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10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

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Text Comments (3132)
Syed Ismail (2 days ago)
Iam girl wacthing this video for my bro
Blaxer (3 days ago)
the watch is hideous and useless. you will not be respected with that shit.
Joseph Ballard (6 days ago)
Hey brother what if you are a big fat guy and have a muffin top regardless? Also, I noticed you didn't model taking a hat off going inside, would mess up that hair! Just personal preference, can't stand the sock-less look. Great video!
Aryaman Mehrotra (8 days ago)
Okay! I just need to lose weight now!!
Subham Roy (10 days ago)
Shut up chipmunk
ELMEHDI HAMZAOUI (11 days ago)
I advise you to watch this video : https://youtu.be/DvZorFh1Zq4
Deden Sureden (12 days ago)
real man good on bed not on clothes
sickid41 (14 days ago)
The ghetto alphamale.
Nate and Soccer (15 days ago)
[Insert rude comment here]
auzie88 (16 days ago)
I’m the guy that only wears sneakers lol. I have a pair of black dress shoes but only wear them when I wear nice clothes. I need to find a good pair of casual/dressy shoes
mike hodkinson (17 days ago)
Fuck off you fucking moron, who the hell are you to tell me how to dress . I say be comfortable.
Md Mamaniyat (17 days ago)
Teri maa ki bh....
Teh Tuba Guy (19 days ago)
I already have a pocket watch. It works perfectly.
Sanko Khan (20 days ago)
Abey Hindi bolne agrej ke mood
Srikanta Ghadei (20 days ago)
ketrta pateiluni
NŒCTURNAL Loe (21 days ago)
You do realize that it’s only wrong because mankind says so.
Ray Linh (22 days ago)
Cause it’s easier to just roll the shirt sleeves once bro, my forearms are about the size of your biceps.....any clothing tips for dressing bodybuilders????
Nikolaj BF (28 days ago)
Dude, no there is no “wrong” way to dress, you can were the fk you want (No hate)
Daniel Mwenda (1 month ago)
I love watches
The Shadow's Project (1 month ago)
Some women like real men.. a little rough and ready.. Don't have to dress like a douchebag to impress. I'm not being funny but I can't take advice from a man with such a silly hairstyle
Carl Hewitt (1 month ago)
Jose, you're super fit but the skinny neck. As a fellow skinny guy that works out, gotta deadlift and do cleans. Think that's what fixed it for me.
merf kala (1 month ago)
این مقاله هم در مورد تیپ مردانه است بخوانید https://bit.ly/2rs4S5k
Tounsi Behi (1 month ago)
This guy is a douchebag
Susan Koech (1 month ago)
Hello men out there
Dizzy Focus (1 month ago)
This guy thinks he has style but he looks sweaty and manky feel to kick his a..
CRussell 7854 (1 month ago)
You only get paid to say all the shit about the "vincero is best watch"
Nadya Raja (1 month ago)
This guy is gay
You don't have to buy a belt man
Kaden (1 month ago)
Go buy an expensive watch and you’ll automatically look better... 😂😂 this guys nucking futs!!
Michael C (1 month ago)
People in Vancouver need this badly. I hate hats indoors, so stupid.
Andika Febryan (1 month ago)
Bro it's 12m it's freaking insane 😄
WUDY BOI (1 month ago)
I’m committing not dressing right.
Victoria Z (1 month ago)
Is there something like a girl version of this types of videos
Maanka Yare (1 month ago)
Go ahead
Arpita Singh (1 month ago)
U r great
Michael Richard (1 month ago)
Sneaker heads disliked this video lol
babu prasath (1 month ago)
thanks for your video bro I've improved myself after watching your video
Random Guy (1 month ago)
Wow.. I've been doing it wrong all my life... Thanks for your advice.
fareed beg b (1 month ago)
Your instagram I'd
flip D (1 month ago)
Men are dressing wrong because they're becoming more and more feminine
Abhijit Sudheer (1 month ago)
Can u make a video about how to wear a shirt stay
WUDY BOI (1 month ago)
*Jose is the type of Zuniga to give his dentist confidence advice*
Jagga Lokku (1 month ago)
İ want trips to looj more hand some
Sushil Kumar (2 months ago)
Air riddhim kya chal raha hai
Danish Ali (2 months ago)
Amazing video
Gambler (2 months ago)
dude.. just for watch adv... dont make this.. there is nothing wrong to wear always snickers. or keep doing same style over and over. men are not that sissy to care about outlooking too much. if it fits you. its good. if you like yourself its good. you are trying to make men more feminen. dont need to. if you have a pocket to put your wallet on.. you are good to go. wallet is your best budy :) cuz everyone around you cares about your money. not your outlook.. you are not women after all.
