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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast These 10 Actors Anymore

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Counting down 10 celebrities and actors,Hollywood has no plans on working with anytime soon! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/baertaffy Celebrities/Actors: 10. Amanda Bynes 9. Tobey Maguire, 8. John Travolta 7. Shia Labeouf 6. Eddie Murphy 5. Taylor Lautner 4. Freddie Prinze Jr 3. Jessica Alba 2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse 1. Lindsay Lohan Why Hollywood Won’t Cast These 10 Actors Anymore
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Ian Markey (17 hours ago)
Maybe a new Beverly Hills Cop movie would jump start Eddie Murphy. Not sure if Ronny Cox is still alive but could be chief yet lol. He did good in the Beverly Hills Cop movies
334665eric 7788977 (1 day ago)
Eddie Murphy, John Travolta.. and a bunch of shitty insignificant...!!!!!
splob1 (1 day ago)
No one on this list has sunk so low as to be forced to narrate lame youtube videos.
Janice Green (1 day ago)
crimsonmika (2 days ago)
This is terrible. Click bait at its worst. Mega thumbs down
A movie is 2 hours of your life you never get back, and we all feel this way, with 9 out of 10 movies, because the are so full of disgusting Satanic pig propaganda.
MrDarren5012 (2 days ago)
Maybe most of these actors choose to not do anything right now
Marre G (2 days ago)
not like a sing why?
Danny Big D (2 days ago)
Shocking how many fall for this CLICK BAIT.... now tell them how many DONT WANT TO ACT ANY MORE! HAHA Yeah... just search..shows you this is just click bait
flisnoo shaboo (3 days ago)
ummm eddie murphy beverly hills cop?
flisnoo shaboo (3 days ago)
broken arrow... face off... get shorty... dont make mentions for travolta?
Al T (4 days ago)
Eddy Murphy...been around the block. The constant need for appropriating blacks with Hiphop is extremely distasteful and cringeworthy.
how does Murphy afford the white girlfriend
Kim Westwood (4 days ago)
Tobey Mcguire showed a lot of promise in Seabiscuit, which was not mentioned. His best film in my opinion. I think how you handle yourself personally has a lot to do with success in anything we do.
shawn cypret (4 days ago)
Norbit was funny
Jeffrey Harper (5 days ago)
Jessica Alba Dark Angle Tv show.
Kane Pyrovifo (5 days ago)
how did Ben Affleck make it in Hollywood?????
AndyB (5 days ago)
The title says "WHY" Hollywood won't cast these people. So.....WHY??
Eddie likes transtesticles. 😍 Like MAN AN IA Trump.
Alfred Whittingdale (5 days ago)
4:41 A has-been nignog who wasn't funny even in his heyday. Just watch Beverly Hill Cop. Every single scene is the same: he pretends to be someone he's not. That's it. He goes into an office pretending to be delivering a hazardous radioactive package, slaps some water on his face to fake sweat, and cons the secretary into handing him cash by telling her that this particular job is so risky that he needs danger money. In another scene, he fakes being a housing inspector or something and very quickly flashes his badge at a group of workers renovating a mansion and pretends that he has been sent there to stop them from carrying out their work because there has been compliance issues or something. (When the workers left, he moves into the mansion, because he needed a place to stay while in Beverly Hills). I mean, EVERY scene is the exact same: him pretending to be someone he's not in order to get the job done or to procure something he needs. What a fucking bore. Dumb, unimaginative, fucking sambo.
Rachel miles (6 days ago)
once again! wrong title!! It says nothing about Hollywood not casting them!
Soheel Ahmed (6 days ago)
Where mel Gibson
Calvin Williams (7 days ago)
They stopped being exploited by the likes of Harvey Weinstein, LBGTQ producers, they simply got tired to having to put their wood in them freaks moufs, wormholes & piss'n on them .... they'd had enough !!!
