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Midnight Oud Fragrance Review (Interlude Man Clone)

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Good Morning people from Dhaka Bangladesh, i present to you one of my biggest surprises in this month....a fragrance which is so inexpensive yet so amazing, if you love Amouage Interlude man, take a look at this gem here, the house is called Ard Al Zaafaran, from UAE, and the fragrance is called "Midnight Oud", thanks brother Sebastian, brother Ali and brother niazi(his review), who made me look at this fragrance. check out Niazi bhai's review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE2uMmQek2Y Watch my brother Nasr's review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3f5CTgnPeM check out my take on Interlude man to see the presentation and key differences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czZx7WiiUlw
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Khaleel Ahmed (1 month ago)
Hi brother thanks a lot for ur review. This Ard Al Zaafaran when I google it I got the website theislamshop.com and I am confused when I am ordering this perfume frm this shop it shows delivery in unavailable to Saudi Arabia.
Swift Boxing (2 months ago)
Have you tried shagaf oud abyad?
vkt (3 months ago)
got the 10ml perfume roll-on oil... I love it... I would say this can even take the place of Spicebomb
Long Trần (4 months ago)
Clone amouage interlude : killer oud , midnight oud
Love your reviews, I believe Armaf release Odyssey Homme EDP concentration have you tried it.
it is veeeery sweet
Live With Me Everyday (4 months ago)
Thank you for the video.
Po Po (4 months ago)
Can i ask, arabian perfume (Afnan, Ajmal, Armaf,...) have fake products?
I.B.I.C.S 777 (4 months ago)
Hi Joy, watched this review last week. So curious about it, I had to buy 2 bottles on Ebay. And you are absolutely 100% right it's exactly like interlude man and it's BEAST MODE 🦁🐯. Thanks for the recommendations.
yusuf khatri (4 months ago)
Excellent sir
artista.vandal (5 months ago)
Joy please tell if this perfume is similar to John Varvatos Dark rebel? If not do you know any other perfumes smiliar to JV Dark rebel. Thanks
Wahid Khan (5 months ago)
Nice review brother. Can't wait to get in my hands on it.
yusuf khatri (4 months ago)
Welcome .Contact Mr Yusuf Mumbai 08898012370
Zdravko Baev (5 months ago)
Joy - thank you for that video! I have 2 fragrances by Ard Al Zaafaran - "Dirham" and "Dirham Khususi" - both are very good and interesting. Especially "Dirham" is extremely well done and super rich fragrance... So I completely believe you for Midnight Oud. Wish you all the best and keep doing wonderful reviews.
Darren Walgate (5 months ago)
Just bought it on your recommendation buddy
Ashkarelessar (5 months ago)
Good purchase bro. Got this one after watching the review of Mussawir AHMED. It's a great juice and so cheap here in the U.K. ARD AL Zaafaran is such a good underrated fragrance house . I have got a few perfumes from them. All of them are good.
tabaks (5 months ago)
Is that similar to Oud 24 Hours by Ard Al Zaafaran?
Zain Plasticwala (5 months ago)
tabaks nope this is a clone of Amouage Interlude. Oud 24hrs is a clone of TF Black Orchid!!!
M Logtenberg (5 months ago)
Jeeej Amine is back!
razscott (5 months ago)
This is very good, i have both but midnight oud isn’t as sweet and natural smelling to me, absolutely outstanding price though, i got my bottle for just £12
Rian Razzaque (1 month ago)
artista.vandal (5 months ago)
razscott where did your bottle? Be very happy if you can share the link . Thanks
Soothsayer (5 months ago)
Please also do a review on Fabulous King by Monster fragrances which is a clone of Tom Ford F'n Fabulous. You're the only reviewer I trust on these haha.
Ankit Joshi (5 months ago)
That there “FragranceX” tease 🤣 BTW Fall has started with 40F around here in 🇺🇸 , hope you are also having fun with the change of weather there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stay blessed 😇👍🏼
Abdullahbaig Baig (5 months ago)
Toiletterian (5 months ago)
Bhavya Sharma (5 months ago)
Ard Al Zaafaran is not available in India bro. It's very hard to find. Anyways love from India ♥
yusuf khatri (4 months ago)
+prateik26 Always n anytime welcome brother Prateik.
Khepera Amen Sut Tekh EL (5 months ago)
+prateik26 can you get these to the U.S.?
prateik26 (5 months ago)
+yusuf khatri I have midnight Oudh which I got from Yusuf khatri super service and genuine product loved it
yusuf khatri (5 months ago)
+Bhavya Sharma yes sir
Bhavya Sharma (5 months ago)
Possible to ship it to Delhi?
Rishabh Bhalla (5 months ago)
Great review joy, been waiting for this, saw niazi bhai's long back, then toilettarian uploaded it but i was waiting for your word on it.
I.B.I.C.S 777 (5 months ago)
I'll check out. Thanks great review.
Michael Bullock (5 months ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try it have a blessed night
Fat Shady (5 months ago)
I'm going to get this for sure!
mwpahl38 (5 months ago)
It's not really available in the States.. Oud 24 hours by Ard Al is available though.
JJ Sa (5 months ago)
If i can find it,im buying it lol,thanks Joy
6464rick (5 months ago)
I bought this in the uk for £14 last week,amazing fragrance for the price,also i got your hype frag the Mercedes-Benz Club Black Eau de Toilette for Men 100 ml,£38 on notino.co.uk,i really like it ,thanks joy.
marlonious76 (5 months ago)
There is only one blue beast. Interlude has no peers. Still want to check this one out.
robert reyes (5 months ago)
Grabbing my ticket to that train ride..
TheSerpentsEye (5 months ago)
You look and seem refreshed. Maybe you should take a break more often? We care about you, Brother Joy.
Eugene Chang (5 months ago)
Choo Choo hop on the hype train
Rich Mitch (5 months ago)
Nice to see the man happy and enthused 🕺
Rich Mitch (5 months ago)
Good morning wonderful people
Rich Mitch (5 months ago)
+Jerriel Dudley sounds like a lot of fragrance for the price, doesn't it
Jerriel Dudley (5 months ago)
Joy I need a bottle of that

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