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STREET SCENTS "Battle Of The Fragrances" AMOUAGE Reflection/Interlude/Jubilation

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STREET SCENTS Amouage Battle Of The Fragrances Reflection Man vs Interlude Man vs Jubilation XXV which one will win watch and find out.....RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE You can email me [email protected] Check out these videos featuring Alexandria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pr3vek68kw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--TZOfcVt1c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTgCJdZOgW8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-Xqqt0DdtI
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Text Comments (77)
namo730 (3 months ago)
ScareDe2 (7 months ago)
Seems like Reflection is really the thing. Lots of videos. Best niche.
Syed Shah (1 year ago)
I am starting a Demolition site Scents! There isn't enough noise in here. Sign up folks!
Patrick bennett` (1 year ago)
those cars are rude! cant they see youre doing a fragrance video!! they are loud, they should drive quieter
crokinoledk (1 year ago)
I wonder, how such an experienced perfumes geek can recommend coffee beans as smell neutralizer ?! It’s a myth, and common mistake already discredited by many expert, among the others by Rodrigo Flores-Roux. We can’t hear a shit btw.
Danijel Cvetanovski (1 year ago)
The truck out here fuckin up productions
I haven't watched the testing part of video yet, still playing but right off the bat I'd tell if you spray Interlude side by side with any other fragrances projection-wise it'll dominate all of the others, even the other Amouage creations. We'll see how this goes though...
House of Banelord. (2 years ago)
love your video but new york is loud!!!
Lord Sathanus (2 years ago)
She barely even explained her reasoning. How fantastically pointless.
MrLexical (2 years ago)
Reflection "manly?!" - ayylmao
A F A (2 years ago)
Amouage is for mature noses who appreciate high quality blends.
Boss_Hoss _Cigars (2 years ago)
If you smell your own skin (sans fragrance) it will reset your nose. Old school trick.
Nick S (3 years ago)
I think the smell of the garbage truck might work better than coffee beans. Long live Street Scents
Nicky T (3 years ago)
interlude man is amazing when applied correctly
Way TOO often you record next to busy highways/streets, can't you just meet these ladies in a quieter setting?
Eben Slasher (1 year ago)
its cause it's street scents not, back alley scents but that would be funny xD
Jose Vancouver (4 years ago)
Great video. Reflection Man is great. Man....they don't call this 'Street Scents' for nothing....street sounds everywhere!
malthus101 (4 years ago)
Maybe next time film it inside a hammer testing factory so we can hear more... : |
Erika Penneylane (6 months ago)
That is hysterical 😂
md samiullah (2 years ago)
malthus101 I like that witty sarcasm !!!😂😂😂
bsinatra145 (2 years ago)
pretty girl)
s18018 (4 years ago)
reflection is my fav as well from that house
Jon Italia (4 years ago)
6:20 sounds like you're on a tarmac - good vid, I'm not surprised she picked Le Male :) lol
curtflirt2 (4 years ago)
get this girl back 
kim dickson (4 years ago)
Actually I love Interlude man. It is sexy as hell. I love it so much I occasionally steal it to wear myself.
LoftOfTheUniverse (5 years ago)
She looks so different here lol. 
jclashceuxkilmerite (5 years ago)
brent0529 (5 years ago)
Substitute the coffee beans with a snowball to her face.
GingerBred1991 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video.
Talented Skull (5 years ago)
Wearing Amouage Ciel today!
King Trill (5 years ago)
I knew reflection man would win, women like this over Amouage's other offerings
Ataensic (5 years ago)
It would be more beneficial to us newbies to ask add a few more staple questions to your interview. Such as: 1. What type of person would wear this? (sex/age/stage of life/occupation/ethnicity) 2. What time/event would someone wear this/to? (day/night/event/club/date) 3. Is this a seasonal scent, and if so, when would this fragrance be most appropriate? Thanks!
CoachRob619 (5 years ago)
I don't think you'll EVER find a woman that likes Interlude man.
Greg Hades (2 years ago)
Yep, and i don't give a shit.I love Interlude man!
Del Boca Vista (3 years ago)
+CoachRob619 some earthy hipster chicks probably like it
Mehran Adeli (3 years ago)
@CoachRob619 my girlfriend likes it very much
Matt Day (5 years ago)
And that's a damn shame
Ziad AL-Abbady (5 years ago)
Wow.. The Coach himself !
Valentine Chuke (5 years ago)
Update. I am now a full day into wearing this fragrance and interlude is STILL going. Wow. Interlude is possibly the most potent frag i have ever smelled. Although, i haven't put my nose on as may frags as i'd like. 
L8bro (5 years ago)
Remember to bring coffee beans!
9hoursaway (5 years ago)
The correct frag won in my opinion.
CRR62 (5 years ago)
Good episode. Nice lady. Straight to the point, no vacillations in selecting the winner. Kudos for weathering out the weather.
STREET SCENTS (5 years ago)
Thanks yes the weather here has been rough this past month had to get out there
Valentine Chuke (5 years ago)
Update. I am about 2 hours into all three fragrances. My ranking has changed. I had it (order of best to worst) ranked 1) Reflection, 2) Interlude, and 3) Jubilation initially. After about 2 hrs or so, I now have it 1) Interlude, 2) Reflection and 3) Jubilation... The drydown of interlude smells ridiculously good AND it is significantly stronger than both reflection and jubilation. Interlude is still fighting, 2 hours in, still projecting. Its a freaking BEAST. My goodness. As for the other 2. Reflection is still great. Its very wearable IN MY OPNINON. I do not get a feminine vibe at all from it. The florals in reflection aren't feminine as such. Its more of a masculine type. A towned down floral without the sweetness typically associated with other florals. As for Jubilation. I still don't understand it. Don't understand the the love fest for this. Doesn't smell like anything special. Even on the drydown, i get nothing unique. In my opinion, the intro to jubilation smells very similar to a toned down version of creed's bois de portugal, a fragrance which i'm not much of a fan of. I can wear bd portugal, but it doesn't exit me. Anyway, that's my take on this trio.