Wop Wop (8 days ago)
Eddie Murphy should drop another kids movie and another player movie for the adults
Prakash Isaire (8 days ago)
Lindsey is still hot
Pluggit1953 (8 days ago)
What about Travolta’s Face/Off?
Peter Varvaris (8 days ago)
Eddie Murphy is not very good actor. Hes just terrible singer michael jackson. Hes mate. Elvis. Is the king off music. You fool
captainjerk (9 days ago)
It's too bad Hallie Berry, Denise Richards, and Angelina Jolie aren't on this list.
justin bratcher (9 days ago)
Hmu Amanda Bynes, we'll get through this 😆
Dwayne Barnett (9 days ago)
Need more eddie murphy movies
Paulus Senesie (10 days ago)
This is stupid, how are these reasons for an actor not to be hired anymore?
YISROEL GRANAT (10 days ago)
i have paid utube for no advertisments and i am sstill recieving commercials and advertisments please repair this situation
Víctor Hugo (10 days ago)
The explanations are unclear.
SilentBob420BMFJ (10 days ago)
Taylor Lautner looks like a terrible actor. It's not surprising he was a one hit wonder with that werewolf bullshit. The first second I saw him, I was like wow he's hot, that's all you girls have to say? Cuz he damn sure doesn't look smart or a good actor.
02091992able (11 days ago)
Wasn't the Beverly Hill Cop movies a major point in Eddie Murphy's career? I know I like those movies.
strtngfrsh (9 days ago)
I thought they were a low point for him, especially when they came out with the sequels but popular opinion disagreed.
peter shaw (11 days ago)
Lohan is starring in the Outer Limits
MIKE VON BACH (11 days ago)
Free Bill Cosby THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE. Pudding for those who are Just.
Only three of these people are real actors. Eddie Murphy was all in 48 hours the two movies and in Coming to American.
Rebecca Taylor (11 days ago)
What if some of these people chose to quit
ed mwiti (11 days ago)
nkt so eddie needs hollywood
Brian Johnson (12 days ago)
You usually do good work but this is a shit job
Brett Patetto (12 days ago)
Bencause he butt-hole smells like his breath
Brett Patetto (12 days ago)
danimal097521 (12 days ago)
The video says Alba made the choice to back away from acting......and then says she'd be lucky to get a job anywhere. She left movies and still gets cast.....and she is majority owner of a company worth over a billion dollars. I'd say she's probably more than content....
Pete_ Hine_Of_PA (12 days ago)
I think a lot of these actors made a lot of money fast. Some purchased companies or founded companies or several companies giving them more time for their own lives, or they made wise investments which also gives them more free time to do what they want. John Travolta has his own 707 Jet liner, how cool is that, gives you an idea the kind of money these actors make in just a few years especially when you consider what it cost just to maintain a large Jet liner like that. I surmise it's what you want out of life. Actors like John Wayne liked acting so much he did it even when he was at death's door when he could of retired 20+ years earlier, so I surmise often it's how bad the actor wants to be in the lime light. For me, if I had expensive toys, a nice family, a big estate or two & plenty of money in the bank I'd play and do trips etc., while others work because they love it. If anything the world should be worried about is how out of control the paparazzi are. No one ever hanged even one of them, but we all know they were responsible for Diana's death back when she was queen, however her driver may of been out of hand too, we'll never know. Plus the paparazzi I'm sure are responsible for other good actors throwing in the towel so to speak. There actors get tired of not getting and piece and quiet. To me it would be like someone knocking on your door everyday at random times even waking you up, because you are famous. Beyond that, when you are famous, often people want more than what you can give in terms of both time and money. I think it would be cool to be a famous person, but for me my privacy is most important and when you are super famous or popular in a move, you get very little privacy in my opinion. One or two of these actor may just simply suck, but others could branch out if they wanted it that bad. Some really good actors fund their own movies like James Cagney did. He had a few flops but he also made a crap load of money from his companies. He was one of those actors that loved to act, was natural at it, very versatile and pretty much acted even in his retirement years when he could of stayed at a beach resort, or his beloved farm or go fishing on his own yacht, etc. When you are famous like that I wonder how you know who is your real friend and whom likes you because you are popular not excluding your wife. The actors in my opinion on what they call the silver screen, had true acting in their blood like James Steward, John Wayne, and other numerous too much to mention here. Ya have to ask yourself why did Glen Campbell only get one music award for the song True Grit, when he was one of the best guitar players & song writers around right up there with Roy Clark? I guess it's all in exposure , and being at the right time in the right place. However Glen Campbell made his millions doing concerts and guest appearances.
