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The Connor Murphy INSIDE OUT Shirt Trick

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d1mez (7 days ago)
it is quite funny actually, that every connor murphy video are actually all the same... he goes to women... ask if they want to give number in shitty clothes, then takes shirt off voi'la abs = women want dick.. Well we all knew it, connor knew it. women knew it. But yeh, good business in all :D
Aryankhan Aryan (8 days ago)
brb gotta hit the gym......
Thom Hamakers (10 days ago)
Make a video of your phone were you show your contacts😂
deftoolradio (13 days ago)
In order of absolutes 1.) Financial stability 2.) Personality 3.) Physically attractive.
Steven Kincaid (14 days ago)
Damn he made her nipples hard
Dime Ques (15 days ago)
That girl at 4:56 on the left who didn’t get the number looked so salty. And one of the girls in this video had no bra on.
lecruset (16 days ago)
Toxic feminism :)
Rare Gold 2 (18 days ago)
Dad pool
William Miller (19 days ago)
Rips his shirt of and they instantly get thirsty AF.
Joel Oinas-Kukkonen (21 days ago)
I wonder how many girls he has had sex with...
Darkfire Group (21 days ago)
What do you do with the numbers?
Attila Ricz (22 days ago)
At 4:11 the girl ,hmmm...
Hamza Topalovic (24 days ago)
Watch my video and leave subscribe and like, thanks gays ❤❤
Sgt ur moms a guy (25 days ago)
I love ur shirt😂😂
Daniela Lima (28 days ago)
Flavius YT (29 days ago)
3:57 Wooooooo😂
Zlaytor_ Br (29 days ago)
Aquela olhadinha nos peitos para disfarçar hmmm 2:00
Flaviel Andrade (1 month ago)
Well, I'm working out hard to get in a good shape. I hope zi get good results within time
Carl Du Plessis (1 month ago)
Who's the really really jacked guy?? :D
Wotan's Wolf (1 month ago)
Karim MCI (1 month ago)
jon jon neto (1 month ago)
Up connor rsrs
Red Ouan (1 month ago)
Cooool ☆★☆★☆
Red Ouan (1 month ago)
Red Ouan (1 month ago)
Goood ♥♥
Red Ouan (1 month ago)
El misterioso (1 month ago)
Laik si no entiendes lo q dise
Maisam Mohamed (1 month ago)
4:45 the girl was turned on look at her tits
Caleb Short (1 month ago)
I do not like how you blacked out the tits
Millicent Rheeder (1 month ago)
Dude if I had rate you I'll me giving a 10000000milloin out 10 dude serulisy
Sakiusa Kalouniviti (1 month ago)
That's great
ART KLUBNICHKA (1 month ago)
Чувак, ты попросту красава!!!! Прикольно глядеть - девчонки попросту ТАЮТ будто СНЕЖИНКИ )))))))))))))))))))
The Asian Beast (1 month ago)
Samgax Ls (1 month ago)
how to name a song 00:05 ??
MahdiCR7 (1 month ago)
Song Name Please?
Jeaden Coleiro (1 month ago)
95% of your subscribers are girls
sKull caNdy (1 month ago)
4:25 Tits
179cpv (1 month ago)
Girl at 3:55 is so turned on, she’s speechless, lol.
The power of going to the gym... the result is to have a good and nice body like him... very good video bro. .. carry on like this
Tyler Rossy (1 month ago)
cringiest part is from 0:00 to 6:30
Mag King Doofenshmirtz (1 month ago)
0:02 Music title please
ANÔNIMUS Anônimos (1 month ago)
Logan LTA (1 month ago)
Yo Connor what is your workout
jonathan mangione (1 month ago)
why did you censore her. shes hot
Jp Skie (1 month ago)
New trend. Body diggers
Karla Higareda (1 month ago)
poor connor xD
Zion Mitchell (1 month ago)
Y yall wanna hate on him to be honest his shoes look good
Esperanza Montes (1 month ago)
that girl without a bra need to cover up her nipples .... smh that lowkey embarrassing in public
The Gaming Vortex (1 month ago)
The Gaming Vortex (1 month ago)
You are so cool!