Valentine Chuke (5 years ago)
i have smelt all 3 frags. I agree with her. Reflection man is the better of the 3. followed by interlude then jubilation. I really wanted to like jubilation. I poured the sample on my skin. I just didn't understand it. do not understand the hype on that fragrance. it doesnt smell like anything special. Interlude, on the other hand, i do understand. I smells pretty good. Both reflection and interlude smell significantly better than jubilation. My ranking: #1 Reflection, #2 interlude, #3 jubilation.
ComeAtMeBro3D (5 years ago)
Interlude Man smells really smokey on paper, but it's great on my skin. It's not for little nancy boys and I agree it can only be worn in the Winter. I wouldn't expect this girl to like it on paper and up close because it needs to mix with the body's chemistry where it develops into something really enjoyable. Leather, incense, sweet/smokey manly scent. 
calvin0416ny (5 years ago)
Indoor street scents when the weather is cold?
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
It wouldn't be street Scents if it were indoors. 
wagsbass (5 years ago)
Welcome to Street Scents Crystal. Please come back again.
DaBull (5 years ago)
She said it was what. Lol that ish smell like a masculine woman
jeffrey18930576 (5 years ago)
Great video, Thanks !
brent0529 (5 years ago)
How could Reflection man ever smell more manly than the other 2?? I dont get it.Besides Lyric Man, Reflection Man is the most feminine out of the Amouages I've smelt.
DoorsFan91 (5 years ago)
Do a video with both of the girls and them discussing it together might be fun.  Both doing a battle of the frags at the same time. 
manny44 (5 years ago)
cute girl.
Xanovia Scents (5 years ago)
I almost shit myself when she said she liked Reflection because it was "more manly"... LMFAO!!! Don't get me wrong... I love all 3 of these fragrances and I own bottles of all 3 but to me Reflection Man is BY FAR the most feminine of these 3... Great fragrance yes but I could never see it as more manly then Interlude or Jubilation... Not on Hell's coldest day... That just floored me and literally had me laughing out loud... As always though to each his (or her) own nose... ^_^ Great job as always Al...
brent0529 (5 years ago)
NO DOUBT.I understand every nose smelling things a little differently, but that shit blew my mind.I think she just didn't know anything else to say.She could have said anything other than "More manly" and it would have made better sense.I do understand a woman picking Reflection over the other two, however, I hate Reflection and love the other two.
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
I don't like Interlude Man at all. 
curtflirt2 (5 years ago)
UMMM lol the Big question is WHERE IS ALEXANDRIA AT? 
curtflirt2 (4 years ago)
No, this girl here is supposed to be her friend who AL somehow got to do this Street Scents video. 
Amin C Ali (4 years ago)
@curtflirt2 That girl is not alexandria right ??!!
RyzFragz34 (5 years ago)
Great episode Al!!!
STREET SCENTS (5 years ago)
Thank You Buddy
jechero4e1 (5 years ago)
She looks like she would of pick Abercrombie &Fitch fierce if you would of added to the battle....
Crisas31 (5 years ago)
I just received my full bottles of Interlude and Memoir in the mail today. I have a sample of every Amouage frag and Interlude was love at first sniff same as Memoir so I sprung for the full bottles. I also have a 10 mL decant of Jub XXV from Dan's split. Great house. I haven't worn Interlude too much yet, just to run errands and around my house etc.,  but when I was sampling it I was at my parents house once and my mother absolutely loved it, so to each their own for sure. I'm having great fun working my way through the samples!
Redolessence (5 years ago)
Great episode, Al!
MJM111977 (5 years ago)
It played out just like I thought it would. Reflection has the most universal appeal to the ladies because of the heavy floral undertones that are in this fragrance. Not a fan of this one. This girl looked incredibly uncomfortable, she had that nervous laugh after everything she said. Nice battle of the fragrances. Probably would have been better with one of the Street Scents veterans. Keep 'em coming.
shotput4life (5 years ago)
we miss Alexandria!
STREET SCENTS (5 years ago)
She will be back real soon
kinetispherical (5 years ago)
That truck is killing it for me.. but, she's cute. To be honest I have yet to try out any of those fragrances. I'll have to get my hands on some. My nose is ready for that kinda quality. ^_^ good video broddah.
Joe Anthony (5 years ago)
Great nose & great vid....hopefully she can come back....Awesome job bro
STREET SCENTS (5 years ago)
Thanks bro
theLupeXperience (5 years ago)
Great episode Al, If anyone eXpected Reflection Man to loose to anything ... then you probably don't know much about general female reactions to fragrances.  Reflection Man is actually my favorite Amouage, followed by Jubilation XXV ... I absolutely detest Interlude Man. So her taste is good, I CAN RESPECT THAT!!! Cheers
STREET SCENTS (5 years ago)
Thanks for the comment Lupe I RESPECT THAT!!!! as well
Big Eazy (5 years ago)
Where can I get the samples just like that?????
dspada67 (5 years ago)
Nice choice . I think a more simple and universally acceptable choice .
BassFlexin (5 years ago)
This was a great video! I have a Interlude Man sample and its pretty good but very strong, I'm now looking to try the other two in this video! Thanks!

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