Charles Mcgehee (12 days ago)
I see this type of topic often. Eddie Murphy for example, doesn't need to have Hollywood initiate casting him in anything. Eddie can do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to be in a movie he will produce a movie. He is on the list of the greatest comedians that has ever lived. Richard Pryor being the best in my opinion. Certainly there are actors that have behavior issues and end up blackballed but the real entertainers....like Eddie...have been so successful, and have so many fans, they can do what they please. Quit sucking people into these phony topics. You may be hurting someones ability to earn a living.
Chris Marvens (15 days ago)
you forgot culkin mcalay (home alone)
Alfred Whittingdale (5 days ago)
isn't he the guy who got buttfucked by a pop star?
I’ve seen John Travolta in way more movies than they listed ! They mostly don’t know what they’re talking about!
#Browniedeluxe (15 days ago)
Fu Top Trending
gb (15 days ago)
Stop selling out to goat Lucy, no more butt crumb activity
Angel Royal (16 days ago)
Anyone could do themselves a great favor by watching the Eddie Murphy movie 'Mr. Church.' It airs right now on Netflix, and it's at least a nine out of ten rating.
Eric Gill (17 days ago)
Sorry John was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life it was hilarious though
Springer spaniel (17 days ago)
Hollywood acting company’s got sick of entertaining these big babies😡 Eddie Murphy is the biggest prick out of all these guys.
Jason Lee (17 days ago)
Tobey Maguire has 2 (two) films (movies) scheduled for release in 2019
Jason Lee (17 days ago)
Eddie Murphy is working on a sequel for his 1988 movie Coming to America Paramount Pictures make Beverley Hills Cop IV or offer it to another studio/s
Bubba Williams (18 days ago)
Lindsay Lohan is a lost cause.
jay (21 days ago)
Why is Jessica Alba even on here do she need to act anymore just for her brand of baby diapers is over 300 million. her alone has more money than everyone on this list
Michael Ware (21 days ago)
đình khương trần (25 days ago)
damn, I forgot how atractive Lindsay Lohan used to be.
Jimmy Park (26 days ago)
the title of this video should be 10 actors that being casted anymore, period!!!!
Jimmy Park (26 days ago)
the title says "why.......... but why does the video not say "why" these actors aren't being casted anymore?
chad sutherland (26 days ago)
Loretta j..I love u
Donna Miller (26 days ago)
their doing a,sequel to coming to America
Jeff Allinson (27 days ago)
Bullshit video title. There are no explanations anywhere in this rubbish video.
Armando Gomez (27 days ago)
George Lopez Jim Carrey Steven Seagal
SnacPac (1 month ago)
Steve martin, martin Lawrence, Chris tucker, Ashton kutcher, Jim Carey, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Al Pacino, 50 cent, Danny devito, Matthew Perry
Yvon Jervis (1 month ago)
Tobey is the best Superman
Augustina Nkemdirim (1 month ago)
It funny that you people think these actors must be acting all the time, but it's not so for the fact that they are actors dose not mean that they must be in a roll all the time so please leave them alone and remove the logs in your own eyes
Paddy Ireland (1 month ago)
God damn so desprerate..... it's not these actors falling off it's journalism going extinct. Perfect example of the last days of desperate work. exploiting free money while he can good luck loser.
