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Hollywood's Big Lie (Web Film School #11)

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FILMMAKING SECRET #11: "HOLLYWOOD'S BIG LIE" will quickly get you out of naivety! Remember, FILMMAKING is not just an art-form... It's a BUSINESS!
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jivenesspie (8 months ago)
Drill sergeant of filmmaking!
FilmMagician (6 years ago)
Cannes takes short films for free. hah. the prices to enter film festivals are worth it to get noticed and sell your film.
James Gibson (7 years ago)
One of my youtube "friends" favorited this, so I noticed it ... I'm not an aspiring "film maker", but it's an interesting perspective. If you want to make it in "show business" learning the biz is obviously a good idea, and the best place to start. The tone against so called "art" is a little polemical, though. Let me ask you this, off the top of your head name me one great businessman of ancient Athens? (Can you do it?) It's the great artists and the philosophers we remember ...
8888Eastman (7 years ago)
yes very lazy they abreviate everything
8888Eastman (7 years ago)
buyng his course was probably the best investment I made in my entire life
starbusra (10 years ago)
This is no joke. This is real knowledge, about the real world. Thanks for making these bullshit-free videos, it's a pleasure to hear someone having a unique and up-to-the-truth aproach to such a hypocritical business. Keep up!
Tony Lankford (10 years ago)

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