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Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas -Bad (Official Video)

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Text Comments (21815)
love lace (1 hour ago)
Omar Navy (11 hours ago)
go listen to the remix Rihanna made it's 1000000000000000000000x times better
Dominique wright (15 hours ago)
today makes 6 years 😩😩😩 sheeesh
Draigon18 (23 hours ago)
just noticed Wale wearing a Supreme hat. in 2013
Mia Noelia (1 day ago)
Always 💕💕💕💯
Exothiick xox (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who used to think she said “easy baby , I never made love” 😂😂
Ken James Jr (1 day ago)
Rhonda cash (1 day ago)
Here in 2019 and wale can get it anywhere he wants it I fucking love him
SimplyMiracle (3 days ago)
2019 😌💘
co0ki3M0NstAr (3 days ago)
The song starts at 1:54 ur welcome kids of 2019 lmao
tam girl (3 days ago)
thisssssss some good music . Take notes. 🙌💆
Deon Chavers (4 days ago)
Shanisha Robinson (4 days ago)
Who still here in march 2019 lol I sure am💯💪
Monica Hobbs (20 hours ago)
I'm here I love this song one of my favs and I will take this over Mardi b
Justin Moon (4 days ago)
I could play this over and over again never got old
Dallas Starke (4 days ago)
Damn he wearing supreme in 2013 he a og
LShottah MillionaireS (5 days ago)
Kari Atkinson (5 days ago)
Rihanna brought me here
Kari Atkinson (5 days ago)
Sing Ri Ri sings Chris brown
Kari Atkinson (5 days ago)
Kari Atkinson (5 days ago)
Kreme Dela Creme (5 days ago)
Shavi Smith (6 days ago)
Who is here in 2k19
Austin Luster (6 days ago)
Don’t do it Wale, she smell like used dick.
Michael mike Segovia (7 days ago)
oyinka sola (7 days ago)
Bad love to ya
Rushie Pooh (7 days ago)
My God the leading girl with the 99j colour weave is.. Gorgeous..
Watching TESHA (9 days ago)
Made In California (9 days ago)
Niccoh Morwa Diago (10 days ago)
Been here everyday for the past five days. Thank you Wale,South Africa loves you.
Mo Maelane (11 days ago)
Deep shit for conscious OG' S LIKE US
T jj (11 days ago)
Fake ass! Demi Lovato chasing ass!!!
Cinnie Porter (11 days ago)
Deep lyrically 💯....
Korbin Hughes (12 days ago)
The remix was better faxxxx
King Ijaz اعجاز (12 days ago)
I'm Here 📍 in 2096
Storytime animation (13 days ago)
SEKHMET (13 days ago)
Berica Escobar (13 days ago)
The main girl is perfect for the music video, she is pretty but she isn't plastic... "she is no saint, but she don't pose.. she don't wear make up in a boat load."
Ninja Princess (13 days ago)
Yerrrr!!!! 😁🤙🏽
Enock zombie nation (13 days ago)
2019 still lit....
Bea M.Esperanza (15 days ago)
I come back to this song It touches me everytime
EQWHELL (15 days ago)
Liley Frye (15 days ago)
2019 🖤
Natasha Morse (15 days ago)
i love this song will never stop loving it 2019
queen nie (16 days ago)
Is it just me or does she seem to blink really hard, once you notice its hard to unsee it. Lol
Alondra (16 days ago)
Grateful for Wale.
Sharmaine Tiggs (16 days ago)
Who else thinks Wale is a sexy chocolate fine asf brotha
Srtpower Won (16 days ago)
Im here
Teairrow Presentine (16 days ago)
Yesss shit jam still 2019
LaTice Whitehead (18 days ago)
Of all the times I've watched this video I'm just realizing Bria Murphy is Eddie Murphy's daughter with Nicole
Tonie Williams (19 days ago)
This brings out the baddest bitch in me..😍😍
Trust me I'll humble ur mean ass...
Make it do what it does....
Porscha Davis (19 days ago)
Yess speak king
Austin Stevens (20 days ago)
Love this song 😑😑
Destiny Garbutt (20 days ago)
Lone Surviver (20 days ago)
You know she bad when you don't even speak the same language and ask for her number
Barnabas Olanlokun (21 days ago)
100 Mill !!!, The Matrimony Next
Barnabas Olanlokun (21 days ago)
100 Mill !!!
Shamesha Lenoir (21 days ago)
ronnisha Johnson (21 days ago)
100 mill
olivia flores (21 days ago)
I'm here after watching him on Red Table Talk on Facebook. Hearing his view on love makes me understand this song even more.
Pokemon Breeder Benny (21 days ago)
I’m here for the creaky bed sounds
Anna Mae (21 days ago)
To this day 😎
Perenthia Brown (22 days ago)
I only like the version with T. Thomas...love all these artists...but she did her thang. 2019!
Jevohn Fresh (22 days ago)
Fresh 2019.
Shellene (22 days ago)
That chorus speaks to me
Mercy Musinguzi (22 days ago)
Tiara Thomas was the right match
NeriiChristiina (22 days ago)
hold up, ive listened to this 100 tiimes and never peeped the bed squeaking in the background
Toya Anthony (23 days ago)
trust me ill humble your mean asz
Dewalla Smith (23 days ago)
Playing this in 2020...you can bet that
Shirah Robinson (24 days ago)
That's my baby
love4honesty (24 days ago)
Her voice is unique!
love4honesty (24 days ago)
I like his original song better than the others remakes.
drew2k12isag (25 days ago)
This is old old old song
Mimi Sprewer (25 days ago)
This was my theme song in 2013/14 🤷💯😂💪
Rodrigo Carrizo (25 days ago)
2019 y sigo escuchando este tema ♪
Sadiq Babalola (26 days ago)
almost 100m🔥🔥🔥
Didier vits (26 days ago)
unbelievable! I just put a condom on my headphone in 2019
Judge Koro (26 days ago)
we still bumping Feb 2k19 🔥🔥
Cam Man (26 days ago)
Love bad girls, its a rollercoaster I love riding.
sonic DC (27 days ago)
The lead lady favors Zoe Saldana 😍
LaTice Whitehead (18 days ago)
But it's Bria Murphy... Eddie Murphy's daughter
Andrew Campbell (27 days ago)
Wale poet life
Natural Beauty (27 days ago)
Still here in 2019 ❤
Malcolm Keith (1 month ago)
She fucked wale over and never been heard from again... Truth be told he tried to fuck her over over her original song... They both ain't shit... But bidnezz is bidnezz I guess
Clarance Perry (1 month ago)
Who listenin in 2019 ...aye🗣🎤🎶🎵🎼
A Marie (1 month ago)
Still listening in 2019 🖤 “I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you” 😘😏
finestisee finestusee (1 month ago)
This still fire in 2019 and forever more
Chris McNally (1 month ago)
The lies we tell are the lies we keep..
Vanessa Mburu (1 month ago)
Timeless fr
Nessa s (1 month ago)
Song Never gets old.. .
Saniy'yah Black (1 month ago)
Robert Turner (1 month ago)
Dang,Eddie Murphy's daughters are looking good!
Bebe Winters (1 month ago)
Still playing like it just came out..only cause it hit home base
too sweet (1 month ago)
1:28 you're welcome
Kristiana Mayes (1 month ago)
NESIAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
Who lovses these song?
Ricky Fryday (1 month ago)
Diamond Eats (1 month ago)
2019👀 Is it bad that I never made love , FR 🥺 Wanna love me ? ⭕️ Yes or no ?

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