Whitebrowpriest (1 month ago)
Though what's stated in this video explains how these actors may have trouble landing roles, it does not explain anything as to why Hollywood would "refuse" to hire them. That's a huge difference! The only one that came close to giving such an explanation that fit this videos title was Lindsay Lohan.
Russell Grier (1 month ago)
wtf who made this video cause John Travolta is still acting and is worth millions
Thresher Parr (1 month ago)
So you'll mention Lautner's lesser known shit role in Abduction, but not Murphy's hilarious role in Tower Heist?... Not to mention, you didn't give much "why" so this video was pointless.
datguy overdere (1 month ago)
vhtriyok (1 month ago)
Everyone is replaceable. No matter who you are. E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E
The NimKnocker (1 month ago)
This was titled WHY Hollywood WONT hire these actors ANYMORE. All it did was re-cap careers.with the exception of 3 of them. After watching this my question is why won't Hollywood hire them?
Paul Hudson (1 month ago)
Eddie murphy is talentless
J-Remy (1 month ago)
Chris was hilarious in Role Models
Yggdrasil (1 month ago)
Very few actors have the staying power for long careers. The lucky ones who find success usually only have careers that are on fire for a short time. The "why" for most of these is that the actor's career peaked and then tapered off, which is the norm. There could be a 100 talented and briefly successful actors on this list.
Robert ocasio (1 month ago)
yeah bad video
Gil Lopez (1 month ago)
Am i watching tv or u tube why is there a commercial in the middle of the video.
Ritler Hage (1 month ago)
AMITABH BACHCHAN in the great gasby
Ritler Hage (1 month ago)
that guy with the hat and smile is bollywood super star in india ,well know for all his box office hit s ,he has starred in over 200 films ,his name is the great AMITABH BACHCHAN
Derrick Stinoski (1 month ago)
This is a BS video
Spanky Harland (1 month ago)
celebrities are just like hookers, they reach a peak and then fall from grace, and no one gives a sh*t about them.
David Maloney (1 month ago)
why /wʌɪ/ adverb for what reason or purpose. "why did he do it?" adverb (with reference to a reason) on account of which; for which. "the reason why flu jabs need repeating every year is that the virus changes" A helping hand for the next time you do a why.......(so and so) video. Important part of journalism guys.
In Cognito (1 month ago)
Shia LaBeouf is just a piece of crap and John Travolta just let his life and beliefs run his career.
Artist Definition (1 month ago)
The one about travolta is kinda wrong. watch end of the line where he plays a railway road worker
Jelly Anderson (1 month ago)
That John T. guy would have made a perfect Sterling Archer xD.
phillipskenneth920 (1 month ago)
No explanation of why not - another load of rubbish and very sad
sojourn Traveler (1 month ago)
Agnustos Tribus (1 month ago)
click bait
David Ramsey (1 month ago)
Didn’t even tell us why click bait thumbs down
Nameless Cynic (1 month ago)
Travolta has been in 11 films since Savages, 3 of which are scheduled for 2019. He has also moved predictably into Production. He hardly qualifies for this list.
debbiemacd (1 month ago)
What happened to the WHY part of all this? You mention it for some but not for most and isn’t that why we’re watching?
Kevin Schaefer (1 month ago)
Do your research, Top Trending. Murphy got his first break on Saturday Night Live. I'm Gumby, dammit!
Jay P. (1 month ago)
The video doesn't live up to its title. It just mentions actors without explaining why Hollywood doesn't cast them anymore.
Levi Gayapersad (2 months ago)
i know every body except that number 5 person
Shia LaBeouf, let me know when he's dead. I will celebrate.
J24777 (2 months ago)
Mc Lovin!!!!!!!!
You Tuber (2 months ago)
your list is soooooo wacked it isnt that hollywood wont cast some of these actors, it is just that they movies they make do not hold up (not popular)

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