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Bloopers! • Project Inferno

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This week on Project Inferno, BLOOPS! STARRING Emily ..... Nadia Mohebban (https://www.instagram.com/nadiamohebban) Kate ..... Mariel Taren (https://www.instagram.com/mariel_taren) Brody ..... James Maple (https://www.instagram.com/terrelljamesmaple) Joanna .... Elizabeth Mackintosh (https://www.instagram.com/liz_mackintosh) Edited by: Amanda Holland (@AwkwardHolland on Twitter & Instagram) Support queer content! https://www.patreon.com/GirlShipTV PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, HAVE A LAUGH, DRIVE TO THE BEACH
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Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
I love bloopers with all my heart! I will always do bloopers for any scripted show (DLW bloopers don't really exist cause the funniest things go into the episodes) I firmly believe every show/movie should have bloopers, even the most dramatic. Who wouldn't love to see something like bloopers from The Handmaid's Tale?
Isabella (1 year ago)
Have you ladies seen Rocket and Riot! Love Follies? You guys could react to it if you want.
AnnaKahlo (1 year ago)
Agreeeeedddd !!!!!! Can't wait for next season ^^ !
Cori Soliz (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV yes! Bloopers are the best. Thanks for sharing. My favorite was @1:56 😂
Carol RDM (5 months ago)
I missss thiisss
Ireallyreally Hategoogle (7 months ago)
How can there be bloopers if it's all one take?
angelohh (7 months ago)
Season 2?
Yanny Yelibeth (8 months ago)
Kate reminds me of ayydubs aka alyx
Random Person (11 months ago)
I can’t stop laughing🤣
Caitlyn Simeone (11 months ago)
Very Exhausted (11 months ago)
I need season 2 immediately!!!!!!! I fucking finished the whole season in 2 hours 😂💜
KB NB (1 year ago)
Aaaa i heard chantal's voice......is that you chanti....?
danica jude palmario (1 year ago)
Kate ur soooooo hot! I can't even ugh
Madyocre (1 year ago)
Love the fact that Nadia laughs at the smallest things lmaoo
Ban Ana (1 year ago)
wait wait wait did i hear chantel from buzzfeed laughing at the beginning or was that just me going crazy (but also pls bring chantel in for drunk queer women watch)
spooky maddie (1 year ago)
i fucking lost it when nadia almost fell off the bed
faith mcilvenna (1 year ago)
More seasons
MafiBee (1 year ago)
can we get bloopers at the end of each episode :D this is the best part haha
Tayt Hdkdkf (1 year ago)
Please make each episode a bit longer
Emily Fields (1 year ago)
I loved the blooper kiss! I thought it was so cute! <3
LiveYou6 (1 year ago)
Ohhhhhh my GOSH! Nadia leaning back, slipping yet still catching herself was the FUNNIEST part 🤣🤣🤣
Erin (1 year ago)
such a good webseries
H Nwanety (1 year ago)
Q: Has Nadia always been this adorable, or is this something that has progressed over time?🤔
Lupita Fernandez (1 year ago)
Omg I'm in love with Nadia, she's just beautiful <3 big crush
Naviisneverhere (1 year ago)
I just realized who the kidnappers are!!! I feel so stupid
PaxTheRex dino (1 year ago)
Noooooooooooo its finish!!! This show is my life
marinamakesmusic (1 year ago)
Love how Nadia just flops onto the bed from laughter 😂
Klondike Bar (1 year ago)
Hiral Makhecha (1 year ago)
LelaFilms (1 year ago)
are nadia and mari both single in real life? you guys have real good chemistryyy togetherrr! 😍😍😍
sootcumber (1 year ago)
i love them
J. Kelly (1 year ago)
wonderful. just wonderful
Meadow Pauline (1 year ago)
Ameena Xx (1 year ago)
So loving it. Was smiling the whole time watching it and raping the replay button
Ameena Xx (1 year ago)
the only thorn among the (gorgeous lesbian) roses
Lili G. (1 year ago)
You’re a great creator Amanda❤️I love everything you do! sorry for being inappropriate on the live stream btw😂
Jamie zhuang (1 year ago)
2:02 you trippin loool
DevanFTM (1 year ago)
Don't know how but I found Nadia on SC(before I knew she acted) awhile also and she so freaking funny
Eleonora Anedda (1 year ago)
Mari is just the cutest ❤️
IV Blitzkim (1 year ago)
0:36 When she said “fuck me” your one on the left didn’t even move a muscle... confirmed she wants to fuck her 😂😂
Jo NotUrSeestra (1 year ago)
still went for the kiss, professional lol
Ireallyreally Hategoogle (7 months ago)
Wouldn't you?
