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[Shokugeki no Souma] Yukihira Souma's amazing cooking skills!

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Food Wars - Souma demonstrates his godlike cooking skills to pass the following exam!
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god is here (3 days ago)
And then I woke up
KaiserAfini (4 days ago)
Its funny, but when I saw the cooking stations were right in the room, I knew they were heavily suggesting that students should use live cooking.
J4NB0 Gaming (4 days ago)
Where are all the shells going? I hope not in the bin because if he kept 'em he can smash 'em and send 'em to a chicken farm because egg shells contain various vitamins and stuff for Chickens. Oh and the Omelette's with the sauce looks like a dessert of fluffy pancake and jam
Alisa Bakhareva (7 days ago)
This was so fucking epic that I was shaking with excitement
WhatsaSalad (10 days ago)
That one person who finished the plate at 00:00:03
Gold Coin (12 days ago)
Imagine how many servings Yukihira could’ve served if he had employed this method from the beginning.
Russell from Up (14 days ago)
If the kids turned naked there would’ve been something called surviving yukihira or like R. Soma
Amy Low (16 days ago)
Im glad the kids didnt turn naked
Masked In White (1 month ago)
Now im hungry
ヨシトシ (1 month ago)
IDHacker Z (1 month ago)
Swag iwnI (1 month ago)
Seasons and what eps???
MasterDisaster (1 month ago)
me after doing math homework 2:59 plz like
MasterDisaster (1 month ago)
expectations: 0:07 to 1:12 reality: 1:25 this is why editing is important lel
MasterDisaster (1 month ago)
f u physics
Prince Arvin (1 month ago)
Sad you didn't let soma say the word/catch spray
SomeWeirdGuy (1 month ago)
Soma's omelette when they land on the plate: *Gentle and light wuth a blob sound* Mine: *splat*
BIG CHUNGAS (1 month ago)
That’s legit my grandma cooking skills Not really
NoratubeHD (1 month ago)
Soma Kun's secret recipe to omlette= Sparkling water
Zolt Rollins (1 month ago)
Culinary in the nutshell.
Takeru (1 month ago)
The one who dishes the plates is the real master......
Brooks Malonzo (2 months ago)
You guys don't probably know this but there's another anime series taking after this event. The *Dish Wars!!* Where they show their skills on who can clean all those dishes faster and better. In anime, even dish washing can be intense.
Brooks Malonzo (2 months ago)
The only impossible thing about this video is when there are multiple scrambled eggs floating in the air. 😂 A single person can't catch those many eggs in real life. 😂
Tsuki Al’garun (2 months ago)
How hasn’t he broken his arms yet
kimi 777 (2 months ago)
he is so hansom
Great Samson (2 months ago)
Fried egg anime looks good. Reality looks like a peace of Junks
منو راح يغسل الصحون
Vishal Pattanaik (2 months ago)
The true gourmet..
Lauren T. (2 months ago)
Does anyone know what episode this is? please let me know if you do
Pedro Martinez (2 months ago)
Que capitulo es
Ryt 1234 (2 months ago)
Gravity defying ?pancakes?
Kanecido (2 months ago)
Name the OST?
Supreme Khatiwada (2 months ago)
What is the dish called?
john kellermen (2 months ago)
I was trying to find this then all i typed was that one cooking anime Lol
Priscilla M.T. (3 months ago)
This makes Gordan Ramsay look like an amatuer
Teal Diamond (3 months ago)
How many eggs did Soma pack with him..?
Anime Forever (3 months ago)
MARRY ME AND COOK FOR ME!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😙😙😙😙😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Vansh Kalia (3 months ago)
That omelette so fluffy and jiggle just like jelly🍳😋😆
RoD H (3 months ago)
200 dishes in 30 minutes? I wish someone can do this in real life.
Pratik Chakravorty (3 months ago)
It's 2018 but this scene is still so badass. Just shows how determined Souma his with his goals even when things don't go as planned. Everybody has a plan but when faced with such high pressure environments many take the path of least resistance and cowardly accept defeat but this MC shows that with a bit of clever thinking any situation can be turned to your advantage.
Dom_ Dom (4 months ago)
I’ve actually tried cooking this at home and nearly got the *MAXIMUM FUHAFUHA*
AJIBAH UMI (4 months ago)
i hate the jiggles,it made me want to eat that
Naj GamerZ (4 months ago)
It look so yummy!!!!!!!
