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Startup and Shutdown of RAC database | oracle rac administration | srvctl commands

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This Video discuss startup and shutdown steps for a RAC database
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Jeff Butchko (4 months ago)
Good job and thanks ! Been awhile since I have done RAC stuff since I have been bogged down the last several years trying to interpret Oracle WebLogic "stuff". Its all coming back to me now ...
Wysheid Wysheid (4 months ago)
Glad to hear that Jeff
ziad fawzi (1 year ago)
Thank you
Wysheid Wysheid (2 years ago)
When you shutdown the database using 'srvtl stop database', srvctl used the shutdown mode specified while configuring/adding the database to OCR. You can check the current value by 'srvctl config database -d <db_name> '
Oracle Passionist (2 years ago)
Hi. Wysheild. When we use srvctl to stop db , then what shut command is done actually?? How to specify shut abort, shut immediate etc in srvctl Without this explanation at less I think this information is not complete. Please reply
Mon Day (5 months ago)
The shutdown/startup options are options of the cluster service. I think it is a major issue that the srvctl command is not stating anything at all, when being run. It could for example show what startup or shutdown options are used. But, they don't. It illustrates the fact that these services were not meant to be used for database manipulation, hence you can start questioning their functionality in general. Obviously, clustering features are only available when using these services, but on database level, there is no added value.
Prabhav Pushkar (3 years ago)
WHERE are the commands to stop the cluster resources, u just showed the database part..
Bharath Kumar (4 years ago)
Great explanation... Please provide more videos on data guard as well as RAC could be very helpful.
Year2013 (5 years ago)
This is a great thanx for the time and effort really appreciate it. :)
Sambath Kumar (6 years ago)
Nice video
Shin Pai (6 years ago)
good job

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