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Should you buy Chinese tires?

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Will the price might be tempting, there are some questions about the road safety scores they receive. John Matarese has more information.
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Dont Tar (1 month ago)
I’m a Chinese American and I know Chinese made stuff are bad. Even the tires. I’ve had Goodyear tires and they work way better than those Chinese made tires. Even my father had Chinese made tires and it failed. Goodyear makes awesome tires!
hugccc com (4 months ago)
In top 75 tyre makers,we have 33% seats.You may have a try friends.If you need more than 200pcs truck tyre or 1000pcs car tyres,you may directly buy from us.We guarantee quality and compensation policy. www.chinautospares.com
Georgie b (5 months ago)
This is propaganda.
Eggpie_614 (7 months ago)
*Looks at Sailun R01 tyres* That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
RougeCrimson (8 months ago)
Drift tires?
Mike Morales (9 months ago)
I drive a lot and have had both cheap and expensive tires, I have found that the expensive ones do last a bit longer, but at double the price of the cheaper ones, it does not make sense in the long run. Also it depends on the vehicle you drive, for an economy, point a to point b basic transportation car, the cheap ones are good enough.
Nick G (1 year ago)
Don't buy imports. Do your homework. You get what you pay for.
Brem (1 year ago)
Nick G Don't buy imports, but not because they aren't good quality (some of them are amazing) just because you should always support local economy, Money that stays local comes back
tree rat76 (1 year ago)
Thier junk spend 500-600 on a good pair of us tires
Of course summer tire or all season tire can not grip well on snow and ice unless it's a winter tire. Another bogus false news. All news anchor around the world sounds alike a bunch of bullshitter.
Brem (1 year ago)
Can't Fake It Can You Dig It? A snow tire won't grip well on ice either. Unless it is studded or socked it wont grip ice.
X X (1 year ago)
Fake news again. Its about protectionism. I've used my for 2 seasons. Never been stuck never slid or skid. Just drive responsible. But yes, check for build date.
mihy26 (1 year ago)
Champiro VP-1 from Singapore These VP-1 all-season tires were near new when I bought my used Focus in the spring - I have driven Focus' in the past & it is the tires not the car that is performing poorly. They handle well in warm weather, good in the rain and pretty damn lousy on snow and ice. They DO NOT GRIP in the snow and stopping on ice not only do you slide forward but also to the sides. If you live in an area that gets winter conditions DO NOT install these on your vehicle unless you have a death-wish. In my 40 years of driving in Canadian winters the only tires which were worse were the near-bald summer tires that were on my first car. I would only recommend these to a hated ex-spouse or someone that you truly dislike.
Brem (1 year ago)
mihy26 The problem with the tire industry is that it is full of people who think they know enough about tires to offer advice. As in any industry there are people who want to screw you and see profit in selling cheap tires. Most people dont keep track of their tire wear so retailers can import poor tires and make money doing it and silly people keep buying them because they cant see a difference in anything but cost.
mihy26 (1 year ago)
Brem - which makes me wonder why these are even sold in Canada. From some of the other reviews I've read some owners claim they are hard-pressed to even get 20,000 miles (35k km) out of them. There is no such thing as a bargain if you end up replacing these in under the half life of a comparable 'good' tire. Purchase these as bumpers for your boat dock or as a tree swing . . . there is no other use for them.
Brem (1 year ago)
mihy26 But they are below average tires that's for sure.
Brem (1 year ago)
mihy26 The GT Radial Champiro VP-1 isnt an all season tire. It's a summer tire which is advertised as "all weather" this is just a tire buzz word that means it works in the rain too. It is not designed for any snow work and it is not designed for temperatures near or below freezing.
martin robillard (1 year ago)
Cristian Seibriger (1 year ago)
Full of shit video
Capital Tyres (1 year ago)
I am in tyre business, I sell 1000+ Chinese & taiwan tyre, still no bad feed back came from my customer... I trust Chinese tyres are really good then india brands... in price wise also good for customer... they can save 40 to 30% of money.... so don't spread rumour... not only the Chinese tyre are bad many Indian brands also damage very quickly... some time It will happen not only in tyres in all products....i think Indian & other country companies afraid about the growth Chinese tyre business turnover..... anyway many Chinese tyres good.....
Brem (1 year ago)
Capital Tyres Please! I have been in tyres for 40 years and there is not a single brand of tyre that nobody complains about. Name a brand of tyre and I will show you a customer who has complained about it.
willisjam fire (1 year ago)
well lady i can only afford the Chinese tyre as the others are way out of my reach
Speedbird Nine (1 year ago)
I do not believe that cheap so called premium media crap. My Chinese tyres under my City Van do their job very well. I make more km ( 130.000 km)then with the so called well know brands.
