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How To Get Old iTunes Layout Back

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Want to learn more? www.toddstechtips.com How to get old itunes back Tip courtesy of Spatch Designs.
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Text Comments (36)
DARRYL SLOAN (3 years ago)
Thanks so much, Todd!!! Even the fellow at our Apple store couldn't tell me what to do!!! :-)
Skyrim Legend (5 years ago)
oh my god thank you 
Michelle (5 years ago)
Wow now I really feel stupid
Ant. (5 years ago)
i love you
Leon Takahashi (5 years ago)
Thank you so much
LifeIsGood087 (5 years ago)
holy fucking thanks!!!!!!!!!
Jenna dunno (5 years ago)
OMG thank youuuuu!
drakesequation (5 years ago)
Thank you so much.
Phoebe Lo (5 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH. and bonus, you listen to All Time Low and such as well c: Good music taste, sir.
ellie g (5 years ago)
you just saved my life
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
Select all, right click, "get album artwork" Or, click the arrow in the bottom left to show the artwork, then copy and paste images there. :)
Elise Dufour (5 years ago)
how do you change the artwork like when you bring files from your computer to your library i like to paste an artwork so how?
tashley621 (6 years ago)
THANK YOU so much! You rock!
Lesler :D (6 years ago)
thans so much!! this helped me alot!!
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
press alt.
Zackery Newell (6 years ago)
Nevermind. I figured it out. This iTunes sucks ass, half of my shit on screen is cut off, the bottom part is only half visible and the fucking scroll bar is only half visible. No I'm not using a weird aspect ratio or anything, iTunes fucking sucks
Zackery Newell (6 years ago)
Ok, how the fuck did you bring up the menu bar?
Steven Kilkenny (6 years ago)
Nice one bro....your a legend.
Zahran Hamim (6 years ago)
is there anyway to actually get the old version back? unistalling, or whatever?
1woodstockPeace (6 years ago)
Holy shit thank you so much you deserve an award man/
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Sadly, I don't :( sorry about that one.
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Instead, use the menu bar view option, shown in the video
Jordan (6 years ago)
control S command isn't working for me it's just making a weird sound!
Ryan C (6 years ago)
Johnzilla (6 years ago)
What I really want is the old detailed list view with all the columns back, and NOT just in "Songs" view. Any ideas how to get that back?
Drum dumb (6 years ago)
I love you
8386charlie (6 years ago)
new layout sucks so bad so thanks alot for showing us this!!!
Four Nine Six (6 years ago)
legend!!! Thanks.
Jazz (6 years ago)
SSJ Carl (6 years ago)
wow, thanks lol
Zachary Scott (6 years ago)
thank you
Gundam Tech (6 years ago)
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Turn up your volume...
You did to fix up your sound a bit mate it a bit hard to hear you!!! (Connor)
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Thanks Kev, If you could share this around, I would appreciate it.
Todd Boniface (6 years ago)
Thanks so much, I appreciate it! It's great to have nice comments like this.

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