Aden Xiong (4 months ago)
Anime makes it look so easy but it’s not in real life
Junghee Kim (4 months ago)
Yukihira god mode
Văn Giỏi (4 months ago)
Phim j AK mn
cringe show (4 months ago)
Sometimes i wonder why can't the anime be called food porn
alba nigrum (4 months ago)
He won through pure skill No prepared bullshit That's what so badass about this
Weird Gamer! (4 months ago)
Thats wat u get wen you look down on professional people even their few even its 1 or 2. I can imagine Gordon Ramsey want to meet him even hes an anime character. RiP us who cant cook.
grape -r (4 months ago)
Me :Ive never seen omelette that look so good lol Anime:
Oda Nobunaga (4 months ago)
Bon appetite
人間 (4 months ago)
2:18 なんかわろた
ann major (4 months ago)
2:03 *_KONO DIO DA!!!_*
寝れない水野 (4 months ago)
これ何分で終わらせたんだろう… 凄すぎる
KichaChildx (4 months ago)
Expectation of breakfast : Reality : Soggy cereal
推しまいやん (4 months ago)
Edward Shalim (4 months ago)
2:53 NATSU
楽しい音ゲー (4 months ago)
Andrew Gibson (4 months ago)
2:02 Waaaaiiiiiiiit... I hear Dio/Deadpool.
Is somebody hungry when watching this?
Vactor Spooder (4 months ago)
The only thing i can make is noodles and spaghetti
red _falcon (4 months ago)
LucyGT123 (4 months ago)
池悠太 (4 months ago)
池悠太 (4 months ago)
꧁༺ Yuri ༻꧂ (4 months ago)
Tsukasa and Asahi > Soma (at cooking)
Apple Senpai (4 months ago)
When anime makes a simple dish amazing
これっと (4 months ago)
Señor Mussamusa (4 months ago)
2:15 didn’t know Dio was into this kind of food
THE BEST MAN (4 months ago)
:P the foods even look beautiful than the girls
Katie Any (4 months ago)
I can’t even make a pancake he made a thousand at once
starbucks Prince (4 months ago)
at first i thought they are exaggerating the anime moves but i saw someone in japan can really cook fast as Souma can. It's so fascinating to watch him cooking live
アイラ・震撼 (4 months ago)
りくやまだ (4 months ago)
客もっと早く食べたれ笑 退学かかってんだよ笑
pastel Moonlight (4 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay’s anime Son .
イチヒメ (4 months ago)
호자수 (4 months ago)
Undiemino (4 months ago)
holy shit it's DIO
Cosmic Baby Demon Otaku (4 months ago)
Imagine if Yukihira meets Hunk from Voltron and create the ultimate Most delicious fish in the galaxy together ..
Mr Doggo (4 months ago)
What episode?
おし (4 months ago)
mylen sawamoto (4 months ago)
I wish I have a husband like that
bikl ergu (4 months ago)
ジーク (4 months ago)
2:36 やべっ.....手が滑ってオムレツがなきりのところにっ!
Hà Gia Bảo Nguyễn (4 months ago)
I made the egg like a few times but i have to make sure on one thing. The fluffyness is good but it tastes too eggy. Tastes like a fluffy cake made of raw egg
Hecate CSGO (4 months ago)
i need the sound track
Jessie Amalli (4 months ago)
In real life sweat spread all over the dishes
Ze Cat (4 months ago)
It’s black butler -but the hair is red-
berry star (4 months ago)
I'd want him as my husband
Sカルゴ蝸牛/ (4 months ago)
何者だろうか (4 months ago)
1:53 後ろの子可愛くね?
:D D: (4 months ago)
I love eggs...
Eszra (4 months ago)
I literally just watched this on the DVD. Why am I here?
Chris Yang (4 months ago)
Reminds me of the meme where the woman spanks the dough I just like to spank my dough a bit *Spank Spank* Who's your daddy Me Me ME ME
TheLoneliestUmbreon4 (4 months ago)
Do this dude got approx. 200 servings in 30 min. So he could have had approx 800 servings
Do Trong (4 months ago)
After watching this video, I want to become a chef but I ask myself why I want to become a chef LoL
石川祐輝 (4 months ago)
tait james (4 months ago)
salt pepper and u juss add milk with egg IDK! 😂😂
I’m_Watching_ You (4 months ago)
*in real life* OMFG MY HOUSE *house burning*

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