The Gaming Vortex (1 month ago)
I’m a girl and I love you SEXSY video you are so cute very cute
ToXiC Videos (1 month ago)
4:53 did she have an orgasim
Jamescedric Retuerto (1 month ago)
why did u cover the boobs
Byakko (1 month ago)
4:52 she came xDDD
gαlαχуσυтfιт (1 month ago)
No point blurring the girl licking your abs, we already know (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
chrystyn woolridge (1 month ago)
That guy face at 2:34 had me weak
Steel Cobra7 MX Team (1 month ago)
bro your a beast, i wanna be just like you!!!!!!!
Yan Gaming (1 month ago)
I wish i can have body like you
Mads Spangsdal (1 month ago)
4:50 can you do the uh uhm?
Xrex (1 month ago)
Pikachu !!
noahkb80 (1 month ago)
Girl to guy with pokemon shirt " looks dont matter " girl to Connor with shirt off " looks are the only thing that fing matter " lol
-1nterruption - (1 month ago)
Hahahaaaa!!!! These girls changed their tune real quick once the shirt was off 😂😂😂
yookima2 (1 month ago)
Such amazing abs i have ever seen
Learners Nation (1 month ago)
I am going to the GYM see ya
Boston Gadsby (1 month ago)
I only disliked because it was at 666 dislikes
Boris Valle (1 month ago)
Bragers in the comments
Boris Valle (1 month ago)
You guy's in the comments are hellos
Dennis Olof (1 month ago)
The big "fail" here in my view, is that Connor should have had a T-Shirt with buttons on, would have been more obvious he was wearing in inside out. And when he takes of the T-Shirt to fix it so he can put it on the right way it should show the Adonyx logo on it ;-)
Aurang zaib (1 month ago)
sKull caNdy (1 month ago)
4:26 nipples ❤️😍
pizzamagnet (1 month ago)
Hating your fashion!? You don’t have any fashion Connor, but girls don’t give a f*ck because you look like a Greek god😂
Andrés Muñoz (2 months ago)
2:41 she’s cold
Kouba Laidley (2 months ago)
that girl at 3:50 i think she came in herself. lol realtalk
Jaypee Alarcon (2 months ago)
Hahaha its all about abs .
Winston Grant (2 months ago)
Does this outfit look better?😂
Robbin Ruben (2 months ago)
I’m going to the gym right fucking now
Mohsin Amin (2 months ago)
Heyyyyyyyy murphy i wanna see those boobies u hidin from us.This is unfair u saw them live and we can,t even see it on camera y
boby mudiraj (2 months ago)
Your awesome bro n
jepoy tipora (2 months ago)
you can get many girls pls give me one
Gettinlevels Baby (2 months ago)
Aye man how the fuck do I get this shredded? How long did this take him? Gotta be going hard af in the gym daily.
Nytro Genetic (2 months ago)
Can u do the?... 4:52
T K (2 months ago)
Connor murphy "If youre not meeting girls....the reason is probly that your shirt is still on." Lol
Hamba Tuhan (2 months ago)
And do not approach adultery; in fact adultery is an abominable act. And a bad way. (Surat al-Isra verse 32)
ghost21153 tactical101 (2 months ago)
hey can you teach me how to get fit like you
Abrahams Yaghya (2 months ago)
Nice advice at the end.
Gerardo Escobar (2 months ago)
What’s the song at 3:40?
TimeTraveller (2 months ago)
3:34 he look like dana white lol
Tahmid Adib (2 months ago)
Every girl melts on him...I am jealous
Joseph Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I dont meet girl I meat girls.
Old Mate (3 months ago)
More inspirational than most Chanel’s get ripped get girls
Murtaza Ahmad8bp (3 months ago)
You are looking so much Dashing connor im from Pakistan im a Huge fan your plzzx give one heart
David P (3 months ago)
Look at 4:59 the chick totally gets disappointed he didn't ask her, her face falls
Freddy Acarapi Sarabia (3 months ago)
Cuando sea grande quiero ser como connor 😁
ايهم اياد (3 months ago)
كس اختك ما ازنك
Ęxtřəmé Hűñteŕ (3 months ago)
Title of incredible music at 3:40 plz
Ferdinand Binayat (3 months ago)
The white girl on 4:12 looks like he didn't wear bra
SexyBrown 09 (3 months ago)
Lol ot feels weird if some body was licking ur belly. Ew.
Kevin Oliver (3 months ago)
Conner u crack me up😂
Gaming With Reece (3 months ago)
I'm watching this at 1:22AM
Diego Saputra (3 months ago)
I loved to see those girls wet face turned suddenly

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