Jen (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
This Sunday
MaDa D (1 year ago)
"I... I just... I just" "This is so hard for me" @2:05 - @2:12 Me trying to get through high school
MaDa D (1 year ago)
I'm so so so sure my first kiss will be exactly, utterly identical to Nadia and Mariel's kiss. Odd but with the best intentions X'D
MaDa D (1 year ago)
Guess what? It was awkward 😅
Kelly WN (1 year ago)
I can’t stop laughing at Nadia almost falling off the bed
Alexandra (1 year ago)
This is amazing
Orcali (1 year ago)
This was too short. I need more bloopers!
Percy Gee B. (1 year ago)
Summertime is a queer girl movie probably worth a drunk lesbians watch,.. ;) also get Britt back on, yo guys bounce well off each other
baechulgi (1 year ago)
Aw thank u for the bloopers! Can't wait till season 2 comes out!
Paz Chanto (1 year ago)
Is that Chantel's laugh? 😂
sofske (1 year ago)
the kiss blooper was my fave it was so adorable
IV Blitzkim (1 year ago)
sofie yeah would’ve loved to see what happened she tried to recover from that
Joni Linder (1 year ago)
Freaking hilarious!!! Love this series!! Can't wait for season 2!! Thanks for some good times so far!!
Andrea 1994 (1 year ago)
So clearly Mariel Taren is the troublemaker on set!!!😂😂
Mariel Taren (1 year ago)
Andrea 1994 I feel like that could potentially be true...
Mariel Taren (1 year ago)
What I got from this is that I laugh too much and Terrell never messes up hahah
Ireallyreally Hategoogle (7 months ago)
But you got to kiss Nadia, so ... you win.
Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
Mariel Taren accurate
lizs30069 (1 year ago)
@1:01 "it was odd" still goes for the kiss hahahah Mariel is officially my #spiritanimal
Carolina Ruiz Diaz (1 year ago)
Omg I can't stop 😂 this is so funny! Now I'm waiting for season 2 💕
Alba G. (1 year ago)
lmao mad love for this crew 😂😂❤️
Kaci Bear (1 year ago)
When is the EP of you watching the carmilla movie coming out??
Kaci Bear (1 year ago)
Girl Ship TV ok thankyou
Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
Kaci Bear 2 weeks from Sunday
RRMK31 (1 year ago)
I died 😂😂 i need to see more!! Can’t wait for season 2
JAMM OSU (1 year ago)
Season 2 plz and soon
sasoukky (1 year ago)
@1:01 i love the fact that Mariel (Kate) laughed and the scene was messed up, but still went for that kiss :P and that funny moment @1:56 lol
sasoukky (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Mackintosh it was still sexy for sure :D
Elizabeth Mackintosh (1 year ago)
#Koanna #Jate ;-*
Mariel Taren (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Mackintosh thanks Liz
Elizabeth Mackintosh (1 year ago)
And the kiss was still incredibly sexy!
Marion D. (1 year ago)
Well, who wouldn't kiss Nadia ?
Rita Moukawam (1 year ago)
I love this show it's one of my most favorite things I watch on YouTube 😍😍
Marion D. (1 year ago)
Amanda, your phone !
Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
I knoooooow! Major faux pas!
Pau Mustermii (1 year ago)
I LOVE this hahaha just everything 😍😂👌
Lea's NYC Lifestyle (1 year ago)
Mari 😍
SlopperCopper (1 year ago)
I love this sooo much:,)😭 this makes me soo happy😆 Can’t wait fo season 2!!1!1!!1!!
Jessie Liang (1 year ago)
I really love this show, can't wait for the next season!!

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