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[Shokugeki no Souma] Yukihira Souma's amazing cooking skills!

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Food Wars - Souma demonstrates his godlike cooking skills to pass the following exam!
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兎心 (4 hours ago)
これ何分で終わらせたんだろう… 凄すぎる
Awkward Child (7 hours ago)
Expectation of breakfast : Reality : Soggy cereal
あー あー (8 hours ago)
Edward Shalim (12 hours ago)
2:53 NATSU
楽しい音ゲー (22 hours ago)
Andrew Gibson (22 hours ago)
2:02 Waaaaiiiiiiiit... I hear Dio/Deadpool.
Is somebody hungry when watching this?
Vactor Spooder (1 day ago)
The only thing i can make is noodles and spaghetti
red _falcon (1 day ago)
LucyGT123 (1 day ago)
池悠太 (1 day ago)
池悠太 (1 day ago)
꧁༺ Fab Pew ༻꧂ (2 days ago)
Tsukasa and Asahi > Soma (at cooking)
Apple_ Senpai (2 days ago)
When anime makes a simple dish amazing
Moonlight Crystal (3 days ago)
Who gets hungry while watching food wars Totally me
これっと (3 days ago)
Señor Mussamusa (3 days ago)
2:15 didn’t know Dio was into this kind of food
THE BEST MAN (3 days ago)
:P the foods even look beautiful than the girls
Katie Any (3 days ago)
I can’t even make a pancake he made a thousand at once
starbucks Prince (3 days ago)
at first i thought they are exaggerating the anime moves but i saw someone in japan can really cook fast as Souma can. It's so fascinating to watch him cooking live
アイラ・震撼 (3 days ago)
りくやまだ (4 days ago)
客もっと早く食べたれ笑 退学かかってんだよ笑
pastel Moonlight (4 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay’s anime Son .
Biiikvo Tkyyy (4 days ago)
イチヒメ (5 days ago)
k guardian (5 days ago)
Undiemino (5 days ago)
holy shit it's DIO
Imagine if Yukihira meets Hunk from Voltron and create the ultimate Most delicious fish in the galaxy together ..
Mr. Troll (6 days ago)
What episode?
おし (7 days ago)
mylen sawamoto (7 days ago)
I wish I have a husband like that
ßł' นนท์ (7 days ago)
ジーク (8 days ago)
2:36 やべっ.....手が滑ってオムレツがなきりのところにっ!
I made the egg like a few times but i have to make sure on one thing. The fluffyness is good but it tastes too eggy. Tastes like a fluffy cake made of raw egg
Hecate CSGO (8 days ago)
i need the sound track
Jessie Amalli (9 days ago)
In real life sweat spread all over the dishes
Squeaky Cinnamon roll (9 days ago)
It’s black butler -but the hair is red-
berry star (9 days ago)
I'd want him as my husband
Sカルゴ\YouTuber (10 days ago)
何者だろうか (10 days ago)
1:53 後ろの子可愛くね?
:D D: (10 days ago)
I love eggs...
Eszra (10 days ago)
I literally just watched this on the DVD. Why am I here?
Chris Yang (10 days ago)
Reminds me of the meme where the woman spanks the dough I just like to spank my dough a bit *Spank Spank* Who's your daddy Me Me ME ME
TheLoneliestUmbreon4 (10 days ago)
Do this dude got approx. 200 servings in 30 min. So he could have had approx 800 servings
Do Trong (10 days ago)
After watching this video, I want to become a chef but I ask myself why I want to become a chef LoL
石川祐輝 (11 days ago)
tait james (14 days ago)
salt pepper and u juss add milk with egg IDK! 😂😂
I’m_Watching_ You (14 days ago)
*in real life* OMFG MY HOUSE *house burning*
Teh Kewl Chanel Boi (17 days ago)
TheLaziestGamer (19 days ago)
never have I seen cooking this hype
Anyja Snow (20 days ago)
食戟開戦 (food spokesman war ) The soundtrack for all that wants it! :)
Faith Jones (27 days ago)
Such a such omelette pick it up!
Klare Lee (30 days ago)
What episode and what season is this again?
Nido Keno (1 month ago)
#dishcleaning R.I.P.
Nido Keno (1 month ago)
yukihira vs sanji. I want that.
iRoseCakez (1 month ago)
Which episode was it?