Georgie b (5 months ago)
I use kapsen on my fleet of trucks. No complaints.
Jon Allen (1 year ago)
Me personally I've had nothing but problems with Chinese and Japanese made tires the only tires I've had good luck with are American made
ZerokillerOppel1 (1 month ago)
Ofcourse not with Japanese tyres! Japanese stuff is always 99% good so no risks involved there.
Brem (1 year ago)
Jon Allen Chinese Goodyears are great and most Japanese tires are too. I have never had a problem with Japanese tires that I havent had with US tires.
Flo Uk (2 years ago)
jinyu tyres 255 35 19Y,at a price of £250....are they worthy??
Ajent Rock (2 years ago)
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
they try to tell you that chinese tyres are made of kondoms and old boxing gloves
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
you are right these tests are like ww2 war propaganda
Texas Patriots Militia (2 years ago)
If that's all you can afford buy them. They're a decent tire for the money. They just wear out sooner because of the cheap bicycle tire rubber the Chinese use. It's better than driving on four bald Goodyear's.
Brem (1 year ago)
Texas Patriots Militia Goodyears are also made in China. Their wear is sometimes better than US tires it's their traction tht is often the problem and that effects safety which should always be #1
adam ryan (2 years ago)
Liers , , thank you China.
Stephen Maurer (2 years ago)
More important to rotate, check pressure and suspension parts for max tire life. Most people have problems with tires due to the lack of maintenance of their vehicles.
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
tyres exp or cheap wil be ruined if the susp is faulty
Stephen Maurer (2 years ago)
I got some of the best wear and traction from Chinese tires?!
Brem (1 year ago)
Stephen Maurer Goodyear Directional 5
Duren Mengkel (2 years ago)
all tyre industries are same
Brem (1 year ago)
Duren Mengkel No they aren't. The Dunlops and Goodyears from South Africa are much worse than those out of China.
LALOMAN MC (2 years ago)
Chinese performance sport tires last me around 3 to 4 years do to me driving soo much and pay less than $250 for the whole 4 set!
Last man standing (2 years ago)
d.o.t. ...nuff said.
Diego Hernandez (2 years ago)
diesel2x (2 years ago)
I won't buy Chinese food items including seafood , but Tires are actually pretty decent. I have had Chinese tires for years now and no issues. this is s BS story
goblin87 (2 years ago)
99 % of all tyres are made in china even more expensive ones with big brand mames produced in china
John Tanner (1 year ago)
+Daniel Pietnik Whats your problem with America? I thought we were talking about tires?
Daniel Pietnik (1 year ago)
fuck you and your america
21boxhead (1 year ago)
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
Read the sidewall.
Charlotte Katakuri (2 years ago)
goblin87 Not true. China is less than 10% world wide. Most of them are made in America's.
James 87 (3 years ago)
China is outselling the US in tires that's all its about. They have to all meet USA safety standards before sold so they are trying to scare you away from china tire products. yes some china tires suck as some US tires suck.
Alejandro Aguilar (6 months ago)
China dumps it products on us then puts american company's out of business
heinz 490 (1 year ago)
yep china 1.4 billion people and maybe one million fac that produces truck parts car parts motorcykle parts and tyres if a Little factory fail all chinese product are shit hmm im a mec and i buy turbo parts from china and the thing that they are cheap dont mean that they are shit so far 24 turbo rebuild are still running
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
Pretty much all tires meet the standards.  I prefer tires that exceed the standards.
Charlotte Katakuri (2 years ago)
James Petrenos Well if Chinese tires meet safety standards then it's ok to buy them.
Damir Mujagic (3 years ago)
should you buy Chinese tires? yes! i bought and they are good for me, I have michelin and fulda and continental before them and for my driving i cant see the difference. I'm not the raceing driver :) 2 year and they are still good.
Brem (1 year ago)
Damir Mujagic The difference between cheap tyres and expensive is usually only evident to a non aggressive driver in an emergency. When you need to stop before going off a cliff thats when the Michelin saves your life and the cheap tyre sends you to your death.
Peter IcYou (4 years ago)
Another BS story the are all over priced,, US trying to protect there own tyre business ...
Roscoe Dogg (1 year ago)
+James Petrenos:     In the full review the Cooper SRX was listed as a best buy.
alaa alshar3 (2 years ago)
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James 87 (3 years ago)
+Richard Harris Your right and Cooper is a ture USA product which is cheaper and better then Michelin but you never hear them say Cooper in a review.
Bill Wood (3 years ago)
+Peter IcYou Exactly. And what is with the US fascination with Michelin? They're French and in my experience definitley not worth the money.

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