Riyan (2 months ago)
mithilesh kumar (2 months ago)
Why are not spoken hindi
Anmol Gogia (2 months ago)
Are you selling watches
Somavaram Niran (2 months ago)
its low waist outfit but not regular comfort fit. stop fooling around
Diggz11 (2 months ago)
Bro, you seen my hair after I've been wearing a hat? That shit stays on lol
Samir Al-Azzawi (2 months ago)
oum oum (2 months ago)
I wonder why this video got 12k dislikes?!! By the way the BACKGROUND WALL LOOKING COOL. Thanks man.. 👍
referral madness (2 months ago)
yeah his channel is awesome
At Oussama (2 months ago)
please don't tuck the shirt like that. it's awful.
Home Work (2 months ago)
Dressing for an interview
Dossa African (2 months ago)
Ah does not make sense Ovcoz fact for first dressing
Sadik Toys Review (2 months ago)
For the price of Paul Evans shoes, you can get something with heritage+better leather quality made in England shoes
SaltyBro (2 months ago)
If i cant wear a hat indoors then should i strip as well?
clasher Vicky (2 months ago)
Go and **** your self
Adolfo Roman (3 months ago)
you're gay....
referral madness (2 months ago)
Inaz Rachel Amiri (3 months ago)
you are such. good seller!!! gosh your passionate about selling and the opportunity you take advantage of is amazing; like the clock!!
ahmad mujtaba (3 months ago)
ya he is selling watches
UNHIDED GAMES (3 months ago)
went to my gaming channel Mr.Psycho# and subscribe it
Susheel Shahu (3 months ago)
Bhai hindi bolna
os/ az (3 months ago)
was he reading something or what.his eyes kept looking next to the camera
Sarcasynronic (3 months ago)
Yeah but not everyone has the money to buy a watch
Riley Becerril (3 months ago)
Bro i remebe when i was like the 12th thousand video and like 100 thousand subscriber
Corey Morrell (3 months ago)
Is an Apple Watch okay?
Warehouse (3 months ago)
I always wear trench coat or long coat so I’m not soo interested inside
Don WooD Kh (3 months ago)
Hey about all those negative comments here, why are you watching this vid??? Hahaha... don't worry you will get there one day...
Proceid PS4 (3 months ago)
Im pre sure guys dont roll up there sleeves like the pic on the left
Shah Hussain (3 months ago)
Amar boga
Tejas Raut (3 months ago)
Inshort nothing but Just exposing himself to socialmedia 😂😂😂 fuck I don't like these guy btw annoys & comes around across while I'm browsing jeez someone close to him ask for his Shuttass💩
pradeep 01king (3 months ago)
Chutiya hindi nahi ati ki bc
Mike Whitcher (3 months ago)
He could do with a shave
Come To success (3 months ago)
Nice https://youtu.be/_rRlbYeMfL0
kun ozil (3 months ago)
ashiqul Islam (3 months ago)
Thank you for always be there for us 🔥💓
md Imad (3 months ago)
The dress shirts which are (tailed) longer in front and back are worn tucked & the ones that are horizontal and shorter around the waist are worn untucked
Talha Saleem (3 months ago)
Talha Saleem (3 months ago)
whats that i hear (4 months ago)
I wear leaf and caveman hair.
Dave Williams (4 months ago)
How is Becker not sick of his own voice by now.
zaima baby (4 months ago)
11th way is this video
Arvydas yUpiter7 (4 months ago)
nepisk proto
Shane F (4 months ago)
very annoying voice!
Amon (4 months ago)
I'll dress however i want. I'll even wear a sexy pink dress and combat boots if i feel like it.
Insight Eins (4 months ago)
What mechanism is inside the watches?
Technostory (4 months ago)
Love from india
MUSE-for MUSIC (4 months ago)
thanks brother:)
Jafeth Julias (4 months ago)
U tearch us well bro
Kort J. (4 months ago)
danashane (4 months ago)
his idiotic hairdo distracts from the fact that he is actually 375 pounds
veganath (4 months ago)
*_Fashion = all style no substances... cultural immature at its worst!!_*
DeeBansie (4 months ago)
You talk about guys should’ve have one specific style but it’s clear you do? I mean it’s obvious you’re that guy that always wears tight fitted clothing that’s great but that’s not all to fashion Lol there are long shirts you can rock and still look great and I can’t stand jeans with shoes I just think it looks weird unless they’re cropped jeans however, the tip about folding your shirt at the side was a great tip 😁👌🏽
el vendedor (4 months ago)
Link de spanish?
Son Light (4 months ago)
Wisdom...: Men With Manners Journal Blank Lined 6x9 Writer Notes; gift for writers https://www.amazon.com/dp/1726243346/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_tUdJBbDH316BH
My Boring Opinion (4 months ago)
I'll dress however I want thank you very much.

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