Lorie Chris Cruz (1 month ago)
2:17 that is Witch Craft or Soma Craft???
Çarp Atamayan Berke (1 month ago)
what is the ost name?
Jasmine Durham (1 month ago)
Anime food makes real life food look disgusting
kgunitkeese17 (1 month ago)
How about this: Soma vs Sanji of OP?
Half A Half (1 month ago)
What episode?
fakhruddin sher (1 month ago)
Sanji will definetly beat him 😂😂😉
四月一日君尋 (2 months ago)
Rash ipad Gamer (2 months ago)
I hate eggs they stink there disgusting no thank you I want something like sushi 🍣 bento 🍱🍤🥟🍜🍝🍲🍛I’m dying of this delicious food
notlim roca (2 months ago)
Eso soma demuestra quien manda
oあつし (2 months ago)
2:16 ファッ?!
khaled mo (2 months ago)
"you have 2 hours to complete 200 servings" soma: please i can finish in 30 minites
Eddie Lee (2 months ago)
This is kinda cringy
Ingrid Corpuz (2 months ago)
what episode?
griffin cruz (2 months ago)
I wonder if beerus would approve
生物系クランク (2 months ago)
驚くべきは技術もそうだけど スフレオムレツの滞空時間と蓋を何枚もまとめて取れるところだねw
Mike Custer (2 months ago)
wtf is this
Shock Wave (2 months ago)
Isn’t yukihira supposed to be the best? I mean, all this shows is that yukihira is kinda trash[compared to everyone else]. Since he finished in like the last second.
your waifu is shit (2 months ago)
Mr. Abomination he’s better than 99% of the people in that room. only person who’s ahead of him in there was erina with alice, akira, ryo and takumi being on the same level and everyone else beneath him.
Elton Freitas (2 months ago)
I love Japanese animes' logic. They not only follow the same art style but also the same recipe for plots: 1. The main character has a superhuman ability that he keeps developing through hard work during the episodes. 2. He's always able to get by with what he has available at the moment. 3. He never gives up, even though facing several setbacks (Japanese culture). 4. The main character has a jealous rival, which is often as skillful as he is. 5. They're always some group or organization observing his abilities and willing to use it or increase it, generally for selfish purposes. 6. The abilities' level sometimes gets so high that it eventually decreases (ex: Inazuma Eleven). That's why when I was a kid I always wanted to be like the main character, the center of attentions, the guy that makes people's chin drop. Well, that didn't workout for me, but I still love this logic present in almost every anime I've watched.
Skintel N.Keychain (2 months ago)
This is what it feels like to work in a restaurant
Konoe Touta (2 months ago)
When yukihira snaps
Evelyn Lim Tze Yen (3 months ago)
Just wish that Japan will do one shokugeki no Soma cafe
C J (3 months ago)
1:02 L-lewd!
Finn Finnvincible (3 months ago)
So cringy it's funny
Adrian Geloso (3 months ago)
I like Alice Nakiri And Yukihira soma's hentai manga.
Anime shot (3 months ago)
Dude I wish I could cook like him. . .
Im hungry for some anime food ;^;
Hanifah Rachmawati (3 months ago)
200 pax cooking alone by himself , but in reality cooking 200 pax it's madness beside you are alone :'v
abalynn (3 months ago)
this made me so hungry :C
Daniel kakrosvi (3 months ago)
The fact is you don't need that cream
ばちこリーリエ (3 months ago)
Aleesa Jordan (3 months ago)
anime is ridiculous
黒区 (3 months ago)
Mad Hatter (3 months ago)
flipping a souffle omelette onto a plate is impressive, but flipping 16 souffle omelettes onto 16 plates near simultaneously is a god damn circus trick
Iqbal Kisas (3 months ago)
Which ep please tell
XaRtEx OnYx (3 months ago)
dio voice
ATK1734 (3 months ago)
Well...he IS the 1st Seat on the Totsuki Elite 10 for a reason
Shaira Roselada (2 months ago)
Jack The Ripper (4 months ago)
Zaki fauzian (4 months ago)
I hope I can cook like this
Meow Iman (4 months ago)
ももぞのはるか (4 months ago)
Charlie Yang (4 months ago)
Anime. I don't think Yukihira is a speedster.
Kadrian - Yo Boi (4 months ago)
Cooking in anime lul

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