Killer45 (9 days ago)
Rajesh Waran (9 days ago)
I played the video only for intro and outro music
Frank Brown II (10 days ago)
Connors the type of guy to pull chicks while getting roasted
Frank Brown II (10 days ago)
Connors the type of guy to upload once a year
Aaron Knight (10 days ago)
That's some funny shit right there - great video!

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